TI Vol 16 Chapter 3-1

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The infighting between the three teams ended peacefully due to their alliance. Zheng used the energy storage rune words to exchange after discussing with his team. In the end, team China gained another set of rune word combination and an all new use with formation.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the material to try the effect of this formation.” Zheng said.

His Explosion and Destruction were extremely powerful. No one could come out intact from his attacks in Destruction as of yet but these two abilities had fatal flaws. They consumed huge quantity of his Qi and blood energy and put great strain on his body.

“The Chaotic Unity Qi’s attribute is being neutral. It has one of the highest regeneration rate among all the Qi and can regenerate all my Qi in under ten hours. Blood energy takes a little longer. However, if this formation can really increase their regeneration rate tens of times higher, then I will only need under an hour to recover after using Destruction. That will overcome the biggest restriction of my abilities.” Zheng said excitedly.

They were on team China’s camping area, not far away from Frodo’s house. The other two teams also settled down on a flat area. Zheng handed two documents to Xuan for him to verify their integrity.

“They are real. The duration of this formation is based on the quality of the energy stones used. Rank C energy stones of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth will give a duration of three days and nights. Rank D energy stones only gives five hours but costs five rank D rewards. We should try to find replacements for the stones. It’s too lavish to exchange stones with ranked rewards.” Xuan calmly said and killed Zheng’s excitement.

Zheng opened his mouth but couldn’t utter a word. In the end, he smiled bitterly. They didn’t have so many ranked rewards to exchange the stones, and even if they did, that would be too wasteful.

“Oh right!” Zheng suddenly remembered and said with excitement. “Didn’t the team Northern Ice Land leader said the serpent gave them a rank C energy stone? That means many monsters in this world have cores or something. We need to slaughter as many as we can in the remaining plot!”

Gandalf returned to Hobbiton by evening of the same day. He rushed into Frodo’s house. Frodo also left the hotel and returned to his house in a wobbling fashion shortly after. The three teams knew Gandalf would learn the true identity of the ring soon. The plot was about to begin.

The newbies didn’t look concerned. The veterans though became serious. Experience taught them the beginning of a movie tend to be peaceful but the more peaceful it was, the more danger was to come. The Lord of the Rings was a fifteen people difficulty, enough to kill the majority of players.

The conversation between Gandalf and Frodo lasted very long. They examined the ring, packed their clothes, and caught Samwise Gamgee eavesdropping on them. Two hours later, the three characters came out of Frodo’s house.

Gandalf immediately walked toward Zheng’s group. There was no bag of coins this time. This old wizard was a lot taller than Zheng. He seemed like six feet.

“I apologize that I may have another task to ask of you. I hope you can escort these two boys to The Prancing Pony in Bree. They might get attacked on the journey. I need you to protect their safety. I will wait for you at the inn as well as give you the pay there. Rest assure that you will definitely feel contented with the pay.” Gandalf took off his hat and said with a serious expression.

Gungnir shrugged, letting Zheng do the talking. Neos kept eating chocolate. Zheng replied. “We accept this task. We will keep them safe until they reach The Prancing Pony. Don’t worry.”

Gandalf took a good look at Zheng then at the people behind. Several seconds later, he walked back to the two Hobbits and said something. The two Hobbits looked over at the players and Gandalf got on a horse then left.

“Gandalf told us he’s going to look for the white wizard and explain the situation concerning the One Ring. However, he will be waiting for us in The Prancing Pony.” Frodo said.

The way outside Hobbiton was a field of green and lush forests. Many newbies exclaimed at the scenery. It was difficult to find such beautiful sceneries on Earth while they were everywhere in this world.

The Hobbits were small but they were not slow in the forest paths. Their feet looked bigger than a normal person. The newbies in contrast started crying after two hours. Their stamina was worse than the Hobbits.

None of the teams were familiar with the way. Luckily Frodo and Sam were locals. Six hours later, they came to an open area with lots of arms.

“I… I can’t move anymore. Everyone let’s take a rest here.” A fatty from team Africa about twenty-four cried as he dropped down on the grass.

The others looked over to him. Over ten newbies started talking in low voices. Some even sat down like the fatty did.

Hawfor yelled. “Look at you being worse than the Hobbits. Lan even used power word endurance on you. Get the f*ck up!”

Fatty took off his dress shoes. His socks were torn from friction and his feet were painted with blood. He cried. “I really can’t walk anymore. This is the first time I walked so much. I am not like you veterans that enhanced so many points. You are much stronger than a normal person. What about us? I don’t know about other people but I am only an editor in a news agency. I sit in an office everyday. I never walked so much in my life!”

The Hobbits came over. They were a kind race. Seeing fatty’s feet were wounded, Sam said. “We have indeed walked far. It will be the furthest I have gone away from home if we go past this farm field. It’s ok to break your skin. You will grow callus then you can walk further the next time. Frodo, see if you can find Green Star Grass around here.” Sam began searching the grass.

The group had to stop now that the Hobbits stopped. The veterans also felt tired from walking nearly six hours nonstop. Most of them found a place to sit down. The two Hobbits brought back a large pile of grass and the newbies went over to them.

Zheng breathed out then said to the other two leaders. “We will rest here then. Everyone looks a little tired.”

Gungnir nodded with a smile. Neos took out another piece of chocolate. He said as he unwrapped it. “Is this the farm furthest from Sam’s house? Then it will be safe here. Fine. Everyone rest for half an hour.”

The newbies cheered now that the leaders agreed to rest. Even some veterans went over to the Hobbits since the newbies said the grass had a cooling sensation and got rid of their pain and fatigue. The veterans were interested.

Zheng was looking for a place to sit down when he suddenly heard sound of horses from not far away. A chilling aura spread from the tall grass and a black horse walked out. A knight in black was sitting on the horse.

“Ringwraith! It’s a Ringwraith!”

The three people nearest to the grass were newbies. One from team Norther Ice Land and two from team Africa. They were smearing the Green Star Grass juices on their feet when the knight came out and cried. At the same time, a black shadow sliced across and a head flew upward.

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