TI Vol 16 Chapter 29-2

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The first to rush up and initial attack wasn’t Luo YingLong. The black man behind him came up front. He roared at the sky. An illusionary black bear emerged next to him. And then a black panther, black tiger, and black elephant. The illsuionary animals merged into his body.

(They do look fierce… but why are all the animals black?) This strange thought came to his mind though only for an instant. The black man charged at him like thunder. Ta-ta-ta. The slate ground couldn’t stand his force and exploded with his steps.

Zheng had only the time to slash across as the black man approached fiercely. The man countered his sword with a punch. Right before his fist came in contact with the light blade, a panther emerged from the fist and tightly bit onto the light blade. He then struck his other fist at Zheng.

Zheng attempted the pull his sword out of the panther but failed. He countered the strike with a punch of his own. He was caution and covered his hand with a layer of Qi. Just as he had suspected, an illusionary tiger’s mouth emerged around the black man’s fist. Its teeth bit toward Zheng’s hand. Zheng was shocked and immediately used Instant Destruction followed by a Fist Gun, shattering the tiger. He heard the sound of bones cracked. The black man backed with a cry.

Luo YingLong’s eyes brightened as he yelled. “Nice! Is this your self created ability?”

Zheng couldn’t find the time to reply for being in battle. He entered the fourth stage the moment the black man backed off. No human troops remained in this area anymore. The unlocked mode was unlike Destruction’s short duration. It would be a waste not to use such a powerful power. Although his lack of strength hindered this power, it was enough to deal with these three!

(Making two steps in extremely quick succession will create a resonance of the force on the ground for an instant and in turn generate an explosive power. Speed will increase by over 100%…) The thought suddenly came into his mind as he saw the black man retreating. He had no time to verify its validity. Zheng used the technique at once. When he exerted the two forces in an extremely short amount of time, the slate under his feet exploded. The counter force pushed his feet. It was at this moment that he finally understood why Luo YingLong said the fourth stage allowed for ability creation. This sense of the flow of force made the feat no longer difficult!

While the black man was retreating, the woman began chanting a spell. A white light enveloped the man. His wrist was healing in visible speed. By the time Zheng charged over, the man’s wrist had returned to normal. He roared. The illusionary black bear that entered his body surfaced. The black man’s body quickly enlarged and reached three times its previous size when Zheng reached him. He was like a giant with buffed muscle. His fist struck toward Zheng along with terrifying pressure.

Zheng sensed danger before the fist even touched his body. He leaped down to the lower level of the city to dodged the strike. The pressurized air around the fist pulverized the slate ground. A large piece of slate fell off to the lower level.

Although Zheng had no control while in this stage, he still had consciousness. He thought the black man was merely a brute with only strength and not one to be feared. How could someone like him become a member of team Celestial? Team Celestial wasn’t undefeatable after all. However, in the blink of an eye, the man’s hand was healed and his strength grew. This punch was probably more than he could take.

Luo YingLong showed no sign of helping. He sat down on his flying sword and laughed. “Zheng, I told you. Strength isn’t merely your unlocked level nor stats, abilities, or enhancements. True strength is the power to kill your enemy! No matter which stage you unlocked, no matter what enhancements you have, the power than can kill your enemy is the strongest power! Haha. My friend here enhanced four tier A animal souls and Muscle Mass Enhancement of Younger Toguro. He’s second to SongTian when it comes to close combat strength and destructive power… Defeat him or you aren’t even worth me lifting my hands.”

The black man followed Zheng down the level. The panther surfaced on his body while he leaped. He seemed extremely agile. As soon as Zheng landed, the man’s fist struck down. Fortunately, Zheng dodged in time. The fist blasted a hole on the ground.

(So this is the true power of team Celestial’s members. Such power lives up to the name of the team.) Zheng’s mind was thinking but his body was moving by itself. He stepped twice and charged at the black man. Fist Gun struck the man’s abdomen. The man wasn’t slow to react either, even though he only unlocked to the second stage. His reaction speed was at a high level. The illusionary elephant surfaced as the Fist Gun hit him. There was a thump as though the fist hit a tire. The man was knocked back several meters.

All these happened in just an instant. Zheng was already rushing over by the time the black man landed. Yet, he couldn’t get to make his next attack. A beam of light shone down from above. The beam bounded him in the center. The black man struck his palms at Zheng without a moment of hesitation. It was the tiger hovering his body this time.

The black man pushed Zheng into the thick city wall. Following a loud bang, the two of them pushed through the wall, stirring up a cloud of dust. The dust covered up the two of them.

The woman cried with delight. “Great! Binding Light can only bind him for an instant but it was enough to kill him. Hehe. This fourth stage user is garbage.”

Luo YingLong glanced at her with a smirk. The Caucasian woman was a newbie to team Celestial. Her powers weren’t bad but she was bottom tier in the team. She wouldn’t know of the terror of clone Zheng. Luo YingLong didn’t bother talking to her because he heard the sound of punches landing on a body from within the dust.

(This Zheng wouldn’t really be so garbage? And I spoke so much to him in advance. It seems like a waste of effort. Is he really the original of the demon?) Luo YingLong was having doubts but he didn’t show any expression. He continued to quietly stare at the dust cloud. After the dust settled, the scene wasn’t as they had expected where the black man should be beating up Zheng. Zheng was holding on the man’s neck and lifted him up.

He had a pair of black bat wings on his back, though the wings were small. His teeth was biting on the man’s arm. He tore the man’s flesh off and swallowed it. With one hand holding on the man’s neck, his other penetrated the man’s abdomen.

“Aouuu!” Zheng roared then he pulled his hands. The black man was torn in halves from the middle. Blood and organs splattered Zheng’s body.

“Has it begun? Haha. This is the true fourth stage. The powerful genes within the body is awakening. Haha…” Luo YingLong laughed with a sense of madness. His expression was totally different from the person he was. His finger pointed at Zheng then the sword carried him flying toward the wall. It seemed as though he had turned into a green light and he reached the top of the city wall in an instant.

Zheng’s bat wings were less than twenty centimeters in length. It didn’t look fitting to his body. He instantly raised his head as Luo YingLong flew to his top. His eyes were completely red without any trace of human consciousness. He was a beast that lusted for blood.

Luo YingLong was not surprised and continued to laugh. “Come. Come. I won’t bully you with my flight ability since your bat wings aren’t grown… Borrowing from the force of heaven and earth! Up!” He clapped his hands together. A faint eight trigrams appeared in between his palms as he opened them. The land spanning a hundred meters around Zheng was pushed off the ground.

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  1. It would be better of Zheng’s Initial phase of 4th stage transformation lead to him have a stronger vessel to put his destruction mode into( something like ultra mega supha powahful heart result of Zheng’s body to adapt his Destruction mode) or he can just totally remove his heart and create a hole on his chest where his Qi and Blood Energy would clash.

    But the author obviously wants the MC to follow the path of his Clone. Not too disappointed tho.


    1. That makes no sense whatsoever. His body is already strong enough in the Fourth Stage to perfectly use Explosion and Destruction. I don’t think such a thing even if possible, could only be done at mid or late Fourth Stage.

      Also, aren’t 20 meter wings very large? Is that the right measurement?

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