TI Vol 16 Chapter 29-1

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Luo YingLong’s shout contained an extraordinary sense. Zheng felt a shock in his brain. He subconsciously exited the fourth stage then leaped backward before he deactivated Destruction.

“You don’t have to be so careful. You can easily go back into the fourth stage before my attack kills you given your reaction speed. I just want to have a talk with you right now.” Luo YingLong shook his head.

Zheng laughed coldly. “What is there to talk? We will fight if that’s what you want! I don’t have time to hold a conversation with you here. Your team members are running over. Are you hoping to delay me until they arrive?”

Luo YingLong was surprised then he laughed, almost tearing himself. “You’re funny. Those two are merely minor characters. Please. You shouldn’t even care about their existence. But are you really him? That aloof, apathetic, and powerful demon… he would never say what you just said. He looks forward to a bunch of people challenging him. Don’t worry. I will repay my debts and grudges before our fight. First is the debt I owe you!”

“Repay me?” Zheng was confused. He looked at this hot-headed guy weird. Luo YingLong almost couldn’t control his rage and strike him for that weird look.

Luo YingLong took a deep breath and continued. “F*ck. Don’t challenge my patience! Let me finish first… to be accurate, I am not indebted to you but to your clone. I don’t know why but Caucasians had always been the majority in team Celestial. There were only two Asians and one of them was a mixed blood. Blacks were even fewer in number. I was promoted from a leader after all so the Caucasians didn’t really dare to overstep the mark on me. However, me and the mixed blood Asian couldn’t escape being bullied. That lasted until we met your clone. He killed the two strongest Caucasians in my team. One of them had a similar ability to me in that even if his body was destroyed, as long as his core exists, he can be retrieved by team members and get revived back in God’s Dimension. However, your clone has a terrifying dark flame that burned the man’s soul. I thought I was going to die next but he spared me. He told me… Chinese are outnumbered in this realm. Having another powerful person who survives is going to count. So I survived that battle.”

Luo YingLong faked a cough. “Don’t assume that I am sentimental. A man should have the courage to bear everything that happened in his life. Your clone won’t deign to care about me repaying the favor. And I have nothing to repay him. However, you as the original is still weak. No matter what, I have to repay you once. Then we will leave our lives to fate and fight for our respective teams!”

Luo YingLong looked at the two members flying over on their devices then turned back to Zheng. “Are you feeling that the fourth stage is powerful, but you lose control of your conscious? The strongest person in my team have reached the end of the beginning stage. He regained control of his conscious. I also met two people in mid fourth stage. One of them is your clone… Ahem. Don’t look down on me that I am only at the third stage. I am way stronger than you when it comes to an actual fight! There’s no doubt.”

Zheng asked. “Are you here to boast your strength? Hurry up and speak your intention.” He moved Tiger’s Soul, getting ready to attack at any time.

Luo YingLong faked another cough to cover the embarrassment. “The beginning of the fourth stage wakes over 90% of a person’s hibernating genes. The most powerful of those genes will merge into your original genes and compensate for your deficiencies. As such, you gain abilities and attributes that you otherwise would have to exchange from God. The perfection of your genes gives you powerful enhancements… But there’s a question. Which of your genes are the most powerful? Genes from single celled life? From reptiles? From aves? The answer is genes left from the saints who created this realm. Or maybe… genes from the enemies of ancient humans!”

Zheng felt a shock. He was beginning to understand what was happening and why when he first entered the fourth stage, he had thoughts of killing all humans and descendants of the saints.

Luo YingLong continued. “This is Adam’s conjecture, our strategist. His intelligence is at a really high degree. He believes the saints obtained victory, but they became a completely different species from humans. They had different genes, different powers, and different values. It’s like modifying a fish’s genes into an elephant. The only thing that’s not an elephant will be its mind. When the saints reproduced with humans, they weren’t able to pass down their genes. So, they hid their genes among the hibernating genes. Only when a person reaches the fourth stage will these genes be awakened. However, the enemies of humans could also hide their genes in human genes. Uh. Adam calls them mega atavism.”

He gave a cold laugh upon seeing Zheng’s dumbfounded expression. “Are you so narrow minded? No matter how much you change, you are still you. I disagree with SongTian and Adam’s view. They believe that descendants of human enemies must be eliminated. You awakened the genes of human enemies while SongTian awakened the genes of the saints. But are you really going to annihilate mankind? The most you are going to do is return to the real world and live however you want or become a king. If you’re a psychopath you will be like Zhao ZuiKong, but he’s still just a serial killer. Who would actually want to annihilate mankind without a good reason? A sword is always a sword. It will always depend on its user… Genes are genes. No matter how much power they contain, how much killing desire is within, they are still your tools!”

He had a solemn expression much different from that hot-headedness. At this moment, he was a strong man with thoughts of his own. “What I want to tell you is try your best to overcome the killing desire of your genes. Enemies of ancient humans possess mad instincts to kill. If you can’t overcome it, you will never be able to return once you reach mid-fourth stage. The conscious of your genes will control you. Look at that psychopath ZuiKong. He’s never going to return… This is the first thing I will repay you. Don’t lose yourself to your genes! We have to hurry, those two are going to be here soon.”

Zheng suddenly asked. “You have been acting, right? Acting like a hot-head who doesn’t think. Why do you have to do it?”

Luo YingLong smiled bitterly. “Cultivation brings me success and doom. I am only at the third stage but have already obtained such an overpowered skill. I might even be able to rival the saints one day. Yet, what you don’t know is, from the information I gathered in the movies, the deaths of the saints might be related to cultivation… I can’t be sure. Anyway, if I seek a more powerful position or if I act smarter with such huge potential, how do you think the brain and strength of my team will treat me? I probably won’t make it through three movies. I am still a step behind SongTian. If I died, my core will return to Adam’s hand… I will slowly make it through my time. Time is always in short supply for cultivation. I spent most of my points returning to the Legend of Zu. If I didn’t smash the cellphone per Adam’s order, I wouldn’t be able to speak to you like this… Enough with the digression. The second thing is related to your strength and boundary.

It’s pretty easy to understand. In cultivation term, the word is enlightenment. A lot of times in training, one accumulates a high level of energy but low unlocked stage hindered him from breaking through to the next level. You have reached a high boundary. The gap between third and fourth stage is night and day. What you lack now is strength!”

Seeing the two members of team Celestial was near, Luo YingLong hurried with his words. “The fourth unlocked stage is also called the stage of infinitesimal control. The awakening of your genes is control within your body. And outside your body, you will feel every minute change of force. You deflecting the morning star was a perfect embodiment of infinitesimal control. Every bit of strength you use in this state will become a hundred times stronger. Your strength is still weak. Rely on infinitesimal control and create your own abilities. Once you can feel the flow of every force, your own abilities will easily come!”

“Then!” A white and a black man landed behind Luo YingLong. He shouted. “Let’s fight! Zheng!”

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  1. Even though i trust Xuan’s analitical and calculative mind, i couldn’t help but feel unsure with him, atleast Honglu’s not much of a threat compared to him. Back at the Resident Evil, even though they were still annihilated, didn’t Honglu managed to hold his grounds against clone Xuan? He has sufficient wits to become the main strategist, but because Zheng wasn’t able to block his clone, they still met with tragedy.

    In this chapter i just realized something. Xuan was clearly superior and smarter than Adam, but he still didn’t tell Zheng about this 4th stage Gene thingy. It was as if he was planning to turn Zheng into a Monster for a higher chance of survival.

    Well, i can’t blame him, he was an aphathetic artificial humans designed for the interest of his country. I just hope he dies for good and Zheng look for a new strategist.


    1. The probability of Xuan not telling Zheng about the genes things must have to do like every other time he didn’t, it was because of the insufficent of data and information. He might have some theories about it but not a hard stone facts. So why bother with myth unless they have ways to research about it..

      Beside, I find your lack of faith disturbing…

      And your lack of ambition is your undoing…

      1. Xuan may not no much about the Fourth Stage. He hasn’t seen it or had a sample to work with like Adam. His only reference is the vampire and what’s he has heard about Clone Zheng’s basic strength.

    2. Nope, Xuan showed his complete superiority over Honglu when he pointed out the flaws in the Mummy mission. Clone Xuan also wasn’t serious when he went after team China. They were playing around and crushed the team when they got serious.

      Zheng was hiding the 4th stage so how would Xuan be able to form theories on it? He doesn’t know what abilities it gives.

  2. I wouldn’t say Xuan is clearly superior to Adam. Adam was confirmed to have defeated Clone Xuan in a battle of wits and even when Team Devil had the iinfluence advantage of appearing first, and Clone Xuan and Xuan are hardly different, at best very slight emotions. Xuan has the advantage because Team Celestial is wary of Team East America and Adam’s doesn’t want to risk his strongest fighter dying. That’s all.

    Honglu was the first to fall in battle I think he he failed to gain the advantage needed to supress Team Devil. Of course, if Honglu had more experience he wouldn’t have failed. That’s his greatest disadvantage against Xuan. Xuan was born the smartest and had the opportunity to test himself on the field as a strategist, whereas Hongou didn’t before entering God’s Dimension. Honglu still might get a chance to shine since long as Xuan is present his value besides sentimentality isn’t high. Actually Xuan’s presence also takes up too big of space on the team. Like Lan’s romance with Zheng has made no progress when before she was such a big part of the story.

    1. Clone Xuan must be like the “first” Xuan, a godly tactician with no desires (not even really desires to live because when he died it felt like he was waiting for it to finally rest). But after being revived Xuan changed a lot, he now wants to live.

      His faked death now is his best chance to survive, because if the team survives he will revive on god’s dimension. Even if Zheng goes mad and kills everybody including his own team, then Xuan will revive anyway on god’s dimension. And if Team china is wiped, he would have been also killed anyway, so there is no loss for him on this gamble.

      1. He won’t live if everyone but Zheng dies. That’s this guy in the chapter above. What Xuan did was put his mind into a item temporarily and if someone doesn’t bring it back or too much time passes, he will die.

    2. There’s no evidence of Adam defeating Xuan tho. In their last battle against team Devil, YinLong said their previous leader died at the hands of Clone Zheng.

      And, it was said that Clone Xuan’s battle strategy at that time was just like what they did to China; to annihilate Team Celestial.

      Xuan was orchestrating a large-scale plan, although i agree to you in that ‘Influence advantage.’

      1. 1. In a previous chapter it was said that Adam won by half a step and allowed Team Celestial to escape. If your still alive that’s a win like how Clone Xuan lead his team before to escape Team Celestial in the first encounter.

        2. I don’t tnink he said leader. They fought with seven members and lost 2, the two strongest Caucasians. It was also said the strongest member Song Tian was defeated.

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