TI Vol 16 Chapter 28-2

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Seeing your enemies would always evoke anger. The Ringwraiths originally had nine and now they all died but one. This Ringwraith gained strength as a result. However, the hatred was burned into its heart.

The nine Ringwraiths were once kings who sought the rings for mortal men. Sauronn turned them into beings neither alive nor dead, stripped of freedom and sunk into darkness. Anyhow, they had eight others in similar states who accompanied them. No man could endure such pain and loneliness by himself no matter how evil they became. Thus, the final Ringwraith hated Zheng and his group.

It roared at the sight of Zheng and his Nightmare. The screeching sound was piercing to Zheng’s ears. The Ringwraith leaped at him. Its speed and strength were equally immense. The ground cracked at its leap. In under a second, the Ringwraith had crossed nearly the hundred meters between them. Its morning star smashed toward Zheng and the Nightmare.

Zheng felt a sense of pressure approaching from the front. It was almost suffocating. He immediately pulled Tiger’s Soul up to block in a shock. Plus, there was still a layer of light blade barrier covering him. The morning star struck through the two layers of light blade and they shattered like glass. But they also slowed down its speed. Zheng and the Nightmare was knocked back ten meters.

The knock back pushed Zheng down the wall. Underneath was the lowest level of the city. Human troops were defending the wall. If the Ringwraith were to enter this area, the wall would fall in just a hit from its morning star. Zheng abandoned his Nightmare before they landed. He jumped off from the mount and headed back onto the wall.

He jumped along the wall using the movement technique and brought himself up the dozens of meters high wall. By the time the Nightmare fell to the ground, he reached the second level of the city, where the Nightmare was looking to jump down. It roared again upon seeing Zheng, the sound piercing his ears, then leaped at him.

(Man, it can use tactics to distract people before it attacks?) Zheng wouldn’t let his guards down. He instantly entered the second stage of the unlocked mode and activated Explosion, increasing his speed and strength by multiple folds. The Ringwraith’s sword struck at him. He dodged to the side while countering with Tiger’s Soul.

Multiple clanks followed. The light blade from Tiger’s Soul couldn’t break through the dark sword and neither could the corrosive dark glow break his light blade. Their swords clashed together several times. Zheng was pushed back a few steps. His strength was no match for the Ringwraith in Explosion. His speed was also slower than the Ringwraith. The only advantage that kept him from getting killed was his reaction speed.

Seeing the sword wasn’t effective, the Ringwraith smashed its morning star at Zheng. The same immense pressure swept at him. He wouldn’t dare to take such force head on. The morning star smashed on the ground. Bang! A ten-meter radius of the wall cracked and rocks fell off.

Zheng heard cries from below. There weren’t many troops at this area to begin with and after this attack, barely any would remain. The Ringwraith was so destructive that if he couldn’t kill it, it would be a matter of time before the city was destroyed.

“All hope for man have lost. The end is nigh.” A voice came through from the Ringwraith’s armor. The hollowness sounded as though it came through from the underworld. The Ringwraith struck the morning star at Zheng again.

The situation had become critical. There was the Ringwraith destroying from inside the city, the orc army sieging from outside, and the three members of team Celestial waiting for the time to attack. For every second Zheng spent fighting the Ringwraith, their chance of defeat increased by a little. There was no other choice. He had to use his strongest force to kill the Ringwraith in the shortest amount of time!

The process of unlock the fourth stage was metaphysical. He couldn’t describe it in words. All the deficiencies that he had, from strength, to speed, to reaction, to calculation, would become corrected at the genetic level. At the same time, that killing desire hibernating deep in his genes would wake.

“Destruction! Fourth stage!” Zheng took two steps forward instead of dodging the incoming morning star. Tiger’s Soul intercepted it at the chain and caused the spiked head to change its direction. Zheng pressed the spiked head with his fingers then it smashed toward the Ringwraith. With a loud bang, the Ringwraith’s chest was struck a concave and it was knocked into a wall.

As soon as Zheng countered in this unusual manner in the fourth stage, Luo YingLong jumped. He cried. “The fourth stage!? Infinitesimal control? Impossible! Has he reached such a stage already?”

The other two members didn’t look good either. The Caucasian woman asked. “I don’t think we can take him with just the three of us.”

The black man nodded. Luo YingLong’s face looked blue but he nodded. “It will be fine. He hasn’t entered this stage for long and he has barely any self-created ability. It’s the best time to kill him before he grows. If he fully grasped this stage and exchanged an ability to suppress the killing desires, we won’t have a chance to kill him anymore. We have to kill him today!”

The black man hesitated. “Why isn’t SongTian here for such an important day? Or is there danger to this mission?”

Luo YingLong was feeling irritated. He yelled. “How can I know why he isn’t here? Maybe he ran into problem during his training or Adam gave him another mission. F*ck. I am here anyway. I am not at his stage but I am stronger than him. You guys just have to restrict him, I will be the main attacker!”

The man and woman met eyes then nodded. Luo YingLong jumped from the rock he was standing on. A sword appeared beneath his feet then he flew toward Minas Tirith at an extreme speed.

Zheng didn’t waste any time in Destruction after he knocked the Ringwraith into the wall. He charged at it. Tiger’s Soul had no light blade on. He hacked the sword right into the hole. The concave on the Ringwraith’s chest didn’t affect it in the least bit. It raised the sword and clashed with Tiger’s Soul. A cloud of black mist appeared on its other hand. Then it threw the mist at Zheng.

Zheng took a small step backward while his foot kicked the Ringwraith’s arm that was holding the sword. Pah! The strength from Destruction was so strong that the arm exploded. Without a moment of delay, Tiger’s Soul slashed toward the Ringwraith’s head.

A sense of danger struck his subconscious. Zheng leaped five meters to the left at the same time. A green condensed Qi shot through where he was standing and penetrated the Ringwraith’s helm. Who would have thought the final Ringwraith that terrified people of Middle Earth would get killed so easily?

The green Qi faded. Luo YingLong was standing on a sword. He didn’t look at the Ringwraith and smiled at Zheng. “You don’t mind me killing this right? The rewards are not bad as expected from the final Ringwraith. I don’t use them that much but it would be nice exchanging some materials. Zheng! Exit your fourth stage. I don’t want to fight a beast without his thoughts!”

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  1. I think the author blew it. The Wraith King cannot be killed by a man…that’s fate and prophecy. In the books, he was killed by a woman and a halfling. So, this Wraith should just have been shrugging off every attack until our friendly little lady ninja came up and fricasseed him. He turned the Ringwraiths into just another monster.

    1. Isn’t that obvious. All these world’s are based on the movies. No exception. Or what, Zheng and other players should be rewarded points if someone else kills it and they are just nearby?

  2. I’m assuming the Level 9 Ringwraith was worth A rank reward and so so points, but it feels too weak. Sure it was incredibly strong, but Zheng never once felt he couldn’t defeat it, just that it would take too long without Destruction and Fourth Stage. The Ringwraith was powerful, but it lost the frightening advantage it had with its horse witch gave Zheng trouble in Destruction even against the lower level Ringwraiths. I feel that with just Destruction Zheng could have won against this final one. A final Ringwrait with its mount should be as powerful as the fire monster, which I believe even Destruction and Fourth Stage Zheng wouldn’t be able to defeat (Requires high level magic attacks to permanently take down rather than brute strength, survived getting torn apart and took a kick from Destruction without suffering a dent).

    Infinitesimal control. The closest example I can think of was microing from King’s Avatar. Where pro gamers can control their characters and skills to the finest of details.

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