TI Vol 16 Chapter 27-3

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Although Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were unclear how they really felt, they still decided to head to the mountain immediately. Anduril will save them from being killed by the Dead even if they failed to gain control of the army.

The three members of team China accompanied them. They knew the strength of the Army of the Dead. In the movie, it was this army that brought victory to the battle at Minas Tirith. It was also the reason Zheng left them behind, and to protect the three movie characters.

“It would be good if we have extra energy stones. This bow can focus energy on the string. You didn’t see it when Legolas used my bow yesterday. He gathered Life Energy on the string, then it formed into thin arrows. These arrows increased the area of impact by up to ten folds. That’s effectively turning the bow into a shotgun.” Heng said with excitement.

The road they crossed was bleak. There were barely any trees in sight. Which in turn brought down their emotion. Heng and ChengXiao began talking in turns to break the dullness. Waiting for YinKong to speak up by herself was like waiting for a donut to fall from the sky after all.

ChengXiao picked his nose. “Aren’t you scared of ghosts? I heard your guts are small.”

Heng blushed and defended himself. “I am not. I am just terrified of blood and being beaten due to psychological issue. I am not scared of ghosts!”

ChengXiao laughed. “Hehe. Speaking big now. Don’t get scared so much that you can stand when they come. That means something happened in your past and left the issue in your heart? I have a cure for your issue.”

Heng was overjoyed and said aloud. “What cure? How do you cure my problem? You aren’t lying, are you?”

“How can it be. We are bros.” ChengXiao laughed out. However, Heng felt something was off.

“You just have to bathe in blood everyday. Then tear apart ten half-orcs or other humanoids. I promise you will be as fearless as Zheng in less than half a year. Haha.” ChengXiao laughed.

“F*ck you.” Heng cursed at him. He went back to his bow. The metallic bow was extremely stylish and powerful. Much more so than the Sirius he owned. His biggest regret was not knowing the name and origin of the bow.

As they talked, they reached an entrance in the mountain. Numerous skulls the entrance. The skulls had open mouths and a terrified look. Hieroglyphs were carved on the rocks in blood.

“The way is shut. It was made by those who were dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut.” Legolas read the hieroglyphs.

Gimli said loudly. “What does it mean?”

Aragorn didn’t reply. He bit his teeth then charged in. Legolas hesitated for a moment and followed, leaving Gimli and the members of team China standing behind. Gimli turned to the other three. They weren’t scared though since they knew the plot. They also ran in and so Gimli was the only person standing there.

A chill wind blew over. He shivered then shouted. “Wait for me! Wait!” He also entered the Paths of the Dead.

It was pitch black inside the Paths of the Dead. They all followed closely behind Aragorn who had the torch. It felt as though the path was leading to the underworld. A unique sensation crept up to them. They felt they were lost. The light from the torch was wavering in front, yet they could not see Aragorn.

YinKong felt she entered an endless corridor. There was no boundaries in this corridor and time was out of her senses. It had the same feeling as the transportation that happened when leaving and returning to God’s dimension. It was as if a long time had passed, yet at the same time it was also an instant.

“YinKong, wake up. Aren’t you scared of getting sneak attacked sleeping so deep? Little clumsy.”

A gentle and soft voice sounded next to her ear. She opened her eyes abruptly and jumped up. Then she saw a man with a smile standing in front of her. He was a handsome man with long hair, much taller than YinKong. His eyes was that of a big brother looking at his sister.

“Zhao ZhuiKong! Where is this?” YinKong was shocked. Her hands reached for Excalibur wrapped in a piece of cloth on her bag. However, she reached nothing. As she began her second attempt, she stopped.

YinKong frowned. “What am I doing? Eh? ZhuiKong-gege (niisan), where is this place?”

ZhuiKong said with a gentle smile. “It’s our training ground. Hurry up. Everyone’s waiting in ahead. We are going to hunt a few black bears today. We will have to depend on your speed. Let’s go. They are all waiting ahead.”

Following his voice, the images of the environment became vivid. This was the border of a forest. YinKong was lying on a grassy field just then. ZhuiKong began walking toward the forest as he finished talking.

YinKong lifted her foot. Yet, as she was about to take the step, she took her foot back. She lowered her head and said. “ZhuiKong-gege… I can’t go to where you are going. But there’s a question I want to ask you…”

ZhuiKong turned his back around in a surprise but his smile was still gentle. “Go ahead. As long as I can answer it.”

“Will you… will you always be the brother in my memory?” YinKong asked, her head still lowing down.

ZhuiKong paused in confusion. He walked over to YinKong and gently wiped the tear by the corner of her eyes. “If you are not coming to us, then take good care of yourself… I will always be your brother. Never going to change…”

YinKong bit the tip of her tongue. She felt her mind stopped for a moment then the scene in front changed. It was still dark but she could make out a faint image. She was standing on the edge of a cliff. Its depth was unknown. If she just took one more step, she would have fallen into this abyss. However, before she recovered from the situation, she saw a person to the side.

Heng was soaked in sweat with his back facing the cliff. If he just backed one more step, he would fall into this abyss. YinKong was seven meters away from him. That shocked her and she immediately ran at him.

Heng felt burning heat and pain throughout his body. What was this? What happened to him?

Right, he was going home with YanWei, the woman he loved the most… Heng opened his eyes with great effort. He saw a man with a blurry face clung onto her body. She was struggling. Next to him was three men beating at him. He felt a violent pain with each punch. Blood was flowing out from his mouth and ears.

(Right, the ruffians caught me. They are beating me. They want to take her away…) The thoughts came to his mind. A punch landed on his eye and he felt the world became painted in red. It was the color of blood. The violent pain also registered from the bruises to his brain. It was as though these people transformed into his alcoholic father. Punch after punch, kick after kick, filling his body with bruises, beating him until his mouth and nose bleeds… (No. I am scared. These blood. They are still beating me…) Heng covered his head and tried to avoid their attacks. However, the beating was like coming from every direction. Soon, there was more blood on his body, trying to dye his clothes red. Heng kept backing away. He backed two steps then he couldn’t take another one. Because he saw YanWei was being further and further away from him.

“Run! Heng, leave me and run! I know you are scared of blood and being beaten. Leave me and run! They can’t catch you if you take a few more steps!” YanWei suddenly yelled while she struggled.

Heng’s conscious was urging him to run. The fear of being beaten was near breaking him down. However, he felt as though he had forgotten something. It was a determination that kept him standing in place, kept him for backing another step despite the beating he was getting.

“Run! Why aren’t you running? Didn’t you say you will always listen to me? I told you to run! Why don’t you listen? Heng!” The man was dragging her further away. She had to shout.

“I can’t run!” Heng took their punches, he took his fear head on, and faced the woman he loved so deeply. He cried back with tears. “I can’t run! If I take this step, I will tear apart our future with my own hands… I don’t want to run again. I don’t want to never see you again… even if this is an illusion, even if this is a dream. I won’t run this time, YanWei!”

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