TI Vol 16 Chapter 26-1

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Team Celestial, a team formed by the leaders of various teams. Everyone unlocked to at least the second stage. And secondly, the members came from different countries. Each person had their own set of perspectives. The member didn’t admire each other in the team. Though they were all strong enough individually that no mishap happened to the team. Casualties were rare when the whole team were leaders unless they encountered a change of plot by God. But they had the advantage of sharing the risk over each person at those situations. When strength reached a certain degree, a normal change of plot wasn’t enough to kill them.

Since there were Celestials, there were Devils. The first-time team Celestial ran into team Devil, team Celestial had two people in the third stage and the overall team strength was strong. One of the third stage member obtained an S rank enhancement. They chased team Devil throughout the movie world. It took team Devil great efforts to escape. After that, they began to underestimate team Devil.

Several movies later, a blond young man joined team Celestial and the team’s situation changed.

This man was Adam. He didn’t show off his strength and kept a calm expression. Two movies passed then the members began to realize he could foretell many of the events. Since these members were capable enough to become leaders, they were aware of the existence of people with supernatural abilities in the real world. For a while, they thought Adam had the ability of premonition. Then they began to consult him. Adam didn’t hold back with any of their requests. The team reaped large bonuses in the movie worlds. The only Chinese member even become a disciple of the cultivators from the mountain of Zu.

Then, team Celestial encountered team Devil again. However, the battle this time went back and forth as they ran and chased each other. The leader of team Devil was a Chinese man with a pair of bat wings. He took on seven members of team Celestial by himself and destroyed the body of their second strongest member, cultivator Luo YingLong. And he beat their strongest member, Song Tian, into fatal condition. Furthermore, he killed two members from team Celestial. If it wasn’t for the calculations from Adam, the team might have been wiped right there.

Team Devil only lost two weak members. Team Celestial weren’t the only team with someone scheming from behind. Such person also existed in team Devil. However, Adam was hiding from the dark and managed to win by half a step. He brought team Celestial back to God’s dimension.

Six members remained after the fight. Team Celestial realized stronger people existed at places where they couldn’t see and began to stay low profile. They also realized Adam wasn’t a fortuneteller but someone with capable intelligence and scheming ability. There was no Guide in team Celestial but he gradually became the leader of the team.

The thing team Celestial wanted most was annihilate team Devil. As players who reached the second and third stages and gathered from Adam’s analysis of the realm, they knew that only one team were to return to the real world in the end. If team Devil were to continue growing, their hope of returning was near nonexistent. The second wish they had was to kill the demon’s original before he reached the same stage as the clone.

“It’s easy to speculate this since the beginning. They were both inside the border of China so they entered team China. My efforts of setting up the scheme over several movies didn’t go to waste. And finally, in this five-way team battle, the scheme is closing up. Even with Chu Xuan’s intelligence, he shouldn’t be able to survive after falling into such a long scheme. However…” Adam muttered to himself in front of two people.

They were a man and a woman. The woman had blonde hair. She was the one that jumped on the desert when they first entered the world. Her name was Lina. The man was a SongTian, a mixed blood and part Chinese. Adam assigned the two of them to follow him. The other three members of team Celestial spread out at different areas of this world. They were to search for bonus missions by themselves since few living beings in this world could harm them.

SongTian looked like a reliable man. He sat in front of Adam and asked. “However? Was his death too unexpected?”

Adam nodded. “Correct. Chu Xuan’s death was too unexpected. Even though we saw his death through Luo YingLong’s phone but the way he died seemed like a joke. Yet, if he wanted to feign death in such a laughable way, he wouldn’t be Xuan. That man won’t be able to come up with such a naïve scheme. So, I thought his death was fake. However, the message was they indeed lost a point. Which means he actually died.

There are two possibilities I can think of. One, Xuan died. He wanted to die so he chose to stand there. We are similar after all. Or two, he didn’t die. He exchanged an ability of enhancement or found a method to exist in the same way as Luo YingLong’s core that allows him to revive after returning to God’s dimension, while the death still deducts a point.

Both possibilities are plausible. We know the location of the two parties of team China. One is heading to Mordor and the other to Gondor. The party going to Gondor is their main force. The one going to Mordor is composed of sci-fi weapon users. They basically pose no threat. Although the sniper with Gauss rifle may be useful, our defensive items can totally block one or two shots. He will die after the first shot. There’s no need to worry about them. What we need to consider is the main force that’s going to Gondor and Xuan who might still be alive.” Adam looked at them without emotion.

He continued to mutter. “This is an overt scheme. Whether his death was real or fake, it stopped the next step of my plan. I originally planned to send SongTian and Luo YingLong to snipe the demon. The two of you together should be fine even against the demon. He has only just entered the beginning of the fourth stage. He has the strength but lacks the control. However, Xuan’s death means that SongTian can’t go attack the demon. You are stronger than Luo YingLong but you don’t have the ability to revive as long as a core survives. If Xuan faked his death, I fear for the outlook of the battle at Minas Tirith. You can’t go. I will send two others to assist Luo YingLong. The battle at Minas Tirith is extremely important and it is the only chance we have to kill the demon.”

SongTian paused for a moment. “The only chance? It can’t be. There is still more to come after the battle. They must come to Mordor or they won’t be able to return. Can’t we kill them all after they arrive at Mordor?”

Adam shook his head. “That’s the reason for Xuan to choose this time to execute his scheme. This isn’t the original movie. They entered the world much earlier than us and obtained the influence from the alliance of man. They will grasp these influences firmly in their hands after the battle at Minas Tirith. I don’t have to analyze it for you. Just think about the movie and you can see the strong forces in this world. The Rohan riders, Gondor infantry, elves, Ents, and the Army of the Dead. If Xuan is still alive, these forces will march at Mordor once man wins the battle at Minas Tirith. Do you think the half-orcs can defend? Even with the Ringwraiths and Sauron, it will much many times more difficult to kill the demon.

Incredible overt scheme. It forced us to hold back at the battle in Minas Tirith. And if we were to go all in, we must be prepared for a wipe. The unknown is always the most terrifying. I am behind by half a step no matter he’s still alive or not.”

Lina suddenly said. “Things can’t be so bad. Doesn’t your plan still have the advantage of scheming their other party? Once those four members of team China died, what can they do in Minas Tirith even with Chu Xuan? Don’t you always say that once strength reaches a certain height, all wits are laughable. We are many times stronger than team China at the current moment. I say YingLong can kill them all by himself. You are too careful.”

Adam looked at her calmly until she blushed. “I am not speaking for that stupid, even though he’s my boyfriend. I am just speaking the truth!”

“I know.” Adam closed his eyes. “I feel I missed a step in my calculation. But what is it? Even if Xuan recognized that HaoTian entered the realm because of the information I sent back to the real world, even if he realized HaoTian’s entrance was all too sudden, even if he was aware of the disadvantageous position he was in by being in the open while I was in the shadow and HaoTian was in the open, what does he have to overturn the situation? What card does he have that can rival us?

What is Xuan hiding? Or is there someone in team China that’s a threat to us?

What is it?”

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  1. First, I called it about the spy.

    Second, I hope the author isn’t going down a route where Adam isn’t strong himself. If not I can imagine that Team Celestial really might wipe here. I’m really wishing for Adam to be a powerful character which can rival Clone Zheng.

      1. Thanks for the laugh. Because you mentioned ‘The Author’, I couldn’t help but just imagine a blobby, white deity descend down from the heavens, murmuring: “nu. I choose Zheng. Cuz.” as he kills all of Team China’s opposition abruptly.

  2. Damn I love the battle of wits in this novel, confirms also that HaoTian is working with Adam and purposely entered with Team China to assist with Adam’s schemes

  3. So, Xuan sent 4 members whose can’t be revived anymore with an enemy spy, and also granted that spy an army of orc’s nemesis (which can’t be killed with sci-fi weapons because they are still natives from LoTR)????

    I hope Zero will kill haotian soon or they’ll be really messed up!

    1. The confusing matter about Haotian being Adam’s spy, is that if team China gets wiped, Haotian gets wiped as well. I cannot possibly see what he has to benefit from this scenario, unless they are planning to have Haotian become the next leader, and then boot himself to Team Celestial. That’s the most reasonable conclusion I can come up with, other than “Alla wa akbar”.

  4. So, basically — because Xuan’s dead, Adam suspects Xuan planned far too many defenses and thought ahead, to the point they cannot possibly send any assassins to take out Zheng.
    What’s the difference between Xuan being dead or alive? Either way, Xuan is expected to plan ahead. And build their defenses. If he’s dead, that changes absolutely nothing about that fact, other than that he cannot do anything from this point onward. Because he’s dead.

    I’m so confused about this, who goes: “Haha, I have this team at my grasp! Wait, what? Their strategist died!? Fall back! Retreat! Danger William Robinson, danger! Previously I thought he’d do all he can to gain influence, but now that he’s dead, it means that he has done all he could to gain influence! Oh no!”
    That’s such a tame bluff, I don’t get it…And the oddest thing about it, is that the more they wait, the more Team China benefits.

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