TI Vol 16 Chapter 25-1

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Xuan’s death was confirmed. While the battle was still going on, the team did heard the notification of deducting one point. Zheng was still fantasizing this was another one of Xuan’s crazy schemes but it was obviously not. Xuan died. And in such a pathetic way of death.

“The wisest still makes a mistake in a thousand contemplations. Or did he become tired of fighting on? Tired of chasing that almost imaginary fourth stage and chose death?” Zheng sat in a lobby. He silently looked at the people in front of him. Xuan’s body was placed in the center.

A whole day passed after the battle against the Uruk-hai army. Gandalf indeed arrived at dawn with two thousand riders. Though what awaited them wasn’t the swarm of Uruk-hai they imagined. People had already begun cleaning up the battlefield. The fortress was covered with the scars of war. However, it was the Uruk-hai corpses on the ground that caught their attention most than anything. That wasn’t the aftermath of a battle. It was the scene of shredded flesh in a slaughterhouse.

Men achieved victory due to Zheng’s terrifying performance. The army cleaned up the battlefield then headed back to Helm’s Deep for rest. Gandalf had a conversation with the rest of the movie characters. They decided to march toward Isengard at dawn of the second day. They had to defeat Saruman when he was at his weakest.

Three before midnight, Zheng woke up. The other four members of team China immediately came to him. Everyone sat there without a word, even ChengXiao. Because Xuan’s body lay in front of them. Their gaze fixed on Zheng silently. He was the only core of the team after Xuan’s death.

Zheng was the heart of team China, connecting the people with differing personalities, values and beliefs. He made these people into a team. There wouldn’t be a team China without him.

Xuan was the brain of the team. He gave everyone the belief of surviving even the most desperate dangers. It wasn’t a trust toward him because his plans schemed both foes and friends. However, his wit was acknowledged by every person. As long as they stood on the same line in battle, they never worried about coming to an unsolvable situation. Unless he died.

Which was what team China were facing right now. They knew team Celestial was in this battle. They knew team East America was stronger than them but they were never overly worried because Xuan was there. His plans would save them from a wipe no matter how far behind they were.

No one expected lose him even before encountering the other two teams. Their most important intellectual support was gone. Their strength made a breakthrough but that wasn’t a guarantee of rivaling the other two teams. What if the other teams had similar amount of strength?

The silence lasted in the room until ChengXiao couldn’t hold it. “Xuan sent HaoTiao and the others off. Did he already know he was going to die back then? There might be a plan that he entrusted to the other group…”

“F*ck!” Zheng was enraged. He lifted ChengXiao and shouted. “Plan? Plan your ass! He’s dead! He’s our comrade. Even though he had always schemed me. Even though I always wanted to know what he was planning. But I treated him as a comrade within my heart! He’s someone I can entrust my back to! What do you think he is? A tool for the survival of team China? Do you believe I will tear you apart?”

ChengXiao stared back without backing a step. He was taller than Zheng to begin with so his presence seemed more intimidating than Zheng. He shouted. “And what was Xuan’s original intention? He wanted for the team to survive, to get stronger. If you used the power of the fourth stage in the beginning, he wouldn’t have died! Come kill me if you or f*cking shut up!”

Zheng slowly calmed down. He let go of ChengXiao’s collar then dropped to the chair, looking dejected.

ChengXiao also calmed down. He took several deep breaths. “Do what we ought to do. We still have to live. Didn’t you survive by yourselves when Xuan died before? F*ck, enough with the pointless talks… You should have been the one saying this as the leader!”

Zheng gave a bitterly smile. “You’re right to scold me… It’s not that I didn’t want to use that power but I was scared. You saw that I was slaughtering Uruk-hai in a madness but if you were next to me at the time, I would have done the same to you. I had no conscious of my own at the time. All my body wanted was to kill every living thing beside me or fall when I could no longer sustain the fourth stage. It has immense power, I can tear the Uruk-hai and even the Balrog apart but…”

He paid no attention to everyone’s expression and continued. “Things have come to this point, but we still need to do what we ought to do. We will follow Gandalf to Isengard the next morning. If Xuan had expected his death that early on and designated HaoTian as his successor, we will have to trust him. HaoTian will take his place from now on. According to their plan, they should have taken down Isengard by now. We will meet up with them.”

(A leader’s responsibility is to lead the team and survive. Yet, are you really dead?) Zheng placed his carotid artery. It was cold and had no sign of blood flow. (Then is HaoTian’s ability truly as strong as yours?)

In the woods not far from Isengard. HaoTian’s group hadn’t assaulted Saruman yet. The Nemesis were only just waking up. They created three hundred Nemesis that could all use battle Qi. Fifty of them could use Explosive Shot. The Nemesis were almost four meters in height and thrice the bulk of a normal person. It was almost certain each Nemesis could take on fifty Uruk-hai. The Uruk-hai turned Nemesis were much much stronger than human ones.

Zero stood on an area inside the woods by himself. He pulled out a piece of metallic plate then opened it up. A while later, a voice came out from the plate.

“Zero, tell me what happened at the time and the situation during these two days in detail.” The man’s voice was sent directly into Zero’s mind.

Zero let out a sigh of relief. Xuan gave him the item before the team split up. It was used to communicate over the minds, a more convenient phone.

“Nothing strange happened. We all heard the notification of deducting a point. None of us died so it must have been someone in your group. However, HaoTian didn’t assault Saruman as we had planned. He began capturing Uruk-hai in larger numbers and turned them into Nemesis. He still hasn’t mentioned about the assault today.” Zero said through his mind.

“Is that so? Get it.” The voice continued. “What do you think of HaoTian’s strength?”

“Incredibly strong.” Zero replied without hesitation. “I can’t believe a newbie can be this strong. His psychokinesis is very powerful. Almost nothing within twenty meters can harm him. Though if we are to kill him, he would not be able to defend against the Gauss sniper rifle, WangXia’s bombs, the Valkyrie, or even Kampa’s RPG. However, we need enough distance to use these weapons on him. In a close range fight, we will lose.”

“Oh, then what you have to do is…”

“Kampa, WangXia, and Gando proceed as planned. You have to find a time and leave the group. Head to the capitol of Gondor, Minas Tirith. You will see Zheng fighting another person. And you mission…”

“This is basically the situation we are in. I won’t initiate contact from now on. There’s a time limit to my existence. According to Galadriel, I still have twenty days… Then let’s finish off team Celestial in these twenty days.”

The voice faded. It was Xuan’s voice. Zero closed the metallic plate and put it back in his pocket. He walked toward the outer layer of the woods where HaoTian and the other members of team China were training the three hundred Nemesis.

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  1. Not using a skill and not telling about having the skill to teammates are not the same thing.
    It’s basically the same as Richard or whoever with berserk skill. How can someone like Xuan not be able to design a strategy that can put it to use? Heck, he might even come up with a theory to remain conscious while using it.
    The author ran out of idea huh?

    1. I agree with you that if he had told to xuan about it would be the best way to deal with the situation, but about why he didn’t is clear too , the author knows everything and have the control but the protagonist isn’t the author neither a reader like us, his personallity and knowledge are limited by his own character in the plot and is in a position that have to keep to much information and procedures in check while acting, he is strong when fighting for the life of his team but when he became aware that he could be the cause of their death his mind was throw in chaos and that produced the “fear” that he mentioned……And as the author he choose to use this chance to build a evolution on the character.

      1. As I wrote before, while you are correct, I find issue with it since we almost never got to focus on how Zheng feels. The story focuses heavily on myriad of events happening all at once, thanks to multiple parties of varying sizes and ongoing strategies triggering one after the other. While going through such a large series of operations, it’s difficult to actually focus on the subtleties of the characters…Which why it’s no surprise that some people would find this sudden emergence of sentimentality as an asspull.

        Again, while what happened in the last few volumes seems to make sense, it sounds realistic to a degree, it wasn’t conveyed that well, imo. I think there should’ve been more perspective flips so we could acquire a better understanding of how everyone feels, actually try to infuse a character’s personality into the narrative, so we could tell how a character thinks about the current happenings.
        Right now, it’s just very technical. Most of it, is just Xuan going “according to keikaku” while everyone stand like a dead leaf in the background, with the occasional hyperbole display of emotion, like Yinkong meeting her ‘brother’.

        I mean, can any of you even remember how Lan looks like at this point? heh. To make a long story short, I think that the soul of the characters got lost within a sea of information, and the author has had a difficult time dealing with it.

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    So Xuan created a clone? Or did he transfer his conciousness to another body? Does that mean Xuan became a LOTR’s native now? How cool~
    No scifi weapons can work on him for the movie duration now~

  3. F**k! I will never ever make an enemy of someone like Xuan. I might get trick to “wish to die but can’t” but at least i don’t need to live in fear for the rest of my life.

  4. I’m just upset with this turn out. I’m fine being wrong with my third stage theory which was logical, but what was that? Zheng unlocked the Fourth Stage off screen, there was no signs of improvement beforehand, and when he uses it we don’t understand how he used it except going rage mode. The author couldn’t think of a better way for Zheng to finally break through to the next level?

    Also Xuan’s planning here is absolute impossible to come up with unless you know the story in advance. The author isn’t even writing about the same Xuan we met back in Alien or even after being reborn. Xuan is a tool by the author to break the fourth dimension and solve everything for Team China.

    I swear if I didn’t like Terror Infinity’s unique style I would drop this.

    1. zheng didn’t unlock the fourth stage off screen though…he acquired it when he was surrounded by the upgraded nemesis(forgot what they where called) while doing undercover to get the t virus…

    2. Do you expect the author to just plainly reveal it? It was hinted on the re chapter that this is some new ability. So it is either from his upgrades or the 4th stage. Don’t expect the author to spoon feed you every detail. What are you a kid?

      Zheng’s 4th stage is only in the beginning so it will unlock more powers I guess.

      1. If we remember what Xuan said at the start of LOTR after some explanation , this whole team war battle of five is because someone is about to reach stage 5 which at first nobody really suspected as Zheng. Though I’m sure Xuan might thought about it, but since team devil isn’t in the world it is highly unlikely team celestial to be the with someone at level 4, as the mostly consist with mostly new people from other team.. So this whole situation is actually cause by Zheng, again… How ironic

        1. I doubt it. I think clone Zheng had already unlocked the 4th stage when he wiped team China. The fact that he was afraid of team Celestial probably means they had at least one person at 4th level. I wouldn’t be surprised if the assassin guy is also at the 4th stage since he has the power to barter with them.

      2. “Disappointed”, it’s not about spoon feeding you. It’s about the complete lack of intrigue or focus towards the subject that’s the main cause of concern regarding this reveal.
        To make a TLDR: Look at Xuan a few chapters ago, he had to go out of his way to info dump everyone just so the author can foreshadow Zheng’s 4th stage reveal. Xuan had to suddenly go: “Hey yo be hiding your powers, here are all sorts of arguments that I suddenly rationalized for some reason, now, back to staring at Ghandalf’s staff.”

        The issue, is that the narrative is either at 0 or at 100. It jumps too severely, and makes these sort of twists or reveals hard to appreciate. The story as it is, is overall entertaining to read through, but you cannot simply say that the way the author does things is bullet proof.

    1. This is my guessing: Xuan’s body is death, however Galadriel’s spell is keeping his life force within him, so he can be revived with a full body repair in God’s dimension. But the spell can only last for 20 days, so if they don’t complete the mission before that deadline then Xuan won’t make it.

      1. In the early chapter, we were told that as long as someone brain isn’t dead, they can be repaired back at the god dimension. So maybe he’s brain right now isn’t dead but heart is totally crushed… Magic!! Because they have no means to check his brain activity..

        1. The issue is that, God itself declared Xuan as dead. That means, Xuan as a player, is declared DEAD. As some speculated, maybe Xuan can clone himself with LOTR magic, which that means he is no longer considered “a player”.

          1. Actually, they got deducted a point. Xuan could have just as well have had a newbie killed. Wouldn’t put it past him. At all.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    In fact, I would like to say here seems to be missing 24-2 chapters. Zheng’s battle with the Uruk-hai,and introduced a lot of information about the gene lock.

        1. Thought the original poster was trolling but checked the raws there was a chapter skipped between this and the last chapter, makes me curious if there was other chapters missed now o.O

  6. When I kept thinking of my dislike of Xuan I asked myself how would he reconcile with his team if he lives after all this. I mean, no matter the reason to trick the enemy Xuan faked his death in front of his entire Team. I feel like no one would be able to trust Xuan in any way again, or they would go along with him but the spirit of the team would be broken. And when I tired to imagine a reason why Xuan would go so far to hide things, an unbelievable idea popped into my head. HaoTian is a spy for Team Celestial sent by Adam.

    My reasons for this conclusion.

    1. With the appearance of HaoTian, Adam’s former partner, Xuan immediately realized Adam’s plot. Adam for the sake of killing the original demon Zheng went as far as to send a double agent into Team China to obstruct them from the inside. Clone Xuan escaped with Team Devil from Team Celestial, so Adam sent HaoTian to hinder original Xuan. Perhaps the one who told, no confirmed the death notification was HaoTian, who spoke to Adam mentally. Adam will in the end give HaoTian an item to transfer into Team Celestial, or survive a wipe. In case of a wipe HaoTian who is probably at the first stage (drug), will be tested to become the new leader and advance to the Second Stage, and will then join Team Celestial to reunit with Adam.

    2. Xuan spoke to Zero in a way that can be considered a plan to kill HaoTian as they discussed his abilities.

    3. Xuan knows of this plot and faked his death to allow HaoTian to take his place within the team for the sake of tricking Adam. The way Xuan never speaks of Adam and that he is trusting Adam’s partner to lead such a important mission, is all down right suspicious. Would you normally allow perhaps your mortal enemy’s best friend/partner to hold such power in your own organization? Even if HaoTian isn’t a spy, would Xuan not consider the possibility that he wouldn’t be able to fight Adam’s Team Celestial and betray the team? Xuan is doing his best to make sure Adam believes he can wipe Team China at anytime long as HaoTian is calling the shots.

    That’s my theory, but there is something off with this deception as well. Adam must have considered sending HaoTian was like saying he’s in this dimension and that HaoTian is a spy. HaoTian could have also told a better story to trick Xuan like he and Adam heard of God’s Dimension from rumors and tired to enter together, but Adam was invited a bit before him when he was overseas, and HaoTian in China, not knowing they wouldn’t end up in the same place/team. So my belief is that Adam, if he is not stupid or falls for the stupid way Xuan died, is just playing around as he wants to win a battle of wits against Xuan after losing to Clone Xuan. Xuan might also have realized that Adam is just messing around. When the cultivator guy was about to fight Team China, and would have probably won, Adam ever so convincingly called him off. Adam’s name was revealed thanks to this and it was hinted they were all under surveillance.

    So this all basically a battle of wits between these two, and for Adam using actual brute force to deal with Team China would be equivalent of his loss in the battle of wits.

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