TI Vol 16 Chapter 24-1

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Xuan was standing on where it would get bombed in the original plot. This was the turning point of the battle. The Uruk-hai couldn’t have broken into this fortress otherwise in a single night otherwise. Zheng discussed with Xuan beforehand and they came up with a solution. Once the wall was bombed, Zheng would use the Book of the Dead to alter the terrain of the area to block the Uruk-hai from entering the fortress.

How could Xuan have forgotten about the bomb? Yet, he was still standing at that section of the wall. Right as Zheng turned around, he saw the Uruk-hai with the torch charged toward sewer under the wall.

“No!” Zheng’s eyes were bloodshot. There wasn’t even the time for him to dismount. He jumped straight off the Nightmare’s back then jumped again midair with Instant Destruction into Geppo. He was flying to where Xuan was.

His speed was still too slow. The Uruk-hai was only four meters away from the wall. Its body impaled with numerous arrows but it made the jump into the sewer before the end of his life. Bang! A seven-meter wide section of the wall was blasted. The explosion was so strong that the shockwave blew Zheng back several meters. This wasn’t a primitive bomb made from gunpowder as depicted in the movie. The explosion was on par with their high-explosive bombs.

The instant Zheng landed, he charged toward the exploded area. The Uruk-hai were swarming toward the opening as they roared in frenzy. Then they met the even more frenzied Zheng. His eyes were bloody red and he was growling like a wild beast. The front most Uruk-hai that came near him instantly turned into numerous small pieces. No one could see clearly what he did. Zheng was charging right through the Uruk-hai, hoping to reach the opening first.

The Uruk-hai of course did not consent. They attacked the tiny human (in their eyes). Zheng’s hands moved ever so slightly but dozens of Uruk-hai near him were torn apart as if they were killed by a beast. Zheng left a trail of torn pieces of bodies as he ran. His hands each grabbed a Uruk-hai’s head. When he reached the broken wall, he slammed the heads into the wall. The two heads were smashed into tiny pieces.

“Xuan? Are you alright?” He yelled with craze as soon as he entered through the broken wall. A trail of broken bodies lay behind him. Not one Uruk-hai was able to delay him for even a second. The Uruk-hai in the distance hesitated as they witnessed his strength.

Under the broken wall, YinKong and ChengXiao were already there. YinKong carried Xuan out right after the explosion. ChengXiao was forcing medicine into Xuan’s mouth. Yet, his gloomy expression was nothing like his normal cheerful and confident self. The bad feeling deepened inside Zheng.

“How is him? I am f*cking asking you how is him?” Zheng shouted before he even came close.

ChengXiao shouted back at him. “You just f*cking stand there and hold off the Uruk-hai! Trust the doctor when you are wounded… I am the doctor here. Now, shut up!” He didn’t slow down as he talked. He took off Xuan’s clothes. Zheng saw blood pouring out from Xuan’s left chest, where the heart was located. It seemed just like…

“Ah! I will make you pay with your lives! The Uruk-hai! Saruman!” He shouted then charged back to the opening.

Legolas seemed to be hesitating. He wanted to say something but no words came to his mind when he saw the whirlwind of flesh and blood within the Uruk-hai army. He frowned and continued shooting. Back in the elven realm, Xuan once looked for him.

“Yes. I asked Legolas to take me to meet you, Lady of the Wood.“

Dawn had yet to come. The Fellowship was going to leave after the sun rose and Galadriel would give each of them a gift. Two after midnight, Xuan woke Legolas up to bring him to Galadriel.

Galadriel said with a sly smile. “Oh, emotionless human. What do you wish to see me for? To apologize for the ornament you broke?”

Xuan replied calmly. “No, to make a deal with you.”

Galadriel was surprised then she laughed. “Your friends have promised a deal with the elves. Are you looking to circumvent them and make a deal with us by yourself?”

“Not that type of trade.” Xuan shook his head. “I wish to obtain something to you. And in return, I will give you the One Ring dispelled of Sauron’s soul. Of course, that won’t be right now. The next time we come to this world…”

Galadriel frowned. She stared at Xuan with seriousness. “Enticing but don’t you think you’re talking about the impossible? If Sauron is so easily defeated, the many races of Middle Earth wouldn’t have given him the title of Dark Lord. It was a sign of our fear. What do you wish to obtain from me?”

Xuan gazed at Galadriel. “I need something that allows a person to revive after death, or to fake a death. It can be an item, or magic… There are dreadful enemies of our team in this world. I am uncertain of our ability to rival them. If we failed, then the One Ring and our deal with the elves will fall through. Tell me, do the elves have such item or magic?”

Legolas felt a sharp pain on his face. An arrow grazed past his cheek and pulled him back from the memory. Xuan also talked to him after speaking with Galadriel. He was told not to tell the rest of team China about the meeting. Legolas agreed and buried the secret in his heart.

(However, will everything proceed as you expected, Xuan? If Zheng forgot about that item, you will lose your life.) Legolas stared at Zheng. He wanted to yell but held himself back many times. When Zheng ran back out of the Uruk-hai, Legolas stopped shooting and fixed his eyes at Zheng.

Zheng was holding the leaf of Telperion in his hand. His whole body was dripping in blood and so was his hand. He stuck the leaf into Xuan’s mouth. The leaf turned into a green liquid in an instant then flowed down his throat.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. He gazed at ChengXiao. “Hurry and look at his injury. Didn’t you save Boromir even when he had a hole in his chest? How could you not save your comrade?”

He was being extremely unreasonable. The injury was the deciding factor on whether the medic was able to save someone. ChengXiao ignored him. His needle moved between the skin on Xuan’s chest. The thread was sewing up the wound. YinKong kept a Freezing Pill in her hand in case Xuan entered critical condition.

Zheng stared as ChengXiao performed the treatment. He also ran out the broken wall again and tore nearly three thousand Uruk-hai to pieces before returning. The Uruk-hai stopped coming to this area. And so the archers on the wall managed to keep them from advancing.

ChengXiao’s hands moved faster and faster. A bit of redness returned to Xuan’s face. The blood coming out from his chest was lessening. However, just as ChengXiao was going to close up the wound, he cried with tears. “F*ck it! I am done with this… What do you want me to do when his heart was crushed. There wasn’t even time for me to treat the wound and no time to give him the Freezing Pill. What do you want me to do…”

Zheng’s expression changed abruptly. He lifted ChengXiao and shouted. “Didn’t you close up the wound? Aren’t blood returning to his face? Didn’t I feed him the leaf of Telperion? Why didn’t you give him the Freezing Pill? Why?”

YinKong immediately forced the pill into Xuan’s mouth. However, there was no sign of him being frozen because he could no longer swallow the pill. YinKong crushed the pill and tried to mouth feed him but it was no use. She felt his pulse on the neck then stood up. “… He’s dead.”

(Adam. Chu Xuan is confirmed dead.)

Zheng lost his strength. ChengXiao fell from his hands. His eyes were completely red and seemed lost. He turned around and walked toward the Uruk-hai army step by step. As he exited through the broken wall, an Explosive Shot flew right at his face. He lifted his hand and grabbed the arrow. Then he roared as he charged into the Uruk-hai army.

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  1. I think Zheng reached unlocked stage 4 in the resident evil movie. Likely hell end up using the mask to reach unlocked stage 5 temporarily in this movie and decimate some teams. This will give team china some much needed ranked rewards to level up and allow them to survive team celestial.

    1. I doubt it. The thing Zheng is hiding is probably the ability of the Third Stage. Zheng most likely can stimulate his clone’s battle technique, but it comes along with the clone’s inner rage and hatred for the world, and our Zheng can’t control it well and fears attacking his own team.

      If Zheng had the fourth stage there would be a clear boost in his standard power since it enables the full potential of all enhancements. As a vampire he should finally be able to fly and there would probably be improvement with Explosion and Destruction without even doing anything. As for the mask that’s unlikely as well. If he already had the Fourth Stage he would have done it before in God’s Dimension in the safety of his basement.

      As we’ve seen so far there’s always a recoil when one first unlocks the next level of the Genetic Constraint. The First Stage causes seizures, the Second Stage swollen muscles, and the Third Stage headaches. From what we know of the Fourth and Fifth Stage the same should happen.

      The Fourth Stage creates a powerful combat ready body according to what Zheng saw in the vampire, and most likely staying in the combat ready body for too long or retuning to the normal body to conserve energy are factors in the Fourth Stage’s recoil. As the Fifth Stage we saw this with the corrosive Qi. Zheng almost exploded from the conflict of energies, so we can expect altering energy in the Fifth Stage to come with a similar or greater risk.

  2. Team China needs this right now. Zheng have been too laid back; he needed a greater emotional push to get even stronger. His clone is probably infinitely closer to unlock the 5th level right know and he alone could wipe out the current Team China and yet, Zheng kept on his baseless optimism.

    1. It was probably done more to trick Adam although I doubt it worked. Even Zheng noticed how odd it was for Xuan to be in the blast radius, so I doubt Adam wouldn’t not think twice of it.

      Also Team China is stupid. There would be an announcement from God if Xuan died. His heart was crushed so it was a instant death under normal circumstances, yet no announcement. Xuan only has increased stats and lacks the mutation to survive such wounds, so it was a instant death and there should have been a notification from God.

      1. It’s actually unknowned whether or not Xuan has any mutation. In vol-13 chapter-7-1 Xuan said he was going to get gunkata and some other highly survivable class like the troll bloodline, which if you remember allows revival if the heart and brain are destroyed as long as half the body remains. Though he did get gunkata if was never discussed what mutation, if any, he ended up with. It’s very Xuan-like to keep something like that a secret. He might’ve not needed medical care at all! I’m very interest on how far Xuan’s schemes run.

        1. I doubt it. Zheng has said that Xuan kept spending his points and rank rewards for items, for others, or revivals. It was also never said he actually got the gunkata, just paper theories. Xuan said he’ll get it, but there was never a scene of him actually exchanging it or him explaining the difference.

          After Jurassic Park everyone paid points and rank rewards towards revivals, 4000 points and two C rank rewards, so Xuan didn’t have the requirements for either.

          Vampire mission only rewarded C rank reward for him, so not enough. He also spent it to help Lan get the whip skill.

          Xuan had two B rank rewards after starship trooper. He spent 1 B for revivals and the other B for everyone to enter Resident Evil World. He also wasn’t one of the three rewarded for the bonus mission, so its impossible again.

          1. Yeah, you’re probably right. Even if he managed to get extra points somewhere he would put them in use in a way that made the team stronger than just himself. He is either in a false death state or it is a revival item. If he in suspended animation, then he won’t trick Adam and his team. That is unless he can also deduct the point from his team. The item maybe able to do that too. I do think Xuan is trying to trick Adam more than awaken power in Zheng. Maybe killing 2 birds with one stone. Even Zheng being able to control level 4 power won’t enable them to fight team celestial, not without a trick.

          2. He has to have the point deducted so if the item can’t do that then, he’ll need to have another way. Killing a newbie at the same time might work for tricking the enemy, but that is massive foresight. It is Xuan though so he probably has something.

  3. IMO Xuan i experimenting ways to unlock Zheng. He saw the clone’s power and probably thinks it’s unlocked when Zheng experiences a loss. He couldn’t do it with other people since Zheng would definitely kill him for good but he could do it to himself. That’s why he was prepping Zheng to accept his death.

    Im guessing Zheng probably has an inborn talent/skill to be unlocked. Maybe a Saint descendant or a cross-breed of Saint and Monster. But that’s just pure speculation

    Goodpoint on the “no notification” theory 🙂

  4. I just want to say, I wonder how many Uruk-Hai Zheng will annihilate before he realises that Xuan probably isn’t even dead? Hahaha thanks for the chapter. Can’t wait for (hopefully) the next chapter, that comes out tomorrow (hopefully) Thanks again.

  5. I love the nerdiness of these comments. It makes me so happy.

    I agree with the general thread that Xuan is using this to trick Zheng into getting stronger, because he gets stronger when he experiences loss or needs to protect someone/something. However, I think Xuan isn’t trying to get him to unlock another stage or simulate his clone’s ability, but to unlock Zheng’s own latent ability that his clone actually copied from him! Because if the clone can do it, Zheng defenitely can. It has to do with the “Heart of the Slayer” that YinKong mentioned earlier!

    1. Damn Xuan!!! He is really the god of deceive.

      Zheng mental restrain unlocked!!! Devil mode activated!!!!!

      I agree with Grevis, Zheng doesn’t need to “copy” his clone, he just need to release his full potential like the clone did.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    I knew there would be a lot of comments in this chapter. (laughs) why do I think this novel is very classic, because each character is very lively, the plot is also very compact. Of course, the results will be very surprising (laughs).

  7. ohh man hope next chapter is out quick, can’t wait to see Zheng go all out again like in Resident Evil.

    Zheng needed this, Xuan told him if he doesn’t seriously use his power and stop holding back then it will be his fault that team mates die.

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