TI Vol 16 Chapter 23-1

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Zheng slept through the day. Night fell. The sky outside was pitch black. The only lights came from the torches on the fortress walls. Many of the villagers stare at the night sky in this darkness. They knew this would be sleepless night.

The movie characters, the riders, and the rest of team China woke up along with Zheng. Hunger emerged immediately. They thought they could eat a whole cow. -princess- was smart to order preparation of food when they just fell asleep. Roasted meat and biscuits were waiting for them on the tables already. Everyone began to fill themselves up.

Aragorn asked Eowyn. “What time is this? The Uruk-hai arrived yet?”

Eowyn gave him a bitter smile. “They are almost here, only an hour left. There are so many of them, over 15,000. And we have only hundreds here… Oh, yes. Three hundred elves came before sunset. They said Elrond of Rivendell sent them to honor the alliance that once existed between elves and men. But aside from them, we have no other reinforcements.”

“Have faith in Gandalf. He will be back with reinforcements… He said he will be back with reinforcements when the sun rises. I have faith in him.” Aragorn said.

The six members of team China weren’t in such a good mood. In the movie plot, Gandalf would arrive in the morning with reinforcements. They would then defeat the Uruk-hai in a blitz. However, this wasn’t a movie. Anything could happen. The increased number of Uruk-hai was an example. Although the Rohan riders were also stronger than the movies portrayed. Two thousand riders were still at a disadvantage. How many Uruk-hai they could kill in this defense might sway the result of the battle.

Zheng paused for a moment. “I plan to use the Anubis Bracelet. My blood energy has be increasing all this time so I can summon at least a thousand Anubis Warriors. They are pretty strong in close combat. As long as their head remains, they can continue fighting. There three meter bodies are also bigger than the Uruk-hai. They should win one on one. The only thing I am worried about is if the another team attacks us when I am depleted of blood energy, which affects Destruction. What do you think?”

Xuan shook his head. “The effect from the Anubis Bracelet is nearly negligible. You can’t control the thousand warriors. They will fight on their own once summoned. But we are fighting a defensive war. Archers or soldiers that can follow commands are more useful in this scenario. The Anubis Warriors will only disrupt the formation of our army and accelerate the collapse of the fortress. We can’t use the Anubis Bracelet here. Save it for the battle at Gondor.”

Zheng sighed. “Then what should we do? I can at least fight and assist using the Nightmare. The layout of the defensive passageways are nearly perfect. It will be difficult for the Uruk-hai to break through. What about you guys? One mistake in a battle of this scale could lead to death. How about just fly up with the Sky Stick and attack from up there? Heng is able to do this. How many rune word bullets do you have?”

“My intention isn’t to battle the Uruk-hai head on.” Xuan said. “That’s the most idiotic tactic. The Anubis Bracelet is useless in a defensive battle but another item has great use. You can also use it easily. The Book of the Dead.”

The Book of the Dead recorded many offensive magic. Yet, Zheng couldn’t read any of the writings in the book. The few of the magic he remembered was taught by TengYi. Of course, the third unlocked stage allowed him to simulate TengYi to some degree and deduce some spells using his own knowledge. However, the precision was questionable.

One of the magic TengYi translated could alter the terrain!

Everyone finished eating. The main movie characters and team China headed to the fortress walls. An elf was speaking to Theoden. There were also several hundred elven archers here.

Legolas cried. “The Nighthawks, royal guards of Rivendell. Three hundreds of them. That’s half the royal guards.”

Everyone walked to the elf that was speaking. They exchanged words of gratitude then quietly waited on the wall.

The members of team China sat quite some distance away from the movie characters. They had conversations of their own that were best kept from the movie characters.

Xuan said. “Judging by the hothead’s words, they will probably enter the team battle when the plot progressed to the battle at Gondor. That isn’t far away. There are a few points we must do. First, we will retrieve the force we sent out to obtain influence. HaoTian is strong in both intelligence and strength. It is also time to harvest the Nemesis. The result of the harvest will depend on his ability. Zero and the other three members should return to the team. Their strengths are useful in a team battle. And lastly, the influence we obtained, archers that can use Explosive Shot…”

Zheng interrupted him. “What are you doing? This isn’t some amateur novel where you are going to die in the battle by taking an arrow for me. You speak like you are giving your last words. We are comrades! We can’t consider death so readily!”

Xuan nodded and pondered for a second. “Understood. I have explained what needs to be said. If you don’t get anything, then ask HaoTiao. A mortal’s wisdom confronting another mortal’s wisdom. Isn’t it another way to grow stronger?”

The premonition felt increasingly inauspicious to Zheng. Before he got to speak, a series of heavy footsteps could be heard coming from afar. The footsteps rumbled without order. Torches gradually showed up in the distance. They formed a field on the horizon and slowly moved toward the fortress. Although there were only 15000 Uruk-hai, they extended throughout the field. The countless torches and rumbling could drive people insane.

The Uruk-hai had arrived. The battle at Helm’s Deep commenced.

Zheng glanced at Xuan and said. “You always act on pure reason. Why did you suddenly have premonitions? It’s such a human trait. Whatever it is, you at least have to try your best to survive. If you think you are going to die, then there is no hope. Anyway… you said you will unlock the fourth stage. Aren’t you wishing to obtain feelings and senses? Obtain everything that a person should have? Then give all that you have to survive!” He got up and walked over to the Nightmare then mounted on the horse.

The Uruk-hai were the strongest species of the orcs. They had a violent temper. They lusted for blood and killing. They wouldn’t run upon encountering strong forces unlike the orcs and half-orcs. In contrast, powerful enemies would excite them. This was a difficult battle. The Uruk-hai would invade the fortress with their overwhelming number. No one knew if the walls could hold them until the morning came.

As the torches came closer, so did the footsteps. The people on the wall could see the army with their bare eyes. The Uruk-hai were armed to the teeth unlike the orcs. Their equipments exceeded even the soldiers of Rohan. Saruman crafted an army of steel.

The Uruk-hai had two meter tall bodies, wore dark armors and helms made of steel. Many carried three meter long pikes. Some carried double-bent swords and bows.

Aragorn was yelling to the elves in Elvish language. Team China couldn’t understand him but it was not the time for that. They gripped onto their weapons. The Uruk-hai came closer and closer and finally, they stopped just outside the arrow range.

The battle… commenced.

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  1. Have faith in Gandalf, you may be wiped! When Gandalf appears, no one remains alive.

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