TI Vol 16 Chapter 22-2

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A light blade slashed downward from the sky. The villagers cried at the sight. The young man standing on his sword floated on the height parallel to the wall. He scanned the people below then fixed his eyes on Zheng. “Zheng Zha! Do you dare to fight me?”

Before Zheng spoke, ChengXiao murmured. “This isn’t several hundred years ago. Who still says lines like do you dare to fight? Why don’t you say I’m general x, announce yourself?”

Lan and Heng laughed. Lan said to everyone through Soul Link. “Be careful, his mental capacity is high. It’s almost at the level of a psyche force user. I feel an unknown pressure for simply being in front of him.”

Zheng responded through Soul Link. “But he’s bold to come to us by himself. Doesn’t he know that each team have their uniqueness? Yet he ran straight to us. Is he bored with life or does he have the power to support him?”

Xuan didn’t even pull out his pistols and said with his mouth. “Don’t worry. There won’t be any problems. This is a hothead or perhaps a Chinese nationalistic youth. Anyway, we aren’t in any danger. This is going to be just an interlude in the movie. He appeared to know you. So your clone must have defeated him. Zheng, speak something to fool him and have him leave.”

The veins in Luo YingLong’s forehead surfaced. He yelled. “Who are you calling a hothead? Who’s the nationalistic youth? F*ck! Speak up if you have something to say instead of murmuring to yourselves. Don’t treat me like a hothead!”

(He’s really a hothead.) The rest of team China exclaimed.

Zheng said. “I am the leader of team China, Zheng Zha. Which team are you from? What do you want from me?”

Luo YingLong calmed himself. A few seconds later, he said. “My name is Luo YingLong, a member of team Celestial. I am here to challenge you!”

He didn’t notice the wording he used. Challenge was usually reserved for someone of a lower level challenging a high level or when both sides were equal. His presence currently felt much stronger than Zheng’s. Everyone would assume he had the advantage. Yet, he used the word challenge.

But Zheng knew Xuan guessed it right. This person fought his clone. “Don’t you feel this is too sudden?” Zheng suddenly asked.

Luo YingLong responded, seemingly confused. “Sudden? What sudden? Why is it sudden to challenge you?”

Zheng scratched his head. “Challenges are without a question fine if we are in the same team. Since spars would not end up with casualties. However, we are in team battle. Are you afraid that we will kill you as a team by coming alone?”

“Kill me?” He laughed out with craze. “Kill me? What gave you the courage to say that? How would you kill me? Sci-fi weapons? Bombs? Plasma guns? Laser guns? Or chop me up with a sword? Look over here. I am a cultivator! How can I not have FaBao (magical items) on me? Like the Golden Silk Vest I am wearing underneath. My ShiFu (teacher) especially crafted it for me. It will bring up a golden barrier when any offensive abilities come near. The Blue Jade Pendant on my wrist will bring up a barrier on fatal attacks. And…” He introduced his magical items and weapons one by one.

(He’s indeed a hothead.) Zheng quickly stopped him when he got to his underwear. “Wait. Wait. Back to the point. You said you want to challenge me. My reply is I refuse. This isn’t a one on one battle. We are going through a movie. I have a battle coming at night. Don’t bother me if you don’t have anything important. Go back and learn to use all your items.”

Luo YingLong shouted with anger. “F*ck. You are fooling with me, aren’t you? I know all my items. There’s no need for you to tell me. Did you say you have someone that can kill me? I will see who can break through my defensive items!”

Zheng snapped his fingers at Heng. Heng understood his intention and nodded. He placed an arrow on his bow. The bow was drawn to a full moon. An overwhelming presence exploded from him as he aimed the arrow at Luo YingLong.

Luo YingLong thought nothing of Heng until that arrow was aimed at him. His expression turned serious. He took the jade pendant off his wrist and held it in his hand. “Shoot the arrow if you can. I don’t know it will injure me but if I lose any of my items… you won’t get away with it. If you shoot the arrow, I won’t forgive you!”

Zheng stopped Heng and said to Luo YingLong with a smile. “Didn’t you say we don’t have anyone that can kill you? Do you really believe you are invincible to show off your strength in front of us? That’s too arrogant.”

Luo YingLong’s face blushed. He yelled back. “Enough with the deviation. We will talk after the fight! F*ck, I have to kill you!”

Just as he was about to attack, a ringtone came from his chest. “Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. I am his woman…”

His face turned redder. He almost wanted to smash the phone. Everyone else stopped talking and all the eyes were staring at him. He lowered his head then took the phone out. He suppressed voice and shouted. “You vile woman! I will teach you when I come back… Uh. Adam. Okay. I understand… but team China is too… Wait for me to come back.” He then clenched his teeth and roared.

Everyone stared at him in confusion. There were several thousand pairs of eyes at this moment. He couldn’t even raise his head after losing face. The anger continued to build up within him. Finally, he threw the phone onto the wall. Bang! It blasted a hollow. He turned around and flew away on his sword, leaving only an echo of his final line.

“Zheng Zhao! You won’t be always so lucky. We will eventually fight it out! Just you wait… f*ck, AHH…” His voice trailed off.

Zheng was baffled and asked the others. “What did he come here for? Just to say this?” But no one knew. Xuan murmured the name Luo YingLong just mentioned, Adam.

On the other hand, the whereabout of team Celestial’s main forces were still unknown. All five teams had completely split up in the Lord of the Rings world. But they believed that all the teams would meet at the final battle in Mordor.

HaoTian brought the newbie group to Isengard. What awaited them were countless Uruk-hai. HaoTian coaxed the newbies into believing the Uruk-hai would find them out for certain if they were to cross the path. And instead, where it was deemed dangerous was the safest place. So they were better off staying here. HaoTian and the four veterans began their daily quest of capturing Uruk-hai.

WangXia was the most experienced of the group at this task for being a reconnoiter in the special forces. They captured several Uruk-hai each day and injected them with T-virus. Then they inserted a device into the Uruk-hai’s heads to hypnotize them as Xuan had planned.

“Never imagined God has this stuff. Only the U.S. has relevant technology in the real world, and the technology weren’t mature enough. It’s used as a tool to get people to confess and read through their minds. It’s also effective at hypnotizing. Xuan’s notes mention that the minds of newly transformed Nemesis are blank. We can alter them at will with this device. Haha. He’s simply amazing!” HaoTian laughed.

The four veterans thought that HaoTian wasn’t too far away from Xuan.

“Ha. Why are you looking at me with such admiration? Relax. I promise these Uruk-hai Nemesis will be ten times stronger than Nemesis turned from humans! A Nemesis that can use battle Qi. Haha.” His exaggerated laughter echoed through the woods.

Talking about the woods, Merry and the veterans of team Africa were in the woods. They were standing in front of a group of Ents. Neos’s plan was to convince the Ents into following his orders and participate in the battle at Mordor. However, the task wasn’t so easy.

“Like I said, as long as Mordor exists, they will attempt to burn down the forest. It isn’t rational to stay wary every day of your lives. Instead of waiting for the fire to happen before countering, you might as well prevent it. Ally with Rohan, Gondor, the Elves, and the Wizards to crush Mordor!” He spoke loudly to the Ents but he was unsure of the effect of his words.

An Ent spoke slowly. “But this isn’t the war of Ents. It’s a war of men and Wizards.”

“Has the Wizard not fallen to the control of Sauron? Can you be certain that these woods aren’t the next target after the defeat of men? My advice is…”

(This isn’t enough. Damn Ents… but they are such a strong force. They have powerful bodies and life magic. I have to seize this force in my hands!) Neos continued his attempts at obtaining the most important influence in this world.

However, team Northern Ice Land right now… A man with long hair stood on top a ground of broken bodies. He played with a ring in hand then laughed. “So that’s the use of this ring. Interesting, truly interesting. Let’s give it to Sauron. I am looking forward to the reaction when they see he revives. Haha.” He turned around and walked out the swamps. The sky ahead of him was red. That was where Mordor stood.

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  1. My expectations for this chapter fell to the bottom. I thought they would at least cross swords a bit before he was told to retreat. Also, I’m sure there was a better way to handle him. If I was Zheng I would say I won’t accept the fight because it isn’t worth the 7000 and B rank reward to fight him to the death, and tell him to put something up for the trouble.

    Team Northern Iceland… its sad, but don’t really care. Its better than Snow dying which would be the saddest death thus far (little girl with a pure heart abused and has AIDS). Though if her death isn’t written well I’ll be angry. I hope he spared Gungnir so he can have a chance to get stronger and entertain him more. Reviving Sauron is probably a big bonus mission as well.

    1. I can’t say I expected Zheng to bait the guy like that, but after considering it, I agree with you. I also expected a fight, or at least some form of encounter that benefits Team China outside of “Adam exists” and some mild comic-relief. I wanted Zheng to fight off against a cultivator, and benefit from it, even without any items being placed on the table.

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      Maybe that’s what Yinkong’s “brother” is there. For the “bwahaha” element. To stir things up.

      P.S: God almighty I doubt having anything to do with Sauron will conclude in a bonus-mission. We haven’t seen any bonus mission for fart thus far, it’s all about gaining rewards and items from slaying strong monsters. I even thought that saving Boromir will conclude in a bonus mission, but that didn’t turn up that way.

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    1. he is in team celestial, which are chosen team leader of other continental teams,
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