TI Vol 16 Chapter 18-2

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Zheng’s expression paled with shock seeing that the arrows were aimed at his heart. He did not fear normal arrows but the Explosive shot was an exception. Long-term cooperation with Heng had taught him the power of this technique. The light blade barrier was still enveloping his body but he had no faith of it defending this shot. He held out Tiger’s Soul in front.

The Uruk leader let go of the arrows. The first arrow reached a speed invisible to the bare eyes after an impact. Dong! A great force passed to him from Tiger’s Soul. He felt as if the webbing between his thumb and index finger was tearing apart. The force transferred to the Nightmare and pushed it back a step to buffer.

Zheng quickly looked down at this sword. The arrow penetrated the light blade and stopped at his barrier. It took two layers of protection to stop the arrow and one of the layer shattered. The technique was more powerful than he expected.

“Good thing it’s only a two arrow shot. If it’s three arrows…” The only person Zheng was aware of that could use the three arrow shot was Heng and Legolas if he were to include the movie characters. So Zheng wasn’t so worried about it. Boromir was more worrying to him due to his fatal injuries and there were two people without any combat power.

The Uruks surrounded him after he blocked the shot. These Uruks were same as the ones he killed, muscular and had minor amount of battle Qi. It was troublesome fighting these Uruks. He couldn’t slash away dozens as he would against other monsters. A hundred of the Uruks outside the circle surrounding him couldn’t get to him. They instead headed to where Merry and the other two people were at.

“F*ck. What is this battle Qi and it can defend against the light blade.” Zheng yelled with irritation. He had decided to upgrade Tiger’s Soul once this world was over. The light blade alone wasn’t able to take on the movie worlds anymore.

Boromir had a hole the size of a saucer dish on his chest. He was manly enough that he stood up, trembling, as the Uruks struck at the three people. A blade hacked at his head. He radiated with battle Qi brighter than it ever was. His heavy sword cut through the Uruk’s upper body before the blade hit him.

“Run! Take the Hobbit away!” Boromir yelled then vomited blood.

Aya only got to attach the charm on his back before Boromir charged into the swarm of Uruks. Aya’s leg was torn so she could only say to Merry. “Run, don’t let them catch you!” She summoned another swarm of bees but she knew how ineffective they were.

The burst of energy Boromir had didn’t last long. The Uruk leader readied his arrow at Zheng since Zheng had killed over a hundred Uruks in under a minute. However, seeing that the only thing standing between the rest of the Uruks and Merry was Boromir, it paused for a moment then aimed the arrows at him.

Boromir looked like a tragic character. Blood was spilling out of his mouth as he shouted. The recovery from the charm though did stopped his bleeding. He was able to slay many Uruks in the meantime. Just then, a huge force struck him on his right chest and sent him flying ten meters. An arrow nailed him onto a tree.

“Boromir!” Merry had ran some distance by this time. He couldn’t contain himself as he saw the terrible sight of Boromir and cried. Merry brought up his courage. He held onto a short sword and charged at an Uruk. Yet, how could he be a match to the Uruks? The Uruk seized him onto its shoulder at the encounter. A group of Uruks then followed this Uruk away, leaving behind three hundred Uruks to stop Zheng. The ground was covered with pieces of dead bodies.

Zheng was focused on killing the Uruks around him. Suddenly, there was a rattling sound. A part of his light blade barrier shattered. An arrow pierced into the back of his shoulder. Fortunately, he was fighting with Qi and the arrow’s force lessened after it passed through the barrier. The arrow pierced into his muscle then stopped there.

“F*ck! I’m a tiger not domesticated cat!” He glanced at Boromir on the tree. Aya on the other hand was carried on the shoulder of an Uruk. Merry was going out of his sight. A rage built up within Zheng. The Uruk leader shooting him added to the fire of his rage.

Zheng had the Nightmare ran to a tree and leaped onto its trunk. He stood up on the horse’s back then jumped down. Multiple swords were awaiting him below. The Uruks had much stronger strength than normal people but their speed was slightly below normal people’s. It was nowhere near Zheng’s speed in the second stage of the unlocked mode. He kicked through the opening of the swords and bashed an Uruk’s head. The force pushed him back up to mid air.

The Uruk leader fired its second Explosive Shot. As Zheng noticed the two arrows, he immediately entered Instant Destruction. The arrow would reach a force and speed beyond that of bullets once they come to impact. He wouldn’t be able to dodge at that point. Zheng used Geppo while he was still in the air to change his direction.

The arrows caused a mini explosion then an arrow with incredible speed missed him by a few meters. It blasted a hole on the trunk of a tree.

Without a moment of delay, Zheng used Soru in Instant Destruction as soon as he landed on the ground. He flashed to the Uruk leader. It was dropping its longbow and reaching for a sword. Zheng grabbed the leader’s arm and leg. He gave a roar then tore the Uruk leader in two. Blood, flesh and organs splattered his body. Yet, the Uruk leader was still alive and wailing. Zheng stepped on its body and finished it off.

The rest of the Uruks were about to charge at him but he ran into the swarm instead. He focused all his energy on Explosion and didn’t use the light blade barrier. Flesh and blood flew all over the battlefield.

By the time the other members of the Fellowship arrived, all that was left was a ground filled with broken bodies and flesh and Zheng stood in the middle like a demon. Blood covered his whole body. No one dared to move closer to him.

The movie characters were dazzled to see Zheng in this appearance. They knew he was strong but he gave off a rather benign feeling, nothing like the demonish feeling he was now giving off. Zheng retrieved the slaughtering aura he gave off. The others finally recovered from their shock then they scanned the battlefield. The movie characters cried when they saw Boromir nailed on a tree.

Zheng said to Richard. “The Uruk captured Aya and ran at this direction. Go chase after them. I will see if ChengXiao can save Boromir. The supplies we exchanged coupled with his medical expertise might be able to do it.”

Richard paused for a moment then ran after the Uruks with his axe. He seemed very worried. Zheng then said to Lan via Soul Link. “How’s it over there? Are there a lot of Uruks?”

Lan replied. “We’re fine. Heng and Xuan are strong fighters. Oh and Neos chased after Aya. Is he going to be alright? He’s an intelligence type leader.”

Zheng thought for a bit. “Let him go. He has his plans if he decided to chase. Xuan, this is a turning point in the plot. The movie characters will split into three paths. You have to hurry up and make your plans. I am going to speak with ChengXiao.”

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  1. Uhm… why isn’t Zheng using the first stage? It provides intense reaction time and now that he has pretty much mastered it so I think there’s no backfire anymore. Can someone please explain.

    1. He probably was in the first stage the entire fight, but the author just doesn’t say it anymore. Also, he can’t use it at all times and still has a limit. Zheng said he could keep it up for a long time in Starship Trooper, but was still far from 24/7. You probably need the Fourth Stage for this. The Genetic Constraint breaks down DNA and the Fourth Stage is the ability to control it after all.

      My comment is, I’m fine with advancing Tiger Soul, but he needs A tier Vampire as well and some magic skills and new movement technique. Also, Xuan’s combat ability is impossible right now. He couldn’t have made hundreds of magic bullets with life force, right? And if he does have a lot, how is he fighting these monsters with Battle Qi? He has only the first stage and stats just a bit higher than the normal… artificial super human not that much better than the normal human. Same with the doctor who has no enhancements, just the first stage. Zheng is having trouble killing them with Tiger Soul, so it is pure plot armor for these guys to be fine.

      1. IMO, It makes sense that they were okay, there were a couple of hundred Uruks there. Zheng killed almost 600 of them by my count. Almost all of the orcs were congregating in Boromir’s area even in the movie and Zheng killed all of them. So there were only scattered forces for the others to deal with. Coupled with their numbers, it was manageable for them.

    2. He was in second stage so he was impliedly using 1st stage all the time.

      “The Uruks had much stronger strength than normal people but their speed was slightly below normal people’s. It was nowhere near Zheng’s speed in the second stage of the unlocked mode.”

  2. Did you know that the novel was written in 2007 and ended in 2009, and in that time, it was not very prosperous, and a lot of works have not been written yet. At the time, the idea of the book was very novel. Although there are some places of bug, but he has inspired a group of people thinking, can be said that this novel is a beacon, after which there are many similar works were created, many of which are like a classic and the even more than this.

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