TI Vol 16 Chapter 16-1

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Galadriel’s appearance was quite unexpected. It was past ten at night already. Most people had gone to their rooms to rest. Zheng was curious with what Xuan was planning. That was why he kept questioning Xuan. And now, what were Galadriel looking for?

(She came to us instead of the movie characters. Could it be a quest?) Zheng thought to himself. He stood up and faced Galadriel with a smile.

“Is there anything you need? Lady of Lorien.“ Zheng asked.

Galadriel was as beautiful as the first time they saw her. Yet, her face was also fogged, hiding her real appearance. She walked over with elegance and sat down naturally. “I should have met you earlier in the day, warriors who faced the Balrog and buried it in eternal darkness. However, the One Ring delayed a lot of time. Please don’t take it as disrespect.”

Zheng laughed. “Oh, we wouldn’t. We are grateful that you can accept us and give us shelter during a time of fatigue and sadness. You are too polite.”

Galadriel nodded as a thanks for his acknowledgement. She then looked at the two of them. “I heard Legolas said that you possess powers beyond his recognition, a power strong enough to battle the forces of Sauron. He asked me to give you the rewards you deserve. At the same time, he wished me to persuade you to follow this journey to the end. It seems that he was overthinking. Your courage and strength are to be praised, warriors.”

These praises were almost forcing the players to battle Mordor. The good thing was Galadriel knew her way with words. Zheng felt cozy instead of irritated. The softness in her voice was comfortable. Zheng nodded repeatedly with a smile.

Xuan on the side looked emotionlessly. He finished two fruits then said. “If you feel we are worthy of being respected… then stop your magic.” The Gauss pistol slid into his hand and he shot an ornament on her head. He then went back to peeling his fruit as though nothing happened.

Zheng shivered. That was when he finally felt that he was being controlled. The only thing in his mind was Galadriel’s beauty and her soft voice. The sound of the gunshot struck his head. The beauty and voice dissipated.

Galadriel was stunned. After a while, her hand reached for the shattered ornament on her head. “Your wills are strong. I am unable to read your minds. The most I can do is influence your feelings toward me… But you. Why don’t you seem affected? Don’t you feel that I…”

Xuan interrupted him. “Sorry. I don’t have feelings.”

Galadriel wasn’t mad at Xuan. She smiled. “I should apologize. The One Ring is too important. If Sauron gets his hand on it, there is no one in Middle Earth that can stop him. Therefore, I had to know your thoughts. I had never heard of such powerful humans. Your origins are also so sudden. So I had to try. I apologize again. I meant no ill intentions.”

Zheng took a deep breath. He restrained the bit of anger he had. “I can forgive your actions but a person’s inner thoughts are his private matter, my lady. Please respect people’s privacy.”

Galadriel slightly bowed. Her smile remained. “I hope my actions do not cause you to think negatively of Legolas. I did not solicit his opinion. Similarly, if you have any requests, please let me know. I will do my best to fulfill them.”

A thought came to Zheng’s mind. “We have two bounded weapons. The owner of the weapons aren’t dead so my comrades can’t unleash the full potential of these weapons. Are you unbind the weapons for us? I heard you are a powerful wizard.”

Galadriel paused for a moment. Then she shook her head. “Sorry. I am a wizard but I specialize in magic of the mind. Gandalf is the most learned wizard of us all. He walked Middle Earth for many years. In contrast, we elves choose a more peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. The white wizard Saruman also has this ability but he had…” Galadriel sighed.

Zheng also sighed. He wasn’t sure if Gandalf really died. If this world continued to follow the original movie plot, Gandalf would return from death as Gandalf the White. When that happened, he could still unbind the weapons.

“Then can you trade energy stones with us? I wish to trade for energy stones with items from our mercenary group.” Zheng said.

Galadriel looked at Zheng and Xuan with curiosity. “If you need energy stones for the battle against Mordor, I can gift you a few dozens of each attribute. The quality of the energy stones aren’t best. We aren’t as wealthy as Rivendell. Most of our energy stones are fire attribute.”

Zheng immediately said. “No. The trade isn’t for right now. Furthermore, we need a huge quantity of them. A few dozens are too little for us. That’s why we wanted to trade and not simply ask for them.”

“Huge quantity?” Galadriel frowned then nodded. “The mines Lorien has access to indeed produces energy stones in quantities and not quality. However, taking out a large amount at once is still…”

“A thousand or so is enough.” Zheng pondered and said. “Even several hundreds are fine. We can trade with other items, medicine, valuable medicines, liquor, food, even metals in large quantity. How about an ingot of refined iron for a low quality energy stone?”

Galadriel finally turned serious. “Lorien indeed lacks metals. We used to trade for metals with the dwarves but ever since Moria shut off, we can only obtain our metals from Rohan and Gondor. Their metal forging is far from the dwarves. And they recently switched to using hardwood for arrows. A refined iron ingot can trade us for ten low quality fire energy stones or five other attributes. The medicines are also needed for our migration.”

“Migration?” Zheng was curious. “The environment here is amazing. The location is out of sight. And the city is inside the woods. It would be a pity to abandon such a beautiful place.”

Galadriel’s smile was taken by sadness. She muttered. “When Sauron wields the One Ring or when you succeed in destroying the One Ring, the Three Rings of the Elves will disappear. Our hearts will fall into eternal weariness. The land of the gods beyond the sea is the only place we can achieve serenity. The age of the elves have ended.”

Zheng suddenly asked. “What will it take to prevent the elves from having to migrate? I can see that you treasure Middle Earth. Don’t you feel sad having to leave your home like this?”

Galadriel sighed. “Certainly not. This is the home of the elves but…”

Xuan interjected. “What if we wipe off Sauron’s will from the One Ring? Just like how you unbind bounded weapons.”

Galadriel shook her head. “That’s not possible. Sauron sealed his mind and life in the One Ring. Anyone who wields it will be controlled by the evil inside. The Hobbit is already showing signs of losing himself. Furthermore, no one has a mind stronger than Sauron’s.”

“Then what if we bring the ring out of this world?” Xuan rotated the fruit in his hand. “Bringing the One Ring out of this world. If it’s an item, it would enter God’s dimension normally. However, as a movie character that hasn’t received the ticket to enter God’s dimension… and the realm, he will be erased. And the One Ring will remain.”

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    1. Lot’s of sugar, with apple, fruit of knowledge…

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  1. This sounds more like a theory more than anything, because you’d have to question yourself how does God define “a person”. Is Sauron within the ring an actual soul, an actual person that awaits his resurrection, or is it something like his memories, inscribed pattern of his aura — representation of the person through runewords? Would bringing in a machine with AI count as “a person” just like bringing in a regular gun? There’s no basis for Xuan’s opinion what so ever as well, as they never tested what happened when someone who’s not part of the loop to come into the white room. It’s even possible that bringing Sauron was a secret mission, just like how they brought back the baby dragon.

    That being said…I guess the beauty in that, is it doesn’t matter. Xuan wants to take a gamble, in order to gain profit, and he may use that rationalization in order to convince people to play with him. The question is, how will he convince the in-world characters that they should entrust the ring over to them.

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