TI Vol 16 Chapter 15-2

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“That’s basically the situation. Ahem. Why did I copy that ice man. Anyway, this is Xuan’s plan. We have to choose whether we want to proceed with it.” Haotian smiled.

The other four people gave him a weird expression. Gando said. “What do you mean we can choose? Do you have anything against the man? We are of course going to proceed with his plan. The plan seems like it has a high chance of success too. Why are you asking such question?”

“Asking such question?” Haotian giggled. He seemed to find it funny. After some time, he said. “You seem to trust Xuan a lot. I never thought someone like him would be worth other people’s trusts. Are you afraid of him scheming you to death?”

Zero and the two others didn’t express anything. Gando said with empathy. “Now that you mention it, it seems that there is indeed a higher chance of him scheming us. Are you a victim too?”

Haotian acted as if he found his soul mate. He grabbed Gando’s hands. “Yes. Did he also scheme you? Haha. You lucky bastard. You’re still alive. Another scourge is born. Haha. Ahem. I mean that everyone understands an officer on the battlefield doesn’t necessarily have to comply with the general. We don’t have to really follow Xuan’s plan to ambush Isen… snipe Saruman.”

Zero said. “You haven’t finishing telling us his plan. Sci-fi weapons have no effect in this world. If we were to snipe Saruman, Heng would be more useful unless there’s a way to let me use the Gauss sniper rifle. Otherwise, I won’t be of much use.”

Haotian brought out a red, long, and slender bullet from his pocket with a smile. It was about the length of a man’s finger. This was a high explosive Gauss sniper bullet except the symbols carved on the shell. They could faintly notice a green light flew along the symbols.

“Xuan gave this to me. He said the bullet can damage movie characters. However, if Saruman used a barrier, we will have to depend on the Eyes of Death Perception.” Haotian laughed. He opened his arms like a salesperson and the people in front were the fools. “What do you think of the plan? Why do we have to complete such a difficult mission? Why don’t we follow a new plan?”

Zero said. “We would rather believe in Xuan instead of believe in you. At least he was never wrong. He had never done anything wrong since I met him, even though he schemes his team. How do you make us trust you, newcomer? How can you convince use to abandon a correct plan and choose one that might be wrong? Even though Xuan assigned you as the leader of this group, it doesn’t mean you surpass him in intelligence.”

Haotian nodded. “You are not wrong. Let us have a bet. If I win, you will follow my plan. If I lose, we will follow Xuan’s plan and I will take on the responsibility of leading you.”

The four of them looked at each other. Zero asked. “A bet on what?”

“Fight. The four of you against me. You can use any weapon aside from Gando going on flight mode with his robot. You can kill me or permanently disable me but I can’t kill you or cause permanent injury to you. I can only subdue you.” Haotian looked at them with seriousness.

Zheng handed them the storage bag before they split up. Xuan also gave WangXia a small energy storage device the size of a fist. It could only store about thirty percent of Zheng’s Qi but that much was enough to activate the storage bag. WangXia still hadn’t cultivated his own Qi but he could drain the Qi from the device and use it temporarily. The bag had all their weapons, a robot, a Gauss sniper rifle, a Gattling cannon, plasma grenades, mines, and timed bombs.

They naturally had to avoid fighting in front of the other veterans and newbies. A few days later when the group came to a never-ending grassy field, the five people from team China made up an excuse and went away into a mountain valley.

“My plan is quite simple. We follow the first half of Xuan’s plan to snipe Saruman. However, we won’t meet up with their group afterward. Xuan wants us to kill Saruman then inject virus into Saruman’s orcs to turn them into Nemesis. We would then bring these Nemesis to back the team up. But no! There’s a critical flaw to this plan. The influence we have at that point would overlap.” Haotian sat on the ground and said.

Tampa, WangXia, and Zero had bruises all over their faces. Gando was lying on the ground convulsing, with bubbles coming out his mouth. Haotian was the only person unharmed.

“Based on my understanding of Xuan, he would definitely try to get his hands on the knights of Rohan. So even if we head over with the orcs, the addition wouldn’t change the situation too much. We would be better off doing something else…”

Gando wiped the bubbles off his mouth. “Like? Have you come up with what exactly you want to do?”

“Of course!” Haotian smiled. He crushed a piece of rock with his hand. “Incorporate Saruman’s orcs into our forces. Then transform them to Nemesis. I mean to transform them in masses. We only need a thousand Nemesis equipped with weapons and armors. This army would be powerful enough to rival an army of fifty thousand orcs. My plan is to ambush team East America and team Celestial from behind. We will be the other group’s saviors. We will be the trump card of team China.”

Tampa rubbed the bruises on his face. He asked. “Didn’t Xuan only produce eighty portions of the virus? How are you going to make a thousand Nemesis?”

Haotian laughed. “You are underestimating that man too much. How can there be only one plan when it’s him? Those eight portions were produced in God’s dimension. But, he has several hundred portions cultivating right now. This isn’t a greenhouse like God’s dimension so the reproduction rate goes down. However, the T virus in the storage bag will finish reproduction by the time we reach Isengard. We may even end up with a surplus of T virus. Anyway, there will be at least five hundred portions. Haha.”

“That’s basically the situation. Isn’t it interesting?” Xuan sat in front of Zheng and said.

Zheng was stunned with his eyes and mouth wide open. He pointed at Xuan but Xuan continued eating his fruit as nothing was wrong. It took Zheng a while before he could speak. “But how could they ambush Isengard with just the few of them? That’s running straight to the enemy base with a white wizard in garrison.”

Xuan nodded. “There won’t be an issue. A normal person’s vision can only reach several thousand meters. He can’t even notice an object the size of him at that distance. And even if he does, it would be merely a small dot. The Gauss sniper rifle has a range of tens of thousands of meters. Zero simply has to stay over ten thousand meters away. His enhanced vision allows him to succeed at this range. As long as they follow my plan, Saruman’s death is inevitable. Even if Saruman survives, they could easily escape with the distance. You don’t have to worry about them.”

Zheng had no choice but to nod. “Fine. We don’t have to worry about them like you said. But I still don’t understand what’s interesting? You have made similar plans in the past. What makes you happy about this one?”

Xuan smiled lightly. “Because Haotian won’t come to support us with the eighty Nemesis as I requested. Based on his personality and behavior, he will request cooperation from Zero and the others. They will incorporate the remaining orcs under Saruman and transform them into Nemesis. The T virus I put in the storage bag is still cultivating. They will mature in thirty days. Haotian should have made this decision by now. That’s what’s interesting. The other four people aren’t familiar with him. So there will be an argument between them. Haotian will use this opportunity to establish his status in the group. That’s the interesting thing.”

Zheng was still confused. “Why? Why do you want him to establish status in the group?”

“To bribe people over…”

Before Xuan could finish talking, a female elf walked down the stairs. She was Galadriel, the lady of Lorien.

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  1. I just have one problem with this.. I get that xuan has super intelligence, but the initial chapters said, he cannot understand human emotions /nature, thus his plans have to account all conditions. It’s the hair growing kid, that manipulates emotions. So, how did xuan suddenly change?

    1. He can’t understand emotions because he doesn’t have any but he can still study them. How else does he know to ‘smile’ or ‘frown’? He has to know what emotion correlates to what facial expression, then use each facial expression at the appropriate moment meaning he has studied emotions before.

      1. I agree. Still, if you look back to how Xuan was depicted in Alien he wasn’t as emotionless as he is now. He was scared towards the end when he agreed to a plan that had such a low chance of succeeding, when there was no value in pretending to act like that. He even missed something obvious that someone had to point out to him. It’s really interesting if you reread Alien. The author looked to have wanted Xuan to be cold than just emotionless.

    2. No matter how Xuan is spun around, I cannot take him seriously. This “I’ll tell you everything because of my superior intelligence, mortal wisdom hmpth ptu” behavior of his is basically the author being meta. An exposition-fairy that has in-world justification.
      I just can’t grasp how a character be fun, when he practically just reads out the written script to everyone; neither do I understand why it was important for Xuan to go at this moment: “hmpth, I knew that he knew that I’d guess his intentions, which is why I..!!”
      All of these mind games tend to be directed at the wrong direction, at his own team members. Honestly, this character is making it very hard to be likable.

  2. Hey just asking…since I took a break from reading this… I completely forgotten who haotian is… please help

    Who is he

    When did he appear

    Did he die and gotten revive

    What he God at

    Thanks guys

  3. 1. Where the hell did the explosive round come from? Did Zero not use one in Starship Trooper, or am I missing something? That’s a D rank reward bullet. Are we ignoring the fact Xuan brought a mini nuke without saying anything to anyone? How is that not treason?

    2. The plan actually has a small chance of succeeding. Less than 10%. Unlike the initial belief, the eyes of Death perception aren’t easy to use. The dot moves and probably will move super fast on the barrier of a powered wizard. Zero missed hitting the dot on normal helicopters a few times, so how will he succeed 10,000 meters away? Also, the wizard can kill them from that far away. Does no one not remember his terrifying magic? Long as he sends a few crows to scout for him, he’ll release a lightning storm or worse on top of them. Of course, Xuan did not know at the time of making this plan that his magic is so powerful. I swear, it’ll be breaking the story to allow this plan to succeed just like that. Then there’s Team Celestial. That one guy will be there as well and if he has a B tier or higher defensive item on his person he won’t die in the blast. There’s a high chance they would be taken hostage by the man to lure Zheng out.

    3. The value of the orc Nemesis can be high or low. If they are still considered natives of the world with sci-fi defense then it’s high. It low if its not. I doubt either team would still have much difficulty killing them. Especially Team Celestial who would just nuke them with a spare weapon in the back of their storage items they probably forgot about. Zheng could kill them all by himself if he’s at max health, energy, and full energy rings. So could Gungnir in the true ice age.

    4. The cultivation of the T Virus is flawed here. Time stops inside storage items. This means it’s impossible for it to still be growing. This is based on the idea items would rot if placed in the ring for a extended time. Xuan once said it was a shame they couldn’t gather the remains of the Dragon into the storage bag. If they had, wouldn’t it have rotted like how quickly it did out in the open?

    5. The value of the prototype T Virus and Nemesis are too high with what we now know. It’s too broken. All it took to get these was a surprise attack on a base who were not prepared for them in the slightest. Zheng’s difficulties in the base were only due to his arrogance and stupidity. So were Zero’s since he never property tested his powers. The author must have been planing to make the last arc a big mission since he hyped it up for four arcs, but for whatever reason chose to end it quickly. Risk equals rewards was broken here.

    1. 1. I’m pretty sure they had at least 2 from point get-go, I do not recall that he used all of them.
      4. Indeed. I didn’t get that one either. Sounds like a retcon, unless “Xuan, using his mighty intelligence, modified the bag of holding.”
      5. Not everyone would be able to use the T-virus properly, but I do agree it’s broken. But, yet again, given that Team China cannot catch a break for the life of them, I think they at least should have their moment.
      (And by “cannot catch a break”, I mean how much they overly depend on Zheng, and how Zheng is still using the same techniques for a good number of volumes now.)

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