TI Vol 16 Chapter 1-2

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The scenes in the movie covered most of Middle Earth. The size of this world could accommodate the five-way team battle.

In the original movies, the Dark Lord Sauron forged multiple rings in an attempt to rule over the whole Middle Earth. He gave the Rings of Power to the leaders of the Dwarfs, Elves, and humans and they would in turn rule their race with the power of the rings, while Sauron created the One Ring for himself that ruled the other rings.

A war between good and evil broke out. The good achieved victory after the sacrifices of many. However, a human high king retained the One Ring due to greed. The One Ring which had its own mind abandoned the king. Many years passed. The ring fell into the hands of a Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. The Hobbits were fond of an unadventurous, bucolic and simple life and a race that the One Ring couldn’t seduce effectively. Thus, the One Ring remained in peace and Bilbo Baggins obtained a long life due to its power.

As time passed, Bilbo gradually felt the power of the ring. Before he became inseparable with the ring, he handed the ring to his nephew, Frodo Baggins. At the same time, subordinates of Sauron learned that the Hobbits had the ring and sent the Nazgûl to seize the ring in an attempt to revive the Dark Lord Sauron. Other forces joined in the fight to seize the ring, including humans, Elves, Undead, Trolls and other races.

The trilogy of The Lord of the Rings was such a massive war.

Zheng sensed killing intent from the front and drew out Tiger’s Soul. YinKong, Zero, ChengXiao, Heng and the rest of the veterans were slightly slower than him. However, they all went into defensive positions and brought out their weapons. Lan, Gando and the newbies stood in place until they could see the two people ahead. Two humans among the Hobbits were obviously suspicious.

Both of them were young man. The baby face guy looked calm and peaceful. The chocolate eating one’s eyes felt sharp. Though it was the baby face who was sending off signals of danger and killing intent. Zheng felt that he was a slab of ice. That sensation made him feel in danger. He held Tiger’s Soul in hand and as soon as these two people did anything out of the ordinary, he would use instant Destruction to kill them.

Baby face shrugged and smiled. “Don’t mind us. We are just testing the strength of the third ranked team. I apologize if we offended you. How about you, Neos?”

Neos gave a cold smile in response. He finished the chocolate bar on hand and said to Zheng. “Pardon my embarrassment in the last team fight. I died before seeing my enemies. I am the leader of team Africa, Neos. I come here with the leader of team Northern Ice Land, Gungnir, in hope of forming an alliance with team China to withstand the incoming strikes from team East America and team Celestial.” He turned around and walked toward an area away from the banquet. There were several big tables and over twenty men and women sat around them.

Gungnir smiled at team China then followed after Neos. Neither of them paid attention to team China’s reaction.

“That’s the leader of team China. He has a self-created ability. The strongest person on my team said he has the power to take on a whole team by himself. I don’t specialize in combat so how do you feel about his strength?” Neos said to Gungnir via his mind. He brought out another piece of chocolate and licked it.

As soon as Gungnir turned around, his smile disappeared. There was sweat all over his face. “Incredibly strong. I almost couldn’t hold myself from attacking the moment he brought out his sword. Even though I haven’t fought him, but I felt like there was a blade in front of me when he stared at me. This man his hiding a devil inside him.”

“That makes things difficult. Even though we need to form an alliance in this world, we will eventually fight each other in the future.” Neos snapped the chocolate. “If he’s really so strong, the addition of that person in their team… If you don’t hold back in a fight, who of you would win?”

“My Hie Hie No Mi is only rank A but it’s still much stronger than the Goro Goro No Mi user in your team. I am probably at fifty fifty against the leader of team China. But if his self-created ability is too strong, I won’t try to fight him.” As Gungnir came within ten meters of the other people by the tables, his expression turned back into a smile.

Neither Zheng nor Xuan wanted to fight two teams under this situation. These two teams entered the movie before them. There was no information on the influence they established nor the ambushes they might have set up. So it was better to sit down peacefully and listen to what they had to say.

“We team Africa entered this world ten days ago from the swamp west of Hobbiton. It took us five days to get out of the swamp. We coincidentally met team Northern Ice Land that entered five days ago from the border of the swamp. Fortunately, we both encountered a snake fifty meters long and had a head that was four meters thick. Our firearms were useless against it so we had to join together. Without that snake, we would have probably got into a fight.”

The three teams sat together. There was a total of forty-three people. Both team Africa and team Northern Ice Land lost a person in the swamp. According to them, the first three teams entered this world from a fixed location. They knew team China would enter from Hobbiton. The remaining two teams were going to enter from a random location instead. This fact gave them bad feelings.

Zheng also learned from people he knew in team Africa that they had already experienced four movies after Starship Troopers. One of those movies was The Mummy. This meant that different teams experience movies at a different rate.

Gungnir said with a smile. “We have discovered this situation when we met other teams. We both felt the number of times the other teams experience movies were not right. The stronger teams will get increasingly difficult movies but their rate will decrease. Usually, regular teams would go through two movies when a strong team goes through one. This isn’t important. We can gift you this information after we form an alliance. The question now is do you wish to form this alliance?”

Zheng had entered the third stage and simulated HongLu’s thinking. Several seconds later, he said. “No problem. An alliance is needed if we want to fight team East America and team Celestial. This is why our teams entered in nearby locations. However, I have a requirement that we will retain our teams’ independence. We can exchange information and support each other but only the leaders can command their own team. We won’t have situations where the majority is able to force demands on the other team. If that happens, we will be your enemy.”

Since team Africa and team Northern Ice Land had already formed an alliance, there might be hidden agreements amount them. Having the possibility where the three teams would vote for their actions was not in the interest of team China. The other teams could put them into baits. This was the only thing Zheng worried about. They had Xuan in the team so the only ones that had to worry about being taken advantage of was them.

Neos and Gungnir looked at each other them both held out their hands. Neos swallowed his chocolate and smiled coldly. “We are allies then. This world is going to be the battlefield of us five teams. The victor will bring back unimaginable points and rewards. There’s hope for all of us but I will let you know that team Africa will be the biggest winner among all teams!”

Zheng smiled coldly in return then turned to Xuan who didn’t seem to care much. He thought Neos was being overconfident.

Fireworks exploded in the sky and lighted it with gorgeous colors. This was the work of Gandalf. The plot of the movie began.

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    1. This piece of information is super important and we must not rest until we find out the truth.
      For if we do not have the truth, what separates us from mere savages?

    1. Frodo’s father is a second cousin to Bilbo. That would make them second cousins once removed.
      Frodo’s mother is a first cousin to Bilbo. That would make them first cousins once removed.
      Frodo is also Bilbo’s heir, adopted as Frodo was orphaned at some point and Bilbo had no child of his own. Since then, Frodo became Bilbo’s “nephew”.

      Call them what you will based on the information provided.
      I would say just forget what their actual relations are. They’re family but not in a direct line to each other, and Bilbo is significantly older, therefore they’re uncle-nephew.

    1. If you’re right, that’s a good reason to not watch the movies. The author can potentially do whatever he wants with the contents, as we seen with Starship Troopers (the main-characters hardly mattered, the brain-bug had super-soldiers with it that does not exist in the movie, completely new scenarios dominated most of the movie). One does not benefit a whole lot by being familiar with the films.

      1. The plot usually doesn’t stray too far from the original except in cases where the players meddle in its progress, the exception being that the creatures scale with the power of the players to a certain extent. In Starship troopers the bugs were under the control of the other team, hence why they prioritized attacking different squads of troopers. … except the Grudge…. that was a…. “creative” interpretation of the Grudge curse. Though it could have been also a form of scaling up, as the movie would be too easy if they could just shoot the ghost once with a magic bullet.

        Anyway, watching the movies beforehand can give one important knowledge regarding the plot, location, alliances, duration, items and persons of interest, etc. While it might not give perfect knowledge of what the characters will do, it would still let you know, for example, that Dwarves dislike Elves, or the locations of orc strongholds which could prove useful. Anything is better than going in blind.

  1. “That’s the leader of team China. He has a self-created ability. The strongest person on my team said he has the power to take on a whole team by himself. I don’t special in combat so how do you feel about his strength?”
    ‘I don’t special in combat’
    Part of sentence here doesn’t make much sense to me.

      1. Would it make more sense if it was written like this: “I don’t specialize in combat so how do you feel about his strength?” or “I don’t specialize in combat, so how do you feel about his strength?”? I am not sure if it need a comma or not.

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I thought that teams goes into movies at different rate was kinda obvious.. since Evil Zheng got that OP in points and battle ability..

    1. I wouldn’t say that indicates that Clone Zheng had more missions. Clone Zheng’s strength came from his willingness to risk everything for his revenge and discovering self created powers early on. Like he did Mummy Return during the first movie for triple rewards, the bracelet for triple rewards, and bombed the city for the bonus mission. He did Nightmare on Elms street completing many bonus missions with his life on the line. Then in his third movie Predator he awakened the third stage and got advanced to the fourth stage. Clone Zheng’s mentality and battle spirit was cultivated by taking risking greater than his original. Then add in self created powers he has yet to show off.

      1. Which begs the question why on earth does Zheng not follow suit in his eagerness to power himself up, considering he was pretty motivated when he lost his team.
        But if anyone has already read my comments, there’s no point to re-iterate everything I already vomited. It just feels like the author has no idea how to level up his character in a believable, or a creatively pleasant way, so he keeps him on a very painfully slow curve so he can generate ideas.

        I like the fact that the story is slow-paced, but for god’s sake, it needs to also make sense. Right now Zheng relies on his created skills way too much. Why not actually make use of his super-upgraded Qi? How about buying a new ability for his blood-energy? That’d allow him to research new avenues for his power.
        The author is capable of creating new, and tense fights. This story is entertaining, no doubt about it, but this whole scenario is simply shouting outloud: “I, the author, have absolutely no idea how to develop Zheng, or I don’t want to let my MC level up, because I feel like he’d be too strong, and I can’t handle that.”

  3. that moment when you know more about the Lord of the Rings universe than author… sigh. The movies only covered a piece of middle earth, as middle earth is the entire continent, and the movies only occur in the middle western portion of the entire continent. There are still the northern reaches, which are home to mostly remnants of the elvish invasion and Sauron’s master (Melkor) last few bases. Probably some dwarves up there too (because dwarves will be dwarves). In the east is the birth place of the elves, and likely a host of orcs, as orcs are elves that were tormented in Melkor’s dungeon (in the north). In the south are the southern humans, the pirates of Umbar and the Haradrim (you know, the guys with the giant elephants). The Silmarilion is a great read. Gives some serious insight to the world…obviously the author hasn’t read it. oh, and the rings were forged collaboratively with the elves (the Noldor in this case), though they didn’t recognize him until it was too late. Funny bit, that same group founded Rivendell. Damn, i’m a nerd.

    1. Nerds are those who are often fond of calculations and make practical, applicable use of a scientific study other than treat it as an intellectual hobby, Geeks are those who are very zealous about their hobby for the fun of it. So, no. you’re not a nerd going by that comment. Does that make you feel better? y;

      You pretty much proven why it’s a good thing not to be familiar with anything this fanfiction uses for content, seeing as it’s unlikely the author will even try to be fully accurate, or make full use of the setting. Tis has been the pattern thus far.
      Cheers for the info, though. I won’t ever read Lord of the Rings, but I appreciate the wiki dump. :3

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