TI Vol 16 Chapter 1-1

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No one could sense how much time actually passed in the half dreamy state. It might have been just an instant, or it might have been an eternity. When everyone in team China opened their eyes, they were lying on an open field. The sky was pitch black but light brightened the areas around them. They were inside a banquet. However, no one around was about to see them because God just sent them here. It seemed like all these people in the banquet isolated an empty area.

“So this is The Lord of the Rings.” Zheng was the first to wake up. He looked around and said.

The battlefield of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings spanned an enormous world. The battlefield of the Mummy and Starship Troopers were incomparable in terms of their sizes because the whole world in The Lord of the Rings was the battlefield.

The series had multiple movies similar to The Mummy. However, God only told them of the world they were in and didn’t specify which movie. Which meant this mission might span through the whole series. Such a large battlefield could take months to complete their mission.

These thoughts crossed Zheng’s mind. He looked back at the supplies they prepared for this movie and they were truly appropriate for this large battlefield.

The other members of the team had also gotten up by this time. Aside from the veterans of team China, there were five newbies on the floor. This movie had a difficulty of fifteen people. That exceeded Zheng’s expectation.

“Xuan, deduce our current location by our environment.” Zheng said to Xuan then looked at his watch.

Xuan looked around, but before he got to speak, God’s voice appeared in their minds.

“Team Africa and team Northern Ice Land has entered The Lord of the Rings. Team East America will enter from a random location after three days. Team Celestial will enter from a random location after ten days. Killing a normal member from another team rewards 2000 points and a rank C reward. Killing an unlocked member from another team rewards 7000 points and a rank B reward. Score minus one for each member of the team killed. Score plus one for killing a member of another team. Final score multiplied by 2000 will be rewarded as points.”

Everyone was stunned to hear this announcement. Xuan pushed his glasses. There were actually five teams in this movie. Not only that but team Celestial was also among these teams. They were one of the two special teams in God’s realm.

Zheng took a deep breath and continued reading his watch. He read the mission out. “All five teams arrive at Barad-dûr simultaneously then get transported back to each team’s respective God’s dimension after thirty minutes. All high-tech weapons are ineffective against natives of The Lord of the Rings. Weapons retains effect against other teams.”

Zheng looked at the others with a bitter smile and said. “This movie looks quite complicated. It was already special the last movie when we had a three-way team battle. And now we are having a five-way team battle with one of the teams being team Celestial. Team Africa is also here. We almost wiped them in the last team battle. Not sure what will happen when we meet them again.”

The five people on the ground moved slightly. Then a muscular middle aged man sat up. He was wearing a tight tank top and shorts you would see from people in gyms. He looked rather manly and handsome. A few seconds later, he jumped up and kicked at the person nearest to him, Gando.

Gando was still stunned by God’s announcement and Zheng’s words. It wasn’t until the man’s foot came near his face before he reacted. He had used the dragon’s blood after all so his speed and other physical attributes surpassed this man. He blocked in front with his arms and boom! The kick knocked him down to the ground.

The man seemed surprised but he continued to charge at Gando. His hand reaching for his waist. Just after he took two steps, there was a sharp pain on his waist and he collapsed on the ground. YinKong was standing behind him.

Gando didn’t get injured so Zheng didn’t care much. Now that the man was subdued, he coughed to get their attention. “I know you have a lot of questions. Sit down and listen. Don’t try to attack us or I can’t guarantee your safety.”

The muscular man’s body convulsed for almost twenty seconds. Sweat rained down his face. He looked like he was poured with water by the time he sat up. His expression was filled with fear when he looked at YinKong. It was like this girl was a demon.

The other four people also sat up, two men and two women. One of the men and women were wearing the same school uniforms and their age were similar. The other two was a handsome teenage boy and a woman in her late twenties dressed in revealing clothes. All four people looked around in confusion.

Zheng decided to let Lan do the explanation. 100 points weren’t a lot but points were as important as ranked rewards to a psyche force user because they didn’t have much combat ability.

The five newbies finished listening to Lan after several minutes. The situation was much better than previous movies since the people around them all had the bodies of a child but their face ranged from kids to elders. They were the well-known Hobbits of The Lord of the Rings, or in another name, the Halflings. The newbies had no choice but to believe with such proof.

The teenage boy was the first to calm down and asked. “Ha, how unbelievable this is! I was discussing hacking with some people on the net then the next moment after I pressed enter I am here. So I have a question, not about the details of God’s realm but is our team strong?”

Zheng smiled bitterly and looked at his team. “I thought we were the strongest team aside from team Devil and team Celestial but we are actually ranked third in this team battle. Team East America is stronger than us and there’s team Celestial in this battle. Anyway, you should know why you are here and what this place is. Before I tell you the rules of team China, tell us your names and occupations.”

The boy said with a smile. “My name is Hao Tian, a second year high school student and hacker. I also train regularly but I probably can’t fare in life and death fights. I am quite smart so I think I can help you in some ways.”

Zheng nodded. The muscular man then followed. “My name is Li Shi. I am a private bodyguard. I was training with three other people then came here when I was operating the fitness machine. I thought that YES meant starting the machine. I am trained in close combat and can use most firearms. Ahem. Of course not as good as her.” He peaked at YinKong.

Seeing these two people quickly introduced themselves, the woman also said. “My name is Xie Zhen. I am a secretary to a manager in Sina, a famous corporation.” She seemed proud of her occupation. Though her attire made her look improper. Noticing the others were looking at her, she smiled charmingly at Zheng.

The two students looked at each other then turned their head away as if they were in a fight. The girl said. “My name is Ai Nana, a student. I am not good at anything. You can abandon me if you want.”

The boy panicked and quickly stepped in front of her. He said with a smile. “She had a fight with me, don’t mind her. My name is Zhang GuangYan. I am also a student but I have really good memory. Hope I can be able to help you.”

The newbies were aware of their situation as soon as they confirmed the environment was real and Zheng didn’t lie to them. The veterans could have obtained various enhancements and abilities in who knew how many movies. They knew they were powerless in front of these ten people. Furthermore, since this was a team battle, the other teams were definitely going to kill them if they were found. So they had to rely on the veterans to survive this movie.

That was actually overthinking the situation. Xuan had discussed with Zheng that due to the size of the world, it was easy to hide people. They were going to hide the newbies before the major battles and they would try not to abandon any newbie since their deaths would bring down the team’s score. They also had the virus for turning people into Nemesis’s, the biggest trump card for team China.

“Then we…” Zheng smiled at the newbies. Suddenly, a middle age Hobbit walked past him. The invisible wall had disappeared and the movie began for them.

They had much less time to prepare than previously. Zheng and the other veterans looked surprised but fortunately, the area remained calm. Xuan confirmed that they were safe so they walked over to the edge of the banquet.

Zheng had to pause telling the newbies to be careful. He had some important things to discuss with Xuan. “Where are we currently at? And what time period?”

Xuan was looking over at the newbies with a smile until Zheng asked him. Then he calmly replied. “We are in the Hobbit’s gathering place. Currently safe. The time should be the start of the first movie. The main character’s uncle is about to head out. This is his birthday banquet.”

Zheng noticed Xuan’s expression and quickly called for Lan in his mind. He said through soul link. “Hey, you looked strange. What are you planning? You have to tell me in advance!”

“Nothing.” Xuan adjusted his glasses.

“Liar.” Zheng was feeling more and more strange. He wouldn’t bother guessing what other people were thinking but this was Xuan. He immediately wanted to question Xuan but a sense of danger struck him from the front. Zheng drew out Tiger’s Soul from the ring without thinking and took two steps forward. Two men stood by the edge of the banquet.

One of the man was dressed in casual attire. He had a lovely baby face and was smiling peacefully.

The other man’s gaze looked sharp. He put a chocolate bar into his mouth and bit it in half.

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