TI Vol 15 Chapter 9-3

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Vol 15 Chapter 9-3

Zheng sat on the side and watched as the researchers became busy analyzing his blood. The blood didn’t have G virus but the vampire bloodline and the dragon’s cells weren’t normal human cells either. He didn’t even know how strong the fusion of these two cells were himself. However, judging by their excitement, the cells shouldn’t be too bad.

As he thought about these, a thought concerning the players’ evolution suddenly came to his mind. If God was a super computer created by the saints, then there should be programs governing it, even if it was a computer with artificial intelligence. The saints wouldn’t let such a powerful being go out of their control. So were the evolution paths the players had chosen approved by the saints? If that was the case, were such paths really suitable?

Zheng had this thought since he came back from Starship Troopers. He questioned the evolution path of enslaving newbies after the battle against team South America. Was it really good for the real world?

Not every player had a good heart. In fact, after a person lived in such a bloody world long enough, obtaining strength and intelligence beyond normal people, obtaining abilities and knowledge, this person would definitely change. Zheng had become cold blooded himself. He admitted he had become cold blooded and determined. He could kill anyone for his friends and comrades, even innocent people.

Many more players fell into violence. They could abandon and even kill their own team for their survival. Worse, people like team South America assumed they were a higher order species and enslave normal people like cattles. Based on how they treated the newbies and seized their rights, they would become human’s biggest nightmare if they were to return to the real world with power beyond the saints. That wasn’t the saviors the saints hoped for and instead might lead to the end of humanity.

Aside from these possibilities, there were those who wanted only destruction. They hated everything in the world due to their own misfortune. They had no attachments to living just like his clone. The only thing that kept them going was hatred. This hatred would destroy everything, including the real world if he were to return.

(Is this the truth? I am not a true human genetically. Is this actually evolution or mutation? Once a person reaches the fourth stage and can alter their genes at will, he will be even less like a human. The life and death experiences change the person’s personality and may even take away his human nature. Were the saints aware of what they were doing? They may be creating a group of demons, not saviors!)

Zheng sighed. He was going to simulate Honglu to delve deeper into the possible consequences after a team returned to the real world when the researchers pushed eight stretchers into the room. There was a person on every one of them. The youngest was a girl just over ten and the oldest was a man in his forties. These people lay there quietly. They were obviously anaesthetized or knocked unconscious.

The middle age man smiled as he saw these people. “We don’t know what age the G virus is most effective in so we have test subjects at each category.” He injected Zheng’s cells into these people with a syringe. The researchers then pushed the stretchers into the other side of the room.

Zheng sighed to himself. He didn’t know what lay before these people but since he absorbed the dragon’s cells, his cells might have the same backfiring attribute. But their fate was probably unfortunate. He was curious when the middle age man also entered the room with a large syringe in hand.

He pressed some buttons on the wall. Another wall rose, revealing a group of guards in black armor. They pushed a large container into the room. Zheng took a careful look at it. There was a red Licker submerged in liquid inside the container. The man stuck the syringe at the side of the container. The cells inside was then injected into the Licker.

He looked at his watch then waved at the guards. He also ran toward the metal door. Once the doors on both sides closed, he said to Zheng with a smile. “The anesthetics will dissipate in half an hour. We not only injected the virus into the subjects but also some stimulants. Let’s see if they can obtain the same strength you have. Haha. If they break out in a bit, we will leave them up to you to kill them.”

Zheng stared at the Licker in the container. He felt cold inside. Those eight normal people were going to die for certain, die in horrible deaths. His strength wasn’t solely based on his physical stats but also blood energy and qi. These people only had his cells. If anyone could take on a Licker barehanded after injecting with his cells, what would they need to steal the prototype T virus for?

Zheng thought to himself then turned around. He saw the researchers didn’t stop and pushed a man and a woman in. They injected the two with his cells then took off their clothes. Then they placed several empty containers by the stretchers.

Zheng quickly went over and asked. “What’s this? What are you planning to do?”

The middle age man was putting on a pair of latex gloves. He replied without raising his head. “Dissection. We were going to dissect you once we obtained enough cell samples. However, you entered into a cooperation with the company so we can only switch the target to these test subjects. They are infected with the virus anyway. We just need to dissect them while they are still alive.” He heard popping sound as he talk.

Zheng gripped his fist tightly. He was afraid he would punch this man if he let his fist loose. Ten times a normal person’s strength plus being in a rage would kill this man at once. That would break the cooperation he spent much effort to obtain, which would be opposite of his goal. He might not even be able to complete the bonus mission because Alice hadn’t been completely healed yet.

“That’s it for now. Give me back the things you took from me. My clothes and ring. Give them all back!” He walked out the room and didn’t take another look at the two people on stretchers. The researchers picked up their scalpels normally. As Zheng stepped out of the room, the scalpels sliced across the chests.

Zheng bit his teeth. He took every step heavily. The force trembled the metallic floor slightly and left faint marks. This kind of strength made the guards following him shivered. They stayed some distance away from him. There was also the reason that Zheng was emitting an aura of killing intent. He wanted to kill people.

It had been so long since he wanted to kill people so much. The last time was in the battle against team India. Even when his clone wiped his team, and when he met the culprit that caused the tragedy to his clone, he didn’t had such an intense feeling of wanting to kill. This living dissection reminded him of a movie and an army. These people were out of their minds. Perhaps you wouldn’t call them humans anymore because they had lost their conscience.

“Everyone in this facility needs to die!”

At night, Zheng got back his ring, the ring containing Tiger’s Soul.

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  1. I had the same thought as Zheng once and considered the possibility that their world wasn’t really our earth, but a created world like the movies. This is backed up by the fact there were enemies who forced a group to reach the Fifth Stage and create those mutations and energies, which were probably stolen from their enemy. Such a battle should have wiped out all life on the planet and space, or left more clues of this great battle in the past.

    Maybe the Saints had to discard their humanity and destroy the world to defeat their enemies, and now they desperately want to know if the path they chose was the only one, so they created new world’s filled with humans to test it. They didn’t die out, but are just watching possibly millions of teams going through test of evolution to see hwo they turn out to be. Will they become heartless like them, or something else.

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