TI Vol 15 Chapter 9-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 9-2

Umbrella Corporation was a worldwide organization. Its influence in the world need not to be said. As the research facility in its headquarter, it occupied more land and had more heavier security than all other facilities. Not even a fly could get through such security.

But it was at this same place that several hundred guards were put onto the floor by one person. The road leading from the confinement room to the lobby was lined with moaning guards. No one died but anyone that fought Zheng either broke their arms or legs and had multiple fractures on their body.

Zheng sat in the center of the lobby. A circle of lying guards surrounded him. He didn’t let any guard that he encountered got off. However, he only knocked the researchers unconscious instead of breaking their bones.

“Half hour is up. Anyone who attempts to attack me needs to be prepared to die.” Zheng raised his head and said. There were no other people in this room aside from the guards.

Ten seconds later, a voice came from the top of the lobby. It was through the surveillance camera. The voice sounded cold. “Mr. Zheng, do you really think we won’t use heavy weapons against you? We didn’t only assigned large numbers of security guards. We have robots in this facility and walls that are several meters thick. Do you think you can break through the walls with your strength once we put them down? That’s not possible. We just have to release poisonous gas to kill you at that point.”

Zheng waved his hand and said. “Doesn’t matter now. I am going to get dissected if I get into your hands anyway. I might as well flip this place around before I die, like killing every person I see then explode the facility. I will die without leaving any piece of my body behind. Lose your wishful thinking of doing research with my corpse. Whether this facility remains afterward will be a question. Do you want to see this result?”

He acted so obnoxious. (If you wanted to dissect me, then I will flip this place around and destroy it along with myself. No one’s going to get anything.)

The voice hesitated. After a while, he said. “I need to report this. You…”

“There is no need. I won’t have to manage anything if I don’t know about this after what has happened. I am the vice head of the facility and a board member of the Umbrella Corporation. You can call me Richard. The board members are very interested in the strength you have shown. You are equivalent to a mini army if we have you as a bodyguard. We also agree to your conditions. Welcome back to the company, Mr. Zheng.” An older voice interrupted and said.

This was how someone with real political power acted. He was day and night than the man before in his attitude and decisiveness. He agreed to Zheng’s demands at once and started to get Zheng on their side. Since the G virus carrier wasn’t a monster without intelligence, he would react to political power like any human. This type of people could be controlled. Perhaps that was why he didn’t kill anyone. It was a signal that he didn’t want to become an enemy of the Corporation.

Things were simple afterward. Since Zheng agreed to come back to the Corporation, he was now an employee. The higher up was bold and daring. He actually came to the lobby to meet Zheng and conversed with him. Neither side displayed any hostility. Many rescue staffs entered the lobby and carried the guards away.

“Very good. I am pleased with your strength, speed, reaction speed, and the way you deal with conflicts, young man. Keep it up and you can become an executive one day.” The old man patted his shoulder then left the lobby with a smile.

Now that they had decided to get Zheng on their side, he received much better treatment. He got a suit that was almost luxurious. It had everything aside from a computer with internet. The Corporation even assigned him a secretary to take care of his living, a beautiful blonde woman.

Zheng didn’t have too much desire over the woman. He wasn’t one of those harem pursuer with an overactive libido. What occupied his mind the most was how to get in contact with Xuan and the others in this situation. He didn’t know why Soul Link failed but he didn’t think something happened to team China. At least Umbrella Corporation couldn’t have been able to attack them. The psyche scan along with Xuan’s wit could prevent this from happening.

Then there was only one explanation. God masked this facility from psyche scans in order to increase mission difficulty. Otherwise, they could see everything with a scan after they found the location of the facility.

Zheng felt calm after he thought of this. What he needed to do the now was to obtain information about the facility then find a way to contact with the others. Although he had become a part of the Corporation, he was still their prey. They wouldn’t completely trust him either. So he was free to move but restricted to a limited number of rooms and corridors. There were hundreds of guards standing outside the corridors. It was almost impossible for him to sneak out without anyone noticing.

Anyhow, the next day after their agreement, a group of researchers brought him out of this limited zone. They needed to cooperate in their various testings regarding the G virus. There was no precedent of the subject researching the virus along with the researchers.

“This is our report about your G virus. We have too little data at the moment so this report isn’t detailed. One of the points we need your assistance is obtaining more cells for research. No anesthetics or dissection. We just need some blood and some slices of cells.” A middle age man said to him with a smile.

Zheng nodded. He followed behind these researchers without a word. About a hundred guards followed after them. He could tell the Corporation was still cautious of him but he didn’t care. He observed the environment as he walked, noting the corridors, his location, and the distribution of people in his mind.

As the group continued onward, they came to a large concealed room with various devices for experiments. There was also a large door that seemed extremely tough. To the sides of the door was transparent bullet proof glass. The door and glass separated this room in two with one side containing the devices and an empty side.

The researcher noticed Zheng’s confused expression and said. “We are going to do some experiments like injecting your G virus into animals. This type of rooms are necessary in case the cells took over control of the subjects or the subjects mutate. The walls are constructed with a special alloy and the glass are bullet proof. Not even your strength can break through them.”

Zheng gave him a cold smile but didn’t say anything. He allowed the researchers to draw blood and asked. “Where is the information on the prototype T virus that I requested? And where is the location of the prototype T virus carrier, Alice? I think I have the right to know these.”

The man looked at the blood with fanaticism. He took over the vial and replied. “We will give you the various reports of the T virus at night. The prototype T virus carrier is under body repair because she suffered too much damage. Her body is still in critical condition. You are not allowed to see her now, both for her own good and yours.”

Zheng nodded then remained quiet as he watched the researchers. They analyzed and tested his blood.

One of the researchers yelled. “Transfer a few test subjects and a Licker over. Inject the G virus into them. There’s definitely going to be something interesting.” Then he laughed fanatically.

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    1. At this point, one has to truly wonder how come Zheng’s “vampire bloodline” did not evolve beyond its original branch, considering how it mixed with Dragon DNA.
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  1. Weird that they keep calling it G virus, when they clearly realize that it’s not a virus, but his cells that have incredible properties. A virus is not a cell, and he doesn’t have any virus in his bloodstream nor in his cells…

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