TI Vol 15 Chapter 9-1

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Zheng quietly listened until the man finished. He sneered. “Talk? I don’t mind cooperating with your corporation if we are communicating on equal identity. If you are looking at me like a lab rat, then there’s nothing for us to talk.”

The man laughed as if he had heard a joke. Then he said. “Don’t worry. You aren’t a typical lab rat. You are a unique lab rat. Your body contains the key to a new world. We will treat you gently. Haha.”

Zheng shivered. He almost couldn’t contain his rage. However, the situation wasn’t clear and he lost his connection to Lan. So he couldn’t know where the T virus was located nor where the Na ring was. He couldn’t even know where Alice was and how to leave this facility. If he attacked right now, it would mess up their mission. He had to suppress this rage.

“I have three demands. One, give me treatment commensurate to my identity. Two, guarantee my safety. Three, give me data related to the T virus. I am also interested in the virus. These are the conditions of our cooperation.” He thought for a moment and said.

The man paused for a while then laughed wildly. A few other voices also laughed as if they were mocking at Zheng’s overconfidence. Zheng didn’t feel angry in the slightest. He quietly got up from the floor and waited for the laughters to subside.

“I am not joking with you. I think you still don’t understand one thing. I am not that lab rat in the cage that you are thinking of, but a beast standing in front of you.” He punched at the floor.

Bang! The punch was like a rhino smashed into the steel floor. The whole room trembled. When the men and researcher finally got a clear look through the monitors, they saw a half meter radius hole on the floor. That was the power of his punch.

Zheng wasn’t finished. His hand was still in the hole. He gave a shout then pulled a layer of steel off. The people in front of the monitors were stupefied. This was a scene of the movies. Yet, the tearing sound from the steel floor continued to remind them this was reality. Something happening in a room not far from them.

Zheng Zheng tore off a several meter wide steel. Of course, it wasn’t possible if he only used his own strength. He entered Explosion when he made the punch, but he still held back a bit. If he went all out, he could kick the door away and didn’t have to bother making an act. He obviously wanted to show his threat.

Zheng lifted the piece of steel then shouted. He threw the steel onto the door and with a dull boom, the door sunk in. He leaped forward and kicked at the door. He also entered Destruction.

As he was approaching the door, he felt a sting on his neck. A needle came out from the collar and pierced into his blood vessel. He could tell without thinking that it was probably injecting the substance that knocked him out before. So he entered Destruction before the needle touched him. He grabbed the collar, tore it off, then threw it to the back of the room.

Half a second after he threw the collar, it exploded. The explosion covered over half the room. If it exploded on his neck, he wouldn’t have lived even if he was in Destruction. Zheng was shocked as the thought came to him.

He was not the only person shocked. The people in front of the monitor were also shocked. Not because Zheng broke out of the room but because the head of the research team had only said a few sentences before he pulled the collar. They hadn’t even gotten to their intimidations yet! The Corporation treated him as a critical criminal because he still had conscience. It was also the reason they used the collar. Breaking out of the room would make them send security guards after him but if he were to die from that explosion, the people responsible for the research, including the researchers and security guards, would get cleaned by the higher ups of the Corporation.

The men in black and the researcher let out a sigh of relief when they saw him appeared under the surveillance cameras again. The researcher immediately said. “Mr. Zheng. Please don’t be reckless. Even though we must obtain the G virus and wish you to participate in our experiments, it doesn’t mean we won’t kill you. We don’t mind obtaining the G virus from your corpse!”

Zheng stood at the entrance and looked around. Then he found the surveillance cameras on the corner and gave a cold smile towards it. “You are missing the key question. That is what do you have that can kill me? I will hold back against anyone that attacks me for half an hour. However, I will start killing after that. I hope you can give me an answer in half an hour. If you agree to my three demands, I will cooperate with your research. Since I was previously an employee, it isn’t a problem to become one again in the future. But don’t try to knock me out. I will kill anyone who tries to use that substance on me.” He gave a laugh then lifted the door up from the floor and threw it at the camera. It was crushed in a loud sound.

Breaking out from the room then attack the guards were actions he had carefully planned. He had to first verify where he was within the facility. This information was necessary for his rescue mission and escape. Secondly, he had to obtain some degree of power within the Corporation, at least enough for him to obtain information about the prototype T virus. That was why he displayed his strength. It increased Umbrella Corporation’s interest in him and gave him the power to speak to them at an equal level.

Zheng walked along the corridor. In under a minute, he heard crowded footsteps coming through the corner. His experience let him know that these people were only ten meters away. He thought about entering Explosion but hesitated and only entered the unlocked mode instead. Then he charged at the corner of the corridor.

His speed was still impressive even without Explosion because of the movement technique. He stepped heavily on the floor, leaving a slight footprint, and used this force to sprint forward. The guards on the other side of the corner saw a figure smashed toward the wall because he was going too fast. However, the figure jumped as it almost approached the wall and kicked it to change direction. He leaped into the guards with unbelievable speed.

The guard in front instantly felt a sharp pain on the chest and flew back several meters, knocking over three other guards on the way. Zheng’s strongest point was his close combat ability. He surpassed normal people in strength, speed, and reaction speed by a large margin even without his abilities. The unlocked mode also put the movement of these people into slow motion in his eyes. Another guard just drew his electric baton when Zheng twisted his wrist then picked him away along with three other people.

There were a total of sixteen guards. Zheng had already knocked several people down before they had the time to react. The rest of the guards didn’t dare to open fire in narrow corridor, so they all attacked with electric batons. However, close combat at this level was ineffective against him. Within ten seconds, all the guards were lying on the floor. Zheng took off the uniform of a guard and put it on himself. All his belongings had been taken away. He only had an underwear on. That didn’t hinder his combat but running around almost naked wasn’t a good feeling.

“Then let me cause more chaos.” He smiled coldly and ran along the corridor.

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  1. It’s funny to see Zheng acting so boisterous, like the king of the world. He truly is one in that situation, but I would also like more Xianxia-esque scenarios in which Zheng is constantly being put against the wall, and is forced to better himself. Most of the situations thus far were just dangerous on the conceptual level, that other people may die, in indirect ways like some sort of plan by a devious schemer, God’s punishments, or unforeseen circumstances.
    Direct opposition is sometimes needed, and it’d pretty much give the team a clear picture to what they should approach….You know, like Team Devil (as if I haven’t ranted on that part forever now).

    Still, regardless of that, as I said at the start of this comment — it’s amusing to see Zheng ruling over people with such absoluteness, when we also know that he’s at a great risk by other factors. It’s like seeing someone who got beat up so much at school, suddenly have his moment of dominance.

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