TI Vol 15 Chapter 8-1

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Vol 15 Chapter 8-1

“You are correct. That was intended.” Xuan was very straightforward. He said as he was eating a cucumber. “I indeed considered this possibility. However, there was only a 50% chance of you being discovered by Umbrella Corporation. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you. We can get in contact if anything happens anyway so instead of letting you expose yourself, it’s better to let things occur naturally.”

“Naturally fall into your trap?” Zheng smiled bitterly. He sitting by the table and having his meal.

“Trap? No. It should be a plan.” He couldn’t see any expression from Xuan’s face. Xuan continued. “The core of the plan is staying naturally. If you get noticed by Umbrella Corporation and exposed yourself, then why not take the opportunity to enter their facility? You can probe all kinds of information there, whether it be bonus missions or stealing the prototype T virus. Once you are inside, your power can flip their world around.”

Zheng wasn’t actually blaming Xuan. It was just like he had said, this was Xuan’s style. He simply included everyone and everything in his calculations. This might be apathetic but he didn’t have feelings to begin with. Thinking about it, Zheng calmed down. Xuan wasn’t setting him up with malicious intent but actually thought this was better for the plan. He didn’t consider other people’s feelings, nor did he understand them.

Zheng swallowed his food and thought for a moment. “Since things developed to this stage, we have accepted the bonus mission and seen the movie characters, it’s too late to say anything else. Then we will continue with your plan. I will be the bait and enter the Corporation’s inner facility. What identity am I taking? The G virus carrier?”

“Who names himself something virus carrier? If you want an identity, then return as an avenger. You were harmed by the Corporation so you are returning to seek revenge. With this identity, you can do anything you want and the higher ups of the Corporation won’t be surprised.”

In the end, Zheng had to accept this plan. He discussed with Xuan further on details such as entering the building everyday starting tomorrow. Once Lan found out anyone following him, he would make a scene then get captured by the Corporation. He could escape at will anyway. The most important point was get into the inner parts of the facility for valuable information.

“Information regarding the prototype T virus. Where it is and the research data they have on it. Secondly, Alice’s location. Since we have accepted the bonus mission, it’s a rank A reward and 15000 points after all. This is the basic situation. You get their attention by being the G virus carrier, an avenger. Then you wait for the movie characters.” Xuan finished the cucumber and sat on the side. It seemed like he started another round of calculation.

Zheng didn’t let his guard down again this time. While Xuan was explaining his plan, he quickly entered the third stage to carefully ponder the plan from beginnign to end. After he confirmed there were no traps or loopholes, he let out a sigh of relief and content. It wasn’t the first time he fell into a trap. Even though Xuan never actually intended to harm him and he was always working for the team’s interest, but it didn’t feel good to step into a trap every time while not realizing it.

“I know you are going to say that mortal’s intelligence again but please, let me know in advance if you have any plans. I won’t necessarily refuse it. It’s better than being a chess piece.” Zheng smiled bitterly.

“Not a chess piece.” Xuan replied. “You’re my important comrade.”

“That’s true but I am curious. Do you really know the meaning of comrades?”

By the time Jill and his comrades came, team China had completed a rough plan for this missions. First, Zheng would enter Umbrella Corporation’s inner facility as a bait while Xuan and the others search for information via computers. On the day of initiation, whether it was to save Alice of obtain the prototype T virus, the whole team would ambush the facility with Zheng acting from inside and Kampa, WangXia, Zero, YinKong and Gando from outside.

“This is actually a chance. Our team’s strength has reached a good height. We can test how strong we are. So there’s no need to hold back.” Zheng gripped his hand and said to the others.

Jill, L.J. and even Angela came to the inn with Carlos. There were so much mixed feelings as they talked, especially when they got to the ending of the battle against team Devil. They thought that was the last time they would see each other. Who would have known they would meet again and fight to save their comrade?

“Judging from our information, it seems like Umbrella Corporation is very interested in you. They wish to obtain the evolved T virus. The officials of the Corporation thought you died during the explosion in that incident so they only brought Alice back. She’s undergoing healing in their facility. The process will complete in about fifteen days. We have to save her before Umbrella Corporation could do anything to her.” Jill said to Zheng’s team.

She looked hot as always. The mini skirt and stockings displayed her long and slender legs perfectly. She was also extremely pretty. The inn owner stared at her and almost couldn’t contain his saliva. He left unwillingly after she entered team China’s room.

Zheng nodded. “Carlos have told me the situation. After our discussion, we decided I will enter the facility as bait. Since as you said, they have an interest in me, I don’t need them to come capture me. I will go to them. As long as they let me into the facility and once Alice completed her healing, we will cooperate from both inside an outside and kill our way out!”

At the same time in the Umbrella Corporation headquarter. There were several computer monitors spread out on a large round table. The screens showed several older men. This seemed to be people higher up in the Corporation.

“The G virus carrier that we thought had died in the nuclear explosion is still alive. He sneaked into our building using an unknown method. He is still in this city but our data shows he has impressive strength. So we didn’t send anyone to tail after him in case it caught his attention.” A young man stood in front of the monitors with documents in hand.

An old man on the monitor said. “We are aware of the information regarding the G virus carrier. Are our researchers are split into two parties? One believes the G virus couldn’t exist. Evolution has a lot of possibilities but evolving into a super human within one generation isn’t possible. The other party believes the G virus is possible due to the evolution and reproductive attributes of the T virus. It might spawn new abilities such as halting the aging process.”

The young man respectuflly replied. “Yes. The researchers believed so. Our experiments have also concluded that the prototype T virus can delay aging to a certain degree. The T virus has the effect of stimulating cells. Even people who died can continue moving for dozens of hours. The prototype T virus can even stimulate cells of dead people, although with limited effectiveness.”

“I know.” The old man closed his eyes. “We have you continue its improvement because the prototype T virus causes too much damage to the body. If the G virus has such a strong effect, even if it causes damage to the body, we can accept it.”

The young man nodded. “Our data shows the G virus carrier is over ten times stronger than the average person in his physical attributes. The cellular stimulation required for such a drastic change might even reverse a person’s age.”

The old men in the monitors paused for a while. Then one person said. “Capture the G virus carrier at any cost. At any cost.”

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  1. As long as they let me into the facility and once Alice completed her healing, we will cooperate from both inside an outside and kill our way out!”
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  4. I don’t buy the whole: “Oh, Xuan is such a trickster, those wily tricks of his, hoho, so charming. That’s our Xuan!”
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