TI Vol 15 Chapter 6-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 6-2

“I have confirmed it. It doesn’t work.” Zheng stood by the window and looked down. The twenty-nine stories height made him feel a little dizzy. Fortunately, he didn’t have acrophobia and didn’t just faint.

Xuan’s plan was as simple and efficient as always, cross the corridor and get to floor forty-one and above from outside. The outside of the building was bullet proof glass. That might present a problem for normal people but Zheng could easily break through it.

The problem though wasn’t the glass. It was how to get up several floors? Flying?

“Don’t bother with the Sky Stick. It causes too much noise which would expose you easily. I need you to secretly sneak in then obtain the internal password of the Corporation. Otherwise, you would be better off killing yourself up the floors.” Xuan sneered.

Zheng shook his head. He knew what Xuan wanted him to do, use Geppo with instant Destruction to get up. People on the ground wouldn’t notice a person up thirty stories high. However, the problem was the glass panes were placed next to each other. Where would he land afterward? How would he get back into the building?

“That isn’t my problem. I still have some things to do. Intercept the passwords and return before the evening. Over.” The apathetic voice finally disappeared from Zheng’s mind.

Zheng couldn’t help but look out the window again. He received a rather weird task. Not that it was dangerous but crossing the floors from outside felt weird to him.

“Anyway, let’s see if I can get the passwords from the lower floors.” He murmured. This was a task for the team after all. He had no choice but to accept it.

The psyche scan provided him with the locations of all the security cameras. There were several offices without cameras. Perhaps these offices weren’t important. Zheng randomly chose an empty office and went in. he installed the intercepting device on the network then lay on the sofa. Afterward, he waited for the device to work.

Unfortunately, the lights all turned yellow after ten minutes. Zheng knew it failed. His only choice left was to go up to floor thirty and above. Of course, the most straightforward way was to head out through the window in this room with Geppo.

“The question is what identity should I use?” He murmured to himself.

The results from the psyche scan showed that there were identity verifications in floors above thirty. He would be found out if he failed a verification and end his task right there.

“Lan, does your mind control work on the normal people in this building?” Zheng worked out to the hallway and said to Lan through his mind.

Lan paused for a while before she replied. “Some. There are also some people with a strong will. The normal office workers are okay. Do you want me to use it? I don’t have much experience with this skill so I can only control them for about an hour.”

Zheng nodded in content. “That’s good enough. If things go smoothly, I can obtain the passwords in thirty minutes. Now here’s a critical question, can you probe the memories of those you control? I won’t know what reason I can use to get to floor thirty without their memory.”

Another long pause for Lan. Then she suddenly said. “There’s a man holding a cup of coffee to your left. I have controlled him. I can probe his memory. However, I can’t see memory within the deeper part of his consciousness and those that he had forgotten. This is a regular office worker. He can’t go up to floor thirty but his memory show that his supervisor can. It seems like he can go up to get signatures from people higher up.”

Zheng let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “Then let’s find his supervisor. If you can’t control him then try another supervisor. We need to obtain the passwords in thirty minutes if possible.”

Lan complied and searched with psyche scan. Ten seconds later, she found that supervisor, a man in his thirties. This man looked strong but his will was unexpectedly weak. He stood there without moving by the time Zheng came over.

“This is the supervisor. He has to bring several documents up for signatures from the superintendent. There are forty minutes until the next time but the documents are ready. Zheng, you can also go up with the documents. His memory shows that the verification isn’t too strict.” Lan said.

Zheng nodded. He had already dressed in a suit since he had to sneak into the inner part of this building. He also worked as a supervisor in the real world, so he was familiar with the attitude and language used. He took over the documents from the middle age man, then patted his own face. His cautious and sharp eyes softened a lot. He still felt something was missing then took the glasses off the man. He finally walked toward the stairs pleased.

“You do look like a regular office worker but don’t you feel that your movements give off a sense of murderous feeling? You subconsciously positioned your arms ready to attack even when you interact with normal people. Your foot is too forward. It’s like you are going to dodge at any second. And your eyes.” Seeing that Zheng was adjusting himself, Lan added through her mind.

Zheng smiled bitterly. The observer had a clearer perspective on things. He thought he wasn’t much different from a normal person but people looking at him would notice that his movements weren’t ones a normal person would have. He was always cautious even when he was walking or talking. That was understandable. He wouldn’t be a veteran player without such qualities, not to mention becoming the leader of team China.

“Changes always happen unconsciously. We are not normal people anymore. It isn’t only me but Lan, you too, and everyone else too.” As he said this, he found himself a little lost.

While he thought to himself, the elevator continued upward. Ding. The door slowly opened.

The security in floor thirty wasn’t as heavy as he imagined. He saw a few office workers walking on the hallway. The security guards were only stationed on some hallways. When Zheng walked pass them, their eyes followed him. He didn’t pay much attention to them and walked openly in front of them. Then the security guards turned their attention elsewhere after he passed.

“Lan, found any place without people? And where the cameras don’t see you.” He seemed to be walking leisurely but he was getting anxious.

Lan felt the same way too. She scanned back and forth several times before replying. “No. Places without security cameras either have a lot of people or some executive offices. There are also people in those offices. Let me find an executive with a weaker willpower and control him. Then you can take the chance to intercept the passwords.”

Zheng replied in agreement. “Okay. Choose the location. Best if it’s near where I am. I felt that someone has already noticed me. However, your scan shows no one near me. Just try to hurry up.”

At the same time in a higher floor of the building. Several men in suits was watching Zheng through the monitors. One person nodded. “That’s him. Can’t be wrong. The G virus carrier from the city, a previous employee of the company, Zheng Zha. Note a merit for the retired mercenary that found him hiding his skills. The bonus will be given out along other bonuses.”

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