TI Vol 15 Chapter 5-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 5-2

Zheng had to admit that efficiency was an important factor for Xuan and Yinkong. The addition of the sense of urgency from the mission made they place even more importance to the task. By noon the next day, they had gotten down the basic situation.

“First, the time is only a week after the end of the second movie. The newspapers reported the largest meteorites strike of the century on Raccoon City a few days ago and wiped it off from the map. This was obviously an attempt by the Corporation to cover up the nuclear attack. There needed to be some time for buffer between the event and the report, so the actual time should be around ten days after the movie. The difference won’t be five days apart.” Xuan said calmly as he looked at the paper in his hand.

Yinkong also had a piece of paper on her hand. She looked slightly different from Xuan in that she seemed tired. Xuan had always shown himself as a machine that had no concept of feeling tired. Yinkong’s display was more like that of a normal person. Even the toughest person would show weariness from working overnight.

“Uh. We are indeed near the headquarter of the Umbrella Corporation. The center of this city is a massive building. That’s what the Corporation announce to the public as their headquarter. Inside the building are research facilities, weapon development facilities, material development facilities, medical center, food and even stock brokerage firm. Umbrella Corporation is a world class company on nuclear weapon development but its businesses extended to every category. It won’t take much time to get into the city, about half an hour if we drive.” Yinkong said. Then she opened up the paper revealing a map of the terrain of this city.

Her handwriting was surprisingly neat, nothing what you would expect from an assassin. Her fingers were delicate and white. ChengXiao was dripping his saliva when she explained the map as her fingers ran over the paper. When she finally finished and pulled back her hand, he sighed.

“What a piece of masterwork! And she’s a baby face with big breasts and an emotionally pure woman waiting to get developed! I can’t hold…” After Yinkong stopped talking, he finally couldn’t contain himself and shouted. It seemed like he had been holding these words to himself for so long.

Just then, Yinkong grabbed at the air as if she was holding onto something. ChengXiao’s eyes immediately fixed on the map and asked Kampa some questions like those weren’t his words.

Zheng smiled bitterly. He came to have a deep understanding of the members due to the revivals. A kind of understanding beyond what each person knew about themselves. So he knew ChengXiao was only acting. He was a very reliable man.

Similarly, even though Yinkong was an assassin, an extremely talented one, she had a soft side to her. That was how she treated her comrades. She had always trusted her comrades. Although she couldn’t express herself well through words, Zheng learned this through her inner thoughts during the revival. That was why he hugged her. He felt a bit of pity for her and thought of her as a little sister.

“Ok. Back to our topic. Yinkong, can we enter this building? Are there any restrictions?” Zheng coughed and asked.

She nodded first then shook her head. “The building has an unusual design. It’s split into two parts. The outer part is open to the public and is where the office to the public is located. At the back of this part is a large area that’s heavily guarded. That is where the research facilities and where the secrets of the company are located according to what they said to the public. This area is extremely big. The headquarter included almost the whole center area of the city.”

Zheng thought for a moment then turned to Xuan. “What about you? Did you get into their internal network?”

Xuan gave him a weird look then brought out a tomato. “You put too much confidence on me, more than my ability. The Umbrella Corporation’s firewall is very advanced. It’s almost on par with the U.S.’s network defense for their nuclear weapons. Do you think I am a main character of those fantasy novels WangXia reads to hack into it using this kind of computers? The hardware isn’t sufficient and there are no already made software. Although we could exchange supercomputers from God at a low cost but their sizes are massive and consumes too much energy. It takes too long to modify the energy system, at least a dozen days, so I only exchanged this one.”

He took out a metallic box the size of his palm and threw it to Zheng. “Install it on the Corporation’s internal network. When the lights turn green, it will have copied all the information from the network. It will take from ten to twenty minutes. This thing is a future tech device but it’s still programmed in 0s and 1s. If a red light comes up, that means you are discovered by the network. Then just run.” Xuan focused on eating his tomato.

From bright red apples to bright red tomatoes, Zheng couldn’t understand why Xuan chose bright red for his food. However, tomatoes had more juices than apples so he always ended up with his hand covered in red juices after eating one.

Zheng shook his head. “Switch to something green next time. So Yinkong or I need to sneak into the Corporation? Which one are we getting into? The outer part or inner?”

Xuan casually replied. “The outer part is good enough. This is a future item. If it can’t even accomplish this little task, then the 500 points are a waste.”

Zheng nodded. Luxurious items were the cheapest in the exchange system. Things like wine and even drugs were extremely cheap. Next up were raw materials. Most of them were cheap except from magical ones that didn’t exist in the real world. Then the next tier was non weapons like the Xian needles ChengXiao had or the core of the Sky Stick. These items were cheaper than their actual value.

This little device was neither a weapon or defensive item and costed 500 points so it must be very effective. Since Xuan said it could intercept information from the Corporation, Zheng believed the device had these functions.

He looked over the box then said. “I will sneak into the headquarter and install this. There shouldn’t be any problems if I be careful. Lan assist me from outside. WangXia and Kampa protect Lan. Zero find a place and stay on guard. Everyone else stay in the inn. You have to protect Xuan and Yinkong while they work. Don’t let anyone get near them.”

Zheng stopped as a thought came into mind. “Gando, how is the robot? Can you fight a large group of armed helicopters?”

Gando was taken aback. He had kept quiet since he entered the movie. The movie didn’t have anything to do with him so he remained low key. However, now that the leader asked, he casually replied. “The robot is obviously much better than the bear robot even though it’s not the one I know. It’s a sci-fi product after all. It has three modes. Its armor is also made from an alloy from the OverTechnology. Xuan said his analysis shows the armor is only slightly softer than the bodyguard bug’s exoskeleton. Even your Tiger’s Soul will take a few strikes…”

“Is that so? Which means there isn’t any danger if you go fight a large number of battle jets or armed helicopters?” Zheng suddenly smiled.


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