TI Vol 15 Chapter 4

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Vol 15 Chapter 4

It had been a day since they chose their enhancements. Their excitement gradually calmed down. The issue that followed was their next round of training to get used to their new weapons and enhancements. That was to avoid falling into the same situation as team South America where they had powerful weapon and abilities but the lack of awareness and techniques turned them into walking points for other teams. It would be idiotic for this to happen.

The team also had a lot to do aside from training. The dragon blood could give the three new members 100 points in four stats almost for free. They had to pay for a body repair and nothing else. ChengXiao also had to do his exchanges. Not enhancements but he had lost his set of needles so Zheng planned to get him another set. Yet he chose a set of surgical equipment that only required points instead. He also requested Zheng to exchange poisonous plants and insects, along with rare herbs for him.

“Ha. Let me tell you the truth. The reason I started learning Gu from those old grandpas was to create the ultimate stimulant in this world. I love sticks.”

Pah! Right as he finished the sentence, the girls surrounded him and beat him. When he got up, his face was painted with bruises.

“What I meant was Gu isn’t all about killing people. It has wide usages like stopping bleeding, sustaining vitality in broken limbs until I can surgically reconnect them, increase regeneration rate and such. These are the beneficial ones. There are also Gu that can kill people, drive them to insanity, or induce illusions.”

Zheng became excited after hearing that. He followed up with questions but ChengXiao’s response gave him a murderous impulse.

“Ha. You wouldn’t have ever thought of it. I learned Gu to make stimulants so I only learned the beneficial ones. I have not touch the other types.”

“You can go to hell.”

The team finally obtained a field doctor. According to WangXia, ChengXiao had incredible medical abilities. He had seen ChengXiao saved a soldier from critical condition using simple tools. His effectiveness in the team was way more than just his combat ability.

“That’s the situation. Those two weapons are usable. However, you can’t shoot energy arrows with the bow. You also can’t use the special abilities of the sword. You can use these two magical weapons like normal items. Yinkong and Heng could exert strong powers by relying on their own techniques anyway. It isn’t necessary to get powerful weapons and enhancements.” Xuan said to Zheng.

Zheng smiled. “Yeah, they were already strong when they were in the team. The problem is Heng’s instability. He will get scared and become afraid to fight when he sees blood or when people want to attack him. The Focused State of Mind increases his strength a lot. How about the two BB defensive items?”

Xuan shook his head. “There’s no way to repair them. God only provides energy refill and not repairs for items. These two items are useless unless we can discover the energy conversion rules they contain.”

Zheng sighed. “Too bad the two scumbags from team South America got away. We also didn’t get their storage item. That should contain a lot of goodies judging from what they exchanged.”

He then said to Xuan. “Are we really going to Resident Evil for the T virus prototype now? I feel it’s too early. We have become a lot stronger but going against a super force in the movie world with just the ten of us still seems difficult.”

Xuan didn’t answer the question and asked. “What is the next movie?”

Zheng replied. “Lord of the Rings, a team battle. Didn’t I tell you already?”

Xuan nodded. “Yes. A team battle. We didn’t receive notification of entering last. Which means we aren’t the strongest team in this movie. Even though we can enter earlier to gain influence, we also take the risk of fighting a team with advantage over us. It isn’t certain but if there’s a team stronger than us, it’s probably team Devil or team Celestial. There’s at least a 50% chance. That’s why I wish to obtain the T virus prototype first. It will be useful for the newbies we are going to get and for ourselves. Unlocking provides a big increase in combat strength for anyone. It will give us a higher chance of winning. I think you should remember that no one else in the team has another chance to revive.”

Zheng was silent for a moment, then he nodded. “I get it. We will follow the plan. Training starts tomorrow. Have everyone get used to their weapons and enhancements. Once you finished modifying the Valkyrie, we will enter Resident Evil!”

Xuan had the most things to do among all the members. He had to modify the Valkyrie’s energy system and install the plasma jet system and a locationing system, because if the robot got too far away during a battle, getting in contact would become a problem. He also made two more mithril rings for Zheng. The Destruction duration was still the same since that depend on how much his body could handle. However, the increase in the quantity of energies allowed him to use Explosion for much longer. With four rings, he didn’t have to conserve energy as much by exiting Explosion.

The team began their training in the basement of Zheng’s room the next day. The newly revived members could also blend in to the team. Things like each person’s capabilities, area of expertise, and trust couldn’t be established in a short period of time. And neither would God give them the time to do so. They had to practice fighting with each other to get familiarized with these things.

Those who are capable could always gain respect from others. Yinkong’s close combat ability was only second to Zheng. The addition of the invisible sword made that even Zheng had to be careful when fighting her in close range. She didn’t know how to hold back in practice since all her moves had the goal of killing the target. It wasn’t intentional. That was just the way she fought due to the years of habit.

Heng also gained respect from the team. His personality might be weak but that was just his willpower. Even Zheng and Yinkong had to acknowledge his strength. However, he wasn’t suited to practicing in pairs. He would immediately surrender unless he activates Focused State of Mind every time as soon as anyone came close.

ChengXiao on the other hand didn’t perform as well. His eyes were fixed on Yinkong’s chest until she emitted a murderous aura. Then he would turn to Lan’s chest. His eyes moved back and forth and in the end of the day, he would suffer the most beatings.

“There’s still a long way to go for team China.” Zheng exclaimed.

Several days later, Xuan finished the preparations. All ten members gathered in a circle under God. Then Zheng selected the destination.

“Return to Resident Evil for twenty days!”

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      1. It’s kind of limited if they’re treated as the same world. There are so many possibilities. Like going to the world of RE1 would he easier than RE2 in difficulty in getting the special virus. They could stop Unbrella from opening the lab and releasing the T virus on Racoon city and retrieve Red Queen from the lab, save alice and One before they are experiment on, or even redo RE2 at the highest difficulty.

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