TI Vol 15 Chapter 3-3

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Vol 15 Chapter 3-3

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception when activated allow the user view the world in lines and points. Its duration was a mere moment but if Zero could hit a point, the object would instantly collapse. The most important thing was that even barriers had such lines and points.

The Eyes of Death Perception was a starting point in this series. The next up was A tier and its final form was AA tier, Balor’s Eyes, which could actualize the death of the target.

“The Eyes of Death Perception is the initial enhancement. It only lasts 0.5 seconds. The lines and points will disappear after the direction so you have to use it after you enter the unlocked mode. There’s a twenty-minute cool down before you can use it again. The requirements are extremely strict. Furthermore, your brain would not be able to withstand the strain if you use it for too long, at which point it can cause brain death. However, it’s also immensely powerful. The eyes can find the weak points of even barriers. You can then end the target with a single shot!”

Zheng could quickly search enhancements and items through God using his privilege as the leader. During this series of searches, he found many abilities and enhancements that seemed powerful. However, many were either expensive or not suitable to use for a normal person. These exchanges were categorized into energies, genetic enhancements, and enhancements focused on certain parts, like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception he recommended was a Dojutsu.

“There are many choices in this series, Sharingan, Byakugan, the Golden Gaze-Fiery Eyes. Though these don’t seem particularly useful. The Eyes of Death Perception is what you need the most. It will unleash the full power of your weapon and take care of enemies even if they have barriers. You just have keep doing what you always do, finish them in one shot!”

Zero had stood under God when Zheng was still rambling on and on. He started the enhancement. A moment later, he walked back casually as if he just went over to get something. He wasn’t in the least bit worried.

Zheng patted Zero’s shoulder. He knew Zero was a reliable comrade. This could be seen through the battle against team South America. His skills and tactics were way beyond what a normal person could achieve. Now that he had the Eyes of Death Perception, just give him a chance and his enemy would be dead.

“There’s only Xuan and me remaining. What kind of enhancements are you looking for?” Zheng said to Xuan with a smile.

Xuan shook his head. “I don’t have any special need for enhancements. I have 9000 points and a rank B reward left. Every person needs a rank D reward for Resident Evil. Ten members need ten rank D rewards, which is one rank B and a rank D. Since I don’t need any enhancements, I can use this rank B reward to activate Resident Evil. I will use the points for rare metals and try to modify the Valkyrie’s power system in these five days and craft a pair of mithril rings for you. the remaining points can be used on the three revived members. I am still doubtful about their abilities so I wish to carry out a practice before entering Resident Evil.”

Xuan’s response surprised Zheng. However, as he thought about this, it was the way Xuan had always acted. He would maximize the interest of the team over any individual in all situations. All he considered was maximizing the interest.

Zheng nodded and said. “Though I think there’s an enhancement that fits you. Lambda Driver body form. It will shrink the system and insert it into your brain. When your willpower reaches a certain level, you can use it to attack. I think you can take control over this system. However, it costs a rank A reward. We will see if we can come together a rank A reward after the next movie. That will increase the output of your Gauss pistols. You will be able to shoot through even barriers!”

After all these, the last one to exchange was Zheng. He hesitated on what sword technique to choose. The biggest problem was this technique had to work with Explosion and Destruction. Every hit he performs in that extreme speed was powerful already. If he couldn’t increase the power of his slashes in these modes, he would rather not bother learning the techniques.

(A lot of sword techniques but none seems suitable for use in Explosion and Destruction. There just isn’t a need for skills in those modes. All I need are precision at fatal spots and speed.)

He searched related exchanges with his eyes closed, focusing on techniques that were fatal and fast. After quite a while, he finally found what he wanted. Yet, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the result.

“Technique, Ten Step Kill, rating 197. Suit users with extreme speed and reaction speed. Unparalleled power. Requires two rank A rewards and 10000 points.”

This technique met all his criteria. He could obtain extreme speed in Explosion and Destruction. The unlocked mode would give him the reaction speed. The biggest problem was his thin wallet.

Zheng couldn’t help it but searched a few more rounds but no other techniques suited his Explosion and Destruction. They might not even get a chance to be used if he exchanged them. So he’d rather save the points and see if the revived members need any weapons.

Zheng gave up on searching and turned to the three members. He said to Yinkong. “What kind of weapons do you want? Dagger?”

Yinkong was thinking when Zheng turned to her. She paused for a moment and said. “Any weapon will do as long as it can kill.” Then she became spaced out again.

Zheng smiled bitterly. He knew what Yinkong was thinking. The battle against team Devil might seem so long ago for them but it just happened for the three revived members. Especially for Yinkong, she couldn’t put away that hatred so easily.

Zheng was about to search for an assassination weapon when an idea suddenly struck him. He opened the storage bag and brought out the sword and bow. They didn’t get the storage item from team South America but these two weapons were rank A rewards. They could be huge if they can make use of them.

He threw the invisible sword to Yinkong with a smile. She was still spacing out but the instincts of an assassin had her subconsciously reached for the handle of the sword when it came close. She swung the sword around then held it up. That was when she finally realized what she was holding onto.

“It seems like only the person exchanged this item can use it. However, its invisibility attribute is still there. It can also annihilate energy. I think you will like an invisible weapon.” Zheng smiled at her. “Its name is Excalibur.”

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    1. Which will be useless for zero, he is a sniper not a magician or skill user..
      Oh and u need chakra as well.. Zero doesnt have that much points

      1. Good point. Sharingan requires at least 2 prequisites; chakra and uchiha bloodline. Without uchiha bloodline, it consumes a lot of the users chakra.

        To train it to Sage of the Six path level, you need Senju bloodline and Senjutsu chakra in the mix, on top of which you add the chakra of the tailed beasts.

        Maybe it would need a million points to reach that level. xD

    2. Zero’s lack of energy source aside, Byakugan could be potentially strong for a sniper. The benefit of telescopic x-ray vision should be self-explanatory. The 360 degree vision means he’ll be less prone to sneak attacks while sniping, so he wouldn’t always need a bodyguard to watch his back.

      Speaking of Byakugan, I’m surprised they aren’t looking more into scouting skills. Every team so far has relied on psyche scan which can easily be countered by masking. They should consider other powers like divination, scrying, farsight, clairvoyance, familiars, etc (which incidentally are all spells Honglu could learn under his Weave enhancement. God I want Honglu back!)

      1. Yeah even I wondered about that. Not to mention the Byakugan can also crush a person’s body with harmless looking strikes, coupled with far sight and the 360 degree vision, Byakugan has more options and usefulness in the long run.

        1. Byakugan itself is just the vision-related powers. The whole “crush a person’s body with harmless looking strikes” thing is a fighting style that’s centered around Byakugan. If anything, learning the fighting style from God would be separate from learning Byakugan.

          1. bro…. you forgot byakugan can still be upgraded… I forgot the name but it’s close to infinite tsukoyumi’s level (sage mode)…. 😛

  1. ty for the chap , if the autor counted correctly the starship movie ( d-rank reward for tumor bug mostly )
    thay could have had so much more point , guess for excalibur and the silver bow they have an item to break the weapon vow

  2. Ehh…. They don’t have Katekyou Hitman Reborn’s Rukudo Mukuro eyes of Six Path or even Alpha Stigma (which I feel would fit Xuan extremely well) and even Lina Doue which is extremely OP as well too…

    Sigh, the pain of lesser known Animes/Mangas

    1. I honestly wonder why Xuan thinks he doesn’t need enhancements. You’re correct, something like Alpha Stigma would cover his huge weakness of not understanding magic-based abilities.

      Or if he wants to be so technology focused, there’s also the route of technopathy. Surely being able to control technological items with his mind will allow him to build stuff 10000x faster than with his bare hands.

      1. bro… the reason why he didn’t use any enhancements is this one bro : He needed to experience more pressure every time they go inside a movie… the more pressure the better for him to level up in evolution…. that’s what I think… :3

  3. Zheng over thinks things. He should have chosen a sword skilla and just tried to improve it. Hell, he could have gotten the next moment technique with a name. The nameless one has begun to lose its effectiveness. Also, he has no idea of to use Ki attacks! He could have gotten some insight into it. What happened to his thoughts about altered skills like his clones Black Flame?

    The author of this lead on us on about him getting a skill to only say a 10,000 Points and AA rank rewards skill suits him. It would have just been better for us to hear that Zheng wanted to prioritize his enhancements and Tiger Soul and would save up, but no. He has to say most sword skill are trash, but I’m going to save up points I won’t be saving up in the end for others, for Ten Steps Kill which we don’t know what it does. What month and what year will we see this fantastic skill? His energy can go up to AA tier, his mutation has A, AA, and S tier left, and his sword has A and AA left as well.

    Do I have to wait for the sequel which won’t be starring him as the MC to see this skill? He has so few skills after 14 volumes, so just give it to him! Zheng is the first main chapter who doesn’t get skills with ease or hard work.

    1. Know that feel, he called sharingan useless, yet it can memorize, copy taijutsu and help find weak points which totally fits with Zheng’s need for fast fights.

      1. In his defense, memorizing, copying move can be replaced by unlocked state. Also, it needs chakra to be powered, so he needs to buy a beginner ninja enhancement (which probably needs atleast one rank D reward)

    2. Improving a sword skill is really the way to go. As already explained before, skills/powers that they self-develop do not affect God’s rating of how strong their team is, so it’s a good way to increase their team’s fighting potential without being given harder missions.

      1. Seems to be the case, Zheng has chosen to live and die by his team, sadly that means extra time and consideration for every member making him skip quick power-ups and go for what lets him have the ability to survive and protect his team, we must endure him not becoming strong enough he can pass movies without almost dying each time.
        In game words, Id Est, Zheng decided to become a tank but has a berserker build so he shares his loot with his team so he can anchor the foes while his team kites around.

      2. If you think he should prioritize his swords-skill, and especially one he improves by himself to reduce the difficulty-rating of the movies — why not spend a few thousand points to go training with Yinkong, and learn from her how to fight in an incredibly fast-paced fight? Maybe even buy a manual of such high-leveled martial arts, and study it together with her, who is on his level in combat?

        The author tries so hard to prevent his MC from advancing too quickly, which can be legit at times — but it’s sickening when the answer to the MC’s woes are so straightfoward and simple, that you can’t help but toss rotten tomatoes at the author for forcibly nerfing his MC under the fear that he’d become too strong, too quickly.
        No, if anyone grew too fast, that’d be Devil Zheng. And the entire reason D.Zheng grew so fast, was to give Zheng a reason to become even stronger than he is right now, which is so baffling and beyond confusing as to why the author tries so hard to prevent the MC from powering up when he clearly can, and when he clearly tries to push him to become stronger.
        But he prevents him from becoming stronger.
        But he pushes him to advance.
        But he doesn’t.

  4. So what’s the point of a bound weapon if it can still be used?? Also why would he give an assassin a 2 handed sword? Last but not least I’m pretty sure he’s still using that movement technique that cost like 1500 points or something like why not upgrade it or get a new one.(he’s always running for his life) Too many things just don’t make since.

    1. Is it two handed? I thought it was a normal longsword. Anyway, Excalibur probably has useful special abilities that are sealed, but it still has its physical properties. It would be weird if it didn’t even let you swing it.

    2. Since it seems to be the Excalibur from the Fate series?
      True Excalibur can fire gigantic beams when it is swung. The invisible enchantment can also be used as a long range option since I believe it’s noted to be caused by distortions in the air, so you could use it to strike, or protect someone from a distance.
      And strictly speaking, its sheathe, Avalon, is probably the final stage of the Excalibur, which would grant high speed regeneration to the point of near immortality.

      1. yep… this one is correct but you forgot…. The next upgrade is True Excalibur which needed A enhancement bro… and I think either AA or S rank one is Avalon… :3

    3. The author honestly seems to struggle with the difficulty rating of his own story.
      He doesn’t seem to want to change how every character works, or how the story itself is being paced. Right now, he’s at a comfortable status-quo in which the characters always have to run for their lives, for the exact same reason they always ran. The only ramification right now, is to use Explosion or Destruction to forcefully overcome any hardship, for a very limited time.

      The author has himself a very comfortable scenario to work with, everyone have their clear merits, and weaknesses. If the author will clear out their weaknesses, he’d have to think extra-hard about what sort of a challenge to throw at them next, yet he also wants them to advance already, given the fact that he threw Team Devil at them.

      Right now, it’s clear as day that the author is suffering a severe case of cognitive dissonance, with his unwillingness to make his characters actually stronger, but at the same time he keeps showing how easily they can grow with strong oppositions like Team Devil (who became a lot stronger than Zheng within mere 2 movies. Even Heng’s girlfriend became roided up beyond the current team, which is downright embarrassing. Just a reminder, Team China went through 11 movie scenarios (including the reiterations within The Mummy), yet they are STILL weaker than Team Devil when we first saw them. Holy crap.)

      1. Hey, it’s better than having to resort to the “Now there’s actually a lot of people with 1000 times your stats” they pull off in most Wuxia. Though the author really does have to stop making the solutions to the character’s problems so painfully obvious.

        Though… I wonder, would learning from those books or from Yinkong really go that quickly? I mean, for the most part, Zheng and most of the others are still “normal” people by Wuxia standards. They can’t simultaneously visualize a million swords in their heads to invent a sword technique or meditate non-stop for months on end to gain insights. Pills are expensive too, and would be counted as “enhancements” by God.

        I really feel that the author is trying to make a novel with Wuxia elements, but isn’t Wuxia.

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