TI Vol 15 Chapter 3-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 3-2

The idea made Kampa sweat. “Well, I do like heavier firearms but isn’t this too one too heavy? I just want a cooler looking Gatling gun not shoulder style rocket launchers!”

Zheng laughed and nodded. “Fifteen shots per minute is its maximum rate of fire. Longest range is 14km. Power around that of anti-tank missiles. Of course, it can cause friendly fire if you use it for close range but don’t you think having this large piece over the shoulder makes you look mighty?”

Kampa immediately shook his head. Xuan said. “This RPG is my suggestion. The reason is aside from its regular rockets, it can fire special ones. One of such is the tactical nukes we might obtain. Although it has a flaw of being unusable in close range but it will be the core force in long range team fights. Consider it.”

Since Xuan had said this, Kampa simply nodded and agreed. Now that his exchanges were decided, he walked over to God and closed his eyes. The scene was similar to that of Lan’s. A beam of light shone down and enveloped. A moment later, Kampa opened his eyes. On the floor was a weapon made of two piece of metals. He also got taller. His strength, speed, and reaction speed had increased. When he entered werewolf form, he felt his body enlarged.

Everyone else looked in shock. Kampa’s body hair was growing thicker until it was almost too much. He had a big body to begin with and he grew to almost three meters tall. This size along with the thick body hair made him look like a gorilla more than a werewolf.

Though he seemed pleased with himself. He moved his arms to test his strength. The werewolf bloodline didn’t come with things like blood energy but the physical stats it increased were nothing the vampire bloodline could compare with. Zheng didn’t have such physical stats when he enhanced the tier C vampire bloodline.

Kampa gave a demonstration then exited werewolf form. He picked up the weapon from the ground. It consisted of two large pieces of metals that would be fixed on both shoulders. Both sides could fire at the same time. People could also fill in new rocket types from the back. The RPG was about 40kg total excluding the rockets. It wasn’t something any normal person could use.

He said he didn’t like the RPG but he was laughing heartily when he held the gun on his hands. Then Kampa frowned. “Here’s the heavy firearm but what should I use in mid and close range?”

Zheng shrugged. “That’s why you also need a Gatling gun. Normal Gatling guns only cost a rank D reward. You spent a rank C reward for the bloodline, one for the RPG, and you still have a rank C reward left. You will need a rank D to unlock Resident Evil, which leaves you with two rank D’s. How about an unlimited ammunition version of Gatling gun?”

Kampa had no choice but to accept this. He carried the RPG on his shoulders then a Gatling gun on his hand. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he walked back to his woman. He was still murmuring the words EMP rifle. He couldn’t let go of its design.

Zheng could only give a bitter smile at it. He had discussed it with Xuan about the lack of heavy fire power. The EMP rifle could take care of situations with hundreds of thousands of enemies but if they get into war genre movies, its effectiveness was limited. Its range and power were not high enough. So instead of mid-range firepower, it was better to switch to long range firepower. If it was possible to get a large amount of tactical nukes, they wouldn’t have to worry about war genre movies anymore.

The next one was WangXia, Zero, Xuan, and Zheng. Zheng decided to help WangXia choose first.

“I am not sure if you are willing to get it but I think this enhancement suits you quite a lot. It’s called Bomb Dominator. The description says it gives you Demon energy. You will be able to summon Bomb beings depending on the amount of Demon energy you have. It sounds strange but God feels that this is the best enhancement for you in the search.” Zheng said.

It was difficult to choose an enhancement for WangXia because his specialties were scouting and setting explosives. These were important skills in the real world but it lacked potential in God’s realm. Once a team reached a certain stage, relying on sci-fi weapons would become a burden. Especially if he used up all the bombs, he wouldn’t be useful in the battle anymore. That was why Zheng decided to let WangXia choose the Bomb Dominator enhancement.

“This enhancement starts at tier C and goes up to B, BB, A, and AA. The highest tier can summon bomb beings equivalent to the power of a tactical nuke. I think it will be powerful. Relying on sci-fi weapons isn’t a long term solution, how about this one?”

WangXia didn’t hesitate a bit. He had no objection due to his profession as a soldier. He stood under God and exchanged the enhancement. He almost couldn’t believe he had finally gotten a rank C enhancement. WangXia opened his palm then one of those old type of explosive people used in the mines appeared. He threw it upward. The bomb exploded at ten meters high but the force was rather weak, at least compared to what they had been using.

WangXia smiled bitterly. “This is the Bomb Dominator enhancement. An energy like Qi appeared in my body after receiving it. It is easier to control than Qi. The energy will materialize a bomb that I imagined when I activate it. The power of the bombs will increase as this energy grows stronger. At this rank, I can’t create anything more than that. This is just too…”

Zheng patted his shoulder. “Don’t be pessimistic. You are only at the tier C enhancement. When your enhancement gets stronger or maybe when you use it more, I think you can also create your own ability. It might not be powerful enough for now but we still have the plasma bombs. That can make up for the lack of power at this time.”

WangXia nodded. He valued the team more than himself. That was why he listened to Zheng’s suggestion without any objection. However, he was also quite happy to get the Demon energy. It was similar to fantasy novels.

After WangXia was Zero. Zheng had prepared and said to him. “There’s no need to switch away from the Gauss sniper rifle. You need to exchange a pair of eyes, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, a tier B enhancement.”

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  1. Is “Bomb Dominator” a reference to any specific manga/comic/movie/myth/folklore? It sounds the author just made up some generic bomb-based power when there are numerous references that are applicable.

    1. kinda.. Yu Yu Hakusho’s enemy (specifically Kurama’s Enemy in the finals in one of the tournament can make any kind of demonic being that explodes)

  2. Bomb Dominator makes me think of Karasu from Yuyu Hakusho, the demon that can make explosives from his demon energy, both inanimate and living ones.

      1. I thought that too at first. But then, they specifically named Toguro enchancement (the guy from Team India had it), but this one wasn’t named after Karasu . . . then again, he’s not exactly a popular character.

        It would help to know what “Yao” energy is as this is the first time I’ve heard of that term.

    1. And for those wondering how those eyes can help Zero snipe~ well… if Zero can see the weak points of every single thing living AND inaminated objects too he can help destroy stuff like buildings, cars, shields, etc with just a snipe.
      Every living and unliving thing has a death point if they follow Tsukihime’s description.
      Zero will become the most useful part of the team after Xuan

      1. I feel like its wasted giving to Zero tbh. Mystic Eyes of Death Perception would suit close combat specialist like Ying Kong better, since all you need to do is trace the lines. If anything, Zero should have gotten some Future Sight skill

      2. I wonder how effective the eyes are. According to that universe at its strongest it’s a God like power to kill anything that has a flaw, but at its weakest it’s just noticing weak points. Also, the user effects the abilities of the eye. Shiki Tohno is more suited to killing living beings than magic or none living constructions. Shiki Ryougi eyes are of a higher level than his and is more suited to killing concepts, which includes magic and even buildings. Unless it has some limitations or is needs to rank up this is a broken power that should not be B tier, but S tier. I mean you can see the flaws of everything as lines/cracks and the points of death which result in absolute death. The eyes do strain the user user, but that was Tohno and not Ryougi.

        1. I guess its up to the Rank requirement. If its progressive, I imagine it would start out with lines, followed by spots and finally being able to “kill” concept/inanimate structures.

          If its a one-time exchange, it most likely has to be dependent on the user himself. Depending on Zero’s concept of death (living thing dying or erasing the existence of something), his eyes would manifest that power accordingly.

          1. thanks for explaining what the eyes do. When I read it I thought of the power their 2nd strategist (what was his name again?) and the blind girl had to see death. Lastly if its a one time exchange, I would assume its power would depend on his unlocked stage. So he might see the lines?

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