TI Vol 15 Chapter 3-1

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Vol 15 Chapter 3-1

There wasn’t much for the team to do in The Mummy world after the revivals. They spent most of their time talking about what happened in the days in between, what everyone did, the revivals, the worlds they went through, and introduce members to each other. When they went back to Cairo and wanted to rent a yacht out for fishing like last time, they were told the English army restricted private boats on the rivers.

That killed off their only entertainment. The thing was Xuan seemed to have an interest in fishing so that when he was told of this restriction, he actually smiled. The rest of the team dragged him out of Cairo out of fear. They went to the upstream of the Nile river and fished there for a few days. The team was worried Xuan might come to hate the English army or something. If he do anything out of the ordinary, returning to God’s dimension in ten days might become an issue.

Nothing special happened in these ten days and time flew by. On the day they were returning, Zheng told the curator to keep any letters from Imhotep or if Imhotep happen to come to Cairo, get him to stay here. The time they promised was about to come after team China finished the next movie. They would get a decision on whether or not Imhotep will become a part of the team.

“Imhotep? The high priest? To become a member of the team?” Heng asked in confusion.

Zheng nodded. “Yes. There are no eternal enemies and friends in this world. A lot of times, we merely stand in different positions. I told you that we went through too many things after the battle against team Devil. Imhotep was part of them. You will understand one day that people in this world changes, as long as you wish to change. I want to see the day you can become strong.”

Heng gave a bitter smile and didn’t say anything. He shrugged his shoulder habitually then realized he wasn’t carrying the Sirius bow anyone. Then he scratched his head.

Anyway, the team returned from The Mummy to God’s dimension without any dangers. They only learned of possible bonus mission aside from the revivals this time, the laser shooting Buddha head and the holy grail Imhotep was still searching for. However, they didn’t have the time think ponder much. The first thing they had to think about after returning was enhancements and each person’s weapon of choice.

Gando was extremely sensitive to the topic as if he was scared they would rob his points and rewards. Before the team even had a chance to eat lunch, he headed to the platform and exchanged a four-meter-tall, silver robot. This was the real deal instead of the bear toy. Gando almost wept in excitement as he looked at the robot. At least his consciousness prevented him from going up and kiss it.

“This is the one, VF-1 Valkyrie. It has a fighter mode, a GERWALK mode, and a Battroid mode. It can also be used in space. The cockpit is completely sealed. This is a real robot!”

Gando talked about his Valkyrie excitedly on the lunch table. Then Xuan asked calmly. “How is its energy usage?”

Gando said. “It’s unfair. God told me it can only be used for 15 minutes when I was exchanging it. That means 15 minutes in each fight. Its source of energy is electricity and needs to be recharged after 15 minutes or else it becomes a piece of useless metal. Xuan, please. Help me modify this robot.” He was aware the key to increasing the robot’s effectiveness lay on this man, so he begged.

Xuan agreed to it readily but he also requested Gando to use his remaining points to exchange rare metals like mithril. These rare metals were the materials to the energy storage devices and electricity conversion devices.

Gando had nothing left after the meal. Heng watched with his eyes wide open at the extortion. That was when Zheng remembered Heng and Yinkong hadn’t worked with Xuan before. They had HongLu as the strategist when they were on the team but there was a gap between HongLu and Xuan on scheming.

In contrast to Gando’s stubborness over robots, the three members revived didn’t have many requirements for their weapons. Yinkong just needed a dagger. Heng could use any bow. ChengXiao had unlocked and knew martial arts so he could fight without a weapon.

Everyone had a lot of points and rewards. They came with Zheng to the platform after their lunch. Zheng began searching for exchanges that suit each person.

“Lan, there are a lot of psyche force abilities and many of them are very useful. However, I think you should get Mind Control first. Remember the battle against team India? That woman probably exchanged this ability. It’s a CC tier psyche force ability. The description says control normal people with willpower that aren’t strong and haven’t unlocked. However, it can evolve to a BB tier ability to control any human or living being with lower psyche strength than you. I think you should get this ability and it will prove useful for our next movie, Resident Evil.” Zheng connected with God and said to Lan as he looked at the list God gave him.

Lan listened to him and exchanged this ability. A beam enveloped her as usual. She soon stepped out, but her eyes remained closed.

Zheng immediately asked with excitement. “How is it? Try it on us. When you aren’t intending to control someone, it can probe the target’s psyche strength. People with higher psyche strength aren’t necessarily strong in combat but you can still learn a bit about the person’s power level. Can you see the level of our psyche strength?”

Lan giggled and nodded. He pointed at each one of them. “You and Gando have the strongest psyche strength. Then it’s Xuan, Yinkong, Zero, WangXia, and Kampa. Heng has the weakest. I could almost control him.”

Heng felt awkward but he was rather frank and laughed at himself. It seemed that he wasn’t too worried about having weaker psyche strength.

Zheng nodded. “Psyche strength may have to do with the desire to live or willpower. I don’t know much about it. Test it out when you get a chance. This ability might allow us to probe the other team’s strength if we get into a team battle. Next up is Kampa. You have a rank B reward and 5000 points, right?”

Kampa nodded excitedly and laughed. “Let’s get the tier C werewolf bloodline first. Don’t know what to do with the two C rewards but they won’t get anything scrubby. How about another EMP rifle since the last one broke?”

Zheng shook his head. “The werewolf bloodline is a must but I considered the choice for your weapon. The EMP rifle is powerful but it has a fatal weakness. You don’t want that to happen again. So I think you should get something else this time. You are going to like this one, unlimited ammunition version of the rapid fire RPG.”

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  1. “unlimited ammunition version of the rapid fire RPG” – that would be useful in crowd control, though only works in sci-fi and non-fantasy worlds. Also does unlimited ammo mean he has to reload it or auto reloading lol?

    1. Auto reload

      Remember the guy in the 1st volume? (forgot his name sry!!) He only pulled his unlimited ammo desert eagle and shot like crazy in RE: 1

  2. a rpg machine gun ; well seem nice but weaker than the emp rifle , a normal rpg is good but the piercing ppower of the emp rifle seemed more useful to me

    1. The issue with the RPG is the backblast of hot gasses released with each launch. Nobody will be able to stand in a large cone area near Kampa’s back, limiting their options when grouped together on the Skystick. Put him on a hill and he becomes a god. He could also use the backblast as a last-reserve close-combat move so long as when he flips the RPG around he doesn’t need to worry about whatever he’ll blow up behind him when he flame-broils someone.

  3. I get the whole willpower thing, but Heng should be the hardest to mind control. Not only is he unlocked he also has the B tier Focused State of Mind ability, which had the description can’t be controlled by Psyche Force among reforming his mind.

  4. “The thing was Xuan seemed to have an interest in fishing so that when he was told of this restriction, he actually smiled. The rest of the team dragged him out of Cairo out of fear.”

    Thoses 2 sentences that came out of nowhere may be the funniest lines there have been in a while in this book.
    Xuan as a comic relief character is actually a quite brilliant idea.

  5. Gando should also get some bloodline/body modification ability, aka Guro Guro (is that what the lightning DF ability is called) fruit. That way he can be self-sufficient and not rely on Zheng for energy all the time

    1. I honestly think Gando should just take up Crysis’ NanoSuit. <: Or any other sci-fi combat-suit that has the potential to evolve, for that matter. One can only wonder how expensive it'd be, though. Considering it can keep its user alive even after one's spine snaps in twain, provides superstrength, invisibility…The cherry on top, is that the suit eventually integrates itself into the host’s body, permanently enhancing the user.
      To be honest, Crysis' world is pretty much perfect for Terror Infinity. But I guess the author is being stiff about going into game territory.

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