TI Vol 15 Chapter 2-3

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Vol 15 Chapter 2-3

Two out of the three people had been revived. The last one remaining was ChengXiao. Zheng said the same line with his eyes closed.

“Revive Cheng Xiao!”

ChengXiao stood in the middle of the street with the Zaku axe in his hand. He was protecting the girls behind him. Several men were attacking from his front. Every one of them moved fast and they all tried to go around him. When they did so, ChengXiao’s eyes turned sharp as blades. His axe danced like the wind and blocked these people from advancing. At this moment, his eyes had that familiar defocus along with the sharpness.

An emotionless man with two pistols blasted off ChengXiao’s arm. His movements were forced to slow down but he didn’t back away even half a step. He stood in front of the girls with a laughter. No one could get past him despite the increasing amount of wounds on his body. His speed and technique were at least on par with every one of these people.

The emotionless man pointed the pistols at ChengXiao’s forehead. He opened his arms, even the broken arm, then smiled at this man. His mouth moved lightly.

ChengXiao was born into a different kind of family than normal people. He was the son of a Wushu family. His parents, grandparents, and in-laws were all related to the world of Wushu in one way or another. His family also belonged to the military, so he was ‘loved’ by these elders since he was a kid. Love like soaking his body in medicinal solutions and hitting him with staffs made the little him cry everytime. Things lasted until a little girl appeared in this quiet little village. For some reason, he didn’t want to show any embarrassment in front of her. He would clench his teeth and not utter a word every time she appeared by her window, which would make her giggle.

They both grew up. ChengXiao became more and more handsome while she remained so average. However, their hearts were linked closely together. He said to her. “As long as I am still alive, I will protect you. I won’t ever let you get hurt in the slightest!”

She responded with a shy and calm nod.

ChengXiao’s family background didn’t allow him to stay in this quiet village forever. He left then returned several times, but their feelings never changed. Then the day he went to the city to buy a ring and rushed back in excitement, what awaited him was the aftermath of a landslide.

“What is a promise that can’t be fulfilled? As long as I am alive, I will protect you, but did I fulfill this?”

Zheng watched ChengXiao slowly appeared in front of him. Those last words echoed by his ears. When ChengXiao lost the girl dearest to him, he began to question his belief. He let himself loose but deep within, he was still a real man with the fortitude of a soldier.

ChengXiao sat up abruptly then looked around in confusion. When he saw Zheng and the others, he yawned and said. “Don’t bother me. Let me sleep for a bit more.” He was about to lie back down when he noticed something wasn’t right and turned his head back up.

“Colonel Xuan! Haha. We are both dead. That’s great. I thought death leads to nothingness but it’s still so interesting here. Though did hell went through a climate change? Why is it a desert?” He pointed at Xuan and laughed then asked.

Zheng scratched his head and said. “Well, we are actually not dead yet. You are revived.”

ChengXiao pointed at himself then at the others. He gave a laugh. “I get it. This is the illusions you get after death. I have seen from sci-fi movies that you would see your wishes as illusions at the time of death. Oh man. I have been wanting to fondle those huge…” He rubbed his hands and stared right past everyone at Yinkong.

Yinkong’s expression didn’t change. She held up her hand quietly. Her fingernails weren’t long but when she held up her fingers, ChengXiao shivered.

He laughed and said. “Man, that was stupid. I got scared by illusions. If that’s the case… Hey, illusions, where are you going! Don’t go away, illusions and those huge…” A large rock smashed into his nose and knocked him down.

“So that means these aren’t my illusions?”

ChengXiao lay on a bunk bed. A bag of ice water was hanging on the top of his nose. That was quite pitiful. He almost broke his nose because of his inappropriate remarks. Fortunately, there was an effect to soaking in medicinal solutions since he was a kid. He could take much more beatings. So they were able to drag him back to the military base. He lay there quietly as Zheng told them about what happened after the battle against team Devil.

“That’s basically it. My goal is to challenge team Devil with everyone, challenge them head to head. I don’t wish anyone in the team to die the next time we meet them.”

Zheng muttered as he looked at the newly revived members. ChengXiao was moaning on the bed. Heng was looking at Zheng carefully as he held his face. Yinkong seemed rather accepted. She looked at Zheng as if she had forgotten that he held her. When ChengXiao’s eyes moved over everyone and focused on her chest, she grabbed a stainless steel ashtray and threw it at his face.

“Ahem.” Zheng grabbed their attention. “I am finished with the explanation. You are coming back to fight in the movie worlds. I don’t have much to say to Yinkong and ChengXiao, just decide on your weapons. ChengXiao, since you are skilled in medical techniques, choose something that can perform surgeries and buff vitality temporarily in the battlefield. The needles from before are gone. If you want it, we can exchange a set for you. What I want to ask is, Heng, do you want me to revive her?”

Heng was listening to the conversation but Zheng’s words turned his face dark. People who didn’t know him might think he was angry but they knew he was afraid. So afraid that his face turned dark.

“No. Not now.” His reply was unexpected to Zheng.

“Well, it won’t be here. She didn’t get through any movies so we will just revive her after we go back.” Zheng said.

Heng shook his head. “No. I mean I don’t wish to revive her so early. I still don’t have the power to protect her. I don’t have the courage to see her. Even when we aren’t enemies, my heart hurts every time I see her. So give me some time. When I have the courage, when I can say to her forgive me, or kill me, then we will revive her!”

Zheng shook his head and sighed. He continued. “We will leave that for a later date. Let’s talk about our following plan. Since the revival went unexpectedly well without any delays, we have to spend the remaining several days here. After that, we will go into Resident Evil to obtain the T-virus prototype, so everyone can unlock the first stage of the genetic constraint. We can also see if it’s a bonus mission. That may get us a good sum of points and rewards.”

Yinkong suddenly stared at him with a serious look and said. “Did you see my past?”

Zheng was surprised for a moment. He immediately nodded. “Yes. You will see how the other person died and their past during revival. I didn’t want to but if you really mind, I will apologize.”

Yinkong lowered her head. She muttered with puzzlement. “Not that. I want to ask why did he betray us? Why did he have to do that? Is it really like what he told me? To test his strength? Can you kill all your comrades for something like that?”

Zheng walked over to her. He felt pity for this little girl. She was like a girl with wounds all over. She seemed strong but her heart had numerous scars. If you just lightly poke her heart with a needle, you would hurt her to an unbelievable degree.

Zheng stroke her hair. “I don’t know why he did that also. That’s why you have to search for the answer yourself, to ask him the reason. But remember we are always here for you. We are also your comrades. And you also have to believe that no one can kill us!”

“Welcome back, comrades!”

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    1. I find this pervert’s existence as a comic-relief to be completely redundant, rather than his personality as it is. I don’t even attribute that behavior to his “personality”, just something the author forced on him for no reason.
      One of the reasons I disdain that “perverted play”, is because it doesn’t just reduce himself into a comic-relief buffoon, who is otherwise a well-played character, but it also reduces the other girls into violent idiots who punch, claw, and cripple anyone who simply dares to stare at them.
      ..Are they 12 years old? This isn’t some shounen, ecchi, comedy manga, in which hitting people is su cutez and shows affection lol tsundere <333.
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    2. This chapter just made me giggle even more in that regard.
      He pats Yinkong’s head and thinks to himself: “She may be tough, but she has so many scars, she may as well be a normal soft hearted little girl! She’s just a girl! But, this Heng fella, no excuses! Man is man! Protect woman! Shameful! Disrespectful! Punishable by death and shame! In that order!”

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