TI Vol 15 Chapter 2-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 2-2

Due to the fact that the user of the Book of Amun-Ra would observe the past and thoughts of the person revived during the revival process, they agreed to have Zheng perform all of them. Everyone would transfer the points and rewards to him at the initiation.

“The leader has the responsibility to protect the privacy of his team.”

This wasn’t wrong but Zheng felt strange that this came out of Xuan. He stood there and pondered for quite a while, yet he couldn’t figure out what Xuan was planning. If it wasn’t because Xuan remained normally calm instead of having any sort of smile, Zheng would have believed he was scheming on something.

Anyway, everyone nodded in agreement and Zheng had to take on this responsibility to revive the three people. This was the best decision in terms of privacy after all.

“The first person to revive is Zhao Yinkong.”

As the notification on revival was announced, images appeared in Zheng’s mind.

This was a dark alley. A petite girl was fighting a man who seemed cold yet had a smile on his face. Their speed was beyond what the human eyes could capture. Every step, every movement, every dodge, and attack was almost a perfection. Just a little mistake and they would kill the other person.

Killing intent filled the girl’s eyes. Zheng had never seen her like this. Even when he fought her previously, her eyes remained calm as ice. That was the heart of an assassin, a mind that was always emotionless.

However, she looked like had lost herself to her inner devil. Her wrath erupted as she looked at this handsome man. She wanted to kill her, even if that was at the cost of her own life. This was the first time she showed herself like this, at least it was for Zheng.

When the fight reached its peak, the man suddenly turned around and ran along the alley. The girl couldn’t let him get away and sprinted after him. She ran at a speed approaching Zheng’s Destruction. Yet, at the turn of the corner, a steel wire cut off that beautiful head of hers.

Zheng had closed his eyes when he saw this but the images still streamed into his mind.

This was silent mansion on the hill. A man was holding on the hand of a two or three year old girl as they walked through the front passage of the mansion. The girl cheered when the man brought out an apple and handed it to her. Yet, before she could take a bite on the apple, he slapped her on the face harshly. Her face turned swollen but she didn’t cry. She quietly wiped what little of tears was on the corner of her eyes then bit at the apple, swallowing it along with the blood in her mouth.

The girl grew up. She was about five to six years old and came to a new environment with kids around her age. Everyone carried a little bag. Inside the bag was a bottle of drinkable water and several pieces of tough bread. The girl had her bread and water and conserving the food in the bag. When the other kids came to seize her food, she easily knocked them down and took their food. She gave herself a full meal then continued eating her own food.

Her childhood was spent such combat and hunger. It wasn’t all enemies that she met. She had comrades and friends that she trusted. Life was difficult but she would show that long forgotten smile and serenity when they fought together and chatted together.

Until that man, smiling yet had eyes that were cold as a blade, he protected her and took care of her the whole time. She always had an indescribable feeling for him until that nightmare. This brother who had protected her killed all her friends. He buried her childhood into memories.

Zheng quietly watched Yinkong opened her eyes. There was still wrath flowing through her eyes like lava. A few seconds later, she closed her eyes without a word then dropped down on the stone.

“I died?” Yinkong lay there for several seconds then got up.

The corner of her eyes still seemed wet but she had returned to her normal indifferent expression. It was like her wrath never existed. However, Zheng knew the wrath didn’t disappear. She buried them deep within her. The wrath would consume her enemies and her the next time they were unleashed, just like her last fight.

Zheng held Yinkong in his arms then said by her eyes. “It’s okay. We will start from the beginning. You will win the next time you meet him! And we are your comrades right?”

Yinkong looked at Zheng with surprise. It was just a blink of an eye for her but she could feel a change happened to Zheng. Though she couldn’t tell what kind of change it was. She pushed Zheng away and nodded. Then she walked to the other people.

Lan walked to Yinkong and embraced her. She lowered her head to comfort Yinkong then glanced at Zheng harshly, as if to criticize his vulgar act.

Zheng also knew that was rather abrupt. He gave an awkward laugh then continued with the revival.

He also put the words he said to Yinkong into his heart. “Yes. We will start from the beginning. We will win the next time we meet him!”

“Revive Zhang Heng!”

Still inside that same dark alley. Heng was facing a girl with his bow in hand. The strange thing was his expression was full of pain, and tears were flowing down the girl’s face. They both released their arrows but even a layman like Zheng could tell they were not trying. It wasn’t even that, they didn’t once shot at the other’s fatal spots.

The first one that couldn’t stand the fight was Heng. He seemed to have made a determined decision and headed through an alley after he made the next shot. The girl’s attention slipped for a moment and let him got away from her sight. She immediately chased after Heng with her wings.

Heng stopped by a main road. He watched as the girl flew close then suddenly drew his bow. He aimed the arrow at her head with a serious look on his face.

She smiled with relief and aimed her arrow at Heng’s heart.

They both let go of their arrows. Heng’s arrow grazed past her body. Zheng could see the arrow penetrated a building from far away. There was seemingly a figure on top of that building. However, Heng’s heart had become empty.

By the side of two small houses, a boy and a girl played together cheerfully. They held each others’ hands with laughters. They were only several years old but the fondness between them was apparent. Perhaps this was what people called childhood sweethearts, people who would keep walking down the path of life holding hands.

The days lasted until a traffic accident. The boy’s mother died and his father’s arm suffered comminuted fracture, losing the ability to hold a bow for the rest of his life while his career was an archer.

The depression, lost of hope, and the lost of his love and mental support caused the father to become increasingly abusive. He would abuse the boy when he felt the slightest bit annoyed. The boy became weaker and weaker from suffering the long term beatings. He would cower away as soon as anyone showed signs of wanting to hit him. He knew he could act back, he could resist, but having suppressed himself for so long had taken away his courage.

The boy and girl had separated for many years until they grew up to adults. He started working. His father had passed away. And he finally met his beloved again. Even the heavens seemed to pity his childhood and wished to give happiness to his future. If he could seize that happiness.

But he didn’t. When his car broke down and they encountered hooligans, when the hooligans mentioned the word kill, his fear erupted. He ran, leaving her, the one he would love forever behind in that darkness. He tore apart their happiness with his own hands!

Heng opened his eyes. His face was filled with tears. He didn’t seem to notice he had revived until Zheng punched him hard on the face. Heng flew off five meters.

“Coward, you still have a chance! Come with us and seize back your chance!”

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  1. So that’s what happened with that last arrow. It was Team Devil’s sniper. It seems obvious, but the novel showed the attack happening before Heng died, so I thought he shot an additional arrow at someone.

    Yinkong was that fast? Less than Destruction, but more then Explosion. The author rarely showcased her improvements from enhancements, so it was hard to tell this.

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  2. My guess was correct. Yinkong would be revived first (close combat) then Heng(long range and snipe with Zero) and lastly, Chengxio(doctor). There still Honglu and Tangxi who they can revive next. But no more newbies? Sometimes its rather amusing when the story talks about them a little bit. They can also revive Jie right?

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