TI Vol 15 Chapter 2-1

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Vol 15 Chapter 2-1

The Mummy was their most familiar movie, at least it was for Zheng. Too many things happened in this movie. It was also where the turning points for team China happened, the first team battle and the first revival. This movie was probably the second most important starting point aside from Resident Evil.

“My heart sunk after that battle against team Devil. If it wasn’t for the hope of revivals and the determination for revenge, I might have lost the courage to continue fighting.” Zheng muttered to himself as he looked out this land of sand.

The Sky Stick was broken by the arrow. However, some core parts were intact. Xuan exchanged the inexpensive parts and assembled a new one that worked as good as the previous.

The point of entrance was still the inn in Cairo. However, the atmosphere here was strange. Cairo police guarded all the major roads. Fortunately, the place they entered was rather out of the way and belonged to the Medjais. Soon after they registered in the inn, the curator hurried over.

The old man seemed in great spirit. He hugged the team as soon as they met but of course, there were a few that he didn’t want to get close to, like Xuan and Zero. Lan also refused the formality.

He had the Medjais got him a glass of iced milk and drank it. “Good thing you didn’t get in conflict with the cops outside. Or it would have taken us quite some procedures to get you out.”

The others looked with curiosity. Zheng knew the influence the Medjais had, especially after they got the gold from him. The English colonists became aware of the Medjai corporation’s influence throughout Egypt. A series of actions were taken to gather information about the corporation.

“Can’t be helped. A war broke out between Germany and several countries. The fire hasn’t spread to this place but it’s a question of sooner or later.” The curator said calmly but there was a sense of excitement hidden behind his eyes.

Zheng said. “Oh, World War 2 started. Then your plan to retrieve Egypt back to Egyptians should begin soon. So that means you have prepared for this for a long time.”

The curator laughed. “Yes. Right. The elders got in contact with many information agencies in Europe. We get three reports daily. Once something happens over there, we will be able to respond. This is all thanks to you and your team. We wouldn’t have such influence without your assistance. We are just missing some armored vehicles. The leader is getting in contact with the arms dealers.”

He told them information about the association. Ardeth had gone to the U.S. to visit the men they had over there and get in contact with arms dealers. Zheng might not be able to meet the old friends this time around.

“O’Connel and Evelyn settled down in the U.S. I heard their place was pretty good. Well, at least the war won’t spread there. Jonathan went to China. Heard that he got dragged into an event regarding a Buddha head that shoots lasers in Shanghai. Imhotep learned to write letters. He still hasn’t found the Holy Grail. Though he found a few gold mines. He had O’Connel manage the gold mines for him, so he’s a rich man now. Haha.” Too many things happened between the Medjais, the main characters and Imhotep. The once enemies came in contact and became friends with each other.

“Hoho.” Zheng felt a sense of warmth. “We don’t have anything special. We are going back once we revive our comrades. Tell you leader that we still remember. Don’t hesitate calling us if you are dragged into the war the next time we come. We will come to help!”

The curator waved his arm and walked out along with his two men. He soon came back with seven sets of local clothes and some cash. He had prepared everything for them.

“Let’s enjoy a good meal tonight. You are going to Hamuptra tomorrow right? The Medjais guarding there have seen you before so don’t worry. Ha. Let’s drink tonight.”

The curator was too excited when he met the benefactors who helped the Medjais prosper. He ended up being the first person drunk because he chose the wrong one to be his drinking partner. Kampa drank martini as if it was water. Alcohol wouldn’t even have a taste if it wasn’t vodka. Kampa was still drinking when the curator went down under the table.

“Let’s head to Hamuptra tomorrow morning. Reviving is more important. If any accidents happen in the way, like conflicts with the English stationed army, we would still have time to take care of it. Go get some rest early.”

Zheng felt the alcohol in his head after the meal. He said a few sentences and went to his room. As he walked past the hall, he looked up to see a full moon. The pure moonlight lit the ground, giving it a soft and silver white color.

“Wait for me. I will revive you guys soon. Then we will find team Devil for revenge and seize what we lost!”

Everyone woke up early refreshed the next day. They changed into robes for the desert then began assembling the baskets for the Sky Sticks. Soon, they left to Hamuptra before the curator woke up.

They found Hamuptra had changed drastically after they arrived. The pillars and stone statues of this ancient ruin had disappeared. They would have thought they went the wrong way if it wasn’t for the military base nearby. Some Medjais noticed the Sky Stick up above. As the team landed on the ground, a group of men in black rode over on horses. Zheng went up to meet them.

Those men got off their hoses when they were still a hundred meters away. The one in front greeted Zheng with a kind of ancient salutation and said. “The benefactor of the pharaoh’s descendants, we welcome you back to Hamuptra. Our leader had ordered us to receive you with the upmost respect. May I ask if you plan to enter Hamuptra first or rest in our base?”

Zheng looked to his team. The others shook their heads. They weren’t tired from the ride since it was just staying on the Sky Stick.

Zheng responded. “We will head into Hamuptra first, but what happened here? Some big change?”

The man said. “Our leader said this place was too eye catching when seen from above. This land is going to become a battlefield soon. In order to prevent the altar from getting damaged, he had us moved or buried the pillars and statues then covered the areas with sand and rocks. You won’t find the original Hamuptra at this point.”

Zheng praised Ardeth for being so thoughtful. The altar being damaged or destroyed by bombs was the only thing Zheng was afraid of. If that happened, he would have to perform the revivals in God’s dimension using double their points and rewards. Although World War 2 was coming, they had put so much effort in that this desert might not get dragged into the war. This should be a safe place.

“Let’s enter Hamuptra.”

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