TI Vol 15 Chapter 15

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Everyone was exhausted coming back to God’s dimension this time. Zero was still heavily injured and unconscious. However, it was also comparatively the easiest return for them. Thinking back, they were either missing arms or legs and were on the brink of death multiple times. At the end of Alien, Zheng wouldn’t have made it if he were just a minute late. It was only when they went to The Mummy to revive members or went to vacations did they came back like this.

The team had repairs followed by discussions. They discussed the gains and losses in their operation. YinKong, ChengXiao and Gando were the ones who obtained the rewards for the mission. It was really randomly given out just as God said. Zheng put in the most effort and only received the points for killing the Creepers and Nemesis. Each Nemesis was worth 50 points and each evolved Creeper 25 points. So he obtained over 3000 points, though still less than the fortunate three.

Team China’s strength in this operation also surprised everyone. Although they were aware team China was strong but they didn’t imagine the team to be so strong when in full cooperation. The strength of the team was in cooperating their extreme strengths and weaknesses. Such as Zero’s sniping ability and his lack of close combat strength. Heng had amazing burst but only for one shot. Gando’s Valkyrie was immensely powerful but a psyche force user could easily manipulate or kill him. Losing any one would weaken the team by a lot.

It was evening by the time they finished talking. Everyone ate dinner at Zheng’s room then agreed to meet up the next day to discuss the prototype T virus, what to exchange, and about the upcoming movie. Once everyone left the room, Lori leaped into Zheng’s arms.

YinKong glanced behind after she walked out and saw Lori going into Zheng’s arms. For some reason, she felt a little bitter but she simply turned back around and lowered her head as she went back to her room.

That was when she walked into someone. She raised her head to see Lan looking at her with a weird smile. Their rooms were next to each other so they were walking in the same direction. YinKong wasn’t aware of anyone in front of her because she was thinking.

Lan was attentive and noticed something not right with YinKong as soon as they came back. Something must have happened for someone as alert as YinKong to walk into her.

“Come take a seat in my room. I exchanged some top quality tea from God.” Lan smiled. She grabbed YinKong’s hand then walked toward her room. Although she asked for her opinion, her action indicated otherwise.

YinKong was still feeling a little loss inside. She was naturally emotionless even to people she trusted. Yet that bitter, or perhaps sour feeling and the shock from the facility made her lost and a little disappointed. It wasn’t after Lan mentioned having tea did she looked over.

Lan dragged her inside with a smile then became busy with herself. Ten minutes later, they sat down by a tea table. This celestial tea was a species that had become extinct in the real world. The water looked golden. The fragrant was rich. It made them feel relaxed.

“It sounds like Zheng improved rapidly during this time.” Lan took a sip of the team and said.

YinKong lowered her head and drank the tea. After some time, she muttered. “I just want to know how he improved so fast. Power isn’t a simple matter of enhancing. If he couldn’t absorb what he obtained, the higher the enhancement, the more it would hurt him.” She recalled how she was killed in Resident Evil.

Lan smiled. “I don’t know much about being strong but I think you are simply overthinking it. If you want to know, just go ask him. I think he wouldn’t hide anything from you. Or is there something that made you over complicate this?”

Lan refilled their cups. YinKong felt a little irritated. She drank the tea in one gulp and said. “I think I got sick. I originally thought it was the T virus but the full body repair from God didn’t cure it.”

“Oh?” Lan became curious. She refilled YinKong’s cup and asked. “What kind of sickness? Isn’t ChengXiao an expert on this? Why don’t you let him take a look?”

YinKong felt her face burned a little. She didn’t know why but she subconsciously didn’t want to tell her bitter feeling. She finished the cup of tea again and sat there quietly.

Lan carefully observed the little girl until YinKong’s faced turned red. She had an idea of it and walked over to her. Lan said something by her ear and indeed, YinKong nodded.

“Stupid girl. That’s not sickness.” Lan laughed. However, she couldn’t continue. Zheng had a family after all. Her words made YinKong realize what the issue was and also created a psychological barrier within her.

Lan sighed. She sat there quietly with YinKong.

The next day, team China was busy preparing for the next movie. They carefully watched Lord of the Rings over thirty times. They also exchanged some important items with the points they obtained from Resident Evil.

Since every person could only gift an exchange once per mission, they didn’t have the quota to gift again. The people who obtained the rewards saved their ranked rewards and used the points to exchange items for the team.

Lord of the Rings had an immense world. The world of Alien was nothing in comparison. Even if they were only sent to one episode of the series, the main mission and team battle would probably take over a month. If a large scale battle happened that made them lose an arm or leg, it would decrease the team’s strength and might lead to death. So they spent all their points on utility items to increase their survival rate. They had power enough weapons already.

They exchanged thirteen Charms of the Three Pure Ones at the cost of 500 points each. The description said it could heal any nonfatal wounds and could even reattach broken limbs. It could recover 70% of a person’s strength in an hour.

Then they spent 1000 points and a rank D reward for each Freezing Pill. The pill was made by Xian’s in ancient Asia that would put a person into deep sleep. The person’s immunization and regeneration would increase by a hundred folds. This sleep would last until the person’s wounds were no longer fatal. They exchange five of these.

They also got bandages, hemostasis sprays, and the Xian needles ChengXiao used to have. All the items went into the dimensional bag. Team China could last much longer in battles and was much stronger than before. They weren’t worried even if they were to stay in Lord of the Rings for several months.

Xuan encountered troubles creating the prototype T virus. He failed several times and became infected with the virus. But at last, he completed culturing the virus, 80 portions that could create Nemesis’s. The few people in the team who hadn’t unlocked was also injected with the virus. He said it would take seven days for the virus to complete altering their bodies before they could unlock. Now, team China was basically consisted of all unlocked members, probably the only team to achieve this aside from team Devil and team Celestial.

Xuan also handed Zheng forty portions of the prototype T virus. Zheng had predicted this since Xuan wanted to use these on other teams before killing them. Such huge interests made him willingly put the virus into the ring.

Then the day finally came.

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked, Lord of the Rings. Beginning teleportation.”

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  1. Woohoo start of a new movie!

    They need a serious healer upgrade so they won’t need to rely on consumables all the time. Also, I’m surprised they didn’t consider reviving anyone *cough* HongLu *cough* with the rewards they got. Since LoTR is fantasy based, you would think that they’d consider investing in more fantasy rewards to prepare for this movie. Right now, their team is still heavily sci-fi oriented.

    1. Although LoTR is fantasy based, there are not many enemies that are too much stronger than normal.
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