TI Vol 15 Chapter 12-2

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It was too late for Zheng to run. The speed from instant Destruction and Soru could get him out of the explosion but activation still needed a tiny fraction of a second. The missiles had reached him. He only had time to move into a defensive position when they a bright light and loud sound exploded. A violent shockwave followed. The force broke his stability. He was instantly thrown backward.

Zheng flipped backward several meters and smashed into the metallic wall. Bang! He printed a human figure on the wall. Fortunately, the dragonshard was effective and blocked the explosion and shrapnel with its translucent barrier. However, its shine weakened visibly.

Zheng coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood after he got down on the ground. The explosion didn’t injure him directly but the shockwave caused damage to his internals. Any other normal person would have died from that shockwave. It looked like the dragonshard couldn’t negate high tech weapons completely. Shockwaves could go through its barrier. Which meant it was a flawed defensive item! This weakness was fatal to a normal person without another defensive mean!

All these thoughts crossed his mind in an instant. He didn’t have time to ponder more during a battle as large bullets were coming at him. Judging from the power of these bullets on the wall, there was definitely a Gatling cannon on the firing end. He was too familiar with this weapon.

Zheng held off the bullets for only a few seconds. The dragonshard’s energy was almost empty. He had to channel his Qi into it. But the powerful bullets of the Gatling cannon also meant that fast consumption of his Qi. He stopped hesitating and drained both Qi and blood energy from his rings to enter instant Destruction.

“Soru!” Zheng charged twenty meters with imperceptible speed. The bullets only hit where he was standing. Then he used Rankyaku toward the direction of the central lobby. Almost a dozen cries followed and some bestial roars.

When he landed, he found out there were several hundred guards and four Nemesis’s carrying RPGs on the left shoulder and Gatling cannons with their right arm. There sizes were smaller than the Nemesis, One, in the previous movie. Still, these Nemesis’s were much bigger than a normal human and they wore thick alloy armors. The Rankyaku cut through ten guards but only ignited sparks as it hit a Nemesis. The defense of these armors were much higher than the previous movie.

Zheng’s speed was too fast. These five hundred guards only just pulled the trigger after he landed back on the floor. The countless bullets hit the barrier. They could only hear the sound of shells dropping on the floor. However, when the Nemesis’s began firing the Gatling cannons, Zheng had to use Soru again to escape. He spent at least 30% of his Qi in just those two seconds.

Dense gunfire wasn’t only useful against the Anubis army but was also threatening to him. He was lucky to still have the dragonshard or he would definitely get killed when being outnumbered by so many.

“What should I do? I can’t get stopped here.” Zheng smiled bitterly to himself. He looked at the ceiling and muttered.

The map Xuan gave him didn’t show any venting ducts leading to the central lobby. And the central lobby was the routing point of the important corridors. As long as the guards defend this place, he wouldn’t be able to enter other corridors. He was stuck here unless he killed every person in the central lobby.

“What should I do? I don’t have any heavy weapon to kill all of them. Do I have to rely on Destruction? If I use Destruction here, I will simply get stuck again on the next wave of defense. F*ck. I should have brought a heavy weapon.” Zheng muttered to himself.

He transferred the plasma grenades to the dimensional bag when he decided to be bait. The other heavy weapons were also in the bag. He thought there was nothing to be afraid of in this world with his power and Tiger’s Soul. Never had he imagined he would get blocked off by several hundred guards. The dragonshard was a cheap item. Its flaw was too fatal.

A thought came to his mind and he quickly brought out the Book of the Dead. He rarely used this book since he had gotten stronger. Its summoning ability was weaker than the Bracelet of Anubis. Its offensive magic was weaker than him in Explosion and Destruction while consuming blood energy. However, aside from summoning and offensive magic, it also contained utility magic such as transforming the terrain.

They relied on this magic when they escaped from Cairo in the battle against team India. It was the only spell he learned from Tengyi.

Zheng felt a mix of emotions. He held up the book and recited. The black book drained his blood energy then he felt the floor trembled as if there was an earthquake. A set of staircase rose from the floor. The magic didn’t only target rocks and sand. It seemed like all kinds of floors were included in its range.

A few dozen guards stood on where the floor rose. Zheng slashed them in halves with this opportunity. He charged up the stairs in Explosion. Then jumped down to the group still on the floor.

On the other battlefield, team China pushed forward without any obstacles. Everyone’s abilities were unleashed to their fullest under Xuan’s commands. He was on par with and maybe even surpassed Zheng in this respect. However, his tactics inherited his usual methods of deciding by risks and interests. He used people as baits, traded energy in the dragonshard for killing the guards, sending YinKong to assassinate when it wouldn’t take too much time, and had Kampa destroy a whole room if he confirmed there was nothing valuable inside. Zheng’s tactics on the other hand were formed from his numerous life and death experiences.

The group pushed deep into the weapon testing center. They had cleared its defensive system. Heng destroyed the robots with +3 magic infused arrows. No one was injured on the whole way aside from Heng feeling limp from seeing blood.

Xuan looked over a stack of documents in his hand and a vial of thick liquid. “Team China is strong but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I have a fair idea of your strengths. I am look forward to your performance in the next team battle. Now, we should leave the center. YinKong, go notify Zheng that we see a self-destruction counter on the main computer here. Both buildings are probably going to self-destruct. We have seven minutes to run. If he doesn’t want to die, then rush out as fast as possible. Over.”

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  1. I’m glad they are admitting how weak the dragon shard is. Xuan said it was a BB or A tier defensive item, maybe as a single piece and fully charged it is, but it’s value when separated into 20 pieces is closer to DD or C, DD if you remember it does nothing for magic defense. Just a bit stronger than the D tier Jade Pendant the smart kid had. The complete shard may only be B tier if the BB tier bells can block multiple nukes and magic attacks. The is is far too off for it to be a simple mistake, so I wonder if Xuan lied about how powerful the shards were to make the team feel stronger. That can’t be a good thing when Zheng was under the impression that the shards could block the blast of a small nuke I think. The only other explanation is that Xuan didn’t consider that the Dragon kept it fully charged at 100% at all times, and only a power that can deplete it’s energy in one go would defeat it.

    Also like the direction the mission is going. Like with the video of his clone fighting, this fight is teaching him not to be over confident and perhaps branch out more. If a few hundred normal soldiers and a few humanoid monsters armed with only modern weapons could push Zheng so far when he’s alone, what would happen if they had to do something similar in a sci-fi world with decent military power? Even if Zheng gets stronger and brings all his weapons, with his current power he can only die unless he relies on his team.

  2. “The summoning ability was weaker than the bracelet”… Yeah, cause ye feckin dinnah learn the rest, lad. If you could use the spells DevilZheng can and summon Deaths… Yeah. But no, completely ignore spells that could have wiped massive amounts of bugs in Starship Troopers, turned every fallen enemy into an ally, or possibly could hit through magical defensive items with one of the corrosive spells. Hell, maybe there is even the way to become the same type of immortal as Imhotep in there…

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