TI Vol 15 Chapter 12-1

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A four-meter-tall humanoid robot appeared next to Xuan after his words. This robot had been standing in this darkness. Its eyes lit up and a very faint light glowed on its body.

The robot took a heavy step and jumped about ten meters. Its body bended backward as it began a transformation. In just a second, the robot transformed into a jet fighter with a streamlined body.

They could hear a cry of excitement coming from the jet. Two streams of electricity burst out from its back. The plane sped toward the weapon testing center. Once it reached within a hundred meters, it fired several mini missiles from the wings. The missiles bombed the exterior walls. The concrete was blasted in the explosions. There was another cry coming from the jet. The jet flipped again as it landed and turned into a walker type.

“It is space shuttle more than a jet. Its flexibility, the speed from the electric burst system, and the extended energy from the conversion of Qi make it equivalent to a BB rank or even A rank robot. However, there’s also a limitation. The limited ammunition can only sustain a mini battle like this one. Though with the addition of the dragonshard, it’s our high tech trump card before its energy depletes.” Xuan said to the others as he watched the firework.

The rest of team China also watched from afar. The robot switched between its three modes liberally and unloaded its firepower. The exterior of the center was engulfed in a sea of fire. Several Gatling cannon that came up also got destroyed.

The robot transformed back into humanoid form. It brought out a three-meter chain saw and began cutting the steel wall. Sparks flew all over as the robot opened up a large hole on the wall. Then it fired several missiles inside.

Kampa and WangXia ran toward the center. Xuan, YinKong, ChengXiao, and Heng followed. Zero and Lan stayed in place.

“Gando and Zero stay in place and defend. Take down any jets or helicopters that come. Gando switch to Fighter mode and patrol in the air. Shoot down any bombers or missiles. Zero give him fire support. Everyone else follow our plan.” Xuan flipped his hands and two Gauss pistols slid down.

At the same time, a battle between man and monsters erupted in the research facility.

Every lobby in the facility was filled with guards as backup from the weapon testing center arrived. These guards all wore hazmat suit like armors and carried military grade weapons. The Anubis warriors were finally stopped by their fire. However, several hundred guards had been killed by their sword by this time. There were only two more lobbies between them and the central lobby.

A guard leader looked at the thick layer of sand on the corridor and said to a device. “Targets cleared. Squad two staying alert.”

“Remain alert. You must keep the monsters outside the central lobby!” In the surveillance room, several men in black suit received multiple similar messages. The monsters were blasted into sand. The number of monsters they killed were over a thousand but there were also several hundred casualties.

“Where is the G virus carrier? Why can’t I find him?” As they were relieved to hear the monsters being stopped, one of the men suddenly cried. The others immediately began flipping through the cameras. However, Zheng was nowhere to be seen in any location. He disappeared from their surveillance.

The men just took out their communicating device when a cry came from a lobby. Zheng crawled out from the venting duct. He dropped down among the guards. Tiger’s Soul swung in a full circle. Over a hundred guards watched in shock as their bodies got cut in halves. A heavy scent of blood filled the area in a ten-meter radius around Zheng.

The lobby had a total of two hundred guards. Zheng landed in the most crowded spot. As the bodies of these guards were still sliding off, the rest still stood in place.

Zheng jumped up and stepped on the head of a guard. He leaped forward again before the guard’s body fell. It wasn’t until now that those whose body fell cried in despair and madness. They noticed they only had half their bodies left but their guns were still in their hands. These men pulled the triggers with despair.

Zheng slashed the sword downward from midair, cutting through a ten-meter area in front of him. Ten more guards either died or injured. The light blade also cut a crevice into the floor. He landed then charged into the guards before they could even react.

The men in the surveillance room felt a chill swept over their bodies. Two hundred fully armed guards were all killed in less than thirty seconds. Their deaths were miserable as their upper bodies were still moaning on the floor. It took a few minutes for the loss of blood to kill them.

Zheng’s combat strength was even more terrifying. He wasn’t even damaged after killing two hundred guards. If Umbrella Corporation had known of such strength, they wouldn’t treat him the same. They would at least not let him stay in the facility without sufficient defense.

Zheng picked up the communication device from a pool of blood and said. “Rinse your necks and wait for me. All of you have to die!” He gripped his hand and crushed the device.

A man in the surveillance room yelled. “Don’t destroy the facility anymore! Evolved Lickers are frozen underneath! Hey!”

Another man patted his shoulder. “We have no other way. Let the Nemesis go fight him. It just needs to delay him for ten minutes. Activate self-destruction. The mini nuclear bomb can destroy the facility and the evolved Lickers inside. We will leave on helicopters.”

“Leave? To where? There are so many important materials in this facility. Almost all the evolved Lickers of the company are here. Even if we can get out alive, the company will clean us up if all the evolved Lickers are destroyed. Where can we go?” The man shouted. His eyes were bloody red.

“Just activate the facility’s self-destruction. We will go to the roof and take the helicopters. Dying to a gun is better than dying to the Lickers’ claws.”

Zheng wasn’t aware his strength had terrified the executives of the Corporation. He continued destroying the facility as he moved toward the central lobby. He thought about summoning another round of Anubis army but he had already used up all the blood energy in a ring. He couldn’t summon them if he wanted to continue using instant Destruction. And it seemed like his goal was reached now that the backup from the weapon testing center had come over. There was not much value to summoning again.

Zheng mumbled to himself then continued running toward the lobby. As he made a turn around the corridor, several mini missiles struck him. These four missiles were extremely fast. They exploded before he could react.

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