TI Vol 15 Chapter 11-2

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Zheng left the corridor leading to the office. He didn’t know the current situation in the facility. However, the non-stop sirens signaled that the whole facility was on alert. What he needed to do was make the disturbance even more intense and attract everyone. He would then kill them all.

Zheng summoned the Anubis army as he walked. He had enough blood energy to summon a thousand at this point. This three meter tall monsters with a dogs head and holding large swords packed the corridor. They were awaiting for Zheng’s commands.

“Kill. Kill every person you see!” Zheng took a deep breath then shouted. He pointed Tiger’s Soul to the inner part of the facility.

The Anubis warriors howled. They ran along the corridor. Their bodies seemed large and bulky but their movements were extremely nimble. The warriors also had the abilities of the Mummy Guards in that they defied gravity and ran along the walls and ceiling.

In a lobby at the end of the corridor, over a hundred guards stood nervously on alert. They aimed their guns at corridor. The whole facility’s defense was activated as soon as they learned that the G virus carrier went berserk and started killing. An endless supply of guards entered the facility and occupied the important lobbies. They had confirmed a board member was killed so the higher ups sent orders to destroy the G virus carrier before he caused more damage.

The guards were wearing armors similar to hazmat suits. Their guns had been swapped to the biggest models. Several also carried RPGs. Over a hundred of them guarded by the corridor. No matter how strong the G virus carrier was, the human body was still flesh. Barriers similar to this one was placed throughout the facility.

“Be careful. Open fire immediately if you see anyone come around the corner. Don’t leave a thing alive!” A man in suit shouted to the guards.

He held a device on his hand then shouted at it. “Jack, the G virus carrier isn’t here yet. Don’t activate the Nemesis. We might be able to… God! What is that?”

As the first Anubis warrior ran across the ceiling, a swarm of them followed. The dog head monsters all came out from the corner of the corridor. The guards were shocked for a moment then they pulled the triggers as they cried. Everyone seemed terrified. It wasn’t only because they were monsters but also their numbers.

The first warrior didn’t get destroyed by their guns because the guards were shocked at the time. It ran a long distance on the ceiling before they opened fire. The gun shots crushed its legs but by the time it dropped down from the ceiling, the legs had reconstructed. These monsters couldn’t die as long as their heads weren’t destroyed. The guards relaxed for a moment seeing its legs destroyed so the Anubis warrior was able to charge into them after recovering.

The large sword cut through the guard nearest to it. A head fell and roll on the floor. Several guards near him cried out and fired at its chest. Sand burst out in the air. However, that wasn’t the correct target because the Anubis warriors weren’t human. The sword continued to slash across, killing one and injuring several. Another guard was cut in half on his neck. Moans of pain were spreading from the group.

“Hold them!” The man in suit yelled as he ran away because a never ending army of these monsters were coming out from the corner of the corridor. Gradually, the hundred guards couldn’t hold them off anymore. The Anubis warriors weren’t just running at them from the floor but also on the walls and ceiling. Most importantly, their bodies were formed by sand. They wouldn’t disappear as long as their heads weren’t crushed. They were breaking through the guards’ defense.

The rest of the guards hesitated when they saw the man started running away. Dozens of them also wanted to run which weakened their defense even more. The decrease in firepower caused the line of defense to collapse at last. Those with RPGs immediately fired their missiles. Multiple explosions followed. Near a hundred of these warriors got killed. The guards fell forward to avoid the gust of wind and sand. Yet, they opened their eyes to a still never ending number of monsters coming from the corner. The nearest one charged into these guards. Over ten guards were killed several slashes later. The remaining guards all ran after the man in suit.

The man turned his head around to see situation. When he saw the Anubis warriors broke into his people, he yelled at the device almost with insanity. “Support! We require support! A lot of monsters appeared in the corridor! Images have been uploaded. We need support! Get all the backups outside the facility here!”

Several men in the surveillance room also looked in shock. They had a clear view of the thousand monsters through the monitors. Among these monsters was the G virus carrier. What confused them was how the G virus carrier got along with these monsters peacefully. The monsters seemed like Egyptian mythical creatures. They were massacring guards who couldn’t run away fast enough. Over eighty guards were chopped into paste.

“Support! Send all the backups from the weapon testing center over! This place is getting run over. Over a thousand monsters are charging through! There aren’t many important things in the center aside from some data. Leave a hundred guards and send the rest over!” One of the men yelled at the communication device. He seemed to be panicking.

The others also panicked. One person picked up the device and said. “Release Nemesis #3 to #7. Bring them to the central lobby. Everything in the facility is important experiment subjects and there are hundreds of evolved Lickers frozen underneath. No one is going to live if the power goes out!”

Zheng wasn’t simply heading toward the central lobby. He was destroying everything on the way. Tiger’s Soul had impressive attack range and the light blade was extremely sharp. He ran behind the Anubis warriors and slashed at the walls and machines, leaving ruins and sparks on all the places he ran by. The ruin was extending toward the central lobby. He could totally destroy the power system by the time he reach the central lobby, which was what these men feared.

These men in suit were obviously higher ups in Umbrella Corporation. Their orders quickly reached the weapon testing center and the guards readied themselves. Several thousand guards formed lines and jogged. Ten minutes later, only a hundred were left in this center along with some half human weapons. This was the most fragile time of this weapon testing base.

Not far from the base, the rest of team China stood in a pitch black area. Xuan looked at the base and said. “Begin. Gando go destroy its exterior.”

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