TI Vol 15 Chapter 10-2

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Vol 15 Chapter 10-2

Zheng buried his killing intent deep down his heart the next day. He cooperated with Umbrella Corporation’s researches and went back and forth between his room and the laboratory. His performance was decent so the researchers gradually got to know him. He also learned a lot about the Corporation from these researchers. This facility was advertised as the headquarter to the public but it was only one of the several largest facilities they had. Not even the researchers knew where the true headquarter was.

“Rumors said the true headquarter is located in a desert. However, that’s just rumors. This facility is the largest one people know about.” This was one of the rumors Zheng heard.

Then there were the reports regarding his cells. No matter how the researchers experimented, normal people injected with his cells would only strengthen their bodies to twice a regular person’s. Which was on par with injecting just dragon blood. This phenomenon caused a lot of headaches for the researchers. If Zheng was as weak to begin with, they could attribute it to the G virus being weak. However, he showed strength that was ten times that of a normal person and perhaps even more. This signified their research was going at the wrong direction. Normal people withstanding Zheng’s cells from going out of control was one question but the researchers couldn’t even extract the potential of the G virus. Ten days passed with similar results. Which led to the disappearance of several researchers. A few dozen new researchers took their place.

Zheng watched apathetically as a bystander on the disappearance and coming of the researchers. These people were going to die anyway. There was no difference dying to the Corporation or to him. And because he behaved well during these days, he was allowed to move among a large area. He could visit Alice freely now. This main character was submerged in a nutrition liquid. She still needed several more days to recover. The day she regained conscious would be the day team China’s attack began.

“It’s soon.” Zheng lay on the bed and murmured. The time was at night. The masking on the facility became weaker every day at this time. He also only had five minutes a day to communicate with the rest of the team via soul link.

“Zheng, can you hear me?” Lan’s voice gradually became clear and appeared in his mind.

Zheng smiled. “Lan, I have told you many times not to break in too early. It will consume your psyche force. Are you an idiot? Psyche force takes much longer to recover unlike stamina.”

Lan giggled. “I didn’t begin early. I contacted you right on time. Stop thinking that I am always so concerned about you. Xuan has obtained the map to the facilities. Let me connect your minds.”

Several seconds later, Xuan’s calm voice appeared. “I have cracked the map of the facilities. I am going to send it to your mind now. The highest executive in these two buildings is a board member named Richard. You can hold him under duress on the day Alice wakes. The rest will depend on your follow up. Destroy these two buildings.”

Zheng didn’t say a word. He was memorizing the maps that appeared in his mind. Several minutes later, the maps disappeared. Their five minutes were up. Zheng recalled the maps to familiarize himself with them.

Time never stopped. Zheng could get in touch with more and more things within the facility due to his good behavior. Aside from the most classified items like the model of the Nemesis or the newest Lickers, he saw the specimen of the zombies infected with T virus and their internal organs.

The most shocking specimen and the one that made him felt anger was a girl about eight to nine years old. She floated peacefully inside a container. Her lower body consisted of skinless red muscle like that of the Lickers. The researchers explained she was the product of genetic transfer. They injected a Licker’s cells into her and part of her body mutated. The result was this half human half Licker.

Zheng’s eyes turned red as he saw everything. He didn’t say a word and just turned around and left the specimen display room. The steel handle that he grabbed was crushed.

He lived the next few days like this and counted the time until Alice would wake. He had seen too much. His heart was filled with anger. He hadn’t felt such anger since the battle against team India. If he didn’t let the anger out, he was afraid it would hurt him.

Fortunately, he was allowed to see something other than the specimen. Umbrella Corporation had hidden surveillance cameras. He found some videos from the time of the second movie. Videos such as scenes of team Devil massacring zombies and the power his clone displayed.

Inside the video, team Devil was on a bus. They hadn’t brought out their Sky Sticks at the time. Maybe they were simply toying with team China and didn’t catch up to them. When they encountered a large swarm of zombies, it was clone Zheng who fought them alone. He stood on the street in front of the swarm of zombies and Lickers. A pair of bat wings spread from his back and he was holding a two handed sword engulfed in a dark flame. His image seemed like that of a demon.

Clone Zheng had powers unimaginable to Zheng. When the two of them fought, he barely entered the unlocked mode before he killed Zheng. In the video, he swung the sword and the dark flame spread in a cone. All zombies and Lickers that came in contact were devoured by the flame and burned to ashes.

His speed was also extremely fast. He didn’t seem like he made any movements but he was already at the other end of the screen in the next second. This speed surpassed Zheng in his Explosion mode. What gave Zheng a chill was clone Zheng didn’t seem to put in all his efforts. He casually swung the sword as he flew. The only word to describe this battle was leisurely.

Zheng rewatched the video dozens of times. He found that he couldn’t discover any weakness on clone Zheng. The movements, speed, power, and even the state of his mind were perfect.

This was the first time Zheng questioned the power of Destruction. He didn’t know if he could defeat this powerful clone. He wasn’t sure even if he were to use Destruction.

Finally, the day that Alice woke up had come. The middle age man left the experiments on the G virus and headed to Alice. In his words, Alice was the most outstanding test subject aside from Zheng. The Corporation wanted to keep Alice even after they obtained Zheng.

Zheng didn’t go to see her. He put on the four mithril rings then followed the map Xuan gave him and headed to the executive office.

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  1. Still not quite at the clone’s level yet, huh? To be fair, the clone seems to use more purchased abilities, which tend to be more complete, rounded and lacking in flaws when compared to the self created ones.

    1. So, does having more abilities from the system a good thing, or not? Because Xuan claimed that “acquiring too much from god will only cause you to stagnate”. If that’s the case, how come Devil Zheng is so strong? What does he know, that Zheng does not know? What sort of abilities he acquired, that Zheng does not have, to such an absurd degree?

      Hopefully his A-grade Qi will bear any form of fruit any time soon. Seeing as he picked a different path than his clone, one has to wonder what sort of methods he’d have to use to rise up to his level.

  2. Zheng should have already known he is not a match for his clone, even in Destruction, given the fact the clone had already unlocked the greatly hyped 4th level.

  3. My opinion is that his clone not only has higher enhancements, but has self created powers, altered skills and extensive training, unlike Zheng who seemed satisfied after getting just his self created powers Explosion and Destruction. Previously Zheng was of the mind that techniques were pointless when he was at the level of Destruction, but now seeing how perfect his clone was he lost that confidence.

    His clones base stats, fighting technique and skills are above his own in Explosion. The current Clone Zheng is probably much stronger than he was then since two movies passed, had the chance to do bonus missions, wipe teams, and didn’t have to waste so much time reviving comrades (They had the points and rewards to get it all done immediately afterwards). I hope he really reconsiders the value of getting a sword technique and training it to suit his special powers, along with getting other skills and doing that same.

    1. So, basically, Devil Zheng is 3 times more competent than Zheng, in every possible regard.
      One has to wonder how is that even possible, he seems way too perfect.

      And I disagree about the sword-techniques. That’s just a simplistic way to look at things, one tries to raise the efficiency of a technique that is not even perfected yet, by adding a weapon. I think the natural development of Zheng’s power, is not a sword technique, but raising his capabilities to use Qi, seeing as he already spent an A-grade reward on it. A weapon truly has absolutely nothing to do with Qi right now, and it only dodges the subject of how to actually properly make use of it.
      (And if one is going to say that “he still needs a few months to convert all of his Qi to “Chaotic Unity Qi”, nothing stops him from spending 300-600 points in order to spend 30 to 60 days at Starship Troopers, to properly convert his Qi without all of the drama of having to survive through movies without it. 600 points. Even 1000 points is nothing at this point.)

    1. Maybe it’s because Zheng literally tries to do absolutely nothing with his Bloodline? Who knows, maybe there’s a special skill for it, just like how Red Flames is exclusive to the Vampire bloodline / users of blood-energy.

      It’s truly a mystery how Zheng goes: “I need an AA rank reward for a sword technique!” but the narrative does not even go over as to why he does not even try to upgrade his extremely basic Blood-energy / Qi capabilities. Clone Zheng can condense intense black flames,manipulate his flames to create a shield and who knows what else, fly with his wings, and even turn into a swarm of bats. Zheng can destroy his body with a makeshift skill that’s still not up to par with his Clone, be a bit swifter with his basic movement skill, and melt things with his basic Red Flames skill. And it never occurred to him, even until this moment, that he should probably upgrade his capabilities related to Qi or Blood energy.

      That being said, I feel like there isn’t a lot of merit to rant so much on this matter, seeing how the author is both an arsehole when it comes to obstruct his characters from leveling up even though it seems completely legit for them to escape their status-quo, but the author is also fair about keeping his characters low-leveled like that. He doesn’t blame them for his own desire to FORCE them to maintain their level of competency. They are constantly in danger, that’s true, but they always have a way to get out of those dangerous situations with their current skills. The story never once made me feel: “If only they did that one common-sense thing of training harder, or gaining that one skill that makes so much sense, they wouldn’t have to die!”. I never felt like that, my grievances regarding their powers is only because I don’t see a reason as to why Zheng does nothing about his capabilities, even though it technically does not hurt the story or plot, other than making it slightly boring due to how quickly it gets into a routine.

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