TI Vol 15 Chapter 10-1

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Vol 15 Chapter 10-1

Zheng meditated in his room at night. He wasn’t a person with especially strong persistence but the many times of life and death experiences had turned him into a person with determination. Since he had made the decision to kill every person in this facility, he wouldn’t alter his plan no matter what. Now, he only needed to think over how to kill them and how to leave in safety.

Too bad there was no way to contact the outside. This was the most critical weak point. He couldn’t know how was the team at this time. Did any accidents happened? Or was it God who masked this facility? If it was the former, team China might be in great danger. If it was the latter, he needed to get in contact with the team before the plan to stealing the prototype T virus could proceed.

Zheng sighed. He looked at the data regarding the T virus on the reports in his hand. The researchers handed these reports to him at night per his agreement with the Corporation. Unfortunately, these reports were composed of chemical formulas that he couldn’t understand even a bit. It was better if Xuan got these but they were effectively useless in his hands.

Aside from the reports, the researchers also compiled the data from the tests of his cells and gave him a copy. As he received the report and thought of the people locked in the room with the Licker and the two people who were dissected alive, he couldn’t help but wanted to tear these researchers apart. Of course, his rationality forced him to just take the reports off them then closed the door to his room.

“How can I get in contact with them? The simplest method is probably leaving this facility. However, the Corporation certainly won’t allow me to leave. Unless I start the plan now or sneak out…” Zheng murmured to himself. He was about to look over the data of his cells when a voice faintly appeared in his mind. Several seconds later, the voice became clear.

“Zheng, can you hear my voice? Zheng, answer if you hear my voice.” It was Lan’s voice. She was continuously asking this question as if she was making a phone call.

Zheng immediately answered her through his mind. “Yes. I can hear you. What happened? Why couldn’t I get in contact with you? Did you get attacked by the Corporation? Or…”

Lan was pleasantly surprised. “No, we are fine. Nothing special happened. However, this facility seems to be masked by something. I kept trying to probe inside with my psyche force but it was blocked by something. This masking only became weaker just now. I don’t know how long it takes before its strength returns. We might not be able to communicate for long.”

Zheng paused for a moment then said. “Thank you. Don’t worry, I am also fine here. Connect me to Xuan.”

Lan complied with a bit of disappointment. A moment later, Xuan’s apathetic voice appeared in Zheng’s mind.

“This masking is as you said might be God’s doing to increase difficulty. Otherwise we could see everything in the facility with just a scan. I speculate that we cannot continue our communication for long so I am going to make it short. I have hacked into Umbrella Corporation’s internal network. The data shows the Corporation indeed has the prototype T virus. However, the data on the virus and its location isn’t at the research facility you are in. They are in a weapon testing base next to the facility. There is a total of 7,000 guards in these two places and some bio weapons. There might even be a Nemesis.” Xuan said.

Zheng listened quietly then asked. “What do you mean? What are you trying to say?”

Xuan continued as if he was talking to himself. “Alice is currently undergoing body repair in the facility. It will take about fourteen days before she wakes up. I will have Jill go take her away at that time, just like the original movie plot. Your task is to threaten the Umbrella Corporation officials in the research facility to let Alice leave safely. We cannot let her get in danger before we finish the bonus mission. Secondly, after she left the building, I need you to start killing, kill every person you see, be it researchers or guards. You not only have to kill people but also destroy the facility. Destroy everything inside and when you have done enough damage, you will lure the guards from the weapon testing base over. We will take the chance to ambush the base. In other words, the more chaos you cause, the safer we will be in the weapon testing base. This is my whole plan.”

Zheng took a deep breath. “Okay. Then I will do as you said and kill everyone I see. Understood.” The voice in his mind gradually quieted down until it completely disappeared. He knew the contact was interrupted.

At the same time, the other part of team China also knew their soul link was broken. Lan looked at her watch and said. “That was only five minutes. The masking is coming back.”

The others sighed. Heng asked. “We can’t use soul link but can you use psyche scan? We should at least draw out the map of the weapon testing base.”

Lan shook her head with a bitter smile. “No. Everything is clouded with a layer of black mist when I scan over. I can’t see anything inside. If I try to penetrate this mist with my psyche force, my psyche force gets dissipated easily. And it would make me faint if I continue for a while.”

ChengXiao laughed while the others sighed. “Don’t worry. Zheng is stronger than all of us combined. I don’t think he will get subdued or dissected that easily even if he’s in their research facility. Or was this not what you are worrying? Uh, are you worrying Umbrella Corporation is going to seduce him with women? Like send him an obedient, blonde lady? Haha. If that’s the case, then we ought to be worried.”

Zheng would exclaim at ChengXiao’s intuition if he were here to hear this. The Corporation did indeed assign a sexy blonde woman to him.

The corner of Lan’s mouth twitched then she smiled. “How can that be. He’s the G virus carrier in their eyes. Aren’t they afraid of creating a mutated monster if they so easily give him a woman? Don’t worry. It’s not possible.”

ChengXiao was excited to see such a reaction from Lan. “How’s that not possible? Look at Xuan thinking so seriously. Zheng probably said something out of the ordinary. He definitely accepted the lady bribe from the Corporation. Man, this dude is so lucky, he can accept a blonde for just being a bait. I heard those women are blonde even down there…”

Pah! YinKong swung her arm then there was the sound of an impact. It was like a metal stick had struck ChengXiao’s face. He was sent flying back several meters as he said the word ‘there’ and smashed into the wall.

Lan didn’t see ChengXiao’s misery because she turned to Xuan at once. Xuan was indeed having a strange expression like he had encountered a question. When Lan was about to ask, Xuan said. “Don’t worry. Even if they were to bribe him with women, his indecisive personality wouldn’t allow him to get into any kind of relationship in such a short period of time. What I am curious is that he so decisively accepted my plan to kill everyone he sees.”

The others also got curious. Kampa asked. “You mean Zheng wouldn’t agree to killing everyone in the facility?”

Xuan shook his head. “No. He’s a mature leader now. Even if what he has to do contradicts with his beliefs, he would make his choices for the team when it comes to the team’s interests. The thing I am curious about is the decisiveness he showed. Normally he would ponder for a long time and frequently suspect me. This decisiveness doesn’t fit his personality.”

“Which means that he’s either brainwashed by Umbrella Corporation or something happened in the facility that made him want to kill everyone there. These are the only two possibilities I can think of.”

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