TI Vol 14: Chapter 6-3

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Vol 14: Chapter 6-3.

Blue light shone from the robot’s chest. Szz. The nearest hopper bug was burned into a charcoal. The bear robot swung its hands and crushed this charcoal. At the same time, the blue light spread out rapidly and enveloped the robot in a six-meter area. The light only lasted for a second but it burned over twenty bugs. The robot moved its arms and broke all the charcoals.

Once the bugs surrounding the robot were gone, it started to fall. Dozens of bugs immediately flew in to fill the space. The robot was only falling from a ten-meter height. As it almost touches the ground, the metallic humps on its back finally opened up. Blue electricity spurted out and pushed it forward right before it touched the ground. Hopper bugs that were charging at it hit the ground instead. And the robot finally made it out of danger temporarily.

(My body’s still numb from the electrical attack. This state will persist for two seconds. Needs five seconds to recharge after the electrical attack. Which means I can’t dodge with full capacity for two seconds and can’t attack for five seconds. If I get caught, the robot’s joints won’t be able to sustain five seconds of pulls.)

Gando felt the world had changed. It was a sensation indescribable with words. Endless information streamed into his head, what actions to take, how to move his hands, what steps should the robot take, its balance, speed, and strength.

The speed under the electrical jets that he couldn’t take control of during training felt so easy now. His control gave the robot such fine and agile movements while the jets pushed its speed to an extreme. The robot glided short distances with every jump. The hopper bugs couldn’t catch up to it in a short period of time.

(Just running isn’t going to do it. Among people who still have power, can’t count on Zheng, Xuan is flying around, is he in the same mental state? Kampa is the only one left. But how am I going to tell him the plan? I recall Lan said she will monitor every member’s mental state. Lan! Connect me with Kampa’s mind!)

Gando was thinking intensely on how to survive. If he got caught again, he could only use the electrical attack but that also meant he couldn’t dodge at full capacity for two seconds and five more seconds before the next attack. This was his fatal weakness so he didn’t even dare to stop. The only thing he could think of was have someone clear the bugs behind him.

As he looked over, Zheng’s whole person was blurry. He couldn’t see Zheng clearly due to his movement speed. Zheng also attracted and killed the most hopper bugs. A thick layer of dead bugs piled on the ground. Every swing of Tiger’s Soul brought down several more. In comparison to Zheng’s inhumane movements and attacks, Xuan’s gunning style was like magic. Continuous change of the pistols’ direction that killed one to two bugs every time and the smooth movements of the Sky Stick could only be described with perfection. However, the perfect attacks of these two people meant that they couldn’t give Gando any help. All he could do was keep on running.

The hopper bugs flew faster than the robot. He pulled away their distance several times with sharp changes in direction using his insane control. Even then, the bugs were still slowly closing in on him. The nearest one only five meters away. Gando’s heart was slowly being filled with coldness, despair and anger.

“This is Kampa. What is it?”

The voice sounded in his mind. This voice almost gave him a shock but also brought out his desire to live. He immediately shouted within his mind. “Help me, Kampa! I will line the bugs up by the cave entrance. Help me! If this amount of bugs catch up to me, then I will…”

“Understood. There’s still some time before the rifle overheats. Lure them over! I will let you take control of the firing!” Kampa paused for a moment then said.

Gando exhaled deeply. His hand movements were barely visible to the naked eyes. The bear robot was running back and forth in abnormal movements and dragged all the hopper bugs to a straight line. The robot suddenly jumped then rolled on the ground.

At the same time, Gando shouted. “Fire!”

A flare shot out from the cave entrance along with countless needle bullets. The hopper bug nearest to Gando was torn to pieces. The bugs behind continued pushing forward due to momentum. Dead bugs started piling right behind the robot.

“Great!” Zheng was still in Explosion. But the energy rings made him feel less stressful. He began talking to Lan over soul link. “Great newbie. He very similar to me. Someone that can breakthrough with ease in the direst situations. And becoming a part of the team isn’t just a verbal agreement. The team has to be good to him and he has to give for the team. Lan, how many bugs left?”

Lan paused for a moment. “137 hopper bugs left. Based on our speed, it should take about a minute. But your body…”

Zheng was still in Explosion. The Tiger’s Soul was powerful but the dragonshard was almost useless against close combat organisms. The bugs could attack his body. He couldn’t neglect the bugs’ speed even in Explosion. His body was filled with wounds at this point. The worst cut was a large one on his right chest, deep enough to see his bone. A hopper bug cut it with its wings. Fortunately, his recovery rate was incredible. These wounds had stopped bleeding and cicatrized. So none of these wounds were critical.

“No problem. My body can still handle it. However, I can’t sustain Explosion for another minute.”

Zheng slashed a bug near him then clenched his teeth and exited Explosion. The bugs rapidly closed in on him due to their speed. Two more cuts appeared on his body in just a moment. Lan screamed from inside the cave. She almost charged out if it wasn’t for Kampa blocking the entrance. So she cried out by the entrance.

Zheng wasn’t looking to kill himself. He brought out the Bracelet of Anubis the moment he exited the unlocked mode. Blood energy started pouring into the bracelet. The army of Anubis rose from the ground and surrounded him with their three-meter-tall bodies as these bugs charge at him. One of the warriors slashed at the bugs with its sword.

After Zheng depleted his blood energy, he poured Qi into Tiger’s Soul. The crimson light blade grew longer and longer. It’s color also turning into a deep red. He waited for a hundred hopper bugs to dive down then jumped up with the movement technique. He stepped on the shoulder of a warrior. With both hands holding onto Tiger’s Soul, he slashed his sword in a circular motion. He was also draining Qi from the ring into Tiger’s Soul. The attack range at this time was about twenty meters. The invisible part of the light blade slashed across numerous bugs. Broken pieces of their bodies rained from midair. After most of these bugs were killed, Zheng fell from the warrior’s shoulder and lay on the ground exhausted. The army of Anubis guarded him from all directions.

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