TI Vol 14: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 14: Chapter 5-2.

One minute later. There were no other living organisms on the field. The transportation ships were also sniped by the gauss rifle and EMP rifle. The EMP rifle reaches beyond 4km and pierces armored plate within 1km easily. A few seconds of spray would burst a ship in flames. Zero’s attacks were much simpler as he aimed for the cockpit. The Gauss sniper rifle would kill anything within the cockpit. Not a single ship elevated above a 1km before being downed.

“50 points for each transportation ship.” Zero picked the rifle back up and said to Zheng.

Kampa also said. “Right. 50 points each and one point for every 10 troopers.”

Zheng sighed. “F*cking God is obviously encouraging us to destroy everything. Whatever. Lan, located Platoon 6 yet? Search for a path with less troopers. It will be troublesome if we get recorded by cameras from the reporters. Don’t worry about the bugs. We shouldn’t have any problem with our weapons.”

Lan nodded and said with her eyes closed. “About 17km away. But they are retreating toward our direction. A lot of bugs over there with endless surfacing from the ground. The bugs beneath us are also coming us, lots of them!”

Zheng shouted. “Send the image to WangXia, Kampa, and me! Gando protect us. Zero and Xuan protect Lan.”

The image of the scan appeared in Zheng’s mind. He could endless bugs that were two-meter-tall and three meter in length swarming to the surface near a hundred meter away through the tunnels. The surface collapsed before he could notify the others and revealed a hole. Huge bugs swarmed out. These bugs were moving at a speed twice that of normal people. The first bug was already charging at the seven of them.

The EMP rifle roared again. The first bug got shattered and the one directly behind was killed by the piercing bullets though its body was still in whole.

Gando had psychological hindrance killing bugs but not anymore. He fired the Gatling cannon. Its effect wasn’t nearly as strong as the EMP rifle. The cannon triggered sparks as they hit the bugs and took a whole second to kill one. Their killings delayed the bugs from coming out for a moment and bodies were piling up in front of them.

“We underestimated them. No wonder they killed an army of over a hundred thousand in just several hours. Kampa, continue shooting. Don’t let them come close. WangXia, we can use ten plasma grenades.”

Zheng exhaled then took out the two Sky Sticks. He was planning to proceed according to their plan. They would fly near Platoon 6 then find a chance to join the remaining troopers and follow them back to the starship.

Just then, Lan said urgently with a frown. “I am going to cut off the scan and soul link for a while. They found us but that was a broad scan. They didn’t lock onto our psyche forces. Wait a bit. I will mask off their scan with psyche whip. I need thirty seconds.”

Zheng immediately put down the Sky Sticks and stood next to Lan. His eyes defocused as he unlocked the first stage. This was a time where they were vulnerable to sneak attacks. They couldn’t tell when a bug ambushes them from beneath. The only thing he could do was rely on his sense for dangers.

That was when Zheng noticed Xuan wasn’t standing near the group. He ran over to the dead troopers and was picking up red shells. He recognized these shells were one of their goals in this movie, the tactical nukes. They were the size of a fist but had the power of a tier D sci-fi weapon.

Xuan suddenly threw away the shells. Two gauss pistols slipped into his hands. Zheng then felt the ground shaking. He didn’t get the time to shout when the place Xuan was standing on collapsed, exposing several holes and the bugs coming out of them.

Zheng’s heart clenched tight. A bug was only three meters away from Xuan and those huge claws were approaching him. He placed a pistol over his shoulder and fired at the bug behind. The gauss pistol was at least more powerful than the Gatling cannon. The bullets pierced the bugs head with ease. Then the two pistols began whirling around in crazy speed. No matter where the bugs came up, the pistols would get them instantly. Xuan stood in the center calmly and nothing could get near three meters of him. Dead bugs were piling up in dozens around.

Lan said. “Done!”

Xuan had been shooting for ten seconds. He was still intact but Zheng could tell his movements were not as smooth and he was slowing down. This gunning technique consumed too much stamina. As soon as Lan reconnected Zheng to the scan, he charged over and shouted. “Lan, connect me with Xuan’s mind!”

He jumped down toward the hole while at the same time began a countdown for Xuan to stop.

“Stop!” Zheng said through his mind. He landed behind Xuan and slashed several bugs approaching in halves. Xuan exited his state and continued shooting only at the bugs in front.

“Lan, get WangXia in the link. Xuan stop shooting when I say so. I will take you out of this hole. Nothing will come out of staying here. The number of bugs coming out are endless. We will eventually get covered with bug corpses.”

He also said to WangXia. “Set a plasma timed bomb to four seconds and throw it over when I say so!”

“Stop!” “Throw!”

Zheng gave a shout as he activated both his Qi and blood energy. He entered Explosion in under a second. The world seemingly turned into slow motion, even with the bugs’ speed. He grabbed Xuan by the shoulders then charged toward the edge of the hole.

This hole was about four meters deep. Zheng jumped then stepped on the edge to climb out. The timed bomb landed on the bottom of the hole at the same time. Four red shells were also left on in the hole.

Zheng was running toward Lan with the movement technique as fast as he could. Lan couldn’t even react when he got her and Xuan to the ground. A several meter-high plasma ball appeared followed by multiple explosions and a mushroom cloud about a hundred meters from them. The cloud then covered everyone.


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