TI Vol 14: Chapter 3-1

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Vol 14: Chapter 3-1.

“I estimated the range of this light blade. For every 10% of my total qi, the range increases by three meters. I used 70% before so that attack was about twenty-one meters. Such power was unexpected.” Zheng sighed.

He also noticed that the light blade’s length and shape could be controlled by his qi, which in term affects the power of Tiger’s Soul. If he changed the shape to that of a hammer, the slash would cause a circular impact four meters in diameter and three meters deep on the wall.

“The only drawback is its qi consumption. I can’t use it more than several times with my pool of qi. Another issue is activation rate is too slow. It requires me to channel qi into the blade. It will work against enemies weaker than me but against those stronger, like my clone, I don’t know if I will even get a chance to use this attack.”

Although that was what he said, Zheng retrieved the blade into the dimensional bag with satisfaction. This blade and the Spear of Osiris were two weapons that covered long and close range attacks. Unless something unexpected happens, he would be using these two weapons until he leaves this realm or his death.

Everyone else was content with Tiger’s Soul’s power. The day was getting late. Gando also finished his five laps. He was also getting numbed from the electrical shocks as evidenced by his afro.

Once everyone left, Zheng stopped WangXia. He brought WangXia back to the platform and said with a smile. “You should make up your mind first. I don’t know if this tier A qi can be taught but I am certain that even if it does, the difficulty will be immense. Otherwise, we could have gathered up funds as a team to exchange an AA tier qi so everyone could learn it. I don’t think God will leave such a loophole. The only possibilities left are it either can’t be taught or difficult to learn, maybe even risky.”

WangXia laughed. “I know it’s going to be risky. Haha. My life would have been a waste if I don’t know about it after reading so many wuxia novels. But just like Colonel Xuan always says, reward equals danger. That’s what I am doing right now.”

Zheng smiled at him. He admired soldiers who were genuine and bold. He had WangXia sit down cross legged, which wasn’t necessary anyway as long as it was comfortable. Then he put his hands on WangXia’s back and channeled qi into him.

“Feel that warmth flowing inside your body? Take your time, don’t panic. Observe its path and memorize it. I will leave a part of my qi in your body.” Zheng said in a low voice and concentrated on his qi.

After the qi made a full circulation inside WangXia, he said. “Don’t worry. I will do it several more times. Just memorize the path.”

Time slowly passed. As qi circulated inside WangXia’s body, he was getting sweaty. However, he couldn’t move a finger during this crucial time. After Zheng took off his hands, WangXia let out a sigh of relief. But his determination was to be praised. He continued sitting there and circulated the qi on his own for a round. Then he opened his eyes.

“I have memorized the circulation path and feel the qi that you left in my body. But why is this qi dissipating as I moved it? It’s fine if I don’t do anything with it.”

Zheng was surprised and asked. “It can’t be. Are you circulating on the wrong path? Try it again.”

WangXia closed his eyes and tried circulating the qi. When he opened his eyes again, he gave a bitter smile. “The qi is indeed dissipating. And do so even if I don’t move it right now. It won’t take long before it’s all gone.”

Zheng put his hand on WangXia’s back again and observed while WangXia circulated the qi by himself. After confirming the dissipation, he sighed. He finally understood the value of the exchanged qi. This qi could be taught but similar to normal people learning it, the disciple needed to gradually train and understand the qi. Whereas God could hand you the qi in a blink of an eye.

Judging from WangXia’s situation, his meridians were atrophied. It needed constant stimulation from qi to regenerate the meridians. No wonder it was said that qi was best learned at an early age. When exchanging qi, God would regenerate your meridians to an acceptable degree and hand you the qi and the circulation path.

It wasn’t feasible for WangXia to have his own qi for now, at least not without ten years of training. Or Zheng would need stimulate his meridians for up to half a year. Yet, what they lack the most was time.

Zheng sighed. He knew God would only activate part of meridians required for the exchanged qi so it wasn’t possible to get an entry level qi then learn his tier A qi.

(If he unlocked the first stage of the genetic constraint, or if his physical stats are higher, maybe he can regenerate his meridians faster. Right, there’s also the T-virus prototype.)

Zheng patted WangXia’s shoulder, who was looking rather blue. Zheng laughed. “Don’t worry. I will help you stimulate the meridians every day. You haven’t unlocked your genetic constraint yet. After we obtained the T-virus prototype and helped you unlock, there may be turn for the better.”

WangXia also laughed out. “Relax. How can such a small difficulty knock me down. If it really can’t be done, I will save my points and rewards for a foundation pill. That will transform my body ready for cultivation, not to mention just kungfu.”

They smoked two cigarettes then WangXia headed back to his room. Zheng stayed saying that he still had something to do.

(If things go as expected, you should be out to check the exchanges at night.)

Zheng thought. He carried the bear robot to Gando’s room after everyone left. The boy didn’t look in high spirit but he could tell Gando was actually quite happy inside.

Luo Gando, born in an orphanage, never saw his own parents. He couldn’t stand the abuse in the orphanage and escaped with a friend at a young age. They begged for food, stole, gambled, and ended up doing underground racing with their lives at stake. He had been lying the whole time. His driving skills weren’t learned from arcades but through racing with his life. He experienced much more than an adult at just seventeen.

He wasn’t as sunny as he looked. It was just a cover to his desires to stay alive. His friend died in an underground racing accident. This friend that was only three years older than him left him with a hundred thousand savings and a message, live on. That was why he did everything to stay alive, even murder and eating the vilest things. Until one time his motorcycle was altered by someone. He drove into a crowd to save himself, killing and injuring several. Yet, a little girl’s pure and clear eyes pierced his heart. For the first time, he questioned what he was living for.

This was what Zheng saw during his revival. But he didn’t say anything at the time and chose to wait.

Based on Gando’s personality, he wouldn’t be willing to put hand his fate to other people. He would definitely be out to check the exchange system when everyone was resting.

Zheng sat on the center of the platform quietly until Gando opened his door and walked out. He smiled and handed over a cigarette. “Come, take a smoke with me.”


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