TI Vol 14 Chapter 28-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 28-2

WangXia immediately began disassembling the grenades without a word. He easily took them apart with his expertise and carefully got the energy storage medium out. One carelessness with the plasma grenades and they would be wiped after running all this way. His back was soaked with sweat. He handed the little piece of silver metal to Zheng then began disassembling the second grenade. The plasma mines and timed bombs lay next to him. His mind was completely focused and his hands moved like the wind. It only took him a minute to disassemble a grenade and only slowing down when he had to separate the mithril.

Zheng was completely drained of his Qi. There wasn’t even a single drop of Qi or blood energy left in his body and only a little bit in the rings. However, that tiny amount of Qi was not able to save Kampa and was gone after a few minutes. He had no choice but to send his Qi as they regenerated. However, that was not enough. Kampa’s body temperature was dropping again.

“WangXia!” Zheng yelled. His eyes were bloody red. It wasn’t due to anger but a rush of blood. Just then, WangXia separated the mithril. Zheng grabbed it without a second look and immediately began draining the Qi inside. The mithril from a plasma grenade contained about twenty percent of his total Qi. He felt a sudden drop in tension as the Qi entered his body but he didn’t observe this sensation. He immediately started sending the Qi to Kampa again. A blood color came back to his skin and his breathing was returning to normal.

Twenty percent of the Chaotic Unity Qi was high in both quality and quantity. It could sustain Destruction for two seconds. Zheng sent them to Kampa without holding back and focused the Qi on his chest to increase his heart’s pumping force. What little amount of blood that was left in the body circulated throughout the body at a higher speed.

Before long, Kampa opened his eyes. It looked like he tried to move his body but a pain from the chest struck him. He stopped trying and laughed. “Damn, got fired by a gun today. Is everyone alright?”

It wasn’t convenient for Zheng to talk while channeling Qi. He had Lan connect them over Soul Link. Lan quickly did so as she was paying attention to Zheng’s emotion.

“Relax your body. Don’t worry. We are going back soon. We will still be able to fight side by side. Don’t die on me, bro. We said we will head back to the real world with super human powers. We still have to challenge the strongest teams, team Devil and team Celestial. We have to kill every asshole in this realm. Don’t f*cking leave us!” Zheng felt said in his eyes and almost teared up.

Kampa smiled. “Who can live forever? Did we read that even the saints who created this realm died? Normal people like us should have died way back. We are dead people if it wasn’t for you. I am satisfied for living so long, for going through the adventures with you guys, and for creating such a beautiful woman. I won’t be able to walk the path with you anymore. I wanted to head back to the real world together. My grandma’s pastrami…”

Xuan walked over and punched him in the back of the head. “Oxygen is limited in this cave. Talk less, use Soul Link. His wound also doesn’t allow him to talk much.” He said it with indifference.

Zheng continued sending Qi over without many words. He didn’t want to acknowledge it but Kampa’s pulses were getting weaker. His heart would only beat when the Qi passed over. This increased the rate of consumption of Qi.

Images of Kampa in the team flashed through Zheng’s head, how he took care of the team members, how he relived awkward moments in the team, how his shooting helped them through dangers. The team’s firepower wouldn’t be complete without him. He was the happiest when he exchanged the werewolf bloodline. The smile at that time looked like that of a child.

“Don’t f*cking die!”

Zheng couldn’t think much at this point. He reached behind as soon as his Qi depleted and grabbed another piece of mithril. Then he channeled the energy throughout Kampa’s body. Again. And again. He wasn’t aware of how much time passed. Then when he reached behind again, there was nothing. He turned around to see everyone looking tipsy. Xuan and WangXia were the only ones with their eyes barely open. All the grenades, mines, and bombs next to WangXia had been disassembled. There was no more stored energy left.

“That’s impossible! There were so many bombs!” Zheng held WangXia up then immediately put him back down. WangXia’s fingernails had all been flipped over. The bombs were tightly assembled and they didn’t have the tools. It should have taken him some time to disassemble the bombs but time was what he didn’t have. He had to resort to using brute force. Yet, he didn’t utter a sound the whole time.

Zheng was feeling anxious as he couldn’t come up with anything. Xuan pointed at the bear robot and said. “Seven minutes and forty-two seconds left. I don’t know how long that will last him but if you don’t give him Qi within twenty seconds, he is certain to die.”

Zheng turned back around to see Kampa’s skin turning pale. He charged at the bear robot at once. “Fumoffu.” The robot was pushed to the ground from behind then it lost the ability to move.

Zheng tore the energy storage device from the robot’s back and drained the remaining energy. He ran back to Kampa while he yelled. “Xuan, let Gando kill one. You kill the other one. Let Snow go, please!”

He knew Xuan too well. That man wouldn’t do anything useless and always went to extremes, especially when it came to the team’s interest. That was why Zheng said this. He was afraid Xuan would kill Snow and that was something he couldn’t accept.

He charged back to Kampa and continued sending Qi over. Kampa’s pulse was barely there. A few seconds late and he might have died. He kept sending his Qi until he ran out of it. Then he continued to scrap every little bit from his body. He slowly lost his sense of time and the environment. When the sense finally came back to him, he realized he had fainted.

Zheng looked around then at his own body. He was floating inside a sphere of light. There were several other light spheres with people inside. He felt a shock as he realized he was in God’s dimension. Anxiety struck him multiple times before he gathered the courage to look down. The first person that came to view was Lori. Then Kampa’s woman was also there. Her face filled with tears as she stared at midair.

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  1. Great ending for the arc and I’m glad no one died.
    My thoughts. This can’t be called a perfect win. They made the decision to wipe Team South America, but they only killed two members, one who I can not agree is a unlocked member even if the guy said he was due to his low skill. The B rank reward for the Brain Bug is valuable, but if they defended the bases they would have all gotten close to 10,000 more points.

  2. Is it just me or did this chapter feel extra short?

    Anyways, great ending to this movie! Obviously their plans didn’t go perfectly, but hey, this is Terror Infinity where your most beloved characters could die at any time which makes it so intense to read!

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