TI Vol 14 Chapter 28-1

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Vol 14 Chapter 28-1

Zheng was fighting for his life. Really fighting for his life. Looking out from his point were swarms and swarms of bodyguard bugs. Tiger’s Soul was less useful than a stick, though the light blade could knock the bugs over. His strength and speed in Explosion also surpassed these bugs a lot. He swung the sword multiple times and knocked over a bunch of bugs.

Zheng ran as fast as he could toward the tunnel. He didn’t dare to use the remaining Destruction time, not even instant Destruction. He had to make full use of every bit of power he had. Any waste and he wouldn’t be able to escape this sea of bugs.

The sound of explosion came from the tunnel. Zheng looked over to see fire roared the within the tunnel. Shockwave spread out and blasted hundreds of bodyguard bugs flying.

“Obtained one rank B reward.”

“Uh… that’s it?”

This notification was short. There was no mention of completed any bonus missions nor received any points. It was the normal announcement of killing a big monster and only for a rank B reward. He never encountered this form of notification but this wasn’t the time to think. The tunnel was looking to collapse from the explosion. Zheng jumped

Looking down from above, he saw the bodyguard bugs stopped in place. All of them including the ones blasted away and the ones swarming at Zheng. These bugs didn’t jump up to follow him this time. Zheng used instant Destruction and Geppo then he saw a bodyguard bug bit at the bug next to it. The one that got bit seemed shocked and bit back at the other bug. Neither of them could bite through that black exoskeleton though their actions dragged the bugs nearby into the biting. In just several seconds, all the bugs were biting and tackling each other.

Zheng glanced over the ground twice then focused on running ahead with Geppo. He soon came to the entrance of the tunnel. The hoppers chasing also started killing each other so they didn’t get to the tunnel before him. Fire was still burning inside but there was no time to be concerned because a lot of rocks had fallen from the explosion. Many more rocks were splintering from the burning. It would be true despair if the whole tunnel was to collapse. He wouldn’t have a way to escape.

Zheng jumped down then used Soru to move through the tunnel. As soon as he exited the tunnel on the other end, he saw a hole that was ten meters deep and thirty meters wide. He was forced to use Geppo again to jump over. Near the hole was the bear robot holding on to Zero and the two stick humans. It was running with its jet system on.

The bugs everywhere had gone berserk. They would bite anything they caught onto. The warrior bugs swarmed over several dozen bodyguard bugs but they couldn’t even leave a trace against that exoskeleton. While the bodyguard bugs could tear the warrior bugs apart with their pincers. Even though a bunch of warrior bugs were chasing after the robot, it was still able to run toward where the rest of the team was hiding.

Zheng flashed over to the bear robot’s back and slashed all those warrior bugs. Then he ran over to the cave where the team was hiding with Soru and yelled. “Faster! Gando!”

Gando was running with his life at this point. The speed from the jet system wasn’t anything a normal person could handle. He was barely able to use this speed after unlocking in this movie. Its speed was only a little slower than Zheng using Soru. A few seconds later, the robot charged into the cave. Zheng was waiting for this moment. He swung the sword at the ceiling as he backed until a ten-meter big rock fell down. He panted heavily. That was when he realized he didn’t even have the energy to stand. His hand still gripped onto the sword because he couldn’t relax his hand.

Zheng sat on the ground for several minutes until three people approached him from behind. He turned his head around to see Xuan, Lan, and Snow looking at him.

Zheng gave a bitter smile. “Almost couldn’t make it. Can’t even move an inch now. How’s everyone? Xuan. How much longer do we have until returning?”

Xuan looked at his watch calmly and said. “Two hours twenty-seven minutes. Go take a look at Kampa. He’s probably not going to make it.”

Zheng felt a shock through his heart. He didn’t know where this strength came from, but he jumped up and charged into the cave. In the middle of the cave was the bear robot rolling on the ground. That seemed to be Gando suffering the after effect of unlocking. On a corner was Kampa lying there. Blood soaked his chest. He did seem to be unable to make it through.

Xuan and the other two also ran over. He still looked calm. “We stopped his bleeding with hemostasis spray but an artery near his heart got cut by metal. He also loss too much blood. Kampa might not be able to make it through the remaining two hours and twenty minutes.”

Zheng felt anxious. This Russian man was a reliable person. He wasn’t quite like Zero but Zheng knew from learning of his past that Kampa would put his own life forward for comrades that he acknowledged. He was one that could take a bullet for his comrade.

Zheng said with a heavy voice. “What happened? Metal? The bugs can’t use metal. Is it from another team? That doesn’t seem likely. How can there be people from another team here? Tell me. Who injured him?”

Xuan waved his hand. “He was not injured by anyone. You should remember that I alerted him of the EMP rifle barrel overheating. The EMP rifle was designed with several second bursts in mind. However, the unlimited ammunition version broke this design and allowed the barrel to overheat too fast. Several hours of nonstop shooting would overheat any gun, not to mention the EMP rifle.”

Lan also nodded. “Kampa didn’t realize it until the barrel exploded. The metal pieces shot near his heart, then…”

Zheng sighed. He was overjoyed that they won two team battles in such a difficult movie without casualty. Everyone was going to get over 10k points and at least a rank B reward which would raise their strength by a lot. Yet, someone was going to die at this final moment.

Zheng exhaled. He walked over to Kampa and observed carefully. There were numerous wounds on Kampa’s chest. Aside from that, his body was turning stiff, his skin turning pale and white. That was a sign of excess blood loss.

Zheng held Kampa’s wrist then suddenly, he tried to drain the last bit of Qi he had into Kampa’s wrist. The flesh that came in touch with Qi turned hot. Blood moved slowly along with the Qi. It seemed like Qi replicated the function of blood.

Zheng was overjoyed. He yelled to WangXia. “Disassemble the plasma grenades! Give me the parts that stored Qi!”

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  1. As for why this isn’t a Bonus mission I have three theories.

    1. There’s more than one Brain Bug in Starship Trooper. They each only control a colony, so they are not a special existence like the Dragon or Vampire.

    2. Killing or capturing the Brain Bug was always a part of the plot. If there was no team battle and they followed the plot they would have naturally encountered it.

    3. There are no bonus missions in Starship Trooper, or at least just for defeating bugs. There should be a hierarchy to the race and killing those high up along with their guards rewards points and rank rewards, and that is it.

    1. Another possibility is that didn’t unlock the bonus mission because they killed it instead of capturing it alive. In that situation, with it controlling all those bugs trying to stop them, I can see how that would end up being worth a lot more points than simply killing it. They might even even got an A rank reward.

      1. The thing is, in the original plot, the brain bug was captured because it *wanted* to be captured. See the 3rd movie, Marauders, as to why.
        In their version of the movie, the brain bug tried to kill off every invader, rather than lead them to take it captive. Capturing it, though, would probably still lead to the same plot as the 3rd movie, but one has to wonder since when does god reward anyone for “following the plot”.

  2. I was thinking about how Smooth Che just save that Yun Xiao with his profound energy, since our MC here also capable of doing the same thing, our lovable bear should live!

  3. They put so much importance on having a strong psyche user, but what about the healer? Every single movie someone is always on the verge of dying, yet their healing capabilities never get any better than hemostatis sprays.

    1. Yep. They need to revive their doctor. The one with the needles. He should be pretty cheap to revive. He should only have points from Aliens Resurrection. Since he died in Resident Evil 2.

      I want the Doctor back. Plus Yinkong, Heng, and Honglu. And the blind woman from Final Destination 2 seemed interesting.

      1. You’ve forgotten how that movie ended. Completing the final movie of a series rewards 5000 Points and B rank reward. There is also a basic 1000 Points, so doctor had 6,000 Points and B rank reward with his first mission. Double for normal resurrection is 12,000 and two B rank rewards, so they can only revive him at the altar for 8,000 Points and B rank reward like everyone else. The only acknowledged member of Team China who can still be revived for cheap is Tenqi. He only made 2000 Points and D rank reward in The Grude, so he can be revived for 4,000 Points and two D rank rewards.

    2. Psyker more useful than a healer since you can always get healed by god when you finish. Plus they are useful in combat where as a healer is only useful out of combat.

      The psychic abilities are also op. Without a psyker, you can’t block scans from enemy teams. The scans are godlike in itself with its multi km wide radius. You can use the scan to find objectives, scout terrain. It’s so versatile. Instant team communications. Free spotting for long range abilities. Not to mention mind control and other direct combat abilities like psychic whip or that nuke blocking force shield. Hell if you manage to take out the other team’s psyker they’ll be sitting ducks since you’ll be able to locate them at all times and snipe them at will.

      Also if you upgrade team members enough, they’ll have regeneration abilities anyway. I’d rather have more psykers to maximize offensive power than a healer.

      Imagine a game breaking setup where you mass as many psykers as you can, with the remaining members as support. Engage the enemy team from kms away behind nuke proof shields. Once you kill the enemy psyker with continuous psychic whips. You can mind control enemy team members or movie creatures to kill each other. While they’re fighting, pick off any strong ones with long range abilities.

      As you are hidden far away when you strike, they won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late!

  4. Once they learn more about the magic symbols they should try to make an hybrid EMP rifle with a magic cooling system so that it never overheats.

    Also why not drain the bear mecha a bit instead of disassembling the grenades ?

  5. Me at the end of this page: “Kill those two newbie-slavers! Kill them already! You can buy stuff for other people, so why the heck would it matter who kills them!? Just kill them already! Don’t let them accidently survive this movie!”

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