TI Vol 14 Chapter 27-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 27-2

The bodyguard bugs’ strength, speed, and leaps were all impressive. Furthermore, they possessed an awareness for combat that normal bugs didn’t have. This put Zheng into a passive position. If their speed and reaction were a little faster, the awareness would seem like they were in the unlocked mode.

Zheng leaped over the three bugs then sprinted ahead without stopping. He deactivated Explosion and entered the unlocked mode. Tiger’s Soul slashed at the normal bugs in front of him. The sharpness of the light blade sliced these bugs in two as soon as they came into sight. If it wasn’t due to the fact that the bugs had no sense of fear, they wouldn’t keep coming up to Zheng.

The bodyguard bugs weren’t much slower than Zheng. They were charging through and knocking away the normal bugs in their path with their huge bodies. Zheng wasn’t simply running after all. He had to deal with the sea of bugs swarming toward him.

The bugs proved they were a race most adapted to combat. Every one aside from the brain bug had no sense of death nor fear. All that was left was their instincts and their forms from millions of years of evolution that even included types adapted to space travel. Zheng exclaimed.

He felt his arm getting sore from the hundreds of swings. The number of bugs he killed were in the thousands. Every area he ran past were left with a whole ground of broken limbs and corpses. No bug lasted more than a moment in front of him, aside from the bodyguard bugs.

The bodyguard bugs were an abnormal type. They didn’t exist in the original movies. It was shocking that their black exoskeleton could withstand strikes from the light blade. Furthermore, their awareness in combat seemed like they reached the first unlocked stage. They were the biggest problem Zheng had to deal with.

After Zheng killed his way through for three thousand meters, the second group of bodyguard bugs blocked in front of him. There were four this time and three more chasing from his behind, only five hundred meters away. They could surround him if he even just stopped for a moment.

Zheng looked up at the sky. A few dozens of hoppers flew down from the ceiling. He normally wouldn’t be afraid of hoppers in low numbers but any hinders during his jump would drop him down to get surrounded by the bodyguard bugs. That would force him to use Destruction to escape.

Leaping through wasn’t viable this time. The psyche scan showed the brain bug had started heading at the direction of their plan. However, it was moving extremely slow. If Zheng was to drive the brain bug to the plan’s designated location, he must run pass the three groups of bodyguard bugs and reach within a thousand meter of the brain bug.

He activated Explosion. The energy stored in his rings and the amount recovered during his running combined to over half the amount in his peak state. So he could use Explosion for short period of time. The environment slowed down at once. He slashed across without a second thought, slicing the normal bugs in front then charged forward. Every step he took crushed the rocks on the ground. He reached the nearest bodyguard bug then thrusted the sword toward its eye.

However, being the most powerful force of the bugs, its awareness saved its life. The bug moved its head slightly. The sword hit the exoskeleton to the side of its eye. Clank! The toughness of the exoskeleton exceeded the sharpness of the sword. Unless Zheng had the full version of Tiger’s Soul, he wouldn’t be able to cut through this toughness.

The bug wasn’t injured but the force of the thrust couldn’t be negated so easily. It threw the bug back for ten meters and smashed the normal bugs on its path. The other three bodyguard bugs leaped at Zheng.

There were only five meters in between him and the rest of the bodyguard bugs. If he missed again, he had to take the attacks from two bugs. He put the sword back into the ring then grabbed both pincers of the bug nearest him with his bare hands.

The bugs’ strength was of course no match for Zheng in Explosion. The pincers contained great force but Zheng pulled them apart as his muscles expanded. He gave a shout and snapped the two pincers before the two other bugs got to him. It was just like Xuan had said. The joints weren’t as tough as their exoskeleton in order for the bugs to maintain flexibility.

Zheng put the pincers into his storage bag. He realized this exoskeleton was good material when he heard of its toughness. Not even Gundanium alloy could withstand the light blade of Tiger’s Soul. He wouldn’t waste the pincers. The other two bugs had closed in on him. However, they were simply slower than Zheng. He easily dodged their bites and attacks. After a bug performed a big movement, he grabbed its head with one arm and thrusted the sword into its eye with the other hand. His strength confined the bug from moving its head. Tiger’s Soul penetrated into its eye and pulverized its central nervous system.

Zheng threw the whole bug into his bag. He also received notification of 1000 points for killing the bug. Their rewards were high but it was also difficult to kill them. Now that one bodyguard bug was killed, two knocked down on the ground, and one behind him, Zheng sprinted forward. He ran a hundred meters before deactivating Explosion. Six bugs were chasing after him from behind.

Zheng took a deep breath as he glanced over the map from psyche scan. He was very close to the third group of bodyguard bugs. The third group also had four. They guarded a large open area. Far into this open area were the brain bug and a large number of bodyguard bugs. Crossing over this open area and through a tunnel would lead to the place where Zero was at. Yet, maybe the brain bug sensed something or guessed their intention, it stopped before entering the tunnel.

“F*ck. I won’t believe a bug can rival Xuan in wits.” Zheng cursed.

He saw the swarm of thousands of bodyguard bugs in afar. This swarm could raid all the fortresses and human army in this planet. A four-meter-tall fat bug stood in the middle of the swarm. There were many smaller bugs underneath it. They seemed to be carrying the fat bug.

Behind Zheng were the six bodyguard bugs, a few dozens of hoppers and a thousand warrior bugs. Zheng knew that only the bodyguard bugs could cause him any trouble.

He gave a shout and leaped at the four bugs in front. The hoppers quickly flew over at him and the four bugs were ready to leap. Zheng suddenly stepped on the air again and accelerated. “Geppou!”

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    1. What’s wrong with it? If it’s the fact they were the strongest team this probably won’t happen again unless they end up in a middle team. Also, fighting the bugs on the other planet and going after the Brian Bug now has a high difficulty, and made a great read. There was very little lacking aside from a very strong team for them to fight.

    1. It was just killing them. Zheng just couldn’t kill the body guards with Tiger Soul because of their strong armor which is also why he took a bug with him. Also, doesn’t this seem like a error by the author?

      1000 Points per Body Guard Bug. Zheng said he saw thousands, so isn’t something wrong with this? If he or Zero’s nuke snipe kills them all won’t they all have the points to leave the dimension? Even if Zheng was exaggerating a little it’s safe to say there are hundreds at the very least. Isn’t this clearly a flaw in the system to allow a Player or team to make close to 50,000 points in a single mission, or will God give them rank rewards and a large amount of points for killing a certain amount of bug, but from there on no points will be gained by killing them. There is also the bonus mission to kill the Brain Bug on top of everything else.

      1. Zheng aready do that in the mummy, the more point the char or team get the stronger the monster. Ex: In the mummy the monkey keep getting upgrade because zheng farm them. Hope this can explain for you

        1. Not really.

          For one God has yet to instantly raise the strength of a monster mid battle. The monkeys gained their new weapons every time Zheng left, so Xuan said he couldn’t just go back and forth to kill a few at a time till he got them all. Also, at most Zheng could have only gotten 10,000-20,000 points since each money was 1 Point and there were not over 50,000 money all together. There was a mid battle evolution in Resident Evil Apocalypse, but God gave both teams fair warning and a countdown till evolution. There was never a instant jump in power in a mission before.

          Two, what can God do if Zero nuke snipes them all at once? Unless he gives them all Sci-fi resistance like the dragon, and in mid blast at that, they’ll all die and he’ll gain hundreds of thousands points in one go.

          1. My assumption based on the information we got from the 7 or so hours long battle on the hilltop at the start of this film:

            Nuking the bugs didn’t give the team any points at all -> kills done by outside sources of power most likely don’t count -> Zheng isn’t anywhere near being able to kill thousands of bodyguard bugs, so that’s why they want Zero to use his nuke-bullet -> they will get points for killing the Brainbug because it’s a mission, not because of the kill itself (like when they killed the Dragon, or when they got the lab data etc.)

          2. There’s been no mission announcement for the Brian Bug yet like the Dragon, so it’s no different from hunting the unknown Body Guard Bugs unless something changes. Also, I can’t tell if you were for or against it, but Zero would get points for using his own exchanged explosive bullet to nuke the bugs. They just didn’t get points for nuking bugs with federation weapons I think, but I might have missed something.

        2. Actually monsters can only get infinitely stronger during side missions where you go back to previous missions from god’s room. You can farm monsters in the main missions just fine.

          Though nukes don’t give points judging from the episode on bug mountain.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    A few dozens of hoppers flew down from the ceiling
    few dozens of hoppers -> few dozen hoppers
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    he must run pass the three groups of bodyguard bugs and reach within a thousand meter of the brain bug.
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