TI Vol 14 Chapter 25-3

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Vol 14 Chapter 25-3

“Hatred? No! This isn’t hatred!” Zheng suddenly shouted. He grabbed Roste over and bit at his half remaining shoulder. Zheng tore off a large piece of flesh from the shoulder, from skin, to muscle, and even a tendon. Such pain was beyond what a person could withstand, especially now that Roste had exited the unlocked mode. He screamed and struggled in insanity.

“Do you get it?” Zheng spit out the flesh. Red painted his mouth and chin. He held Roste up in front of him and stared at him. “This isn’t hatred! Because hatred can not describe the anger I have. Rest assured that I won’t let you die so easily, I promise! You should feel fortunate that I don’t have the ability nor items to capture souls or I would torture you to pieces. Want to die? Keep on dreaming!”

A chillness permeated his whole body. He could hear the hatred from these words. Such hatred was absolutely irreconcilable. Yet he also couldn’t remember when did he ever offended Zheng. If it was due to his enslaving of newbies, Zheng could have just killed him. There was no need for the hatred. Roste shouted. “F*ck! I admit I am unkind but just tell me where did I offend you. You can just kill me. What’s the point of torturing like this? I have prepared myself for the day of ending up in the hands of newbies when I enslaved them. Give me a reason and I will accept my death!”

Zheng stared at him hideously. He was grinding his teeth as he said. “Fine. You want to know? I will let you know! You said you are cloned into team Devil, is this true?”

Roste nodded. “Yes, so what? Do you get offended for someone entering team Devil? That’s outrageous.”

Zheng said coldly. “I was cloned into team Devil. I was still weak when I got cloned and was told a bunch of Caucasians enslaved him. If that was the only thing, I would just take it in. However, they shouldn’t do that to my beloved girl who also got brought over…”

Roste suddenly laughed out. He returned to insanity. “Is that so, is that so. That girl probably got gang banged to death right? Haha. I so want to see your clone’s expression. Weaklings can only remain weaklings in the end. You can’t even protect your own woman. What kind of strong are you? Haha. At least my clone played with your clone’s woman. Come bite me! Haha.”

“I already did.” Zheng smiled coldly. He turned his eyes to the distance and muttered as he ran. “I won’t bite you anymore but I will torture you until you can’t forget this pain even in hell.”

Roste was still laughing. “A hypocritical weakling like you may seem strong right now but you will die when my clone meets you. He will tie you and your team up, do the same thing to all the women. Right. That’s how to treat you weaklings. He will definitely do it!”

Zheng said. “I won’t have to take care of it anymore. My clone had already killed all you Caucasians. He became the leader of team Devil. He will kill anyone that he doesn’t like. Get it now? You can go ask your clone in hell. Ask him the pain he felt at that time and compare it with the pain you will feel in a while!”

Roste paused then started shouting again. Despair finally seemed to settle into him. But Zheng wouldn’t even give him the chance to shout and struggle. He tore off another piece of flesh from Roste’s shoulder. The wound quickly clotted due to his high physical stats. The stats that were so valuable to his survival became the source of his pain. Every time he screamed, Zheng would tear off a piece of flesh. When all the flesh was gone, Zheng began tearing off his bones. The pain was unbearable, yet his stats prevented him from falling unconscious. Roste finally accepted his fate and stopped screaming.

After Zheng approached the fungi forest, Roste couldn’t hold it and asked. “I have a question. How did you know what happened in team Devil? Are you lying to me? Maybe you are just a blood lusting person and you reason yourself as someone kind. Do you think you can deceive me? Haha”

Zheng stared at him and said coldly. “Because I met team Devil. My clone hated me. He killed me and my whole team. Do you think I shouldn’t know this? I f*cking know everything. I don’t hate my clone. I hate you Caucasians that enslave the newbies. You are the first such team I encountered. I will definitely tear you to pieces with my wrath!”

Roste paused for quite a while then shouted. “I knew it! I have seen that item, the revival cross. F*ck. I was greedy and didn’t exchange it at the time. I thought with our team’s rating wouldn’t meet anyone strong. This isn’t fair. Why did God let someone your level participate in our team battle? Your team members are not weak and you didn’t enslave newbies like we do. This isn’t fair!”

Zheng said coldly. “There is no fairness in this world. Think of those newbies that you tortured, humiliated and killed. Why don’t you go argue with them about fairness? Think of what your clone did. I won’t kill you before the torture breaks your mind! Haha.”

Zheng threw Roste onto the ground then activated Explosion and sprinted ahead. A Caucasian covered in blood was laughing wildly. He kept firing arrows to his front. Endless silver lights crushed sections and sections of fungi. The arrows were powerful yet they just couldn’t get Zero. He dodged each one by a hair then returned every shot with a snipe. The golden bell was getting dimmer and dimmer by Zero with a sci-fi weapon. This person’s strength was literally garbage.

Zheng in Explosion was so fast that he had already reached Nick when he turned his head around in shock. Then Tiger’s Soul slashed across horizontally at Nick’s head. Dong! The blade cut an inch into the bell. Zheng estimated its energy was about to be depleted. This was indication that Zero’s techniques and intuition way surpassed this man. If he could still consider Roste a strong fighter, Nick was totally useless aside from his special weapon and ability.

Each one of Zheng’s strike contained a crushing force that knocked Nick flying. Several strikes later, the light blade had carved deep into the bell. Though he felt a pity that he couldn’t obtain this BB defensive item.

Zheng didn’t hold back since this was a battlefield. He had to use his all his strength to achieve victory. Every little bit of mercy meant another possibility of danger for him and his comrades. As for capturing Nick, he didn’t need to overthink it. Capturing was the better option but he would kill him here if that wasn’t possible.

Nick also knew someone strong came. He couldn’t see Roste anywhere in sight but he was aware that dude’s fate was grim. So he started to run for his life without a second thought. Even though he was much slower than Zheng, he still had hope to run away relying on his defensive item.

Bang! Dong! Another loud sound and impact. The Gauss bullet pierced deep into the golden bell this time. It looked like it was about to break.

Zheng saw this opportunity and swung Tiger’s Soul. Every hit returned a clank then finally the sword slashed all the way through. The golden bell shattered. Zheng immediately slashed downward and cut Nick’s legs off then an uppercut to cut off his remaining limbs.

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  1. I hate this torture stuff, but I’ll let it go because of what this man did in another life. Still, I think the guy is playing Zheng to gain information. He mentioned revival cross because he actually had it. Zheng knows he has the best items, so he purposely mentioned being too greedy and not getting it to throw him off. Probably in planted it into his teeth or body. I bet in the end he learns about self created powers and bonus mission from Xuan who wants to talk down on them for not challenging dangers to evolve, the man gets killed, and laughs at Zheng and his team saying he will revive and the next time they meet it won’t end the same way.

    This should be the worst case scenario for Zheng, since his only advanced against him was that he didn’t have a self created power. Once that is gone Zheng will have a hard time against him next time. Remember that Zheng in Explosion, this guy could still face him with high end enhancements and the Second Stage, and would have killed Zheng if not for Destruction. If he gains a power at least comparable to Explosion or greater, then Zheng even in Destruction may be able to match him or surpass him unless Zheng makes advancements of his own. This scenario may happen if the author ultimately disproves of torture on both sides no matter the reason. That if Zheng didn’t play around to torture the man than he wouldn’t have revealed so much information which ultimately leads to a great danger to the team later on.

    On a side note Zheng should just kill the other guy. He’s probably just a normal guy only worth 2,000 points and C rank reward. His skill speaks for himself. Take his gear for Heng and leave unless he wants to learn where their storage item is. Also, as the Psyche force user he hides the other newbies and unlocked guy, so if he doesn’t break down and talk Team China won’t be able to find them.

    Lastly, if the unlocked guy is a decent guy who protects the newbies, Zheng may just beat him down while killing the Newbies. Then Zheng hands him the stone to survive a negative score, and says, “It looks like you alone are not rotten. There’s no saving the newbies because of the negative score, but I’ll give you another chance. Go reform your team! The next time we meet maybe we can do a mission together as those who just want to survive… but if I see you abusing newbies, hahaha! I’ll see to it that you meet a even worse end than the others!”. Giving away the stone isn’t a bad thing since it made Team Africa unfocused thinking they could survive no matter what happens to the team. If there lives were dependent on one another than Team Africa would have been more close. Now, I get there are those out there who don’t like MCs showing mercy at risk to themselves which is illogical, but in my opinion the best Main Characters are the illogical fools who overcome everything in the end. At least seeing their struggles are more interesting than someone who always choose the logical course of action. Just my opinion.

    1. The torture is a bit stupid in this case. Team China is doing their best to survive the bugs and he has time to torture people to mindlessness?

      I think Nick and Roste are the only strong people on the team. They should be the two unlocked guys. Remember when Roste was trying to bargain for his life he said the unlocked person on his team was extremely weak in close combat. He’s talking about Nick the archer that Zero is fighting.

      1. Now that you say it that’s probably what it is, but this Nick is too weak. He also hasn’t gone into Unlocked Mode even as his life was on the line. Heck, they keep saying that he’s garbage in skill. Someone with even the first stage wouldn’t be so weak and would have allowed Zero to drain his BB defensive item. That’s why I suspect there a new guy who’s unlocked the constraint, but wasn’t included in the battle due to his low enhancements.

        1. Perhaps he’s worried about failing. If he goes unlocked and fails then the poison will leave him defenseless for a while. That pretty much assures that his shield will be destroyed. Or maybe he’s only partially unlocked. He entered the unlocked mode before but can’t do it at will.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I was still weak when I got cloned and was told bunch of Caucasians enslaved him.
    told bunch -> told a bunch

    At least my clone played your clone’s woman.
    played your -> played with your?

    I know it!
    know -> knew

    I thought our team’s rating wouldn’t meet anyone strong
    thought our -> thought with our

    Is it weird that I will reread these chapters again if I didn’t find a typo the first time?

  3. Anyone else feel the author might have a hidden…dislike? For Caucasian people? I think I’ve heard a few things about this particular author before…hmmm

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