TI Vol 14 Chapter 25-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 25-2

Roste obviously never expected things to go this way. Zheng in Destruction almost couldn’t be caught by the eyes. The crescent slash cut across all clones and forced the golden bell to appear. Roste on the other hand seemed like he hadn’t reacted. Dong! Tiger’s Soul cut an inch into the bell. It looked as though the bell was going to break.

The shattering behind Zheng ended when he landed. He could feel from that sense of danger he would die for certain if he got caught no matter how strong his body was. The only except was if he had the body of the masked vampire.

Roste was sent flying over a hundred meters away. The very first action he took as he dropped to the ground was split up his clones again instead of getting up. He realized that sudden burst of strength was so overwhelming that he had no other way of dealing with it. Fear finally filled his mind.

After Roste split up, Zheng exited Destruction and returned to Explosion. It was his final technique. He would have no strength to continue a fight once he used up all his energy. He decided not to continue with Destruction until he figured out the limit to the defensive item and Roste’s other abilities. The cost to using it was too high unless it was the final attack.

“How about this, we can stop the fight. A fight between the strong will only benefit the weaklings. I will give you two, no, three people from my team. One of them is unlocked. He’s extremely weak in close combat. You only need less than a minute to finish the fight. Let’s end our fight here!” Roste said with panic but he didn’t let his guard down. All the clones moved in the same way and showed the same expressions. He looked lacking in confidence.

Zheng didn’t reply. He walked forward one step at a time. Yet, each seemingly small step moved him ten meters forward. This pressure forced Roste back dozens of meters. He finally shouted with anger from his shame. “F*cking. Do you really think you are the only one with a final ability? I have one also! Do you dare to try? I can kill you with this ability! I just don’t want to take the risk. Shouldn’t the strong work together to bully the weaklings?”

“In my eyes,” Zheng said coldly as he took his steps. “You are the weakling!”

Roste roared in madness. He knew peace was not an option from this reply. He didn’t know why Zheng seemed to hate him so much. He just knows that Zheng was much stronger than him. It wasn’t because of equipment or abilities. It was the aura of someone strong. This pressure made him feel terrified. He resorted to insanity to withstand it.

“Ah!” Roste roared. He and his clones charged at Zheng. When Zheng raised Tiger’s Soul, he surrounded Zheng with the clones just like before and used that restraining ability. “Mirage!”

Zheng’s body froze with his arm raising the sword. About a ten-meter area around him was frozen. He could see Roste wasn’t in a good condition either. Blood was leaking from Roste’s lips but he still raised the sword. “Excalibur!”

Light radiated from his hand. The intense brilliance carved the shape of the invisible sword, a two handed medieval sword. He swung the sword at Zheng and released a beam.

“Destruction!” Zheng wouldn’t just wait for death. He activated Destruction. He could use a total of ten seconds in this state, nine seconds left after the first use.

Everyone seemingly froze in Zheng’s sensation. He broke out of the restrained area then took a step forward. The ground collapsed a hole of a meter deep. Zheng jumped up twenty meters high with the force. “Geppo!”

He changed direction midair. The beam had just reached where he was at this time. The ground on its path was scorched into flat surface. Zheng would probably get crushed if he were to take the attack with his body.

Zheng landed behind Roste, who was just raising his head. Zheng knew which one was the real one when Roste used the attack. Though to be safe, he sent several Rankyaku at every Roste. The vacuum blade easily sliced across the clones and was blocked by the bell on the real one. The golden color of the bell dimmed even further. The vacuum blade cut in another inch. Roste seemed to be trying to turn around. Only one second had passed.

“Fist-gun!” Zheng ran up and punched forward. The bell dented in and the punch almost touched Roste’s chest.

He didn’t pause for a moment. Tiger’s Soul slashed wildly and cut inches into the bell every time. Then it finally cut the bell into two from the middle and took an arm along. Roste finally turned his head around. Fear filled his eyes and expression. But Zheng didn’t hold back. A few more slash before Roste could split up again cut off all his limbs. Zheng grabbed Excalibur and put it in the Na ring.

Six seconds passed in Destruction. Zheng exited from the state. The smaller blood vessels immediately busted and covered him in blood. He quickly checked the Qi and blood energy remaining in his body then drained the ring to prevent himself from falling down.

“Damn it. The after effect is too heavy. Feels like I am going to die.” He felt pain and itch all over the body. His recovery rate also showed its effect. The blood vessels and muscle strains began healing. Even then, his condition was only at 30% of his best.

Roste’s speed returned to normal in Zheng’s eyes. He started to yell but all he could do was struggle and roll on the ground without his limbs. He seemed to realize his life was coming to an end so he stopped begging and vented all his pain, anger, and hatred.

Zheng was worried about Zero. He hadn’t received the notification yet but Zero was going against someone with strong enhancements and a BB defensive item. He picked up Roste then ran toward where the sound of gunshot was coming from. He searched Roste’s body as he ran then found a little golden bell. However, the bell cracked in two from the middle like it was cut by a knife.

“You won’t f*cking get anything. This item becomes useless as soon as its defense got broken. I have also made a pact with my Excalibur. No one other than me can use it. Haha, your swine. Beating me with so much effort yet not killing me. Are you planning to hand me to the weaklings that can’t get points? You hypocritical weakling!” Roste cursed.

Zheng didn’t reply and asked. “Where is your storage item? Don’t tell me you don’t have one. I won’t believe it.” He pulled the tendon on Roste’s broken arm. He seemed to hate this man so much.

Roste gave a shout then calmed down. “I have a storage item with a lot of good items, but why should I give you? And why do you hate me so much? Why? I don’t even know you. Even if I challenged you or said something condescending, can’t you let me go in front of interests? Why! Tell me why do you hate me so much!”

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  1. Because you killed my woman in another life, learn that the strong should protect the weak, not kill them… otherwise I will kill you again in your next life.

    1. His clone gang-banged Zheng clone’s lori, and farmed the newbies making their lives worse than pig for slaughter, being a racist to everyone else.
      Zheng Ha’s clone did kill the other dude’s clone.

      1. Well not just gang-banged. They chopped her into pieces after gang-banging her. And how many are they? 17 players including Zheng? It’s safe to assume that at least half of them did the deed. How sick is that?

        It might be his clone or Lori’s clone but his hatred is justified. Even if we scratch this off, the fact they try to kill him and his comrades is already enough reason to kill him just like what happened to Team India. Not to mention he’s a bucket load of points (7000 for unlocked constraint + 2000 to all team members).

        Plus, he’s an bonafide a-hole, just kill him and chop him off to pieces too. Zheng need to learn how to properly exact torture and revenge like Smooth Che.

        1. I don’t want to read ridiculous torture porn. It also doesn’t make sense in story. The unlocked state allows them to commit suicide at any moment right now by letting the poison build up. He should also be able to turn off his sense of pain. You’d need one of those soul damaging weapons to pull it off.

          1. Doesn’t make sense? How so? Since the first movie, Resident Evil 1, we’ve been seeing plenty of gore and snuff scenes. They weren’t described that much but they actually happened. I could enumerate all I remember since the first movie but it would take a wall of text to cover everything.

            Zheng cut all of his limbs in just this chapter. Isn’t that torture “porn” enough?

          2. I just explained how it doesn’t make sense. The person you’re trying to torture can turn off their sense of pain and/or commit suicide at any moment. I clearly wasn’t talking about the tone of the story. Cutting off limbs to prevent someone from attacking isn’t torture porn because it wasn’t done to torture him.

      1. Probably not. If the system uses soul binding then the weapon will disappear once the owner dies. Another good reason to think he can’t keep the sword is because of Tigerr Soul.

        With Excaliber there’s no longer any reason to upgrade it. To complete Tigger Soul needs three A rank rewards and for Excaliber it just needs two A rank rewards and is already a A tier sword while Trigger Soul is just a 1B tier weapon. If the author thought the arc through he wouldn’t have gotten a upgrading sword for Zheng if the A tier Excaliber was going to fall into his lap.

        There also isn’t anything close to a swordsmen in Team China except Zheng (Maybe medic can use it), so it wouldn’t fit with anyone. Maybe dual wielding for Zheng, but that’s not likely as he isn’t really a swordsman but rather a man who uses a sword to hack and slash. My best guess is if they can keep the sword is that they won’t be able to wield it, but Xuan can turn it into some kind of magic reactor for a robot. Anything else ruins the setting for Terror Infinity in my opinion.

        1. Have you considered studying it? They could figure out how to make another one or potentially how to remove soul bindings. Besides he didn’t exactly use the word soul binding. He said the sword made a pact with him. This author certainly seems to think his story through so I won’t accuse him of not doing so. I’m not sure how turning a sword into a reactor works. Items tend to get energy from the user or you refill them by using god. They don’t randomly spew out energy just because they’re magical.

          1. I don’t know about recreating it. Maybe learn some magic from it, but not the actual sword. Excaliber was like blessed my fairies, dragons, the moon, the lady of the lake, or merlin depending on the source material. Also, even of you can get it from God, what ever the sword is made of should be very expensive, or a quest item level material. Maybe a degraded version at best.

            Also, Excaliber probably does release magic power, or can be used as a part. I think I remember a game or manga where the villain powered his fortress with a item belonging to the heros. It was Digimon 2 with the golden digi egg.

          2. We’re talking about in universe here. The magical items in Terror Infinity work in a certain way. Unless it’s specifically said in the source material that the specific magical weapon produces energy then the user, or god for points, is likely going to be the one powering it. The best example we have so far is the Spear of Osiris. It produces no energy and is useless until Zhang puts qi or blood energy into it.

            It doesn’t matter. Once again look at the Spear of Osiris. They’ve already noted that it can be recreated if they understood the symbols behind it. The Spear of Osiris is a Quest Item. That means it actually existed in ancient history and was recreated by the system. Excalibur could just be something that existed in a story and so much less important. I don’t think there’s any raw material that’s quest item level since they can easily buy mithril.

          1. why not giving the excalibur to Gando?
            imagine the fumoffu robot wielding an invisible sword…

    1. EXCALIBER is finally used for yingkong. In the Lord of the rings Gandalf help her unbound. And the bow of the other person finally used for heng.

  2. hmmm…. I wonder if…. these players find the gamma rays like Hulk…. strength, strong defense, and high regeneration…. and found a way to control it…. how cool would that be….

        1. Spiderman is a movie as well. In the comics his web shooters aren’t part of his body like is described in the enhancement so it’s probably movie Spiderman.

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