TI Vol 14 Chapter 25-1

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Vol 14 Chapter 25-1

Zheng’s speed was beyond stunning after he activated Explosion. Roste’s physical stats were similar or even surpassed his when you included his enhancements and special abilities. However, Explosion pushed Zheng to a degree way above Roste.

Zheng slashed across the fungus Roste was standing on before he could realize the situation. Roste slid down from above. Then Zheng jumped high toward him.

Roste’s expression was overtaken by shock. He couldn’t imagine such strength coming from Zheng. Both Zheng’s strength and speed surpassed him by a wide margin. He wouldn’t have believed a team with even power levels across all members can have such a strong individual if he didn’t see it for himself. He reacted with quickly by adjusting his sword to slash at Zheng’s direction. But Zheng charged up to him before he could swing the sword. Tiger’s Soul slashed diagonally upward at his chest.

Dong! The golden bell appeared on Roste. Zheng’s sword struck the bell. The sight looked powerful and the bell shook but it didn’t break the defense. The slash knocked Zheng back several meters. They were both in midair after all and there was no way to keep their bodies in place.

Zheng didn’t wait until he landed. He stepped on a fungus and jumped toward Roste at an even faster speed. That fungus broke into two from his jump. Roste only got to raise his head when he opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

Zheng was already in front of Roste when he just landed on the ground. He kicked Roste’s chest before the man got to make an action and sent him flying again. The bell blocked the kick but Zheng immediately pulled him back down and smashed him at the ground.

Roste was not injured but being beaten like this hurt his pride. He was so used to bullying newbies that he thought of himself as god. The beating made him cry out with insanity and he waved his sword around wildly. Yet, the lack of technique, speed, and strength was no match for Zheng in Explosion and unlocked mode. Tiger’s Soul slashed back at him over a hundred times in less than ten seconds. The golden bell was dimming down.

It wasn’t Zheng acting arrogant but merely the fact. Roste was no match against his powerful self-created ability.

Roste got kicked up again but he was prepared this time. When Zheng’s hand reached for him, he gave a shout then his body split into four pieces. Zheng didn’t catch anything. Roste was already dozens of meters away when Zheng laid eyes on him again. There were several copies of him.

“You are strong! Unbelievably strong! I won’t believe such a powerful person come from a hypocritical team! Who exactly are you?” Roste stared at Zheng with caution. He wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. The BB item could defend against the attacks but the intense shocks from the impacts still injured him. The injury wasn’t big but the hit to his self-esteem was unrecoverable.

Zheng exited Explosion. It consumed Qi and blood energy for every second he was in the state. He wasn’t rich enough to maintain this state in a conversation. The several copies of Roste was too unusual that he refrained himself from trying to continue the attacks. He didn’t have such a powerful defensive item against the Excalibur.

“I am the leader of team China. What else are you going to ask? Do you think I will let you go?” Zheng gave Roste a cold smile as carefully observed the copies from their weight, shadows, movements, and expressions.

Roste paused for a while then laughed out loud. He then said to Zheng in a serious tone. “My actions were disrespectful then. I only hate the hypocritical weaklings. They are only kind because they don’t have the strength to do vicious acts. The strong are different. They can choose the path they like, be it kindness or evil, just like you and me. Haha. Saying I need less than a minute against a strong individual was disrespectful. I also must bring out my full strength.” The clones fused into one. Roste’s eyes defocused and his muscles expanded. He entered the second stage of the unlocked mode.

“Are you finished with your last words?” Zheng activated Explosion again and charged at Roste.

Roste put away his arrogance and insanity after entering the unlocked mode. He was slower than Zheng but his abilities could save him. He split up into multiple copies when Zheng slashed at him. Tiger’s Soul only cut across two shadows. The shadows vanished then Zheng felt a pain coming from his back.

Roste slashed Zheng’s back with Excalibur when Zheng made his own attack. Though it only cut an inch in because Zheng was much faster. Zheng stepped forward to dodge the attack then turned his upper body around and swung the sword at Roste. Dong! The bell blocked the slash but the force sent Roste flying backward.

Zheng stopped for a bit to feel the wound. The cut wasn’t deep but it seemed like Excalibur had the property of absorbing or annihilating energy. He lost around 10% of Qi and blood energy from that slash. No wonder it could shatter the light blade from Tiger’s Soul so easily. The light blade was also a form of energy.

Roste stood. He was still in the unlocked mode. This time, he charged at Zheng and shouted. “Team China’s leader! You are strong but that is also evidence of your inability! You have no abilities to make use of such strength. You will lose!”

“Mirage!” Zheng felt Roste’s speed was increasing during the charge. He split into multiple copies when he got near. Zheng had already come up with a method to deal with this ability. He jumped up then he was frozen at one meter above the ground. All the clones of Roste raised their arms and slashed down at Zheng.

“Dimensional slash!” A one-meter area surrounding Zheng began to shatter like glass. The shattering reached his left hand and cut off his finger. A sense of extreme danger struck his mind. He twisted his body madly and entered Destruction. The overwhelming strength that came along brought him back control of his body. He broke through this area before the shattering reached him and his sword struck toward Roste’s head with the strength of Destruction.

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  1. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    hee.. the shield dimmed after a hundred hits from ‘explosion’ level slash.. i wonder how many ‘destruction’ level slash it’ll take to destroy it~

    1. I think Destruction should be 8~10x strength when compared to Explosion. Or around that at least, since at first he could maintain Destruction for 3~4 seconds, and while being in Explosion he could stay for around 30 seconds before. Now he can maintain Destruction for 10 seconds and Explosion for 1 minute and 30 seconds (or around 80~100 seconds). Of course this is all speculation on my part tho :P.

  2. This guy was right about Zheng’s inability to make use of that power. Zheng only has two exchanged skills, Red Flame and the nameless moment technique. After his dragon power up Zheng said there wasn’t that much improvement of using the speed technique when entering explosion and was reaching its limitation, so I guess there really isn’t any add benefits of using it in Destruction.
    Also, I’m glad to see an actual skill after all this time. A real powerful skill that must be an expensive BB or A tier skill. Zheng and everyone else except Lan get physical powers that don’t really seem flashy. Yinkong got a B tier skill to extend shining, but the author downplayed her abilities from exchanges and focused on her assassination skills.

    1. You have a point but let’s take it on a different perspective.

      I disagree of about “Zheng’s inability to make use of that power”. It’s precisely because “Explosion” and “Destruction” is already a “power” or rather a “skill” though it’s self-developed. So how come can Zheng utilize a skill on top a skill? He can combine it with another skill but these skills are already eating his stamina to exhaustion. This guy didn’t even know it’s already a skill by itself, and thought that it’s Zheng’s base strength.

      If we compare Explosion and Destruction to God’s dimensional shop, then they would be at least rank B and A, respectively, possibly higher. If the slave guy didn’t have that expensive BB bell barrier, he would’ve died just from Explosion. Freaking Zheng can fist to fist a real fully-grown dragon.

      Explosion and Destruction is very similar, if not derived, from Luffy’s Gear Second and Goku’s Kaioken. If they’re not abilities, powers or skills by themselves, then what are they?

      Remember that Zheng can change direction mid-air just like Luffy. He can also slice an alloy several meters of thickness with just a vacuum kick. He also has a similar move to Jet Pistol. This chapter he slashed 100 times within 10 seconds with just Explosion. We’re talking about 10 slashes per second with a 2-H sword!!! So basically he’s cutting him per 0.10 second!!!

      Sure it may not be as fancy as creating 4 clones, or ripping space but it’s a skill nonetheless.

      Also, Zheng’s Explosion > Yinkong’s B tier upgrade to Shining. Honestly, if I’m just comparing these two, then Explosion must be atleast an A tier skill if you buy one in God’s dimension, since Yinkong’s skill only boost speed but Explosion surpassed it not only in speed amplification but also strength, agility and tankiness. And let’s not forget he still has Destruction.

      With all that said, I can’t fully agree that he can’t utilize his or its power.

      1. All those applications are true, but that’s just Destruction. He can’t use those techniques in Explosion. The point I think the guy was trying to make after seeing just Explosion is this. It was that if Zheng had a B or A tier tier speed skill, sword skill, or weapon, with just Explosion he would have won before the man entered unlocked mode.

        Basically, Zheng’s one of those characters with great power, but doesn’t have a tool to bring it out. Also, Zheng has the energy storage rings, so he can use some skills as well.

        Now, if you call Explosion a BB tier physical enhancement skill (Very Simplified), and Destruction an A or AA tier physical enhancement skill, it would stand to reason that to bring out his full potential he would need BB, A, and AA tier skills and weapons, rigth? That’s what the man meant. He’ll still lose to Zheng because of the raw power of Destruction, but what he said isn’t false in my opinion. His techniques are basically just raw unrefined power, and although Xuan gave some one piece ideas, Zheng hasn’t created a technique that could only possibly be used in either Explosion or Destruction, and I mean exclusively. The reason is because he’s still adapting to the powers, but and hasn’t felt he had the luxury of creating such a technique as seen above where he stops Explosion when he talks or tries to figure something out without wasting his time/energy while doing so.

        Lastly, I don’t think we can look down on the guy for not having a self made ability. Even if he knows of them would he bother to make one when you can keep increasing stats, gain skills or whatever else you want with ease? No. His basic stats are above Zheng when you add his stats and special abilities without doing so.

        One of the reasons Zheng made his own skill was because he was in a situation where he was forced to see their power with his clone up close and because he has never had an easy time acquiring rewards to make those powerful exchanges. If say Zheng made a lot more on average and was told, but not shown (Beaten to the ground by his clone) then I doubt he would make that much of an effort to create his own ability.

        1. 1) “It was that if Zheng had a B or A tier tier speed skill, sword skill, or weapon, with just Explosion he would have won before the man entered unlocked mode.”

          Basically, you’re saying that if he is stronger, has better equipment and have won only using Explosion thus equating to “bringing out his potential”? This baffles me. They’re not even directly related.

          2) “Basically, Zheng’s one of those characters with great power, but doesn’t have a tool to bring it out.”

          Nope. He already has Tigersoul, and skills like Geppo, Rankyaku and Fist-gun. What part of this isn’t “bringing it out his potential”? Not having stronger base or more upgrades is not equivalent to not bringing it out.

          Let’s be critical. He has a room for improvement but it does not necessarily mean he’s not bringing it out potential.

          3) “That’s what the man meant.”

          Clearly that was he meant and I already know that. But he was mistaken and underestimating Zheng if you read the next few chapters.

          4) “….Zheng hasn’t created a technique that could only possibly be used in either Explosion or Destruction, and I mean exclusively. ”

          So what if Xuan helped him learn a few inclusive skills from One Piece? They are still “exclusive” skills only usable in Destruction. You’re only half-right on the quoted part above. Clearly, you forgot about Geppo, Rankyaku, Fist-gun and the rest of One-Piece reference here. If that ain’t “exclusive” to Zheng’s Destruction then I don’t know what term would be more fitting to describe it. Zheng even gave them names. You said it yourself, he can only use it when he’s on Destruction mode. I guess changing direction mid-air and cutting vacuum is “raw power” and ain’t a “technique” for you. You should try watching One Piece around the CP9 arc and you would understand how Explosion/Destruction works.

          5) “I don’t think we can look down on the guy for not having a self made ability.”

          I don’t think I leave an impression like that anywhere in my previous comments. And I’m not belittling him, heck I’m not even talking about him at all.

          6) With no.3, since you’re defending the man’s assessment and your arguments revolves around it, then your arguments should only applicable and limited to Explosion because clearly that guy only saw Explosion. Am I wrong?

          1. That timer though….

            Anyway to sum it up:
            – Bringing out its potential =/= Bringing out its full potential. I agree when you said the latter but never when you said the former.

            – Not having stronger weapons or skills =/= bringing out its potential. “Bringing out its potential” only applies to –current strength– so non-existent future upgrades or stronger weapons doesn’t count at all. It would be an “upgrade” or “getting stronger” rather than “bringing out your potential”. Get what I’m trying to say?

            – Explosion’s skillset =/= Destruction’s skillset. He has no techniques for Explosion but he has techniques for Destruction. So what if it’s borrowed from One Piece? What’s the difference? They are still “exclusive” to world of Terror Infinity and for all we know, only Zheng can use it in the whole novel, thus coined “self-made” skill.

            If Destruction’s technique is really derived (which is apparently yes) from One Piece, then we can’t treat Geppo, Rankyaku and Fist-gun as merely “raw unrefined power”. They even have proper names. They are skills (or “techniques” in your dictionary) through and through. Watch and read One Piece. These “raw unrefined power” are actually techniques developed by CP9 which was then “copied” by Luffy making his own version, Gear Second.

            – That guy’s assessment of Explosion =/= assessment of Destruction. His assessment is only limited to Explosion. With the bullet above, we all know that Explosion is only raw power but is it still the same case with Destruction?

          2. 1. How is not having a skill or weapon that brings out Explosion’s power more confusing. Red Flame brings out the potential of Blood Energy, right? It it helped him beat Shiva and he would have beaten the ghost in the Grudge easier.

            2. Tiger soul relies only on Qi with no mention of absorbing Blood Energy to date, so his energy fusion can’t improve the power aside from brute force striking power. Also, those techniques are just for Destruction.

            3. True, but judging solely by Explosion he couldn’t hope to win. The man in the second stage and variety of high level skills could compete, or cope with Explosion.

            4. Your using exclusive here as, Zheng can only use them in Destruction. I meant a original technique of some kind that can only be used by someone in Destruction, a move so powerful that if he wasn’t in Destruction he would die if he attempted it in his normal state no matter how enhanced he was. The one piece techniques can probably be exchanged for, so it’s not my idea of exclusive is what I meant. Also, anyone who reaches Zheng’s level of power can use those techniques even if they were fueled by different powers like Nen, Mana, or Faith Energy, so it’s not really a technique truly exclusive to someone with the Destruction ability.

            6. Your right. This comment is for the chapter above without spoilers.

          3. 1) Ah I see, it’s because we have a distinct notion of the word “potential”. You have a point but I’d like to add that there’s a difference between an “Upgrade” (i.e. future potential) and a “Bringing Out His Potential” (i.e. current potential). In your side, you’re most likely on the former.

            2) I don’t see how shoving off “those skills because they are just for Destruction” when you all-inclusively rated Zheng in the quoted part. Also, there’s a difference between ‘not’ having a tool and ‘lacking’ a tool.

            Plus with his current strength, having stronger weapons or techniques doesn’t necessarily meant it would bring out more of his potential. It could be actually detrimental. Having AA or SS tier weapons or armors isn’t always the right choice. Am I wrong? Tigersoul is more than enough for him as of this moment.

            3) That is “solely” by Explosion. But he still has Destruction.

            4) I understand.

      2. It was already stated that the moves he’s using in destruction are all based off of CP9’s fighting style. He doesn’t have anything similar to jet pistol because he’s not stretching his arms. He’s using shigan(finger gun) with his fist and calls it fistgun.

      3. I think you’re missing the point, Piledriver. Explosion and Destruction are certainly powerful but they’re simple battle techniques. Yeah, he can use some movement techniques with destruction but that only scratches the surface. Consider all the things that blood magic/energy and Qi can do. What does he use them for? He increases his physical stats, makes fire, and acts like battery for his team. There’s no Qi ability that allows him to hide from detection or use any countless number of mystical abilities? Blood magic to heal himself or others by absorbing blood or something. It seems like he’s only using his power to hit things harder and run faster.

        1. No I think you’re the one missing the point. I said first and foremost that let’s look on a different perspective. That doesn’t mean I’m missing what you guys are saying. Actually it’s the first thing I’ve realized just like you guys so that’s why I put a disclaimer. I do understand both of your points but you can’t understand mine.

          Basically the both of you want some “real” skills or a “finishing move” on top of Explosion and/or Destruction. For example, during Explosion he can cast Explosion magic or cast Kagebunshins like Yinkong’s brother, or when he is in Destruction he can use a skill like Omnislash (Cloud Strife version) or Archer’s Noble Phantasm (Unlimited Blade Works) or perhaps a brand new skill exclusive to Terror Infinity or maybe something along his Vampire bloodline or Qi cultivation. Am I right? I have already considered this long before I start typing my first reply. I can see yours, you can’t see mine.

          Exclusivity isn’t the issue here. It’s all about bringing out the full potential of his “base strength” or “what strength he has now”. This is the root of this argument – “You have no abilities to make use of such strength.” when Roste comparatively used “Dimensional Slash” (what counts as a skill for you guys) while Zheng was using Explosion.

          Again, Explosion and Destruction are already “skills” that brings out the full potential of his current strength. It’s already “skill” in itself.

          It’s not just a “simple battle techniques”. He developed both techniques by combining two Vampire energy into his Qi. It’s NOT a “simple battle technique”. If you’re an avid RPG gamer like me, then you would easily understand what I’m trying to say especially when know a “Skill Tree” is.

          1. Why are you saying ‘you guys’ like I cosigned everything he ever said? Maybe I shouldn’t have said you’re missing the point while only skimming his argument but whatever. My argument is that I don’t think he’s fully utilizing his energy powers because all he’s doing with them is hitting things harder. I don’t care about finishing moves. I care more about useful supplementary abilities.

            For example have you watched/read Naruto? Zheng is using his energy like Guy and Lee use chakra. It’s one the most basic and straightforward ways to use chakra taken to the extreme. You can use chakra to heal, kill, revive the dead, teleport, fly, control gravity, control minds, control elements, cast illusions, create seals, and create barriers. Guy and Lee use it to run fast and hit hard. Sure they’re powerful but they’re not fully making use of chakra.

            This is why I say that Zheng’s techniques are simple battle techniques. For another example if you had access to the magic of Harry Potter’s world and all you using it for was throwing rocks at your enemies I’d say you made a simple battle technique and you’re not fully utilizing your magic. I don’t care if you’re throwing rocks at the speed of light.

            We know that blood energy basically lets him learn any form of blood magic. I don’t think Zheng has ever even looked at the revival book from the Mummy beyond using it to bring back his teammates.

          2. See this is where our opinion deviates. You think Guy and Lee aren’t fully using their chakra simply because they’re using Taijutsu and incapable of using Genjutsu/Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu/Juinjutsu/Jujutsu/Kinjutsu/Senjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
            or Dojutsu? I don’t think so.

            Like I said I already understand your point. But again, I already said “let’s look at it in a different perspective” at the very top and first post, yet both of you are arguing the same thing over and over. The “viewpoint” should have already veered off-course at that point, yet you guys kept saying I miss the point. Actually the discussion shouldn’t be this long if you get what “let’s look at it in a different perspective” means.

          3. I’m using “you guys” because you’re arguing the same thing, at the very least where you started replying. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be “everything”, just a partial similarity in your argument is already enough to collectively set you as “you guys”. I’m sorry if it sound rude but how am I suppose to address the both of you? I don’t think “you guys” is offensive enough though.

            Ahem, in any case:
            Aren’t fully using their chakra =/= not having supplementary techniques
            Aren’t fully using their chakra =/= only using Taijutsu

          4. Your argument seems to be semantic and seems to be arguing the very direct literal meaning of Roste’s words. I’m not disagreeing with the idea that Zheng made use of his power by inventing Destruction and Explosion. That would be ridiculous. I’m arguing more about the spirit of the statement. So basically it seems like you’re saying, “I know you guys aren’t actually taking Roste’s statement literally but let’s look at it literally for a moment. Explosion is technically a skill that uses his power.” Thus the reason I said you’re missing the point. If you continually bring up the literal meaning of Roste’s words when we’re talking about the spirit of them then you’re either missing the point or trolling.

            Guy and Lee might be doing the best they can do but they’re not fully using making use of what chakra can do. That may be because of disability but they’re still not doing it.

            The problem with the ‘you guys’ is that you follow it with very specific things you seem to be quoting from him that have nothing to do with me or my argument. “Basically the both of you want some “real” skills or a “finishing move.”’ This sort of statement is an example.

          5. One last time, I DO understand the “spirit of the statement”. What I don’t understand is that you need to repeat the same point despite the varying words used. The world is not one-way as you’re viewing it right now. If I’m taking it very literally, then you’re taking it awfully myopic and monotonous.

            Sigh. I give up. Let’s just end this with you being right. It seems you cannot see where I truly stand in this matter. No matter how many times I repeat it, you’re ignoring my disclaimer.

          6. I never said you don’t understand the spirit of the statement. I said that making a literal argument when you know that no one else is being literal is a ridiculous and absurd thing to do. That’s why it seems like nobody understands your point. In actuality your point was understood from the very beginning. It was just dismissed as it was as absurd point that was off topic to the point that we thought you were confused.

            It’s similar to if I say that an athlete was on fire during a game. You then say to look at it a different way and that he wasn’t actually on fire. He doesn’t have any burn marks on his skin or anything. I then say you missed and the point and that he scored 30 points. You say you didn’t miss the point, repeat that you said you were looking at things a different way, we don’t see your point, and that he didn’t even go to the hospital.

            That’s the ridiculous argument that’s going on. You say that you understand my point(that I’m not being literal), then you’ll proceed to respond to the entire post point by point despite having changed the entire foundation of the argument and then acting insulted that nobody considered your disclaimer to be an appropriate indicator that you’re talking about something completely different. This is why I brought up trolling. It’s one of the most unproductive ways to have a discussion that I can imagine.

          7. We’re just going in circles again and again and AGAIN. What’s ridiculous here is your analogy. I’m actually amazed I’m still calm after all your accusations and all the WORDS shoved into my mouth. Allow me to explain clearly where I stand and how is your analogy dumb, once and for all, before we make the whole comment section longer than the TI chapter.

            “Roste stood. He was still in the unlocked mode. This time, he charged at Zheng and shouted. “Team China’s leader! You are strong but that is also evidence of your inability! You have no abilities to make use of such strength. You will lose!”

            == What does the quoted paragraph signifies? ==
            + Obviously, Roste literally means that Zheng has no abilities here like Roste’s Mirage and Dimensional Slash.
            + “In a different perspective”, it also means that Roste thought that Zheng’s was holding back PHYSICALLY after he witnessed the difference of RAW power before and during the activation of Explosion. In other words, for example BEFORE Explosion, he thought Zheng was only using 100 stats and DURING Explosion he used 400 stats.
            + Roste also thought that Explosion (and possibly even Destruction) is NOT an ability.
            + Roste is underestimating Zheng. (useless for the debate)

            Now, my argument is FVCKING simple. I am simply proving that Roste’s claim is wrong! And that:
            + Explosion (including Destruction) is NOT just a steroid NOR Zheng was holding back his power. Explosion IS an ability (and so IS Destruction).

            For fvcks sake, I don’t how it got derailed despite the disclaimer.

            Now here is why you’re analogy is dumb:
            + Whether Explosion or Destruction is a skill or not IS ARGUABLE. There IS a room for speculations.
            + Whether the Burning Man is really burning IS NOT ARGUABLE. In your example, it is assumed to be a FACT.



            If you think Explosion (and/or Destruction) CANNOT be considered as an ability, then it’s understandable since the effect are just exploding Zheng’s base power. I can see why you or him are against the idea. BUT this is where my “let’s think it in a different perspective” comes in.

            You also CANNOT DISMISS that we can re-categorize Explosion (or Destruction) as a genuine ability, for the following reasons:
            + In Gaming, Explosion and Destruction can be sub-categorized as BUFFS or SUPPORT skills (aka “supplementary” skills). And Buffs ARE skills (aka abilities). Therefore Explosion and Destruction are abilities!!!
            + Moreover, God’s Dimension is VERY similar to a game’s setting specifically RPGs. No, it’s essentially a game, survival game that is.
            + You guys said that Zheng’s own version of Geppo, Rankyaku and Fist/Finger Gun are purchaseable in God’s Dimension. But wouldn’t that mean Geppo, Rankyaku and Fist Gun are on the same “sense” as the original abilities from One Piece, therefore COUNTING as abilities as well?
            + Yinkong’s Shining is considered an ability. The effect is to boost her speed several times her base speed. This is also true for her next upgrade, Enhanced Shining. Now compare it to Zheng’s Explosion. If Yinkong’s Shining is already categorized as an ability, then how can Zheng’s Explosion (or Destruction) which boosts ALL of his stats several times his base power by a larger margin than the Shining CANNOT be considered as an ability? How logically dumb is that???


            If you still FAIL to see the BIGGER picture after this detailed summarization then I really don’t mind committing seppuku right here right now praying that I would reincarnate in a different world than you. Curse me, insult me, name-call or ignore the words I’ve said again and again. Call it a drama. Take apart what’s convenient for you and argue forever in a never-ending cycle. Buy a banana or a potato. Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I already did my best explaining. I’m already tired and I think I’ve already been rude to TL for ruining this chapter page along you gu…bunch.

            P.S. I apologize for the cursing and the capitilized words. I don’t know how to put emphasis on the word without B/I/U and make them more readable.


          8. You go on about how I’m putting words in your mouth and then just confirm exactly what I said you were doing. My analogy was spot on and you’re so convinced that I don’t understand your argument that you’ve working yourself up for no reason.

            Rather than my analogy being dumb it’s that your analysis of my analogy is dumb. This is obvious as your criticism of the analogy doesn’t actually target a point of the analogy makes and the point you do target is incorrectly interpreted.

            Let’s go over the points of it entirely. 1. We’re having two different conversations which have nothing to do with each other. 2. You’re stating literal facts which are irrelevant to the conversation being had.

            You say that it’s arguable whether Zheng’s Explosion and Destruction are abilities? I disagree. They ARE abilities. Nobody ever said that they weren’t. This is why you trying to argue that they are is pointless and beside the point. In other words we know that he’s not really on fire so why are you talking about it? Your point is obvious and nobody ever misunderstood it. There’s no bigger picture that’s not being seen by me. Wipe those arrogant assumptions away and you might actually get the point this time.

          9. LOL @ Vincent1873

            Finally finished reading this long series of comments. As a self-proclaimed veteran forumer in MAL, Animesuki, Reddit, etc., I can say that you’re the one who joined their conversation midway and now you’re pointing your fingers at him saying he’s the one who started spouting irrelevant stuffs. Bravo!

            Conversation? What conversation? You never had a conversation with him. You’re having a monologue. If you don’t understand what he’s saying, then why do you keep replying? Is it so hard to stop talking back? If you don’t understand a thing then what the heck are you blabbering all this time?

            “There’s no bigger picture that’s not being seen by me. Wipe those arrogant assumptions away and you might actually get the point this time.”

            Hohoho, you’re last paragraph is full of crap and hypocrisy. Who’s arrogant here? LMFAO You ARE the troll here. He’s making more sense than you though. How about you stop posting useless comments simply because you want to have the last comment on this matter?

        2. You guys are missing my point, completely. Here’s the simplified version of what I’m trying to point out:

          Quote: “Roste stood. He was still in the unlocked mode. This time, he charged at Zheng and shouted. “Team China’s leader! You are strong but that is also evidence of your inability! You have no abilities to make use of such strength. You will lose!””

          Maybe you guys should re-define your terminological semantic of the word “technique” and change it into the more popular, colloquial terms such “Ultimates”, “Finishing Moves” or at least “Battle Techniques” (because there are different types of techniques no?).

          (note: notice that Roste is pointing out that he can win against Zheng simply because he has no “abilities” a.k.a. “skills/techs” like the two skills below)

          “Mirage!…….” “Dimensional Slash!……..”

          Here’s where my argument comes in. If you’re a gamer like me, a “simple battle technique” a.k.a. increase in both strength and speed can already be considered as a skill or technique or ability or whatever you want to call it, especially when you give it a proper name like “Iron Skin”, “Indomitability “, “Shining” (Yin Kong’s technique which you guys approved as a technique), Goku’s Kaoiken or Luffy’s Gear Second.

          “Explosion” and “Destruction” run along in the set of group as I’ve enumerated above. What I bothers me is that both of you can’t agree that Explosion and Destruction are already technique per se and call it “simple battle techniques”. How can a technique that boosts his stats several times and destroys his body can be called “simple”? So much simple it’s on the same stratum as his “movement technique”.

        3. I found it strange that you guys agreed Yinkong’s upgrade in the Shining as a “genuine technique” while it only boosts her speed and nothing else, yet you pushes the idea that Zheng doesn’t have any technique when in actuality, he has a similar but even better “simple technique”.

          If you flip the chessboard and look at a different perspective, Explosion and Destruction are NOT “simple techniques”.

          1. Sighed, let’s just think it this way.

            Explosion is the skill. Destruction is a unique or extension skill under Explosion. In other words, Destruction is already an original technique.

            If we follow the train of logic, if Zheng developed another “simple battle technique” under Destruction, can you still not consider it as an original skill on the same level as “mystical abilities”?

            Would this be acceptable?

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