TI Vol 14 Chapter 24-3

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Vol 14 Chapter 24-3

Zero chose to head toward areas where the fungi were more densely populated after separating from Zheng. He didn’t consider the twists and turns of the roads. Bugs were fortunately little here. He hadn’t seen one yet as he followed the road in between the fungi.

Sizz! Zero instinctively rolled forward. A silver light pierced through a fungus and headed toward his location. He was in his mid-roll when the light passed by barely touching him. It continued onward piercing through all the fungi on the way. Zero could heard the collapses of those fungi.

“Stop hiding. You aren’t going to make it. Just let me kill you in one shot. That will make you suffer less. If you make me lose this bet, I will burn you inch by inch from toe to head with my Silver Blaze. Make your choice. Either die in an instant or from torture. Tell me, swine!” His voice came from the outside of this area. Another silver light shot through along with his words. However, it missed Zero by a meter this time.

Zero noted this shot. He understood such long distance sniping couldn’t be completed solely by psyche scan. The scan gave you the target’s location but not being able to see the distance with your eyes would introduce some error. This was why he chose such an environment.

Zero immediately raised his rifle at the direction where the silver light came from and fired. Bang! Was the sound from the Gauss sniper rifle then it was immediately followed by a Dong! The sound of striking a bell with a rock. Both sounds were so out of place in this underground world. Zero instantly continued to run deep into the fungi forest.

Two seconds after he started running, a silver light crossed his previous location just like he had expected. The man roared with rage like when a cat had its tail stepped on. His tolerance was thin and he started firing like a maniac. Several more shots later, he stepped into the ruin he caused and walked to where Zero was. He gave a cold smile. “Fine. I will burn you to nothingness inch by inch!”

Bang! Dong!

Another loud shot. The powerful bullet went straight for Nick. A golden light formed an ancient bell and enveloped him inside. The bullet could only strike the bell ineffectively.

“Are you an idiot? How many times do I have to tell you this is a BB defensive item? Your sci-fi weapon can’t damage me even one bit. It will only expose your location!” He gave a cold laugh then drew his bow and fired at the fungi forest ahead. A circulating light filled the silver bow. The light then concentrated on its string. When he released the string, a silver light fired out.

Yet, this shot was as useless as the previous ones. Zero dodged the light before it hit. Nick grew more enraged and started cursing. The end of five minutes was coming near. Nick was also getting impatient.

“I get it, swine! You forced me to do this! I thought to give you an easy death but it seems like you have to get torn to pieces!” Nick shouted.

He brought out a silver coin from his pocket and put it on the string of the bow. The coin fused with the circulating light as he drew the string. He released the string with a shout. Numerous light beams fired from the bow. The single puddle of silver light from before changed into tiny beams. There were at least ten thousand beams that devoured the fungi in front of him.

Zero was still running. His sense of danger raised to an extreme when Nick changed his shot. Zero glanced behind with his peripheral vision and saw the light beams coming at him. The number of these beams gave him a sense that it was unavoidable. I remained abnormally calm at this critical moment. The beams’ path covered the area around him and the area in front of him. He turned around and ran back without a moment of thought.

The beams were an AOE ability that covered up to a hundred meters. Their only flaw was a decrease in speed. The first beam reached Zero after he took four steps. Time seemingly froze for him. Zero felt the world slowed down. His movements also slowed down. It looked like there was no way to avoid being hit by the beams.

Less than a meter left. Zero eyes defocused. He had no time to change any movement from the running. His foot kicked on the root of a fungus then he used this force to throw himself forward on the ground. The beams flew over his head and back, almost touching them. He could feel the heat so clearly. Time was slow during this moment. As soon as all the beams flew by, he immediately jumped up.

This was the first time Zero experienced this feeling of near omniscience. Endless information from the surrounding streamed into his head. He could see the condition of his body, his strength, his stamina, his speed, the power of those beams, and even what action he should take next. He immediately brought out a Gauss explosive bullet without hesitation.

Nick was a few hundred meters away from Zero. He was closing in but Zero was safe switching to this bullet. He fired back at where the light beams came from. The same bang as regular bullets. The same sound of striking a bell. Zero got back down on the ground after firing. A heat wave swept over him.

Nick was waiting for the notification from God. However, it never came to his irritation. What came back was a shot from the Gauss sniper rifle. He cursed to himself and thought, did this person from team China also had a defensive item? One high ranked enough to defend against magical weapons?

The bullet that struck the bell didn’t drop to the ground this time. It flashed brilliantly instead. Nick heard a loud sound followed by violent vibrations and the wavering of the bell. The bell protected him from damage but the ground couldn’t withstand the explosion. He was blasted up dozens of meters into the sky. The heat waves from the explosion then threw him back down into the fungi like a bullet. He was struck several meters into the ground.

Zero immediately ran toward the densely populated fungi forest afterward. He heard about the pain of unlocking the genetic constraint for the first time. If this shot didn’t kill the man, he had to suffer through this pain in a hidden place before continuing the fight, continue until he killed the enemy!

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  1. I really hope all the core members unlock the restraint without the use of the original T-virus, cause i’d assume its stronger to do so without substances.

    1. It seems like the major benefit of the T-virus is that it counters the poison from using unlocked mode. It means their team could potentially stay unlocked for long periods of time without the risk of dying.

  2. Thanks, so zero just unlocked? I thought he had unlocked long ago.. When he about to die? Can anyone help me to recap unlocked stage for all member?
    1. Zheng 3 stage
    2. Xuan 1 stage
    3. Zero 1 stage
    4. Lan 1 stage

    I think assassin chick, archer dude and medical guy also already unlocked, I forgot

    I think that’s it?

  3. Can’t help but feel that this was forced. It was my personal belief that those like Zero, Kampa, and bomb guy couldn’t unlock their constraints because of their military training to suppress and control fear. Those normal people had a higher chance of unlocking than the trained solider so far, except Xuan who did so off screen.
    I thought it would later turn out that Xuan would say that their training gave them invaluable skills, but crippled their ability to feel fear like normal people and struggle to survive. Sure they feel fear, but a trained assassin or soldier would be able to process that fear and not be overwhelmed like Zheng in his battle against the alien to save Lan, Lan in a emotional upheaval to help Zheng, Heng with his extream fear of pain and the MC glaring at him with bloody red eyes, or Gando struggle to stay alive ealier.
    Also, Gando and Zheng bring up something else. Not many of them want to live like they do. Zheng said so himself. Most of them don’t have a strong desire to live that will bring out their hidden potential. Now, if I was the author here I would have included that Zero’s life flashed through his eyes and the image of his brother/sister appearing before him, and he desired to see her/him grow up and doesn’t want to die. Doesn’t want to end her future for a third time and then Zero unlocks the constraint.
    Better right? Like what written above it makes Unlocked Mode cheap like just a bit of certain death is enough to unlock the constraint. If it only tool this much than everyone would have reached the First Stage from their first mission.

    1. It’s not exactly cheap… Yinkong got her unlocked mode during assassin training, but she seemed to have a pretty tight hold over her emotions (except for the episode with her brother).
      If I recall correctly the unlocking of the genetic constraint has nothing to do with fear of dying or will to live, although it helps. It’s ultimately the inborn survival instinct, the one that keeps you going in a hopeless situation. Like when you are being attacked you either “fight or flight”. And on the pinnacle of this feeling or after a certain treshold they “unlock” the constraint.
      So I don’t think it’s cheap for Zero who lived a life filled with danger and even survived multiple missions and even died once. It was not explicitely stated but I think this also increased his desire to live, which helped him unlock. I’m rather curious if Honglu (the hair messing kid) will ever unlock…
      Just my 2 cents ^^

    2. So basically you thought that “Fear” is the main factor that unlocks the 1st constraint. I don’t think so.

      Reason 1 – remember that Xuan can’t feel anything including “fear” yet he unlocked his 1st constraint when he fought the Ju-On in the Grudge.
      Reason 2 – Yinkong already has unlocked her 1st constraint even before going into God’s dimension. She is an assassin who were also trained just like Zero, Kampa, Wangxia to “suppress and control fear” in battle. But her training and experience surpassed a soldier’s. Not to mention she is a genius assassin. So the more the reason she couldn’t feel “fear” yet she’s already unlocked.
      Reason 3 – when Zheng unlocked his 1st constraint, he was there saving Lan. There’s no mention of him “fearing” the alien. However, it has mentioned repeatedly that he “didn’t want die.”

      In my opinion, “near death” experience and the “desire to live” in an “extreme situation or environment” is what unlocks the 1st constraint and 2nd constraint (like when Zheng ran in fours while saving Lori in the real world). The 3rd constraint can be unlocked with the help of the Guide or perhaps with your teammate for a long period of time w/o fusing with a Guide and being a leader.

      Also the reason why Zero hasn’t unlocked his constraint was:
      The Grudge – he was just sniping and Yinkong was protecting him from the ghost. Pretty safe.
      The Mummy – he was just sniping and died immediately when sniped back. Too sudden.
      Starship Trooper – he was alone battling an opponent far superior than him and he just almost died in this chapter. I think it’s about time to unlock his 1st constraint.

      1. How one unlocks the constraint still seems confusing, so I can’t just say danger does it. If that all it took there would be many soldier in the real world who unlocked the constraint, or people who survive dangerous situations as well. Xuan says most of these people die, but a good number of them so have lived.
        Zheng – A desire to live. I can accept.
        Xuan – Unknown. It probably was during the battle with the ghost, but Xuan does react to unlocking it at all and just kept fighting the ghost without a word or mental comment. I just checked. Can’t accept.
        Yinkong – Intense assassination training since childhood within a clan that most likely knows of the concept of the Genetic Constraint. Can accept.
        Lan – To help Zheng and was in a emotional upheaval. Can sort of accept.
        Heng – Extreme fear fighting Zheng. Can accept.
        Zero – A bit of danger where he didn’t think he’ll make it. Can’t accept. He was beaten down by the Alien Queen, had his arm ripped off, and didn’t unlock. Got attacked by a ghost and had to concentrate to make one last shot, could accept it if it happened here, but it didn’t.
        This unlocking just seems the most shallow one to date, so I can’t accept. No anger, fear, desire to live, thoughts of protecting anyone. Just a close call with death. Heck, Gando was the last one, but the author wrote it so well that you could see just how much he was struggling to stay alive. So maybe just danger and the survival instinct (something he had from the beginning, but… nothing till now) is enough to unlock the genetic constraint, but the author just didn’t write it well enough in my opinion.

        1. Thanks for translating A0132 😀 4 more arcs 0_o

          Anyway I found out a good source on the “activation” requirements. The novel compared “genetic constraint” to “SEED mode”, otherwise known as “SEED factor”. So I researched and found a satisfying answer which pretty much explained why Xuan and Zero unlocked their constraint.

          Just search “wiki SEED mode” and you should see the wikia for the term. Scroll down and read the 2nd paragraph from the top, and the Activation part.

        2. From what I know up to this chapter I would say a “clear noticeable danger”, “will to live/achieve something”, and perhaps “enhanced body” are factors as to whether someone will achieve the unlocked mode.

          During Alien, Zero might not have had a particular will to live, he didn’t have his loli yet and he viewed the whole thing as just another mercenary job. During The Mummy he was already dying and he probably wasn’t at Lan level of devotion to have such a strong desire to make that final shot to warrant unlocking the constraint. Furthermore, in both of those instances he had one of the more unenhanced bodies in the team focusing more on his weapon and a sight upgrade, I think having an enhanced body would not only make it more likely to survive unlocking, but also makes unlocking likelier in the first place. Lan was a vampire when he unlocked, Yinkong had special training, Xuan was pretty much already an artificial superhuman, Lan had an enhanced mind(the unlocking was focused on her mind as well IIRC), Heng was an elf, and Gando was enhanced by dragon blood. This would also explain the why it isn’t more common in the “real world”.

          Here he has made a promise with his comrade Zheng, has his loli, saw the danger coming and so had a chance to evade it, and has a body enhanced by dragon blood.

  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    He brought out a silver coin from his pocket then put it on the string of the bow
    then put it on -> and put it on

    There were at least ten thousand of beams that devoured the fungi in front of him
    ten thousand of beams -> ten thousand beams

    I refused to believe that you can go too many chapters without typos or errors so I reread the chapter looking for typos and errors…

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