TI Vol 14 Chapter 24-1

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Vol 14 Chapter 24-1

Zheng was merely a regular white collar previously, at most someone with the potential to survive. This potential only surfaced after he revived the person he loved the dearest. That was also when he lusted to live on. After he was not alone anymore, he bore too much, friends, comrades, the blood of his enemies, the expectation of his love, and the hatred of his clone. It was all these responsibilities that made him the person he was.

“Raising newbies as slaves was no doubt a powerful method to quickly become strong in the beginning stage. If God determines difficulty based on the strongest individual and the average of a team, such team won’t encounter movies that are too difficult. So a team can obtain large amount of points and rewards while staying within safety. That’s the biggest advantage to this method but it will eventually lead to the team’s destruction.”

“It isn’t that evil submits to justice. History has long proved the only thing matters in this world is absolute power, so justice and evil are bullshit. You can be fair to some people but never to every single person. Same with being evil. This concept is the weak’s self comfort. The underlying reason they will fail is because they only see the surface of God’s realm and forget its true purpose.”

“God doesn’t get people here to grind points and enhance themselves. If that’s the case, its designer could have simply modified its program to give every human the enhancements. When gods and buddhas soar the sky, vampires and devils roam the ground, the end of humanity would not be far away. Its true purpose is to make humans evolve. Raising slaves can give them powerful enhancements but their unlocked levels are certainly low. Secondly, they probably can only use abilities and enhancements from God instead of their own abilities. The probability of this is over 90%. We have experimented that self created abilities can exert 100% of their powers while exchanged abilities and enhancements are determined by your unlocked stage.”

“The final question is every powerful individual has a fatal weakness. Like sharks are strong in the sea but are mere food for the cats in the mountain. Lions are strong in the plains but gets eaten by fish in the sea. Such a team may seem strong but are weak. Go meet with them, Zheng. Break through their seemingly strong shell and what’s left inside is merely rotten flesh. Team Africa is much stronger to be honest!”

Zheng recalled Xuan’s words in his mind. He continued heading forward quietly with Zero. He had entered the first stage. As he used the unlocked mode more and more, he could stay within the first stage for a long time. When this time continued accumulating, he might one day be able to stay in it without any restriction. But for now, he had to unlock the genetic constraint to discover the other team.

“Zero, how’s it? Can you see the environment here? It’s a little too dark.” Zheng said to Zero in a low voice.

Zero gripped his Gauss sniper rifle then replied. “I can see it. I only enhanced my eyes after all. I can see up to several thousand meters in darker environments. Though the terrain here isn’t suitable for snipes. Oh and there are two Gauss explosive bullets left.”

The Gauss explosive bullets were the expensive bullets Zero exchanged before entering this movie. They were of course extremely powerful. One bullet can destroy an area of several hundred meters, more destructive than tactical nukes. Zheng understood what Zero meant by that. When he failed to rival the enemies, Zero would use the bullets. He could escape the area of effect with the speed of his Destruction while the enemies might not.

“Ok, I get it. Thank you for fighting along side me this whole time. I don’t want to see you fall in front of me again, comrade. I said it, we will fight together till death!” Zheng nodded.

Zero also nodded. “Fight together till death.”

Following Xuan’s plan, Zheng and Zero walked the opposite path. They searched for the way up. There weren’t many bugs in their path. Zheng easily killed the few bugs he came across on sight, including a blaster bug. The light blade of Tiger’s Soul sliced the blaster bug in two without resistance and they continued.

And so, ten minutes later, they looked at each other as if they sensed something. It was a very blurry feeling but they sensed they were being spied on. Zheng was in the unlocked mode and Zero was a veteran assassin. They were both sensitive to such sensation. They walked toward a more open area in the underground. Large numbers of huge fungus grew in this underground that it looked like a forest. They were walking into this forest.

“Zero, they are about here. I think they can hear my words right now. Live on.” Zheng muttered to Zero. He brought out a pack of cigarette and threw one over.

Zero caught the cigarette. He lit it and inhaled deeply. He nodded then walked under the shadow of the fungus. Zheng was the only person left standing in the open.

Zheng looked around with Tiger’s Soul in his hand. He activated the movement technique and jumped up along a fungus. A few jumps later, he stood on its cap. The spying sensation fell upon him again. He finally saw four people coming out from a tunnel far away. Two Caucasians and two brown skin people. The brown skins looked like they were cowering. There were numerous bruises on their bodies. Their expressions seemed scared. The Caucasians looked at Zheng with arrogance. They laughed out loud when their eyes landed on the sword.

“Is it funny? White pigs. Come kill me if you dare!” Zheng shouted using his qi. The sound was loud enough for them to hear clearly. They stopped laughing but they still acted unconcerned as if they looked down on Zheng.

“Team China? Yellow skin monkeys. I thought the black skin Africans were going to seize the victory. Didn’t expect you monkeys to win.” The man’s voice sounded right by Zheng’s ears.

A silver light crossed the darkness. Zheng immediately jumped up. The light hit the cap of the fungus then it was completely obliterated. It wasn’t burned nor shattered but obliterated into nothingness.

“Don’t hide. I have found your locations. There’s one holding a sci-fi weapon on the other side. Are you hoping to sneak attack on us? Haha. Let me tell you, we have BB defensive items on us, rechargeable all purpose defensive items. Speaking of those, these seemed to be items your ancestors created, called Xiuzhen items. All sci-fi weapons are ineffective against us, same with magical weapons. Your crimson sword won’t be able to hurt us. Just surrender. We still have to chase the other group after killing you. They are being surrounded by bugs. The brain bug is going to get them first if we don’t worry. Those points are ours. Haha”

The Gauss sniper rifle resonated loudly. A bullet shot toward the man with the silver bow at speed invisible to the eyes. A golden light radiated from the man’s body. A golden barrier the shape of a bronze bell covered him. Klank! It was as if the bullet hit a real bell. The man was intact.

(They are a team that raises slaves as expected. They carry the best weapons and defensive items. Their enhancements and stats are probably also extremely high. This man is indeed a powerful individual. Xuan, this seemingly strong shell may be too strong.)

Although these thoughts crossed his mind, his killing intent grew even more intense. The same raising newbie as slaves, the same torturing of newbies, and are both Caucasians. Everything matched what his clone said. These two people may be members who were once in team Devil! If that was the case…

“You must die!”

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  1. @cwoverclock
    I’m posting here since it’s less likely that you’ll see a reply in a non-current chapter.

    First of all, I’m pretty sure Team Forest has 4 active members. Only two have been named, but they have four people.
    And the rating is decided by the strongest member thing is probably not true since they got Jurassic Park even though Zheng is still alive… Zheng never died, yet god ‘reset’ their evaluation. And Zheng is also likely not stronger than a single one of their member if not for his self-created abilities; and my initial conjecture that they have shitty unlocked stages. One of them is already saving up for an AA ability…

    And if the supposed weakness you mentioned, that their team’s strength is focused on a few members, Team China is even worse off…
    Notice how Xuan keeps saying all of them have a high chance of dying, but Zheng has no chance of dying?
    Yeah… He is significantly stronger than them all combined.

    Zhan Lan – 5 movies + 1 side
    Chu Xuan – 2 movies + 1 side
    Kampa – 1 movie + 1 side
    Zero – 3 movies + 1 side
    Wang Xia – 1 movie + 1 side
    Luo Gando – complete newbie, died in first movie

    On top of those, Xuan, Kampa and Wang Xia got rewards from the mission in Jurassic Park.
    In other words, all of them are pretty much newbie-level aside from Lan.
    Remember Jie? He had finished 3 movies at the beginning of the story… and he had just finished the test. They’re more or less around the level of a team that had just gotten their first leader in terms of points.

    Compared to them…
    Zheng has completed 9 movies + 1 side, and he gets more than double everyone’s points each time aside from that one time Lan got a lot (she spent it on the revival cross, though).
    Zheng alone possible has more points than the rest of them combined. I won’t go to the past chapters and check… but it should be close even if it’s not 100% true.

    Now we look at Team Devil.
    It’s likely that these guys are those from Team Devil.
    They were strong since before Zheng finished his first movie.
    And each movie they go through, they get points from their newbies. So in terms of points, they should have a bit more than usual, even without completing extra missions. More movies + more team battles + likely high average points/movie.
    There is a very high chance that their point total far surpasses Team China and Africa, especially since Team China has spent a fairly large amount on items that are no longer in the team, and some for revivals. It’s even not far-fetched that the richest among them has a higher point total than Zheng.

    On top of that, we know that things outside of the point system + genetic unlocking are not taken into consideration. Self-created abilities, as in abilities not learned from the point system, are exempt from god’s evaluation. This should include Zero’s sniping, Xuan’s intelligence, and their general soldier/mercenary experience. That means a large part of Team China’s prowess should not be evaluated.
    It’s likely that Xuan was taken to Team Devil because of his other talent. After all, he was able to unlock the 1st stage after just one movie… and unlocking does not seem to have anything to do with intelligence.

    Now let’s say the previous paragraph is moot.
    Look at Team Africa. They were fragmented into 3 factions. Not just two, but three!
    On top of that, their strongest member is so weak that if he didn’t have his Berserk ability, they would have absolutely no way to kill Zheng. At all. Now his Berserk ability is not evaluated, since it’s self-created.
    God judged that Team South America, with all their points and powerful pscyhe force user, is weaker than this piece of shit team that could be solo’d by Zheng in a straight confrontation?
    That’s just bullshit…

    1. P.S.
      there seems to actually be only 2…
      I wrote the comment before reading this chapter, and I thought that all 4 people mentioned before were part of the team. Apparently there’s only four of them total for some reason.

    2. You’re taking everything at face value. Those are just “speculations” by the characters and the possibility that some of them are incorrect is more than 90%. Don’t treat the conversation and assessment done by Xuan or Zheng as 100% foolproof fact. Most of them are correct, but how can you be sure they’re all true?

      God’s criteria and reasoning is still full of mysteries. There’s no such thing as perfectly laid out rules once you’re inside the game. It could change when you least expected it. God is a whimsical troll and he loves bullying team China, especially Zheng.

      For example, normally there’s only 2 teams who goes in a team battle, but currently there are 3. Since the rules kept changing every single time as the story progresses, there’s no point on sticking on the previous rule set. There would be always a conflict of information since God is a massive troll who would probably summon a monkey piloting a Gundam.

    3. well, they probably also lose massive amounts of points
      you have to consider that those newbies who give them items probably don’t survive more then one movie. so the items they get aren’t superpowerfull.
      i don’t really see them as the kind that do bonus missions so the points they accumulate per movie are probably lower then zheng.

      but what you can make out from their conversation. they have no problem killing newbies, so they lose 1000 points for each one they kill + one of them seems to revive them only to kill them again for his own pleasure.

      so i can imagine that the point loss for that is massive
      they probably lose most new newbies in teambattles to so thats even more points gonne.

      they seem to only have 4 people right now while you start a movie with 7.
      so they allready down like 6000 points for this movie.

      and they haven’t really unlocked the higher stages
      so whatever high ranked abilities they have those aren’t used very efficiently.

    4. If said that God determines difficulty based on the strongest individual and the average of a team. You should remember that when they got Jurassic Park Zheng was still alive but he was the ONLY person still alive. It was a movie he was suppose to do with 6 newbies.

      Xuan’s statement that Zheng has no chance of dying is nonsense. He clearly can’t fight a million bugs. The hoppers are said to be faster than the flying device they use. At most he can hope that they won’t chase him down and that he can run out the clock.

      How many movies they completed isn’t a testament to how powerful they are because they share points and rewards. That’s a primary factor to calculate the team’s strength.

      On the guys from team forest. You can’t share points you can only buy things for people. At most the slaves can get a C rank reward from staying alive in a dangerous mission/team battle. They can then hopefully combine their points to get them a B rank item. If they combine their own points with that of the slaves they might be able to buy something higher than B rank. They mention that they kill the slaves after they exchange items to prevent them from secretly powering up like clone Zhang did(I assume their clones couldn’t afford to do so because new members on Team Devil are somewhat rare). Basing on their clone not knowing about clone Zheng’s actions they probably don’t know about bonus missions.

      Overall Team Forest has 2 people with high level equipment and skills they can’t use completely. Team China has powerful equipment on 6 people who know very well how to use them. Lan’s abilities are also reasonably high. There’s also the 4000 points worth of stats from the dragon blood.

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