TI Vol 14 Chapter 23-1

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Vol 14 Chapter 23-1

Zheng instantly felt a wave of heat rushed into his head. The conversation he had with his clone in Resident Evil emerged.

“They told me that you need the mentality of a devil to be part of the team. They seized my ring, told me to exchange an enhancement or item for the core members after every movie. I was fine with it if that was the only thing, but…”

His eyes gradually turned cold. He said without much emotion. “You mean they are keeping the newbies as slaves, make them become a source of points and rewards, and kill them at will? The newbies lived in the most tragic situation without dignity and even… the ability to protect the beloved ones?”

Xuan looked out to the hill far ahead. He showed no worry about the bugs closing in on them. He said calmly. “Correct. That’s what I meant.”

Zheng took several deep breaths and said with a cold smile. “Then it piques my interest. I really want to see if these strong individuals of team South Africa got copied into team Devil…”

Everyone nearby felt a chill coming from Zheng. It was a sense of pressure coming from within. As Zheng grew stronger, he developed his aura. It was different from his clone’s but it was the same aura that belonged to the strong, an aura that came developed from confidence and strength.

Kampa, WangXia, and Zero met eyes with each other. Kampa aimed the EMP rifle at the bugs in the distance. As he pulled the trigger, Zero also aimed his rifle at the blaster bug. Bang! A hole opened from its chest and through its back. At the same time, the EMP rifle shredded several bugs at the frontline.

Zheng watched the bugs dying one after another. He muttered. “Judging by the power of our weapons, we don’t have to worry as long as we don’t get surrounded by large amount of hoppers. The question is, where is team South America? What is the composition of their team? Is there really one or two super strong individuals?”

“Their psyche force user is at least stronger than ours.” Xuan said calmly. “First of all, they found us who were being masked while we couldn’t detect them closing in. you can assume the silver light came from a quest item but the psyche force can’t be faked. Enter the hole underground! We are heading downward!”

Zheng entered the unlocked mode and simulated Honglu when he had the killing intent. He twisted his hair and said. “Understood. Go underground. We don’t want to go where the enemies wish us to go. Since they shot us down, they must wish us to enter these hills. The large number of bugs is probably also an attempt to force us forward. It seems like their strengths lie on open area and hiding among hills. They don’t want us to go underground. Lan, search out for where a large number of bugs are staying in place. Snow, mask everyone and scan the nearby area. Don’t have to be too far, we just need to get 10km within us under monitor. Can you do it?”

Snow nodded. She put the image of the a 10km area into Zheng’s mind. Now that they had decided to go through the underground, WangXia didn’t preserve his explosives. He threw a plasma bomb over. Gando killed off the scattered bugs nearby then they ran over to the hole.

Bugs were still coming out from this hole. Zheng stopped WangXia from throwing another bomb then jumped in with his sword. He was in his optimal state from several days of resting. There was no need for Explosion or Destruction. Ten times a normal person’s physical stats were enough to clear these bugs without much effort. He killed his way into the underground.

On the other side of the hills. Four people stood there quietly. Two brown skin people cowered behind two Caucasian men. One of the Caucasian carried a large metallic silver bow. The other only held a cigar.

The man with the bow sighed. “They entered the underground. They are good to think of this method to avoid my snipes. Roste, I can’t help you with close combat.”

Roste tapped off the cigar ashes and gave a cold smile. “No problem. Didn’t expect team China to have eight people. Their strengths look quite even, all sci-fi weapon users. Finish them off in the underground. Same old rule. Four each. Eight people here. The pigs can get 10k more points. F*ck. What’s the point of a single exchange each time? You can’t get all their points this way.”

The man with the bow didn’t say anything. He connected to Roste through Soul Link. “It’s the same. Get each pig to exchange an item then kill them. So as to avoid them enhancing themselves with the extra points and cause troubles in key moments. Are you really going to revive the woman that just joined in this movie? Why even bother playing her more than once?”

Roste sounded slightly discontented. “Nick, don’t forget the rules. Neither of us should affect the other. I just f*cking like to see the struggles on people’s faces. Who are you to control me? Stop with the rubbish and note their location then find a suitable place to kill them. Oh, and send the information to the brain bug. Let’s see how it sends bugs to block off these hypocrites.”

Nick nodded then asked. “No problem. I am just curious. They only had seven people the last time I checked. We even exposed our location for them to attack back then. Why do they have eight here? Did they hide one in the starships?”

Roste took a puff of cigar and slapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t bother with the thinking. Isn’t it better to kill one more? They are points. Haha. I can get enough for the AA ability after this movie, Illusion Materialization. My power at that point will be…”

At the same time. Zheng’s group killed their way into the tunnel underground. The bugs couldn’t use their advantage in this narrow area, though it also limited the effectiveness of their sci-fi weapons. But they pushed the bugs back easily with Zheng in front. They were fifty meters in before long.

Snow said to Zheng. “There are a lot of flying bugs coming from behind, at least several thousands of them. The tunnel ahead is also widening up.”

Zheng smiled at her then said to WangXia. “Bomb off the tunnel behind. This tunnel is too wide. We can’t give them the chance to fly!”

WangXia immediately placed a plasma mine in the ground. He paused for a moment then placed two more. After setting the timer, he ran back to the group to help with firing at the bugs in front.

Xuan had already come to the conclusion that the number of bugs weren’t unlimited. Several minutes of killing later, the tunnel ahead opened up. Zheng killed the last warrior bug. Bug corpses covered the whole way they came. Zheng almost couldn’t get accustomed to the feeling of having no bugs to kill.

He asked Lan. “Did you find an area where the bugs are gathering but not moving?”

Lan shook her head. “No. Can’t find any. I can’t even sense the bugs nearby.”

Snow also nodded. “Right. I can’t sense the bugs around us. It’s like they disappeared, probably masked.”

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