TI Vol 14 Chapter 22-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 22-2

The group flew north according to the plan. Both psyche force users detected the masked area from that direction so even though they only had speculations, they decided to check the area first. It would give team South America an opportunity to attack by leaving the fortress even if things didn’t proceed as planned.

“I have been pondering a question, how strong is team South America? If we are judging them by team Africa’s strength, they are not even worth mentioning.” Xuan’s voice appeared in everyone’s minds. Lan wouldn’t be able to do this on her own but the additional Soul Link from the second psyche force user connected the whole team.

Kampa asked. “Why? Team Africa is quite strong. We would have been wiped if it wasn’t for you. Wiped without having chance to resist. To be honest, I still don’t get what you guys did. We were parasitized by bugs for a moment then they became the ones parasitized. And how did we get to control the fleet after that? What did you do?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “It’s difficult to explain to your intelligence. The reason team Africa can do this is because they have a mortal’s intelligence limit.”

“A mortal’s intelligence limit?” Everyone asked, including Zheng and Lan. They were curious.

“Yes. A mortal’s wisdom is too easy to speculate. It’s not worth discussing. However, this person had reached the limit of what a mortal can achieve. So I call him the mortal’s intelligence limit. Team Africa is much much worse than us. If they didn’t have a person with the intelligence and one with the strength, the Caucasian with a self-created ability, we could have annihilated them in three minutes without question. They have conflicts within the team and they were weak.” Xuan muttered.

Zheng nodded in agreement. “Yes. Our team is strong. This is something I just realized. Zero’s sniping ability and calmness are powerful capacities that other teams can’t replace. Kampa can kill a team several kilometers away by himself if they don’t have the defensive items or skills. WangXia’s demolition and scouting talents and Lan’s psyche force abilities are what a team needs the most. Gando’s potential is as high as mine. You are currently the weakest member but you can become equally strong when you mature.”

Gando said. “You said all about us. What about you and Xuan?”

Xuan replied. “My position in the team is its brain. Zheng is the heart. Each of us have our responsibilities. Based on my information on team China, there are several yet to be revived members with strong potentials. Team China is strong, very strong. Can you believe it? We will be stronger than team Devil and team Celestial!” There was a hint of fanaticism in his tone.

Zheng exhaled. “That wasn’t a complete explanation but we are indeed strong. So what are you trying to say?”

Xuan calmed down a bit. “What I mean is since team Africa is already so much weaker than us, how weak will team South America be since they are even weaker than team Africa? Can it be that they are so weak that they don’t even have the courage to leave the bug swarm? If that’s the case, will they come out to ambush us or the fortress? This is the only flaw in my plan. The plan is pointless if they are too weak.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They Sky Stick continued flying ahead. The terrain turned from plains to hills. The amount of bugs on the ground was decreasing until they turned spotty. The ground looked almost clean aside from the occasional bug crawling through.

“It isn’t possible for the Arachnids to have an unlimited supply of bugs, just like humans. If we arm five and even ten billion people go all out against the bugs, assuming the battle happens on a plain, I think the bugs are the ones to lose. However, humans can’t act so crazy. Even troopers are afraid of death. 50 million soldiers in a ten billion population is a scary number already. The Arachnids are different. Every one of them will follow any order given by the brain bug. That’s why they are a sea of bugs even if they only have one billion while humans have a ten billion population.” Xuan said.

Zheng asked. “And? Does that mean the bugs have sent all their forces to attack the fortress? Can we take the chance to attack the brain bug?”

Xuan waved his head. “No. What I want to say is…”

A silver light shot toward them. Its speed wasn’t extremely fast. There were at least three people who saw the light. But it appeared so suddenly that no one had the time to shout anything. Furthermore, they were on the Sky Stick. One had to be in the unlocked mode to dodge the attack. They were merely having a conversation so no one was in the unlocked mode. The light hit the Sky Stick then with a dull thud, Xuan, Kampa, and Zero fell off.

“No!” Zheng shouted. “Hold tight!”

He activated the modified ability of the Sky Stick. A small stream of plasma burst out from its back then it headed toward the ground in accelerated speed. Zheng entered the second stage, focusing his attention to his limit. The Sky Stick went down faster than the three people’s falling speed. It caught Kampa first then Zheng headed for Xuan.

Xuan also entered the unlocked mode when he fell. He didn’t want for Zheng to grab him and instead reached for the basket when the Sky Stick flew by. It was like Zheng knew that was what Xuan would do. He flew pass Xuan then went for Zero. He grabbed Zero’s arm when they were just twenty meters away from the ground, then the Sky Stick flew straight ahead. Its speed was so fast that Zheng could barely hold himself against the wind. He had to squint his eyes to see ahead.

A few seconds later, Zheng stopped the Sky Stick. Eight people and a bear robot were more than it can handle at such speed.

At least seven people let out a sigh of relief. Xuan immediately yelled as he stepped on the ground. “Lan! Their location! Where!”

Lan paused for a moment then closed her eyes. Several seconds later, she shook her head. “Can’t find their location. Was it really from team South America?”

“F*ck!” Xuan cursed uncharacteristically. He turned to Snow and yelled. “And you? Found their location?”

Snow shook her head timidly. “Did-didn’t find their location. There really isn’t team South America nearby. But a lot of bugs are coming at us.”

Seeing that Xuan was looking enraged, Zheng patted his shoulder. “Calm down, Xuan! This isn’t like you. What happened? We were attacked but I didn’t see the silver light clearly. It may not be from team South America. Maybe it was from a new type of bugs. Don’t panic!”

The ground trembled. A spot two kilometers away bulged out. A large blaster bug climbed out then followed by a large number of warrior bugs. They headed straight for the group.

Xuan shook his head. “My speculation was wrong. Maybe team South America isn’t weak. No, they are weak as a team but their individuals are strong. Contradicting? No. They just have to raise the newbies like slaves. Use the points from the newbies to grow themselves. One or two people can grow strong while God considers the team weak! This may be the type of team they are!”

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  1. I’ve said this in previous comments, but Xuan is mistaken. Sure, in a wide open space they can wipe Team Africa, but they were in a spacecraft. Kampa, Zero, bomb guy and maybe even Gando’s robot couldn’t be used without risking too much damage to the spaceship. Team Africa only needed to separate Zheng and attack everyone else. Xuan only has the two D tier sci-fi guns on him and everyone else doesn’t have powerful enhancements. Team China placed more priority for large scale battles than rough direct battles. Also why would he think their team is superior to Team Devil and Team Celestial? Team Devil has clone Xuan and the players with the highest potential. Team Celestial has the strongest members of all teams and even made Team Devil retreat and Clone Zheng isn’t afraid of danger, so that says a lot. Xuan got too high on defeating the other team.

    1. This is all speculation but I think it’s because of who Devil and Celestial are built out of and how they function. Team Devil is built out of clones. They have high potential but probably less drive to improve and escape. Plus Team Devil is held together by Clone Zheng with fear and complete domination, instead of the bonds of comradery that Zheng fosters as Team China’s heart. Clone Xuan probably doesn’t help much without Zheng there to limit its more team sacrificing impulses.

      Team Celestial is built out of leaders that have already abandoned the groups they were apart of. Which means they’re all self serving. (Well unless one person became leader to a party wipe then just went to Team Celestial). In the end they might be even worse off when it comes to working as a unit than Team Devil. It’s why Xuan said that every Team Celestial probably starts out stronger than Team Devil, but Team Devil would surpass them with time to grow.

      Still Xuan was high on winning and underestimated Team South America. It’s nice that he can still make mistakes. I think that where having Honglu to back him up on the brain/tactical front will come in handy and boost Team China’s strength even further.

      1. Xuan never spoke about Team Celestial. The one who said that was the boy genius and he meant something else. A new Team Devil’s members have the most potential to grow while a new Team Celestial will start out strong with every member with good enhancements and at least the Second Stage of the Genetic Constraint, and given time the new Team Devil with the highest quality members will overtake Team Celestial once they gain enhancements and reach higher levels of the Genetic Constraint.

        1. Erp. You’re right, Honglu said that. Still, other than that, i stand by my analysis. Xuan would think down the same lines as Honglu, if not further. I don’ t think those teams are be built to be a mutually self-sacrificing unit. Zheng is even working on winning over Gando, and has Zero and finally Xuan backing his play. That’s the heart that Zheng brings to Team China. Clone Zheng dominates. He could push team member to their death, but not make someone want to live, fight and die for his team.

          Now Team Celestial is made of people looking out for themselves. They’re all strong, self-serving and most likely alpha personalities that already abandoned one team they were on. And that’s all that will continue to be built out of. So I really don’t see them sticking together or sticking their necks out when things get difficult.

          So as a team Team China has the potential to be stronger than either of them.

    2. I’ve no idea why my comment had been deleted but i’m quite sure i’ve replied to your comment. About the reason why they didn’t dare to do so was because their south-america team was still not on the good terms. Neos was not dumb enough to fight immediately because there’s still 4 of them hidden. Place yourself on their POV, if i’m neos, i would try to probe their strength first becase i know they’re the strongest team of the 3 teams. Xuan made a decision. He would increase their rank and popularity so the team south america would think that they have no reason to conceal their strength. Neos took the bait, he thought of two possibilities: one, they purposely revealed their identity so the team America would think the other 4 hidden members could move at the shadows. Two, they purposely revealed their identity as to access the starship system and know the enemy identity. Three, they are just trying to scare the team America and let the Team China wipe them out without breaking a sweat.

      As for the reason why Xuan was confident they are much more superior than them, Xuan estimated that their potential far surpassed the team Celestial and Devil.

      Because team Celestial was created using the leaders of other team. This members had their own ways or handling things and probably, out of 5 members, one of them would be dissatisfied with the current leader of the team Celestial and try to revolt when the upportunity presents itself.

      Team Devil was created out of people with the high potentials. They don’t lack talents. The problem is that their team was made of devil, of those who have cruelties in their hearts. They have trusts to each other, but it was developed out of interests, they had to work together because no one wants to die. They don’t care at each others, and they would never even hesitate to sacrifice someone just to survive.

      Team China had the highest potential. They had Zheng, Xuan, YinKong, Zero, The archer guy, Lan, Honglu, the robot guy, the needle guy. Zheng still held to his principles, and vowed to not sacrifice anyone. Xuan has monstrous intelligence, and Honglu could resonate with his reasoning. They had YinKong means instant -1 against the other team. They had Zero with monstrous sniping ability. They also had Lan, altough not developed too much. They even had that robot guy that has the same potential as Zheng.

      Sorry for the bad grammar tho…

      1. I can’t agree with your team Devil description. It’s just those with potential. Their mentality has nothing to do with being chosen. Just like any team they can be good, bad, neutral or other. It depends of the leader and direction of the team. Team Devil does value members, but only the core members of the team. Clone Zheng got upset when one guy claimed to be a representative of Team Devil in strength. Clone Zheng doesn’t care for those who died because they weren’t worth caring about. Team Devil gets the best newbies, so they can pick and chose or just let them go through natural section. If Clone Xuan or the assassin were in trouble I’m sure Clone Zheng would have stepped in.

        1. But he would only do so because of interest. Unlike Zheng, Clone Zheng’s Mentality was beyond salvation. Zheng cares for his comrades, not only because he could use them but also because the act of sacrificing other goes against his principles and conscience. This is also the reason why he’s stronger than the other leaders.

  2. whether they are strong individually(doesn’t that make them like team celestial which made up from leaders ?) or take points from newbies that means they survive movies and god raise their ratings then they are strong(that’s why team china faced team devil in the first place) and they already said that god take in consideration the things they exchange, i think the next chapter will make things clearer and if team south america was strong in the first place why go through all and attack them on planet p while they could have just attacked when they were distracted by the hoppers before they meet up with platoon 6

    1. God had Team China fight Team Devil not because they survived movies, but because they survived six wipe level missions as a new team, a crippled team thanks to Jie’s presence, and Zheng reaching the Second Stage on his own within three missions and reaching the Third Stage with the leader position. Due to that God rated Team China with a rating far above their actual power level.

  3. Xuan is making several mistakes.

    1. The AI´s (Gods) estimate of team strength is in no way objective nor is it of high quality. As proven with every movie/quest encountered so far. But especially the difficulty reset after being wiped by team Devil.
    The AI´s goal is getting the test subjects to evolve. Which would mean putting them in situations, where they look into the face of death and where they can overcome the situation by evolving. We don´t actually see many such situations. Most deaths and challenges so far have been really pointless in that regard. So the AI is not really good at its job.
    The AI seems to count points spent number of evolutions and highest evolution as well as number of films successfully completed, to figure out the strength. It does not seem to care about what the points are spent on and what the individual skills, enhancements and equipment are when setting up a challenge/difficulty.
    So if the AI/God considers a team weak, that does not mean the team is actually weak and vice versa.

    2. Also even a weaker team can easily have just the right abilities/enhancement or be in the right movie to wipe stronger teams. For example team Chinas sniper ability which saved them against team India, as well as some of the other matchups in that battle being just right. With Sifi/Magic options the possibilities are just too great for team strengths to be absolute.

    3. Team Africa´s Neo is nowhere close to being a top mortal level strategist or even decent in my opinion. I think many people could come up with Neo´s plan or something similar, if they had the time and motivation to think about how to use the government/military to suppress their enemies. But added to that it had several major flaws (like actually finding the enemy team or what to do against teams on the side of bugs or outside of military control or what if the AI gave a bad quest/changed the rules) and was a one trick pony, no alternate or additional plans.

  4. I knew this when i finished reading the previous chapter and saw that the last line was Zheng thinking “Team China is strong!!”.

    Knowing this novel development, that was a hell of a death flag.

    Poor little Snow, i don’t believe that everybody will survive this. And Zheng won’t give up on any comrade, so if someone must die, it will be her.

  5. There is a plot hole here, and in fact also previously : when using points for another team member, God checks that this is done out of free will and not under constraint. This was established when Zheng first tried it. However, team Devil was using newbies as point slaves and now Team South America as well. While the rules might have been different for team Devil as a special team, I don’t think that this should be the case with Team South America.

    Point slaves shouldn’t be possible.

    One last point : it was also established earlier that God tailors the difficulty of movies according to their strongest member. So taking points from weak members to improve the strong shouldn’t work. It feels like the author made the mistake of forgetting his own rules to make the enemy artificially stronger than they should be.

    1. Why not possible?

      If they beat the shit out of newbies and threaten them to spend points for them by death, then the newbies have no choices but to “willing to” do it.

      It’s like forcing someone to sign a contract. You don’t want to sign it. But if they point a gun at your head, you will probably have to do it.

      Of course, one problem of forcing someone to use their points is that you don’t know how much points they actually have.
      Clone Zheng lied about the amount of points he had and eventually killed everyone who enslaved him.

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