TI Vol 14 Chapter 22-1

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Vol 14 Chapter 22-1

Since they had decided to ambush team South America and maybe even the brain bug depending on the circumstance, all members in team China must conserve their stamina, especially Zheng. He also had to conserve both energies so that he could contribute as much as possible in the fight.

That was why despite the shedding of blood on the outer layer of the defense, despite the endless number of bugs appearing at the horizon of the plain, despite reports after reports of losses, and despite the notifications of the fortresses falling to the bugs, no one in the team did anything. Xuan was the only one giving orders to the troopers outside Blizzard fortress. Against Xuan’s capability, the bugs only chewed their way through a dozen or so starships in the first day and night. There were over two dozen starships and a fortress left. Three days should be a cake.

Time was ticking near. Everyone checked their weapons and equipment. It was less than twenty hours left so they weren’t worried about the troopers seeing their weapons. Tiger’s Soul, the EMP rifle, and the comedic bear robot appeared with them. Though Gando was about to kill himself as he sat in the robot.

Kampa wiped the gun barrel with a piece of cloth. The silver white sci-fi weapon attracted the attention of the troopers. Many had their eyes fixed on the rifle and some were dripping saliva. The troopers didn’t disturb them due to the difference in military rank. Zheng’s Tiger’s Soul also attracted a group of people. Even though close range weapons were ineffective in the modern battlefield, its crimson crystal and the spine within were simply too flashy. The men stared with envy. In contrast to the men, female troopers surrounded the bear robot. The nurses came over and touched the robot’s eyes. Gando took offense and cried in Fumoffu.

The little girl from team Africa also stood within this group. The others from team Africa wanted to have her stay in the fortress but Xuan refused by saying they needed the assistance and they didn’t trust team Africa. She was obedient though and didn’t express any dissatisfaction. She consoled her team then sat with team China.

The clock gradually approached twelve, which meant there were only twelve hours before returning to God’s dimension. This was the time for team China to strike out!

When Zheng chose his path, Xuan told him the details of the plan. He couldn’t help but admire Xuan’s ability. Xuan was already planning these during the battle against team Africa.

Zheng exhaled then stood up. He gripped the blade in his hand and said. “Lan, any psyche force users scanning us?”

Lan shook her head. “No. Haven’t detected any psyche scans. However, there seemed to be a masked area on the hill to the south east. They didn’t scan us so I can’t be certain.”

Snow also said. “Yes. She’s right. There’s a feeling of masking from that direction. It isn’t obvious. Maybe their psyche force user is much weaker than us so we can’t sense it well.”

Zheng nodded. “Hm. There’s this possibility since they were the weakest team here. Their psyche force user might not be strong. That’s it then. Lan, mask our team. Snow, mask Aya and Richard. Let’s go!”

This was Xuan’s plan to distort the other team’s senses. Due to the three-way battle in this movie, team South America might assume that the battle between team China and team Africa had been settled. So they could get confused when two masked areas appear at the same time. Not every team could have a strategist. This was just a guess but the possibility was high. It didn’t matter whether or not team South America fall into this trap but they would definitely hesitate. This was also the reason Xuan agreed to the surrender. The lives of the three people from team Africa could become their pieces in the battle and net them seven people or more from team South America.

“It’s simple. I can’t think of a way to deceit them since both teams have a psyche force user. Both teams can detect the whereabouts of the other team. You can mask but the masked location is still there. Lures are much better. As soon as they assume we are the weaker group, they would attack us or think the fortress is empty and attack it. Either choice is advantageous to us. We just have to grasp the chance and ambush them. If we are lucky, there’s a big bonus mission waiting for us.”

The eight people came out from the base. Troopers outside were working nonstop. They were shooting and transporting ammunition. When Zheng took out the two Sky Sticks, troopers around looked at him. They watched as team China assembled the baskets then climbed into them. Before the troopers got to ask, the Sky Sticks lifted off and flew out of the fortress.

Smoke filled the outside. Starships weren’t infantries. They were killing machines with powerful heavy firearms that had no problem killing bugs. Two days of nonstop fighting had covered the ground outside with bug corpses. Over a million bugs died under that firepower, including many blaster bugs and tanker bugs. It also showed the terror that was the number of the bugs. Countless octopus shaped transporter bugs descended from outer space. Lots and lots also came up from the ground, warrior bugs, hoppers, blaster bugs, tanker bugs, and plasma bugs. The plasma bugs fired as soon as they came close to the starships. They were more destructive than tanker bugs and became the priority target of the starships.

Zheng watched over the bug sea then said to Lan. “Scan the distribution of the bugs nearby. See if all the bugs have moved over to this fortress. And connect me to Xuan.”

Lan nodded. She closed her eyes for the scan. A while later, she said. “Yes. The underground was filled with bugs coming this way. There are also more coming in the distance. Several thousand hoppers are flying over from north west. I am afraid we are the target.”

Zheng shook his head. “Don’t worry. Their target is the fortress. Xuan spent so much effort on the plan to get the bugs to send their main force here. We wouldn’t be able to attack team South America and the brain bug otherwise. What now, Xuan?”

Xuan replied through soul link. “Proceed as planned since things have gotten to this point. Based on our experience from Klendathu, the brain bug won’t change its plan because of team South America. We would have died there if it did. Now that the brain bug has begun its attack, we should be safe from now until we reach it. Take as many points as we can in the meanwhile!”

Zheng nodded then shouted to Kampa and WangXia. “Attack! See the endless bugs down there? All of those are points!”

Kampa, WangXia, and Zero had been holding out for long enough. They were waiting for this time that they can attack. For the whole movie, it was either that they couldn’t use their weapons or a battle of wits. Such fights were nowhere near as enjoyable. As soon as Zheng said those words, the EMP rifle roared. Then WangXia threw a plasma bomb into the sea and wiped out a 100 cubic meter area. Zero triggered the Gauss sniper rifle and blasted off the head of a blaster bug.

Team China was really strong! Zheng thought to himself as he held onto Tiger’s Soul.

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