TI Vol 14: Chapter 20-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 20-2

Whether or not they could annihilate team South America was still in question. However, the space bugs surrounding the fleet increased in numbers once again that same afternoon. An endless supply of space bugs kept coming out from the massive ball of flesh. These bugs also propel themselves with plasma from their butts. Their shape gave them decent speed and flexibility. The lack of any legs made them seem like earthworms floating in space.

People on the fleet started feeling anxious with the increase in space bugs. There was still a big gap between the two parties but this gap wasn’t actually too far in space. Space battles were different in that an individual’s power was insignificant aside from his strategic contributions. Everyone had to place their fate on an uncertain future, which would give them a powerless feeling.

The highest ranking officers remaining within the fleet were Zheng and his other three teammates since the massacre by team Africa. Of course, even though Zheng was the one in command, it was Xuan who gave the actual orders. He was the only one with the ability to manage the situation and coordinate the fleet of about a hundred starships.

“This is actually a chance. I don’t know what methods the bugs used to disrupt signal around this area. After the initial signal of riot and ambush, our signals haven’t been able to go back to Earth. This fleet is our weapon now.” Xuan gave a cold smile with a hint of fanaticism which sent chills to everyone.

“Wait. Wait!” Zheng immediately said. “You wouldn’t be planning something scary? No. I won’t allow you risk everyone’s live. I admit your intelligence and scheming ability are strong but you seem to never leave yourself with a way to retreat. It was taking crazy risks every time. Same thing happened in the battle against team Africa. If we lost, we would have been wiped or controlled. And winning did the same to their team. I don’t like this gambler style!”

Xuan didn’t get mad. He replied calmly. “If the rate of success goes above 50%, it wouldn’t be a gamble. Nothing is absolutely safe in this world or insurance companies wouldn’t have existed. As long as profit and the rate of success are maximized, it will be worth doing.”

Zheng sighed. “I understand what you mean. Reaching for the highest profit while minimizing the risk and risk equals reward. I understand but you want to attack that ball of flesh with the fleet. This idea is simply outrageous. Even if the ball of flesh is a rank S bonus mission, I won’t allow you to do it with everyone’s safety. Absolutely impossible!”

Zheng unintentionally noticed the bug distribution maps laid out by Xuan’s table. There was focus on the distribution around the ball of flesh. Xuan even wrote out the details of the distance between them, the weapons within the fleet, the success rate of the plan, the speed of both sides, and possible formations both sides would use.

Xuan nodded seriously. “Yes. I have calculated it carefully. If we forced an attack on the ball, there’s only a 20% chance of success. However, success likely means an A or AA reward. I was careless to not think of this possibility. If Gando has a Freedom or RX-78, he would be a decisive factor in the battle. So God even anticipated space battles and provides the weapons.”

The rest of the group looked at each other. Zheng then patted Xuan’s shoulder. “I think your plan is more ridiculous than God’s arrangements in comparison. I absolutely won’t agree to such a plan. Come up with another one immediately.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses as he frowned. A few seconds later, he said. “Then we will head toward Planet P before the bugs attack. We still have four days before going back to God’s dimension. If my speculation is right, the mission is probably…” He looked toward a map of Planet P that displayed the location of the human fortresses. Ignore the smaller points, there were seven such places that could supply them with 50,000 troopers in total. These seven places were concentrated in one continent and they were not far away from each other. Adding up the troopers in the fleet with those in the large fortresses, they would have over 150,000 troopers.

The fleet followed Xuan’s order to head toward Planet P in the end. Ten smaller starships were left behind to delay the bugs. The rest of the fleet moved at full speed.

“This is the model of their team. A charismatic leader who can influence and control the whole team. A strategist who’s only responsible for the planning while the leader decides on the general direction. However, the leader does not interfere with the strategist or other members. Richard, do you think this model is much better than the one we had?” Aya said to the man next to her.

Xuan didn’t interfere with team Africa since their surrender. The Caucasian and black man were killed by Lan and WangXia. This was the conclusion after a discussion. The most important psyche force user needed more enhancements. The points and ranked reward could exchange for a psyche force ability. The next priority were AOE explosive weapons or ability which they favored WangXia for this.

The killing could be omitted. Aside from killing the two members, they also obtained two rune word stones expectedly. The quest items that could prevent the user from being erased from point deficiency. They received notification as soon as they got their hands on the stones. These stones were all unused and still had three uses left. Zheng kept the stones for safekeeping per their rules. No one displayed any discontent, even Gando.

Aya and Richard saw this scene. Richard sighed. “Yes. A leader like this brings the team together. Even if there were conflicts among the members, team China will fight until the last moment together as long as the leader is there. While our leader was…”

They grinded their teeth as they thought of that Caucasian leader then sighed when they thought of Neos. He was only slightly below Xuan and he died from his own anger. His intolerance and overconfidence were the biggest causes of his loss.

Aya looked at Snow who was in Lan’s arms. Lan fed her candies and they talked and laughed. Aya said. “We have to revive Neos no matter what. He’s the only one with the talent to lead team Africa. I also believe he learned a lot after this loss. What do you think, Richard?”

Richard nodded quietly. He stroked his beard. “It’s still a question whether we can go back alive. Though it’s good to have a goal we can work toward. Ok then. We will make reviving Neos as our goal. Didn’t he say he want to take revenge on the person who forced him into this realm? It isn’t his style to go out this way. That’s it then. Once we get to The Mummy, we will revive Neos.”

Both teams had finished their preparations. Ten hours passed. Ten more hours of flight before they reach Planet P, but the bugs had begun their attack. The first targets were the ten small starships in the back. The space bugs’ abdomens glowed when their distance was still quite far away. A fluorescent sphere formed inside the abdomens. Several seconds later, they spit out plasma balls about two to three meters in diameter. The plasma balls flew at the small starships.

They had witnessed the power of the plasma balls during the first invasion. The balls were powerful but an obvious weakness was their extremely slow speed. They may damage the fleet in a surprise attack but they were otherwise not a big threat in space. No matter how powerful they were, they still needed to hit to be effective.

The advantage of the smaller starships was their speed. They dodged the five wave of thousands of plasma balls easily. Several starships fired missiles back at a pack of space bugs. The explosions and fireballs burned these bugs to ashes. But the endless number of space bugs spit out their plasma balls again, one shot after another. The ball of flesh also opened up a large tube aimed at the small starships. Tens of thousands of plasma balls shot out from the tube. The staffs in the starships felt that they had nowhere to dodge. And in fact, they didn’t have anywhere to dodge. The area was extremely spacious but the fate of these ten small starships had been decided when the plasma balls reached hundreds of thousands.

“Annihilated. All starships covering the retreat had been annihilated with one volley. No wonder. The scientists couldn’t figure out how the bugs pushed meteorites toward Earth. This force is big enough to push the meteorites.” Zheng, Xuan, Kampa, WangXia and the remaining high ranking officers discussed their next action in the command center of the flagship. One of the advisor described the situation they were facing.

The space bugs’ movement speed exceeded the fleet’s speed in the current situation. The bugs’ vanguard would reach Planet P at the same time the fleet does. If there really were bugs waiting to block them off, the fleet might come under attack from multiple sides and get devoured by the plasma balls.

“Enlarge the plasma balls then slow down the firing process.” Xuan thought for a moment then said to one of the advisors.

The advisor immediately headed over to the control panel. The wall in front of them turned transparent then it displayed the scene of the bugs’ attack just then. The advisor controlled the screen to lock onto one of the firing bugs and enlarged at its mouth.

Xuan watched the firing process repeatedly for quite a while. He adjusted his glasses and said. “Not covered with any mucus. Announce the order throughout the fleet, all starships will land on Planet P at the same time. Starships X3 to X7 move toward the bottom of the fleet. Fire missiles at any bugs that come within attack range.”

Xuan gave out a series of commands and arranged the position of each starship. Zheng asked with curiosity. “Why are we landing? The bugs will only have to fire with plasma balls from space with this amount. We won’t be able to dodge if we are on the ground. Aren’t we going to die like this?”

Xuan answered him calmly. “It’s not an issue. The plasma balls will quickly disappear through friction in the atmosphere. There’s another kind of bug on the ground that spits plasma balls. Those bugs cover the plasma with mucus which is what enables them to use the attack within the atmospheric layer. The temperature of space forbids the use of mucus on plasma balls. Without this mucus, the plasma balls can’t enter the atmosphere. Which means our enemies are only the bugs on the ground and team South America once we land!”

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