TI Vol 14: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 14: Chapter 2-1.

The previous chapter should be chapter 1 of vol 14.

Lan paused for a moment then asked in a lower voice. “Wouldn’t that break up your rank B reward if you give me a rank C reward? Didn’t you say you are lacking a weapon? You should exchange for a rank B magical weapon.”

Zheng laughed. “There’s no need to rush it yet. Overall, your psyche whip is more important because bugs aren’t the only enemies we will be facing. There will be another team hiding in the darkness. Compared to my weapon, that ability is more important to the team. Hoho. If we can gather a rank A reward in this movie, we will get you a psyche control ability after returning.”

Lan lowered her head without saying anything. Xuan said. “I have no use for my rank C reward right now, so I will give mine to her. However, I need her to give me her remaining points. I need to exchange for a large quantity of materials and tools so I need a lot of points.”

Zheng took a good look at Xuan. He wasn’t being modest. He simply didn’t need the ranked rewards for now but need lots of points. That was why he suggested the trade.

Without saying more, Zheng turned to WangXia. “I know you want to learn qi, but a rank C reward can only exchange the tier D level qi then you will have no use for the remaining two rank D rewards. We already have means of crafting plasma grenades and mines, so the gravity mines are overlapping in function. Use your rank C reward to exchange the robotic bear suit and give the remaining points to Xuan. Aren’t you wishing to learn qi? How about I teach you the Chaotic Unity Qi?”

WangXia had no objections since he used to be a soldier. Even though there was no military here to restrict his actions, but the long term habit of following orders made him accepted Zheng’s suggestion. He asked. “The Chaotic Unity Qi? You can teach it? Don’t you need to exchange for the enhancement?”

Zheng said with a serious tone. “I have been thinking what exactly are these enhancements and abilities from the exchange. I think everything can be taught to everyone aside from the bloodlines and genetic mutations. Of course, this is only a speculation. I can’t guarantee anything. So how’s it? I will teach you the Chaotic Unity Qi and if you can learn it, I will teach it to everyone.”

Whether they could succeed or not, WangXia was enthusiastic about learning kungfu. He accepted at once. Then Zheng began searching for his weapon from God.

Long range sci-fi and magical weapons weren’t suitable for him anymore with his current strength. Furthermore, he needed a close range weapon that could bring out the potential of his two ultimate abilities, Explosion and Destruction. Magical close range weapons were his first choice.

He walked over to God and closed his eyes. Then he began to search magical weapons that costed a rank B reward. He further narrowed the weapons to large curved blades. Over a hundred curved blades appeared in front of him.

The others looked as Zheng’s expressions changed between smiles and troubled. It wasn’t the expression of someone exchanging a weapon but a troll.

“Shit. Which one? What a funny name, Zanpakuto, requires positive qi to use. Is this a cultivation novel? This Tiger’s Soul (soul-less) looks pretty good.”

A bloody red crystal blade came to the front. He quickly searched for the other versions of this blade with his leader privilege. The tier A version had half the White Tiger’s soul. The AA version had the whole soul of the White Tiger. It was described as legendary.

“Tiger’s Soul (soul-less), rated 93. Suitable for users with neutral attribute qi. Requires neutral qi to suppress the brutality of the weapon. Immensely powerful. Can form a light blade with qi. Length and toughness of light blade are determined by quantity and quality of qi. Costs a rank B reward and 4000 points.”

Zheng took a deep breath. This weapon was like specifically made for him. The characteristic of his qi was neutral and long lasting. The light blade was also what he needed, a huge, sharp weapon that could cut through everything.

“Exchange Tiger’s Soul!”

Zheng made the decision then slowly opened his eyes. A beam shot down in front of him. After the beam disappeared, a red crystal blade was standing on the floor. The crystal blade looked extremely weird. Inside the crystal was a bone holding the blade part. The end of the bone was the handle. The whole blade looked bloody and strange.

Zheng reached out for the handle. A chilling sensation came through his hand. At the same time, his qi moved toward his hand on their own. The chill dissipated and Tiger’s Soul glowed in red.

Zheng breathed out then looked at the people behind. Everyone else was shocked. Kampa cried out and ran over. He stared at the blade and shouted. “Man, this is cool. What’s it called? I want to get one.”

WangXia was the second one to run over, not because he was slow but he was standing further away. He also asked Zheng. “This is a tier B magical weapon? Doesn’t look like it. This look should be worth a rank A reward.”

Zheng smiled and lifted the blade. It was about 160cm in length, almost reaching his nose when standing. The weight was between 90 to 100 kilograms. Normal people might not even be able to lift it with both hands. Only those with a body as strong as his could swing it with ease. Of course, without qi, it was just a sharp weapon. This was a magical weapon that was most suited for people enhanced with qi.

“Let’s go. We will test its power in the basement. It’s a magical weapon that costed a rank B reward. Its power should be amazing.” Zheng was also excited. Any man would be the same when holding such a cool weapon.

“Is this God’s dimension? Wah! This blade is so cool!”

As everyone was planning to leave the platform, an unfamiliar voice sounded. That was when they remembered Gando was lying on the floor the whole time. They had totally forgotten about him due to the discussion on exchanges. Gando wasn’t shy with strangers at all. He jumped up and cried with a pair of gleaming eyes. All he could see was Tiger’s Soul. If he wasn’t some distance away from Zheng, he might have leaped at him.

Zheng coughed and said. “You revived, Gando. Welcome to team China.”

He was dumbfounded when he heard Zheng’s words and pointed to himself. “Revived? I revived? What do you mean?”

Before Zheng could explain, Xuan replied. “We will explain the revive later. Let me ask you, you said you are talented with driving and machinery, do you want to pilot a robot?”

*Tiger’s Soul come from Weapons of the Gods manhua.


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      1. Isn’t the Sharingan more like the 3rd tier of the constraint? It’s either pretty redundant, or it’s a supplementary skill to evolve that part of the constraint. It’s amusing how well it fits.

        1. If anything it’s more like a component of the 4th level of constraint: Being able to copy the actions of anyone you see regardless of how intimate you are with that person.

    1. If there’s any “anime” references that would fit 100% into this novel…Is Muv Luv Alterantive’s setting. Although, after going through Starship Troopers, it might be a bit underwhelming.
      To anyone who hasn’t gone through the Muv Luv visual-novel triology, I cannot recommend it enough. What starts out as a casual, intentionally made generic comedy, turns into one heck of a journey. I almost cannot believe how well it works.
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  1. Think the actual last time he used the ring was against Imotep when he returned to the Mummy to revive his friends. I don’t think the writer has forgotten it, just that it’s been sideline by better things. He was using ChengXiao’s axe and the Spear of Osiris mostly for his magical trump cards.

    1. When I saw Zanpakuto, I felt like I heard about it somewhere, it felt so familiar. And then I died laughing. That sword can be said to practically be a cultivation method on its own right. People joked about Zheng unlocking his Bankai, but here it is. Magical battles are going to be so silly in the future, I hope it won’t end up being a chuuni war.

  2. After almost going through the entire volume, it just then occurred to me.
    I completely neglected to acknowledge the fact that in this very chapter, the author actually had Zheng try to pass down his Qi.

    That’s something I’d want the author to do, but I’d never expect him to actually try. In retrospect, the author deserves some kudos for taking such an active approach with the characters. It’s what I’d expect human beings to actually experiment with; it benefits the team, it’s interesting to see whether or not it’d work, and there’s really no reason not to give it a try under normal circumstances, outside of: “my editor tells me not to waste time and just go straight to the movie”.

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